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RE: Tire Load/Inflation Calculation

OP again. I just checked the tread wear - it's even on all four tires,but it looks like there's more wear on the edges (in and out) than in the center.That's how the original tires were also. Also, I found that I didn't go up in size - orig and new tires are 205/75. New tires are D load range, old were C.
rfloyd99 03/29/22 12:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Load/Inflation Calculation

Cummins, good question. I've been running 55 psi (I check it often) and have pulled TT maybe 12-15,000 miles on these tires. I'm headed over to the trailer now and will carefully inspect all four tires. Unless I have some uneven wear issues, it seems that the opinions here are leaning toward 50 or 55 psi being the best choice. Now, any ideas about that tow vehicle psi?
rfloyd99 03/29/22 08:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Load/Inflation Calculation

OP again. Regarding TV tire pressure - I have a Ram 1500 gas guzzler (5.7L). I've put 100,000 miles on it, pulling the TT maybe 25,000. When on our long trips we carry the usual stuff in the truck (chairs, tools, a pancake air compressor, charcoal grill, etc., nothing really heavy) We'll have a couple of heavier things in the truck this time, maybe an extra 125 lbs. The truck is driven empty when we're not RVing. I've always run the pressure given on the door sticker (35 psi). I've always had very even tire wear, and gotten decent mileage out of the tires. BTW, I don't remember the exact tongue wt. when I had it weighed, but the guy said it was within the recommended range. Also, I have had no towing issues so far, such as sway, squirrely steering, etc. I never drive over 60 mph. I have new Michelin tires of the original size, and the weighing guy with Escapee's said my whole rig was within all the guidelines. Should I run the rear tires at a higher psi on this 2,500 mile trip?, Especially since I'll have a little more weight in the back of the truck?
rfloyd99 03/29/22 08:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Load/Inflation Calculation

OP here. I did go up a size, 205 to 215, and from C to D in load rating. Thanks for the responses, keep them coming!
rfloyd99 03/29/22 07:19am General RVing Issues
Tire Load/Inflation Calculation

Exactly three years ago I bought new tires for my Jayco 23' (27'OAL). I had previously had the trailer professionally weighed at an Escapee's weigh station where they weigh the load on each tire. Unfortunately, that information is in Colorado, and I'm in Florida. But I remember that the total weight was 5500 lbs. We were fully loaded for a three month trip, and that is within the GVWR of 5995 lbs. The tires (Goodyear Endurance ST205/75R14) are rated for for a load of 2040 lbs (per tire). I knew I didn't have that much wt, so I ran them at 55 psi, thinking I would do some research when I had more time to figure out recommended psi. Well, three years and many thousand miles later, I finally looked it up. The chart on Goodyear's site shows a psi of 40 for a load of 1500 lbs. 25% of 5500 is 1375, which calls for a psi of 30-35. I increased the wt estimate by 10%, since there may be more weight on an individual tire. That's where I got the 40 psi estimate. A psi of 35-40 just seems low to me. We are about to leave on a trip of 2,500 miles, and I would like to get this right. Anyone have expertise in this? Thanks!
rfloyd99 03/28/22 03:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

Ha! That's a good one - next forum I join I'm gonna call myself NuttyPoster...
rfloyd99 03/09/22 02:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

Moderators, thanks for trying to keep politics/conspiracy theories, etc out of this forum. Ajriding, you are obviously past the point of no return, but do us all a favor and spend your time on forums appropriate for your kind. Stay out of my thread.
rfloyd99 03/09/22 12:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

OP here. We're planning to leave Florida April 1. We're snowbirds, and our plan is to spend a month travelling to our home in western Colorado. The itinerary is FL to DC area to KY, to Nashville, and then straight to Colorado, arriving there about May 1st. Yesterday I calculated the mileage/gasoline cost of three different routes. The one described above would be about 3K miles towing, plus approximately another 650 of driving around without the trailer. The 2nd was FL, Nashville, KY then straight to Colorado. The third (about 2K miles) was straight to Colorado. Nashville is on the way, so one of our favored visits could still happen, and I'm sure we can find a couple of other places that would be nice to visit along the way. No one can predict the price of gas in April, but I'm sure it won't be low. We have a big decision to make in the next few days. The only silver lining I see is that there may be fewer people on the roads and in the campgrounds, but it's nothing to be glad about. Thanks, everyone, for the helpful posts. It's always good to see the concern people on this forum show for the well-being of folks who need some advice. Any input on the above would be welcome, and thanks again.
rfloyd99 03/09/22 08:19am General RVing Issues
Propane Regulator Issues

I may or may not have a faulty propane regulator on my 2016 TT. I bought the TT new, and have taken several months-long trips over the last six years. We took a long trip last fall, and when I was checking things out preparing for the trip the propane regulator seemed to be acting up. When I filled the propane tanks the problems (refrigerator wouldn't stay lit, stove burner performance was erratic) stopped, and we had no trouble during our month-long journey.  I'm now getting ready for another long trip, and am having similar problems. Since my tanks were both almost empty, I had them filled, and the problems disappeared. I'm planning to buy a new regulator so I'll have a spare in case the old one fails mid-trip. I have a few questions for anyone out there with more experience: 1. Had no trouble for the first five years of steady use, does it seem reasonable that I'm having trouble now? Do these things fail often? 2. When the tanks are full, the only problem is the stove burner has a lower flame if other things are using propane. Also, even without the WH or refr. on, using a second stove burner causes the flame level on the 1st one to be a little lower. Is that normal? Not a huge problem, but according to what I've read, the regulator should prevent this. Is it more evidence the regulator is failing?  3. In shopping for a new regulator, they range in price from $38 to $70-80 to $100-120. Of course, I'm attracted to the cheap ones, but would like some advice as to whether that could be a mistake. What say you all? Thanks!
rfloyd99 03/05/22 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

JimK-NY, Thanks for the tick info, I definitely plan to take serious precautions. As to improvements, this is copied from the NPS website: "The National Park Service is completely replacing roads, parking areas and a bridge in Greenbelt Park. Some roads and the park campground will reopen in late to mid September, and the work is scheduled to be complete in late-September 2021." Elsewhere on the page it said that the campground would be closed, I believe it was for quite a while, as the work was extensive. The CG reopened Nov 1st, it said. The reviews, all fairly old, that I found on the various CG review sites (Campendium, etc) mentioned bad roads, problems with the bathrooms, the dump station, untrimmed trees interfering with use of roads and campsites by RVs, and some extremely unlevel sites. The NPS site did not go into detail about what work was done, except for what I copied above, so I was hoping someone who uses the park regularly or has been there recently could report as to whether any improvements beyond road, parking lot and bridge work were done.
rfloyd99 02/25/22 08:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

Thanks for all the tips, I'm still paying attention! We definitely won't be driving into the city, will be taking the time to plan our days and will study the metro system. Still curious, has anyone been to Greenbelt CG in the last few months? I'm aware of its pluses and minuses, but can't find any recent reviews to see if there've been improvements. Also, many have reported ticks there in the past, any change to that issue? Are they a lesser problem in mid April than in the summer?
rfloyd99 02/25/22 02:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

OP again. Thanks for the input on Greenbelt. I've booked three nights there, roughly half our stay in the area. No hookups is fine for us, up to about 4-5 days, since I'm hopefull AC won't be a necessity at night. We removed the TV from our RV, so lights and water pump are about all we use. I installed two golf cart batteries a few years ago, and we've never had a problem being unhooked for a few days, as long as we don't need AC. Still open for suggestions about places to stay, things to see and do in DC, Annapolis, central/southern Deleaware. Thanks!
rfloyd99 02/24/22 01:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

Greenbelt Park looks interesting, but reviews are mostly poor, although many of them were old. It recently reopened after road repair/maintenance. Has anyone been there lately? Location and price certainly look good.
rfloyd99 02/24/22 07:21am General RVing Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

OP again. We definitely plan to use public transit and uber to get around in the city. Night visits to monuments sounds great. We're experienced city visitors, but are a little freaked out by the reports of subway violence in NYC - do you feel that riding the trains, etc in the evenings (or anytime) is particularly ill-advised? Of course, we're always careful and on the lookout for suspicious stuff... And, while I've got your attention, we plan to visit Delaware, via Annapolis/Hwy 50. Probably just for a long day and evening. DE is the last state on my list - I've visited all of the other 49! My thought was to drive across the state, maybe to Rehoboth Beach, and then back to Annapolis, maybe by a slightly different route. I haven't yet researched the area, but any ideas? With such a short time, my goal is to see the countryside, maybe a few small towns, etc.
rfloyd99 02/23/22 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing to Washington DC

OP here, these responses are great, keep them coming! Someone said the time we're there could be Cherry Blossom time, so maybe crowded. Any thoughts on that? Also, is it likely to be hot then(April 6-13), as in over 85 degrees?
rfloyd99 02/23/22 12:04pm General RVing Issues
RVing to Washington DC

Need some advice and suggestions, please. We're visiting Washington DC April 6-13. We have a 1/2 ton pickup and 27' TT, nothing out of the ordinary. We're retired but active, no pets or kids, BTW. We've RV'd to several large, congested cities and with only one exception (Vancouver, BC) found no close-in RV parks. The trick is to find a place outside the city and drive or take public transportation to the museums or other attractions we want to explore. One of the best was a county park on the edge of Chicago. We usually aren't spending much time lounging around the RV when we visit a city. Amenities, shade, quiet, etc, are less important than location. Safety, of course, is still important. Does anyone have any suggestions for this type of RV park, campground, etc. in the DC area? We realize it could easily be 45 minutes or so into the center of town (we avoid rush hour, of course). We will be coming from the south (via Richmond), and heading west when we leave. We also plan to visit Delaware via Annapolis during the week, so something east of DC could be good. Also, is that period a decent time to visit DC, re crowds, weather, etc? Ideally we'd have found and booked a place months ago, but couldn't for various reasons.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
rfloyd99 02/23/22 10:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Puzzled by Refrigerator Problem

Well, it never really "roared", that's just the first word that came to mind to describe the "sound it makes when the flame ignites". I usually sent my wife to listen for it when we set up camp without electicity. Her hearing is better than mine. It's much quieter than the WH, which does kinda "roar". I think I do have some sort of LP pressure regulation issue that has caused all this. When I reconnected my tanks I was probably guilty of not opening the valves slowly. I reconnected them as mentioned above, and the problem is better, but I'm not sure it's normal yet. The fridge seems to be working fine, fires right up, flame stays on, unit gets cool. However, when testing all the LP appliances, the burners for the WH and stove (both easier to observe the flame than the on the fridge) don't seem to burn as well as they do when only one appliance is on at a time. We have spent six, three and four months at a time on the road (plus several shorter trips) over the last five years, so we know how things worked in the past. BTW, we never use the furnace, even if it's cold enough to need it, which is rarely the case in our travels. The month-long 3,000 mile trip we're starting next week will be mostly using CGs with hookups, and after the first 10 days will be at much lower elevation than where I am now (5,000 ft). The elevation could play a role in my LP issues, although my experience has been that there hasn't been an effect until you get up around 7,000 feet, and then it only affected the fridge. My other guess is that the regulator at the point of connection to the tanks isn't working properly. A local RV service place says their supplier has been out of those for months. Has anyone had issues with those regulators?
rfloyd99 10/23/21 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Puzzled by Refrigerator Problem

Thanks for all the additional info re the flame, pilot light, etc. I understand there isn't a pilot light on this type of ignition system, and I shouldn't have called it that. BUT, when the unit worked on day one of my testing it, I heard the "roar" that it always makes when burning properly over the last five years of use, and it started cooling. The next day, after having the bottles filled and reconnected it wouldn't fire. So I took off the plastic cover and looked into the combustion chamber, which can be viewed a little without removing the shield. When the unit was on gas mode, there was a little flame visible, but no sound of combustion. When set to electric mode, that flame wasn't there. Believe me, I tried this change of mode and stared at it repeatedly. Late in the evening, I tried it again and it fired, roared, and I could see a much larger flame in the same place. An hour later it was still working and the temp in the fridge was falling. It seems that the little flame was the result of debris or reduced pressure as you guys with more experience have said. This must have somehow corrected itself and it fired normally. I haven't been out to see if it's still working today, but will let you know. I've recounted all this for the benefit of others who may be following this; I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs educating. I'll access and clean the burner as suggested. Thanks again!
rfloyd99 10/22/21 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: Puzzled by Refrigerator Problem

Eddie, there was SOMETHING not working right. the little flame I could see was not the main burner. When the main burner is on you can see a bigger flame, and also can hear the "roar" of the full combustion. MT Bob, hope you're right and it'll work for the next month (or several years!) I'm making a big note about the fuse trick. Anyway, I went back out an hour or so after it finally fired up and it's still working. Keeping my fingers crossed....
rfloyd99 10/21/21 09:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Puzzled by Refrigerator Problem

Thanks for the response, seems like you know a lot about these. If it's the module or board, that probably means finding a technician. Do you think it's a good bet that this may have sorted itself out?
rfloyd99 10/21/21 08:28pm Tech Issues
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