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RE: tire time

Our 12,360# GVWR 5er came stock with LT 235/85-16 tires we used the same as replacements. Yep, only 3,042# capacity each, but a better built and tested tire.
rhagfo 09/25/22 09:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alcohol Detection Systems in All New Vehicles

At this point, cell phone use while driving is a bigger danger than drinking and driving! Well the technology to make cell phone use in vehicles has been around for at least ten years. That is Bluetooth connection to the audio system. It totally amazes me that the number of people with newer cars that are driving around with phone to their ear, when they could make a call or send a text with pushing one button on the steering wheel.
rhagfo 09/24/22 07:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Smaller Propane Tanks

Well yes 40# tanks are heavy so step down to 30#. I am a little lost on how hard many find to get propane. Around here about 1/3 of gas stations fill cylinders.
rhagfo 09/21/22 04:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

I'm not trying to dial in the weights,because for the most part I don't have all the data to dal it in accurately. I have tools and other stuff in the rear of my truck. Those things are not loaded/placed in the truck to evenly balance the weight. They are simply placed in the truck wherever they fit. As a result my tires are not carrying the same weight. If I really wanted to use the charts to fill each tire to its corresponding PSI I would have to know the weight of each tire otherwise I'm just guessing. Secondly we go through all the calculations and then buy a dually truck because it can carry a heavy load. However we then only fill the tires part wat which derates the trucks ability. Give me full capacity. I did not buy a dually for the soft ride. Well do as you wish, but don’t complain about poor traction in wet or snowy conditions driving on those rocks. I run 80 front and 55 rear, even tire ware and great wet traction. Dual rears tires are derated to 2,800ish per tire. That is 11,200# total with out the 5er rear axle weighs about 4,500#, that is quite different.
rhagfo 09/19/22 07:49pm Towing
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

Well the tires on the back of my DRW are only inflated to 55 psi for the load I carry, for full payload 65 psi, sidewall 80psi. My name isn’t Fred Flintstone don’t like riding on rocks. Max sidewall could be overinflated for load carried, resulting in poor wear and traction.
rhagfo 09/19/22 12:39pm Towing
RE: Roof reseal

What rubber roof paint? One of the best is Heng’s.
rhagfo 09/18/22 10:53pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

It sure is ironic that we have planet saving preachers on an RV forum who have the largest RV they could lay their hands on, which requires damaging the planet by the use of fossil fuels to drive or pull it, and most everything in or on it required fossil fuels to produce either directly or indirectly. Then they also have a need for all sorts of unnecessary planet killing fossil fuel burning toys like side by sides, Spyders, dirt bikes, you name it. Preach on. Well it started back in the 60's, and in the early 70's the smog pumps went on and people deleted them. You would turn your car off but it kept running. Then came EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)what a difference that made! Also solid state distributors, and now coil packs. All meant More power less polution and cars that went 100,000 miles before needing a tune up, not replacing points every 10K to 20K, along with plugs. Diesels went from mechanical injection pumps and injectors, with a single shot of fuel, to common rail and electronic injectors with multi pulse injection. Makes for a quieter diesel and help make the crazy horse power we have today with a lot less pollution being created!!
rhagfo 09/18/22 05:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

I always go with the gvw and not the built weight. You will slowly start adding more things when you start using it and will find out you will start getting close to your gvw before you know it. Just like tires always fill to the max air, I go by the GVW. Just my 2 cents. That is how I do it. Good luck on your new fiver. While this is a good policy, you also need to take into account the trailers payload capacity. In this case it was 3,200#+, so for weekending or even long trips not likely to get there. What is really scary is seeing a 40'+ 5er with a payload of about 2,500#! They are NOT a rare occurrence, way too many out there with almost nothing for payload.
rhagfo 09/18/22 09:59am Towing
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

I'm always surprised and disappointed when someone shares a frightening story with their fellow RVers and people make the wrong choice and blame the OP instead of offering compassionate commiseration with their fellow human. It shouldn't be such a difficult decision to choose kindness. Well glad CD is alive and well! I will say he did the best one could do!! I also believe the MH driver was an innocent victim also, and didn't know the minivan was attempting to pass. I think we all have had someone pass us before we knew it. Since the Covid shutdown, I have noticed more crazy drivers out on the roads, and many far more impatient! I have seem many cases of drivers passing in double yellow zones. The other thing I see in our area where we have farm equipment on the highways. That drivers think it is alright to cross over the center line to go around them when there is oncoming traffic, instead of waiting behind them until there is room to get around them. Once again DC, glad you are all safe!
rhagfo 09/18/22 09:53am General RVing Issues
RE: How To Clean This

I find it funny that they put sealant around what is basically a hole in the wall with open slats on it. Water is going in there anyway.I can see a need for sealant around the vent but it's a poor vent for the purpose of exhausting hydrogen. I'm in the process of making something more suitable. This one actually has a ledge on the bottom to keep water from draining out. Well your vent is also poorly placed, low and to the outside. Mine are higher and more towards center. They are over the door to the front compartment.
rhagfo 09/17/22 10:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

Heard all the same whining from anti gov peoples about the mean old govnmt mandated clean air/better fuel mileage back in the '70s/80s that resulted in doing away with the old gazz guzzling carbureted heavy pollution engines resulting in computer/FI engines that burn much cleaner. Fed vehicle pollution rules are rules and there for good reasons. The Ram owner as other law breakers found out the hard way not following (any) rules can be costly. I am on forums for Can Am Spyder three wheel motor cycles, Kawasaki KRX side by sides and now CFmoto ATV among others which all have the cat embedded in the muffler. Vendors post about their replacement exhaust systems and users brag about this one or that one(which do not include a cat). What part about what we are doing to the planet do people not understand???? Is it when your house is flooded, washed way, blown away or under the sea when a person wakes up? I couldn't agree more, my 2001 would occasionally puff a little smoke, not my favorite thing. Our 2016 Ram 3500 you can rub the inside of the tailpipe and no soot.
rhagfo 09/17/22 07:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

Thank you all for your help! I’m told that I should have a sliding hitch with the short bed. Is a gooseneck hitch a possibility? Goose Box is the only Lippert approved goose neck hitch.
rhagfo 09/17/22 12:07pm Towing
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

I have a 2019 Ford F-250 6.7l diesel. I’m looking at a Grand Design 320MKS but want to make sure my truck can haul it. According to the brochure the trailer is 10,721 UVW. According to Fords towing guide the truck will tow 14,800 lbs. I’m thinking that if it will I may need to beef up the rear suspension. Also, I’m not sure how “UVW” relates to the actual weight I will be towing. Also looking for hitch recommendations. Thanks for any help provided. Lenny OK, so the rear GAWR is 6340 and the RAW is 2840. So, it appears the 12000 for the loaded trailer would be OK, but would I be pushing to the limit? Well here are your specs for the trailer. UVW1 10,721 lbs Hitch Weight1 2,104 lbs GVWR 13,995 lbs Carrying capacity 3,274 lbs Well, the unloaded weight is 10,721 lbs, and the carrying capacity is 3,274 so if just weekending and vacations likely not going to use all that carrying capacity. I will say an estimate of 1,300 lbs of stuff is a bit light. Lets say you get to 12,500# for the 5er. Now 20% of that is 2,500 lbs. Now rear axle GAWR 6,340 and GAW 2,840 (is this with all normal camping stuff in the truck?) 6,340 - 2,840 = 3,500 now 3,500 - 2,500 = 1,000 lbs of remaining axle capacity. Now the catch all what is the payload on the door sticker of your truck? About 2019/2020 Ford and GM increased the GVWR of labeled F250 / 2500 so you may have enough payload. If you don't have enough payload, you put yourself in legal limbo. Not likely to get a ticket, but could be sued by hungry lawyer even if not your fault in a crash. I towed 1,200# to 1,700# over GVWR for several years, but within axle ratings. I just got too nervous and got a Ram 3500 CTD DRW. Totally your choice.
rhagfo 09/17/22 12:05pm Towing
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

We were northbound on Highway 89 between Flagstaff and Page Arizona last Sunday morning. While this stretch of 89 is pretty good road it alternates between 2 and 3 lanes. About 25 miles south of Page southbound it was two lanes with just a double yellow line separating them from the northbound traffic. Southbound traffic was fairly heavy as we ascended a long grade. I was doing 63 but the southbound sound traffic looked to be traveling at closer to 70+. Suddenly as a large class A approached in his left lane I briefly thought his toad had come loose but quickly realized it was a small mini van attempting to pass over the double yellow lines and completely filling my lane. :E There was only about 3' of paved shoulder which quickly dropped off steeply so my options and time remaining were disappearing fast. I jammed on my brakes and thankfully the ABS did it's job seriously slowing my 24' Class C {I was towing a 2,500# 10' Cargo trailer} with no loss of control and I was able to move right to the edge of the shoulder still traveling at more than 40 mph. Neither the Class A or the moron in the mini van slowed and actually it looked like a death race to see who could get us all killed first. The minivan squeaked by the Class A and started moving back across the double yellows nearly hitting the motorhome and missing my drivers side mirror by less than a foot. Had we all collided another 6 to10 southbound cars would probably have been involved. It all took place in matter of mere seconds and my hugging the edge of the shoulder while braking hard were the ONLY things that keep us and probably several others from being killed. A few inches more to the right and we would have rolled our rig right off of the highway. Once we got out heart rates back undef 100 my bride and I continued on for nearly 5 minutes before even speaking and what we had to say is not fit to print. What in the heck is wrong with people? :h While the mini van was the scariest driver I have ever encountered and probably impaired beyond being terminally stupid, the Class A driver could have diffused the situation by simply getting on his brakes and letting the idiot squeeze in... why kill us??? :M:M:M First of all the Mini Van driver be crazy!!! #1. Blue highlight, so was there a lane to the right of the MH, because you state he was traveling in the left lane! #2. Red highlight, Did you think to lay on your horn?? Maybe the MH driver had looked in their mirror just before the Mini Van pulled out. Honking your horn would have alerted the MH driver that something was amiss. #3. The orange highlight, Once again had you blown your horn, maybe the MH driver would have noticed the situation! also the coma I added makes the sentence easier to read. This is the reason I travel with a dash camera that comes on with the ignition, and has the ablity to record six hours of video.
rhagfo 09/16/22 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

Dumb for not keeping emissions equipment. Then listed as deleted. Just wonder if he rolled coal at the wrong time. Got to wonder if someone from NJ DEQ replied to the ad and he boosted how much power and how cool it is to roll coal
rhagfo 09/14/22 07:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: current diesel fuel pricing

Traveled to eastern WA this weekend - Diesel was $5.39 - Drove a couple miles into OR, $4.71. Filled up, now back on the west side, $5.59. Gas is about $1 cheaper than Diesel. What I see is that diesel moves up and down slower than gas. It should be cheaper than gas and was when gas prices started to go up, but then it went up higher. Slower to go back down. Hopefully gas prices stay down regardless of who's in the white house. Yep, got to love fuel prices on the left coast!! In the greater Beaverton area (Portland) regular is $4.45 and diesel is $5.79. Now about 18 months ago the price of regular and diesel were within cents of each other, and at times diesel was cheaper!
rhagfo 09/12/22 09:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Superduty gas engine for 2023.

If it was a turbo 6.8 it might be of interest. Personally I would not go gas without some boost since I cross the mountains a lot and am spoiled by my turbo charged vehicles now and before. Yep, put 20# of boost on a 6.8 and watch the fuel gauge drop like a rock!
rhagfo 09/10/22 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Observation--newer trucks tow fivers a bit nose high

I must just be **** lucky, I only needed to add Correct Track to our 5er to get it to tow level with our 2001 Ram 2500 4x4.When we got the 2016 Ram 3500 DRW we didn’t need to change anything and still tow level.
rhagfo 09/09/22 11:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dino juice v Electrons....

What is the missing information when it comes to EV’s is the future cost of electricity! It will take many dollars to bring up the grid and generating capacity to support all the new EV’s. Really all it will take is the will to do so. Creating the car was the challenge. Developing the infrastructure is more about desire and mindset. If you are a "Doubting Thomas" it will never work. There will be 1000 reasons why it can be done. But if you have the desire to make it happen it can be achieved I didn’t say that they couldn’t improve the infrastructure, just that it will take lots of dollars and the rates will go up.
rhagfo 09/07/22 11:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dino juice v Electrons....

What is the missing information when it comes to EV’s is the future cost of electricity! It will take many dollars to bring up the grid and generating capacity to support all the new EV’s.
rhagfo 09/07/22 06:43am Tow Vehicles
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