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RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

So sorry to hear about your Mom! Losing a loved one is never easy! Hugs and take care! Sending sincerest condolences to you and your family! Mom died this morning. She had been in rehab and doing well, but things started to go downhill last week. After choking she refused food. They thought she had a bleed somewhere and wanted to take her to the hospital for a transfusion. She refused saying she did not want to prolong the inevitable. I don't blame her but it's still a hard thing to lose your Mom. She lasted a bit less than a week, but still appeared to be staying the same. She was filling with fluid and was on hospice for comfort. Her passing was very comfortable. She just quit breathing. I will be here for a bit. I'm the executrix of the estate so have some things to get done before I leave. Can't wait to get back to Florida and "my new normal." Dale
riah 10/06/21 11:03am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Have you tried anti-anxiety meds for Monty? I recall way back when, while in college, when I worked for a vet, the vet prescribed similar meds for their dog for traveling, if I recollect correctly. Maybe that might help? Good Morning FOOFs! We are getting ready for our longest trip away from home in the motorhome. Since my wife and I both work full time, we can only venture so far away from the home or we would just be driving the whole trip. We are taking a week off and are heading to the Memphis area from Fl. We are going to leave around lunchtime on a Friday and stop in Macon Georgia for the night. Then Saturday morning, we are going to drive the rest of the way to Memphis. We are staying in West Memphis on a place right on the Mississippi River. We will be there until the following Thursday and then will head to Navarre Beach in the FL Panhandle for 2 days before we drive all day on a Sunday to get home. Trip is in two weeks and the wife and I are both excited about the trip. I just feel bad for my dog Monty. He dislikes riding in the car and he really hates riding in the motorhome. We have tried about everything to calm him down. He just pants and shakes the whole trip. It breaks my heart to see him so stressed during the trip. Once we get designated, he is happy and loves checking out new places and new smells. The only thing that kind of takes the edge off him is Benadryl. I think is makes him sleepy and he doesn't seem to pant as much. My other two dogs fall asleep as soon as the motorhome starts moving. Dale, I am sorry to hear about your mom's passing. Losing a parent is awful no matter their age. I lost my dad right after he turned 50 and my mom is getting up there in age now and starting to have some health problems. I hope everyone has a great day! Burch
riah 10/06/21 10:57am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Thanks for the notation regarding Richard! Please tell him we are all missing him here and keeping him in our thoughts and prayers! . … I talked to Richard a few days ago. He is doing OK. Still has problems with is eye site.
riah 09/21/21 10:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Vax Passports

An incredibly slippery slope for something of dubious value. If what we are being told about vaccinations is correct, the primary threat is to the unvaccinated. In the US, vaccines are widely available and cost free. The only people over the age of 12 who are unvaccinated are that way by choice. So they have put themselves in harms way. Furthermore, recent studies have tended to show that vaccinated people can carry and spread a viral load equal to the unvaccinated. That means that the threat a vaccinated person creates in spreading the virus is equal to that of the unvaccinated. Therefore, being vaccinated only benefits that individual, not others around them. The vaccinated are much less likely to catch covid. So if everyone is vaxxed those with compromised immune systems are much safer. Last update. You are still at risk to catch, and spread covid as if you were not vaccinated. Per the CDC. Which is why we should continue to mask up especially indoors in public spaces!
riah 09/09/21 08:56pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Low cost Battle Born alternative

Another option for LFP I’ve recently come across is Sun Fun kits dot com… also there’s apparently a private seller in Minnesota that offers what appears to be home made LFP batteries that seem reasonably priced as well (which notes it allows for replacement of cells if needed in the future) *** I have not personally bought yet from either one, as we are not sure yet what amount of LFP we need to purchase. We need a traditional dimension battery as it’s going to be a drop in replacement in an AF990 TC; If we determine we need more than 200 amp hours for batteries we will probably go with the sun fun kit battery; otherwise we may purchase from the smaller private seller Tess electric - Just sharing as an FYI for others to do their own due diligence on researching if it’s worth the chance to go with new or private sellers ;) *PS-If anyone else has gotten batteries from these 2 companies, I’d love to get your feedback on them as well!
riah 09/09/21 02:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help, 2003 Arctic Fox fridge isn’t staying cool when on DC

OK, thanks every one for your replies! But, honestly we didn’t experience any issues with the batteries keeping up, as we have a DCDC charger PLUS the 2oo watts of solar…. It was showing our batteries were at 100% with the fridge running on DC! That was my initial concern, that the batteries wouldn’t keep up. I guess we will just have to keep an eye on it. )It was 90 degrees F so maybe it’s just too much to expect for such warm temps! I guess we can swap it back and forth if we need to.) The reason I was trying to get away from running the fridge on propane is because we have the electric charging capability and the capacity apparently to run it off the 12v DC and it’s safer than propane; as well as already paid for and therefore free in comparison to the propane, since we planned it to use DC to run the fridge when we’re driving. But the consensus appears to be that it’s typical behavior apparently to have it warm up over time, which is sort of a bummer as we apparently have the ability to power it well enough as far as the batteries are concerned!
riah 08/21/21 09:15pm Truck Campers
Help, 2003 Arctic Fox fridge isn’t staying cool when on DC

Quick question - has anyone had this issue with their refrigerator and if so, how can I resolve it? We were hoping to run the RV fridge on DC electric while driving. We have 200 watts of solar panel and also had a dc/dc charger installed, with (2) 100 amp hr 12v LFA batteries in parallel (200 amp hrs 50% depth of discharge or 100 amp hrs without damaging the life span of the batteries) … Before we left Thursday afternoon, we had it plugged in on AC the day prior and it was up to temperature when we left. On propane and AC it stays cold (40 degrees F or better) and the items in the freezer remain frozen solid. But, while the freezer seems to be working fine on DC, the temperature of the fridge seems to be running warmer (mid to upper 40s or worse) - I even put one of the frozen solid water bottles in the fridge on the middle shelf, as the temp began rising (which also started to thaw, not surprisingly since it was less than 0 degrees.) But the temp still appeared cool in the fridge, and that frozen bottle didn’t thaw out significantly in the time frame it was on DC and in the fridge, but when we saw the temp on the indoor/outdoor thermometer start to rise towards 50 degrees, we turned it back to propane where it ran fine and we could even decrease the level of the refrigerator temperature (ie - from 9 down to 6.) It was 90 degrees F outside yesterday, but I wouldn’t think that would be the proverbial “straw to break the camels back” so to speak… ) Therefore, my question is: Is this typical - or should it be doable to run this 3 way rv fridge on DC and have it work appropriately? (Prior to having the dc/dc charger installed, we had always run the fridge on propane when driving, but we’ve been taking heed of the reasons why it’s not the best idea and hence why we installed the dc/dc charger in addition to the solar panels. And, just to clarify, we had no issue with keeping the batteries charged with the dc/dc charger and solar panels when we had the fridge running on DC power- we only switched it over to propane because the temp was implying that it was getting too warm in the fridge.) I’d love to hear others experiences regarding running their 2000 era AF fridge 3 way fridge off DC. TIA!
riah 08/21/21 01:47pm Truck Campers
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

I was wondering the same - I hope he is OK! Still praying for him and sending positive energy his way!!!
riah 07/21/21 03:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Consequences of RVing’s Unprecedented Surge

I’m hoping now that people will be back to work, and the enhanced unemployment benefits will be ending shortly, and summer will be over, that things will return to some sort of old normal! But I have also noted that if hotels and rest areas were to allow for electric hookup reservations, they’d probably make out well as they’d get additional business from RVers who just need a spot to charge up and park overnight! I ran across this article in another smaller so called RV forum and posting this for your thoughts if any. I am unaffected by this and therefore not alarmed, worried or upset. Happy trails to some.
riah 07/09/21 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Please let Richard know we are sending him positive energy and virtual hugs! I also hope Richard will be provided with occupational health rehab services and training that includes using assistive technology (speech to text and text to speech, etc) so that he still has an avenue to stay in touch online with people, in addition to how to adjust to this new change in his daily living tasks. While this is a new challenge and hurdle, if he has a channel of communication still available to him, it can be beneficial in helping support him through this newest health challenge and allow him to keep in touch with his “online friends.” I’ll be continuing to pray for him! I received a phone call from Richard last night. He was on his way home from the hospital. He is now legally blind as his left eye was affected from another stroke. I told him that we missed him on the Old Fella forum and he said to keep it going. I will check in with him soon and let people know how he is doing. Burch
riah 06/16/21 05:37am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Thanks for sharing this! What a beautiful memorial of Boots! She sounds like she was a very special dog! Old Fella's story keeps bringing to mind the 100 lb. border collie mix I grew up with. Boots was the sweetest dog in the world. She mothered everything that came by, despite having been spayed before her first heat. Kids, cats, rabbits, horses, cows -- she took care of us all. Folks could leave us outside all day, knowing that if Boots disapproved of what we were doing, she'd grab the offender by the pants leg and drag us around until we got the message. If we'd been puppy size, she'd have been shaking us to get our attention. I remember one day in particular: she herded us up on the porch and made us stay there until Dad came to see what was wrong. Big ol' rattlesnake was in the yard and Boots wasn't gonna let it get any of us. She didn't let us off the porch until Dad had killed and carried off the snake. She knew when we went to the movies, and woe be it if we didn't bring back buttered popcorn for her. She never wanted what we made at home, just the movie buttered popcorn. Boots only came inside the house twice that I recall, both during really bad storms. She tried to climb into the nearest lap and stuck her nose under that person's arm. Don't know why those two storms and not any others. She slept in a sheltered ell off the back porch. The cats learned if they slept on or around her, everybody stayed warm. Somewhere we have photos of a large dog almost buried under cats. Boots lived 16 years. That last day, she met Dad at the back door, accompanied him to the pickup, and wagged her tail as he drove off. When he returned a couple hours later, she'd lain down and slipped away. Fifty years later and I still miss Boots.
riah 06/09/21 04:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Prayers for Richard and hoping that he makes a full recovery and is able to travel again with his children and grandchildren. Hello FOOFs Richard called me this afternoon. Unfortunately I missed his call but he left me a voicemail. He has had a stroke and is in the hospital but he said he is expected to make a full recovery. He said he wanted to let me know and the forum so I am hoping it's OK to post this here. Please keep him in your prayers. I tried to call him back but got his voicemail. Burch
riah 05/22/21 05:02pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Happy belated birthday Richard! Hope you had a great birthday!
riah 04/30/21 07:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Not a good thing, at all....

Hi, I never said I was moving there - I noted looking for a summer property to consider purchasing, similar to how Canadians do in winter in the southern states in the US! ;) Prices are crazy here in the US right now too! There’s lots of places to visit here still I guess until the market cools down! Thanks for your reply! I don’t think it’s that much of an issue since the land border has been closed for over a year!!! Sadly, that’s just my luck! Had to wait through the entire Trump presidency before we could retire and then to top it off, a global pandemic hit, everyone got into RVs and camping, and now I can’t get into Canada to find a summer property to consider purchasing - and if/when I do, prices will most likely be significantly higher than they were pre-pandemic!!! - If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck - smh ?????? Before you head this way...and yes, prices are higher, I hope you do some research on the viability of buying land in Canada with the intention of moving here. It s not as straight forward as one might think. Gary Haupt
riah 04/11/21 09:07pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Happy Birthday Pickles!
riah 04/11/21 04:15pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Hi Richard, Chin up mate! Just keep looking at the positives! Plus, in the big scheme of things, so what if it takes you a bit longer to get going or get ready than before? I’m sure trips with your family will be nice for all. I’d give anything to be able to spend more time with my parents and grandparents! Do you have a walker or similar aid? You could put a chair in the shower of the RV if it’s not a wet bath design. I know it sounds cliche, but, I took to heart a story I read years back about a Holocaust survivor that found something positive to thank god for when they were held encamped. I personally try to use this strategy, especially when I am feeling a bit down or defeated! It seems to help me and I hope it will be helpful to you too! Take care! Be safe! Hugs!!! Glad t hear so much goodnews frm everyone, I am not doing well at all. Parkinson is doing me in, many bad days especially early mornings The mornings I cant;s seem to get going, THis morning I stayed in bed untiil 11:30 Had an APPOIMTMENT TO SEE THE THEROPIST ANd JUST COIULD n0t Make it. Daughter Allison and Son in Law Jeffery bought a new motorhome to take us campimg with them. its a class C thirty foot very nice and roomy. There would not be any long trips just week end outtings with us just tagging along with them. its hard for me to get get showered and dressed each morning. Just can't seem to get my feet in the right direction and keep my balance without falling over. Parkinson is hell to deal wthh. Would not wish this in anyone.just a like a baby in many respects. Except this baby is 160 pounds and has a stubborn mind of his own. IT was good while it lasted, but it us over.I feel sorry for Sue ahe has to deal with this every day. Just remember me as I was. WE have had some sun time together. LOve all of y0ou, best of friends forever. DIxie Flyer.
riah 04/11/21 04:14pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Not a good thing, at all....

I don’t think it’s that much of an issue since the land border has been closed for over a year!!! Sadly, that’s just my luck! Had to wait through the entire Trump presidency before we could retire and then to top it off, a global pandemic hit, everyone got into RVs and camping, and now I can’t get into Canada to find a summer property to consider purchasing - and if/when I do, prices will most likely be significantly higher than they were pre-pandemic!!! - If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck - smh ??????
riah 04/09/21 05:47pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Adding washer and dryer to FW

Do they sell 12 volt versions? Just curious since we will most likely be building off grid and haven’t started researching what can be run in 12 volt Dc (vs using AC.) I noticed that people have mentioned 12 v refrigerators so just curious if there are also 12 v washer and dryers as well! Tia!
riah 04/09/21 05:25pm General RVing Issues

Somehow I never saw this! My apologies! My parents came home with us for Easter after selling their winter residence. Apparently they felt it was getting to be too much upkeep and expense. It glad to know that the park you’re at has been a safe place for you to stay this year! I will definitely have to remember to check this place out if we are back down in that area! Thanks for the info! We should be a bit safer to travel by May as our immunity post vaccination should be kicked in by then! riah,thanks for the reply. No problem, glad to help a fellow camper. We are in central FL, Sumter county., Bushnell FL. This is a large rv park, over 1300 sites. Maybe 250 are occupied at this time. There are still a lot of park modes empty where the snowbirds have not showed up yet. but still a lot of empty rv sites. We do not leave the park. If we want to eat out we do pik up only. It is required in the park to wear a mask when entering any building here in the park. We only go to the mail room. We do not participate in any activates, what few there are, very few at this time. The jam sessions are outside under the pavilion. We do grocery pickup outside at the WalMart. We practice social distance when by other people here in the park. WE ARE HAVING A GREAT TIME. Come on down. Red Oaks Rv Resort. Tell them I sent you.
riah 04/09/21 05:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Cant find a place to stay near Harrisburg, PA, help!

Also, somebody shared this link with me when I was inquiring if anyone new of a list of hotels and such that might offer RV plugin options: - it looks like Econolodge and Rodeway Inn are in Harrisburg area and cater to truckers and maybe if nothing else opens up, you could maybe check if that might work for you temporarily. Good luck!
riah 04/09/21 04:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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