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RE: recommendations for class C for overnights at ski resort

You can have basically any Ford E series converted to 4wd. Not cheap but likely not more than buying one. Guessing $20k for a conversion? Super Cs can be had in 4wd. Again, even the decent used ones are $100k or more. Normal rwd dually C with the right tires all around. Think studded snows or siped, studded mudders will be quite capable. Although the last part of the run up to Crystal can be a bobsled run coming down. Easiest and most versatile solution if 4wd is a must is pickup truck and a TC. Add Tigers and any of the other small time overland type rigs, but none are cheap unless old and clapped out. Agree with Grit if you just plan on running up to Crystal or Snoqualmie. Not exactly apples to apples, but where I work we run studs all around in the winter on our E450 aid cars. Granted we don't get alot of snow around here, but when we do the roads get pretty snotty. The fire department doesn't have snow days, and with those studs the E450 will go up and down pretty much any hill, including unplowed driveways. A motorhome has 2/3 of its weight over the rear wheels so traction is surprisingly good.
rjstractor 04/21/21 07:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to remove tail light from 2020. Rock wood mini lite

LED lights are sealed and the LEDs inside the assembly are not "replaceable". To fix, you must replace the entire fixture. You might wish to do some troubleshooting before replacing the fixture.. Clean all the contacts on the plug from the trailer and the socket on the vehicle, the connections tend to get corroded. You can use some sandpaper rolled up a few layers and flattened out size it to fit in the plug contacts to scrub the contacts shiny. Vehicles often have fuses on stop/turn/running lights, make sure those fuses are good, read your vehicles manual to find out the location of those fuses. Your trailer may also have fuses, if so those may be located near the tongue, follow the tow vehicle to trailer cable to see if you can find a junction and fuse box.. Barring all that, pull the tail lights, move the known working one to the side that isn't working.. If the good tail light works then you know you need to replace the bad one.. If you don't wish to go to the work of troubleshooting you can just throw money at it and buy a new replacement and hope that is the fix to the problem.. x2. If the fixture is an LED, it's theoretically possible that the fixture itself if the cause of the problem, but IMO very unlikely. There are several other possible failure points, starting at the tow vehicle plug and going back from there. Always check things that cost nothing to check (fuses, connections), etc before you spend any money on parts.
rjstractor 04/17/21 07:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cybertruck has a yoke

Day one: God that is one ugly truck. Day ten: Its kinda interesting. Kinda grows on you. Day twenty: OMG ?? that’s cool. Gotta have one. Where do I sign. I think there are over 700.000 reservations for it now. Although I’m sure many of those will bow out or get a Rivian. Lol I'm still at day one. Might get to day 10 if I could see one up close in person. Oh wait, nevermind....:B
rjstractor 04/16/21 07:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine idle surges up and down when stopping at lights

A dirty or faulty mass air flow sensor will cause this issue IIRC and not always throw a code.
rjstractor 04/16/21 07:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Locking Fuel Door (E450 Chassis)

If someone is going to steal gas from me, I'd rather have them siphon it. Modern fuel filler systems make siphoning difficult, so most thieves just drill a hole in the fuel tank anyway if they want to steal your fuel. High ground clearance and 55 gallons make an E450 a good target.
rjstractor 04/16/21 07:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Real life Hybrid towing experiences

Part of the equation could be, what is your reason for wanting a hybrid vs a conventional powertrain, and what are your expectations? If your choice of SUV will be a daily driver and your expectations are that you'll get better mileage commuting and have the ability to tow a small trailer, than your expectations should be met. If you expect that you'll still get significantly better mileage while towing with a hybrid, you'll likely be disappointed. I daily drove a mid 2000s Escape hybrid for a few years, and while it got great mpg city and highway, load and speed had more of a pronounced negative effect on mpg compared with a conventional SUV. I never towed with it, but I imagine it would have gotten worse mpg towing than a conventional SUV.
rjstractor 04/13/21 08:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sports chassis and similar units becoming obsolete?

I would say that in the relatively small realm of Rving, yes the more capable pickups have largely made MDTs obsolete. A buddy of mine had a mid-2000s F650 to tow his 40' fifth wheel and he says his new F350 6.7 is superior all the way around for towing his trailer. But the real world of medium duty trucks is doing work that pickups simply can't do no matter how much power and torque they have- hauling a 24' van body full of freight, a dump box with 5 yards of gravel or a flatbed with six or eight pallets of concrete block.
rjstractor 04/08/21 07:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually rental

You could probably rent an F350 (or equivalent Ram or GM) for six months, but it's not going to be set up to pull a fifth wheel. You really have two choices since it sounds like you've already got the trailer- buy a truck that can handle the trailer if you plan to travel alot, or if you plan on staying put, you'll be money ahead by hiring a transporter to move your trailer to your destination.
rjstractor 04/07/21 07:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing a dura max diesel chevy pickup

That 1 ton pickup probably weighs at least 6000 lbs. Why do you want to tow something so dam heavy? I'm guessing it's because he can. Towing an 8000 lb toad with a 42' diesel pusher is much easier than towing the combination in your signature. If I had a big diesel pusher I wouldn't hesitate to rig up my F250 diesel with an air actuated braking system and 10K tow bar and tow it.
rjstractor 04/02/21 08:53am Dinghy Towing
RE: Debating another tow vehicle

To address your question about a WD hitch, a WD hitch has no bearing on legality at all. Most boats are fairly tongue light compared with travel trailers anyway. A 2500 series truck should handle the tongue weight of a 12K boat trailer easily.
rjstractor 04/01/21 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Toad

This all is theoretically possible, but it would require the EV to engineered to be used as a toad. The OEM could program the car to sense the need for braking when connected to a tow vehicle to engage regen braking, and once the battery was topped off the car could revert to regular service brakes. It could be controlled by a wired or wireless connection, or possibly the toad's own computer and sensors could do it. The same thing could be done with a gas engine car, a factory "toad" package with fully integrated wiring and braking. With most cars having electrically boosted brakes as opposed to the old vacuum boosted systems it wouldn't be hard to do if the OEMs chose to do the engineering. Sure would be a step up from a hokey electric box that plugs into a 12V outlet.
rjstractor 03/31/21 08:07pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Light Japanese Trucks used as Tow Vehicles here

That Australian NPR 45/155 is just called NPR in the US. The company I work for owns over 20 commercial truck Isuzu dealerships across the US and do not sell many of these versus other comparable class 3/4/5 cab and chassis options that we offer. In Australia, the NPR 45/155 only has a GVM(GVWR) of 5,500 kg (12,000 lbs) and a GCM(GCWR) of 9,000 kg(19,800 lbs). That is not a lot considering comparable DRW F350/3500 regular cab and chassis version of our trucks has a GVWR(GVM) of 14,000 lbs and a GCWR(GCM) of up to 32,500 lbs (14,700 kg). In all actuality, the specs of the DRW NPR 45/155 pictured would be more in line with our SRW regular cab 250/2500/350/3500 cab and chassis trucks or DRW E-350 cab in chassis vans. The other downside is that the small 5.2L diesel in this thing only has 152 hp/309 lb-ft versus 330-360 hp/800+ lb-ft in our cab in chassis trucks. So yeah, the OP is correct when he said it is light since these are classified as "light duty" trucks in the US as well. IIRC the 5.2L is 215hp/452 torque, still well under domestic trucks. I think the 152/309 version is the 3.0L that is in the "eco" version of the N-series.
rjstractor 03/31/21 07:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cybertruck will not have a door handle -- best news ever!

I think people need to step back a bit. Some people are dodge truck enthusiasts , others like Fords or GM’s and others will like new brands like Rivian, Hummer or Tesla SUV’s or trucks. Everybody has different towing needs and wants. What works for and is exciting for one is not someone else’s taste. Live and let live folks. Lol, where's the fun in that? So, what you're saying is that some people are enthusiastic about trucks that you can actually go out and buy and others like trucks that only exist as concepts and prototypes? All kidding aside, I'm looking forward to the day when a practical and affordable electric pickup truck is available to the public. Back to the Cybertruck, I can't figure out the appeal of the way that thing looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but IMO that thing is UGLY! Especially compared to the beautiful sedans Tesla makes.
rjstractor 03/26/21 10:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: No 12 volt power

Glad you figured it out, it sounds like you followed a good rule of 12V wiring troubleshooting- check and clean all connections before you replace anything!
rjstractor 03/24/21 07:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: killed new Jeep Wrangler by Flat-Towing It in 4-Low !

I have visions of something like this happening with someone pulling an electric vehicle and not having something selected right. Pumping regen into a full battery at 80 kw. I’m sure the results would be....worse. Wonder if anyone was behind this poor fellow when it happened. For the record, I have done stupid stuff like this. I kinda feel bad for the guy. Haven't we all? I pulled an '88 Dodge Colt Vista for 120 miles with the parking brake on. Luckily it wasn't on too hard, but those brake drums were pretty warm! Someday down the road when battery technology permits an electric motorhome with decent range, I can see connecting an electric toad and having the two vehicles communicate via Bluetooth or wired link. On an uphill the toad could kick in to provide a little more power, and on downhills regen braking could eliminate the need for sketchy, overpriced toad braking systems.
rjstractor 03/23/21 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian Electric 1/2 tons will have similar netwrk to Tesla.

Well, to be clear, it’s not really proprietary charging, although it’s not explained well in the article. Rivian uses CCS for DCFC and J1772 for L2 or L1 AC charging. So that means they are compatible with every public charger in North America. This network is just a private extension that is for Rivian customers only. It will help with congestion at slower public chargers and slower charging brands that can cause congestion. Tesla kind of does the same thing but they took it a step further and even use their own plug. Tesla’s can also use public chargers but they use an adapter to do it. Anyway, JMHO but I see this as a plus for the industry. I agree, it's a step in the right direction. But I still see it as somewhat proprietary since you have to use a certain charger (i.e. a Tesla has to use a Supercharger) to get fast L3 charging. My opinion is that for EVs to dominate the auto industry they will need to superior in every way to ICE vehicles, including range and ease of refueling on the road. JMHO, but universal L3 charging will be key. I think someday we'll see it.
rjstractor 03/19/21 09:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivian Electric 1/2 tons will have similar netwrk to Tesla.

I get why they are doing this, but 30 years from now the idea of proprietary charging stations will seem as silly as having to take a Ford only to certain gas stations does today. The real moneymaker will be the first company (probably an oil company that has vision and wants to survive) to come up with a network than can provide L3 DC charging to any EV.
rjstractor 03/18/21 07:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2004 Dynamax Sport Sedan 220 mileage

I purchased a used 22 foot Dynamax Isata Sport 220. It has approximately 42,000 miles on it. The previous owner said that he got approximately 12-14 MPG. On our first trip, we averaged 8 MPG. Does anyone have a guesstimate of what mileage I should expect? I realize this varies with many factors but am looking for a general idea. We do not tow anything with it. It is 14,050 lb. VWR and 20,000 lb. GCWR. Thank you. This is an easy one to solve. Based on specs very likely a V10 E450. Either the owner flat out lied about mpg or just was really bad at math. Expect 8-10, slightly less if towing.
rjstractor 03/18/21 07:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing error leads to BIG reissue bill

Seriously, the owner did not hear those scary sound? I wondered that as well, and I don't know exactly what they were towing the Jeep with, but if they were in a 35,000 lb 500 hp diesel pusher, they likely would not feel nor hear the tortured sounds of their Jeep dying a horrific non-warranted death. They probably also were not aware of the clouds of smoke following them or the honks and gestures of other drivers.
rjstractor 03/16/21 08:21pm Dinghy Towing
RE: If you are from Texas...Cybertruck can power a house

This isn't a power the house question - "but" I just did some work with a 2006 Dodge diesel pickup and goose neck flatbed. Due to the off road and back road nature of the work "miles" are not the same as highway. A machine was moved to the location and back after the work. 2 loads. 10 loads of 8 tons +/- each of bales were moved in 2 mornings. GCW would be about 30,500lbs each trip. Don't panic this truck has done this kind of work for years. In about 12 hours of hauling totalling 280 miles the truck used 60 USgals of diesel. Let's say a BE "1 ton" 4x4 existed to compare, one with 300 ish hp like the Dodge. Could it do this work in two 6 hour days, with an overnight charge - 12 trips at 30,500lbs. I'm not sure how to convert 5 gals per hour of diesel fuel used into kwhr of BEV range... It's really hard to say for sure, because real world data on existing commercial EVs is hard to find. Navistary has a prototype commercial medium duty electric truck with a 312 KWH battery, claiming a range of up to 250 miles. 30K GCW should be well within the capacity of this platform, although the article does not say what the truck's weight capacity is. I would think that a truck with this drivetrain and battery could do this job, especially in a two day period. The Cybertruck Trimotor has a 200 kwh battery, and while 30K GCW is well over its rated capacity, it would likely easily move that kind of load unless protective software prevents it. With the 200 kwh battery, though, it might not have the capacity to do that job, even over a two day period. The fact that this job caused a Cummins powered Dodge to only get 4 mpg says that a lot of work was getting done. An electric truck could gain some efficiency if there is a lot of stop and go driving as compared to highway driving. IMO commercial EVs will excel at short haul and delivery applications but will struggle to be as productive as diesel trucks in over the road applications, at least until battery technology advances. If a semi with a 1 mwh battery is ever built with no weight penalty compared to a diesel semi it will be a close call. I think some day it will.
rjstractor 03/14/21 07:29pm Tow Vehicles
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