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RE: Ram too high?

Well a quick way to see how bad it would be would be to measure the distance from the ground to the bottom of the 5er overhang on your current sprinter and the Grand Design on level ground that you are looking at. This will give you an idea on how level or nose high the new unit will tow. I would also compare the pin weights heaver will squat the TV a lit tie more.
rhagfo 01/28/20 05:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: If you have one of these I want to know what you know

319 area code, Ocala or Dunnellon is not a 319 area code, unless he came from up north and kept that phone number. Has the owner been easy to reach, will he meet you in the 200 corridor area, it would be about 1/2 way for both of you. Looks like a 2wheel drive for sure. Good luck, I live in the area, let me know if you meet up and need another set of eyes on it. Kris This was a Year old post, but I will address the phone number issue. How many of you have a cell phone? Do you change your number when you move? I was allowed personal use of my company work phone for $18 a month, when I retired I kept the phone number, as that had been my number for 20 years for work and about 10 years as personal.
rhagfo 01/28/20 03:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

I wouldn't worry too much about the towing capacity. I'd be more concerned about payload, tire, wheel, and axle ratings, and if you'll need some heavier springs or air bags. The extra 1,000 pounds isn't really a big deal. I would want the manual transmission in that truck. Dodge automatics were not the best and you'd only have 4 gears anyway. The 2001 3500 is DRW with a GVWR of 11,500 enough for a 14,000 5er.
rhagfo 01/28/20 01:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New used truck

Logically speaking reducing tire pressure would make for a softer ride. However, the tires on the 04 are all set at 80 psi. The dually in comparison felt like the axles were welded to the frame, incredibly stiff and rough. It was the first dually I have driven so I wasn't expecting such a stiff ride. Is there any way to soften the ride of a dually truck? Well the 3500 DRW will have stiffer springs as the axle is usually rated at 9,500#+, compared to about 7,000# for the SRW. I actually felt the ride is smoother in our 2016 Ram 3500 DRW than our 2001 Ram 2500. My rear tires are at about 60 psi.
rhagfo 01/28/20 07:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New used truck

I think with DRW trucks, it is more important to keep tire psi at a much lower pressure with no load. Maybe the tires were aired for a load. Jerry X2 Some think tires need to be aired to Max sidewall pressure for towing 80 psi. With DRW those tires for max payload the correct loaded pressure is 65 psi, running empty it can be dropped to 45 psi.
rhagfo 01/28/20 06:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

it is a 2001 5.9 diesel Dually not 4x4 I had the tranny rebuilt with very heavy duty inards. He said better than the original and an extra cooler Also has been chipped, I never have had the the radiator flushed or the fluids changed So I was pulling a 12000+ 5vr and it did find on the level but climbing a steep pass like a 2 lane and it got real hot so I pulled over 3 times to let it cool. If it hadn;t heated up I could have pulled over that pass and others without any trouble. The issue with the 2001 is the puke bottle getting gunk on the back side of the radiator. Drain cooling system, and pull radiator and steam clean all the gunk off of the cooling fins. Then refill after internal flush with 60/40 antifreeze/water mix for max cooling.
rhagfo 01/27/20 10:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

I see by the owner's manual that the total towing capacity for my 5.9 24 valve Dodge 3500 4x2 is about 13000 and the rig I am looking at is 14000 Any ideas? Well a few questions; What year is the Ram, in 2003 they went common rail and gained close to 100 hp and about 200 lb ft of torque. Is your 3500 DRW or SRW We towed 12,500# with an 2001 Ram 2500 with a small chip without issue. Is 14,000# the 5ers dry or GVWR, if dry you might have an issue, if dry it depends on how much you add to it.
rhagfo 01/27/20 08:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I-95 Death Row takes 3 more.

I-95 is terrible. We are 40 minutes South of Daytona and the way people drive is shocking. I try to avoid it as much as possible but sometimes I drive on it. The speed limit is 70MPH and three lanes each direction. The people in the right lane drive 60MPH-75MPH The middle lane is mostly 70MPH-80MPH the left lane is 80MPH-110MPH (No exaggeration!) and then sprinkle in what I call "The Weavers". The people that go lane to lane driving 100+ in their high output sports cars. I've been down here since November 25th. I haven't seen one Highway Patrolman on I-95. Not one! The local Police cars I see on the State and County roads are unmanned cars used as decoys to keep speed reasonable. Where are the actual Police men and women? There were 4 fatalities a mile South of us the day after we arrived. It doesn't surprise me at all that people are dying at an alarming rate on that highway. Then add in the shootings and homicides in Daytona and Orlando and that's all that's on the news. What used to be a very nice area is turning into something undesirable. Whale statically interstates as safer due to miles driven, the crashes that happen on them are much more deadly due to speed. Mythbusters did a segment on what happens in a 50 mph head on crash, is it the same as hitting a wall at 50 mph or hitting the wall at 100 mph. Will test included running a car into a solid wall at 100 mph! That car was Tacoed! totally folded in half, we see people driving on the interstates like they are NASCAR drivers at Daytona!! Ridding bumpers at 70+, driving 70+ in fog and snow.
rhagfo 01/27/20 06:55am Roads and Routes
RE: I-95 Death Row takes 3 more.

Highly unlikely that it's the 4th deadliest. Freeways generally have crash rates about 1/50th of what surface streets even a very bad freeway will typically be much better than a good surface street. You may have more total accidents but once you adjust for high volumes, the crash rate is typically much more reasonable. So when someone tells you they don't drive freeways because they are dangerous, they don't know what they are talking about. Likely the 4th deadliest section of interstate. As of late interstates are known for large multiple vehicle crashes. Drivers following too close expecting their fancy car to keep them out of trouble.
rhagfo 01/26/20 10:41pm Roads and Routes
RE: Toilet choices, plastic vs. porcelain.

I prefer porcelain but didn't want a dually. We have both! If the weight of a porcelain toilet is going to cause you weight issues, you already have a weight issue!!
rhagfo 01/26/20 08:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oregon coast in Sept

While the kids are back in school, we see retirees from Canada and California and parks are still full.
rhagfo 01/26/20 07:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: F350 Super Duty vs 3500 Denali vs The Ike Pulling 30k lbs

To have zero brake applications they need to be running at the speed they want to maintain then set cruise to say 5mph less but also lock the trans in the same gear you would have climbed that grade in. This will vary based on the grade and load. This takes a human to dial this in. I easily maintained 30-35mph locked in 2nd gear on a several mile 14% grade at 33k combined simply by moving the cruise speed up or down with my thumb. For the Cummins closer to 3k will give the best downhill braking. Cool brakes along any big downhill grade = GOLDEN. Does your truck have adaptive cruise control? Because if it does (and most of the new high trim trucks have it), the brakes will be applied automatically if you are using cruise. I don't get the brake application part of the test. I guess they have to do something to measure, but it isn't unnerving to apply brakes going down a grade. I don’t believe that adaptive cruise was available on Ram until about 2018. Well I think the brake application is just a measurement of how well or poorly the Exhaust brake Slows the decent speed. On Edit: seems you can’t use the correct term r3tards as it isn’t politically correct even used correctly.
rhagfo 01/26/20 01:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F-150 HDPP?

You need to find a Ford VIN decoder that will list the options of that vehicle. I have a link for Ram, but not for Ford.
rhagfo 01/26/20 11:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: F350 Super Duty vs 3500 Denali vs The Ike Pulling 30k lbs

Those clowns need a real job. ??? :h :S Thanks for sharing, Fish. The new Ford is certainly impressive! I just wish t hey would define a standard set of test, then stick to them. I don't know how long they get to have these vehicles to do their "Test" but it seems they have no standard for the downhill test!
rhagfo 01/26/20 06:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Moisture under mattress solutions please

Hypervent I put a board by the mattress (east/west bed) and gave it a few inches of space from the mattress and wall. I then put a board separating the mattress from the hypervent mesh so that the blanket would not drop down and block the vent and prevent air from moving. This board you cannot see, but the board goes a few inches under the mattress and the mattress sits on it. Here is a pic looking up at the board and you can see some mesh under the mattress. from this width=200 to this width=200 I put the fridge back in to sell it width=300 and, no, the drawers did not make the curtain do that This makes so much sense! we don't have a camper, but have had issues with condensation in our 5er bed slide-out, I simply placed a couple 2X4's at the head of the bed to keep the mattress away from the wall. This stuff works the same way air circulation
rhagfo 01/26/20 06:08am Truck Campers
RE: F350 Super Duty vs 3500 Denali vs The Ike Pulling 30k lbs

The interesting thing about the Cummins vs Duramax is that the Duramax makes 445 Hp @ 2800 rpm vs the 400 hp of the Cummins. But as the Duramax pulls down it dramatically looses power. In fact if it were allowed to pull down all the way to 1600 rpm where it makes peak torque it would loose 167 hp. The Cummins on the other hand looses very little hp as the engine slows down. In fact the Cummins only looses 57 hp slowing from 2800 rpm down to 1800 rpm where it makes its peak torque. For this reason the Cummins doesn't need a 10 speed to compete with the Duramax. The Cummins will be putting out more power than the Duramax at rpms below 2250. Above 2250 the higher power of the Duramax starts to come into play. The Ram's ability to produce power at a lower rpm might allow it to get a little better fuel economy under certain conditions. Well once again I think it has more to do with torque than hp, the Cummins has a 45 hp DISADVANTAGE to the Duramax, BUT a 90 lb ft torque ADVANTAGE to the Duramax. Ford did dominate the uphill run. The difference in time indicates a 46 horsepower advantage that the Ford has which is a little more than the difference in advertised power ratings. Well while the Ford does have a 46 hp advantage, it also has a 140 Lb Ft torque advantage. Towing heavy is more about torque than HP!
rhagfo 01/25/20 09:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F350 Super Duty vs 3500 Denali vs The Ike Pulling 30k lbs

That is pretty impressive for the Ford running 3.55 gearing. The 10 speed seems to be doing its job. Don't understand why you would start downhill with 30K behind you and not have exhaust brake on. Well they stated on auto setting, I know Ram has Full and Auto. I run full when not towing, and auto when towing and using tow/Haul, that combination works very well at holding speed.
rhagfo 01/25/20 08:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 4 season camping

Helping my daughter look for a trailer. Looking for a true 4 season unit. We went to the RV show last weekend in Tacoma, and she is impressed with the Arctic Fox and Outdoors RV. Intended use will be the Washington Coast in the winter, and also at the local ski areas, in addition to the usual better weather camping. She can buy new, but I have suggested she look for a used unit. The 2020 Arctic Fox 25W is her current favorite. Whatever she ends up with, she would like to keep the overall under 30 ft. Can you folks suggest any other brands or lines to check out? In the PNW I would go with your DD likes of the North Woods units Arctic Fox is well known for 4 season builds. I am very interested in them, and will likely do a factory tour in the near future. We full tile in the PNW, both on the coast and Willamette Valley, have seen temps in the high teens in our three season Keystone Copper Canyon. Has heated tanks, and I have enclosed the belly, but we still have less than great insulation. That said we heat with RV Comfort System "Cheap Heat" and it never was taxed keeping us warm (68 to 70 degrees). So at 5,000 watt of heating we get 17,060 BTU, our gas furnace is rated at 30,000 BTU input, assume 80% efficiency is 24,000 BTU, so I can go colder by switching to gas. We are two to four years from upgrading our 5er, will likely be an AF when we do.
rhagfo 01/23/20 03:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford 7.3 vs GM 6.6 fuel economy TFL video

I've always found it amusing they use only 66 miles to figure a mpg number....and they let the trucks computer do the shifting on long climbs. I realize many pickup owners today have no idea what gear the engine needs to be in going up or down steep grades...sooo they let the computer do the shifting for them. The mpg test with the 6.6 and 7.3 gazzers IMO would be more accurate running 3 tanks and then take a average on the same day with the same trailer over the same highways. I'm a big GM fan but I would say the Ford front end looks a hellz of a lot better. Good gawdz that GM trucks front is ugly. The Chevy was running non winter blend gas and probably with less winds and a heavier trailer. The Ford was running a winter blend gas with probably higher winds and a lighter trailer. The two samples were run so far apart in time/season, external temps, wind variation, different trailer/weight and with this many different variables this really isn't a good comparison. About the only take away is how the trucks performed pulling x amount of weight. I guess these guys can't afford to fill the full tank. the variables on a 66 mile fuel mileage test run are too many to be at all accurate. Even if they actually accurately measured the fuel used down to the ounce. Even with a gas engine only getting about 6 mpg that is only 11 gallons of fuel. They need to run at least 600 miles. They are likely not allowed to put that many miles on a borrowed test truck.
rhagfo 01/23/20 06:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Portland Oregon Parks question

Portland is a large area. Commute from different area could be long. What part of Portland is your job located? X2 What area of the greater Metro Portland are you going to work. Getting from east Portland to the west side can easily take an hour. Moving between two or three different parks every three months is not all that bad.
rhagfo 01/20/20 07:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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