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RE: 2000 F350 7.3 diesel mileage

That is really good mpg, my 2000 F250 7.3/6MT gets around 14 towing whether I'm towing a 3000 lb 6x12 enclosed trailer or a 14' dump trailer full of firewood. I've never towed an RV with it but I imagine it would get worse. I did average an honest 20 mpg running empty on many miles of 60 mph two-lane. It's only got 170K on the clock so hopefully just getting broken in.
rjstractor 08/06/20 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Options are limted

You seem to have done your homework pretty well as far as weights go, but remember you only have to count tongue weight once as part of your GCWR calculation. Your tow vehicle carries the tongue weight, but it is part of your trailer weight. Weight distribution plays a part as well, since it transfers some load off the TV rear axle onto the front as well as some load back onto the trailer axles.
rjstractor 08/06/20 08:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: best ever fuel mileage 2009 6.4L

From what I have read that engine Love’s to drink Diesel. They sure do. My fire department's rescue team has one, an F550 sitting at about 18,000, plus towing a 7K trailer. It's got plenty of power, but 5-6 mpg is typical.
rjstractor 08/04/20 07:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Hummer has crazy good specs. 1000 HP and 1150 torque.

I don’t think they have published any towing distances for the Cybertruck. Regardless. Sooner or later there will be EV’s that can tow 300 miles. Why??? Cause there is a market for it. I'm sure there will be as battery tech improves. Based on my wild guesses from watching various EV towing videos, it's going to take about 1-1.2 kWh per mile to tow a large travel trailer. (I noticed that like most EV "teaser" video there was no mention of battery specs) At that number will never improve, physics are physics, and EVs are already much better than ICE vehicles at utilizing energy efficiently. There's just not much efficiency left to gain. What will (and needs to) improve is the stored energy density of batteries, as well as how quickly said batteries can be charged, which will in turn push the limits of electric utility infrastructure. A lot of people mistakenly think that EV technology will follow the exponential growth of efficiency that data processing and storage have experience. But there is a huge difference between the virtual and real.
rjstractor 07/30/20 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: flat tow

I have a F-150 EcoBoost 2wd my manual says you cannot flat tow a 2 wheel drive F-150 IIRC nearly all 2WD pickups can't be towed four down without a driveshaft disconnect. Many 4WD can if equipped with a means to shift the transfer case to neutral.
rjstractor 07/26/20 07:01pm Dinghy Towing
RE: '07 Lincoln Town Car Towing

Thanks for the good comments folks! I have a lot of experience towing with 'Burbs, and big vans, but the laat time I tried a sedan I got my arse whooped. A guy in Canada advise I could tow my Airstream Flying CLoud 25 with a Chrysler 300 V6. Spent a bucket load of money on a custom hitch, and the rig almost killed me on our first outing when it over heated up a 4% grade and then the brakes wouldn't stop the whole rig on the way down. My wife brained me over that fiasco. Being careful this time. Sounds like good old Andy T at Can-Am RV, trying to convince people that the best tow vehicle for a 3 axle Airstream was not an F250, but rather a front wheel drive V6 sedan. I don't care if I can do a slalom course at 80 mph, I'd much rather be able to back up a hill without smoking the transmission.
rjstractor 07/26/20 06:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Model X Towing 5,000-lb Camper: 600-Mile Road Trip

I did my post as I was impressed with the Tesla. I compared it to my Outback to show the Tesla was getting about the equivalent of 22 mpg towing a 5000 lb trailer at 60-70 mph average. Not sure if a diesel pick-up will do any better with a 5000 lb trailer. Range is the major problem but as they put in larger batteries the economy will suffer due to the extra weight. Unlike diesel or gas the weight does not decrease as the miles add up on a trip. The "fuel economy" of EVs is great, even after factoring the higher initial cost. A diesel pickup won't get 22 mpg empty, the exception being the newer 150/1500 series diesels. Some claim to get that kind of mpg with their 2500/3500 diesels empty, but I call "shenanigans". At a steady 60 mph empty I can get 20 with my 7.3 Ford diesel. 17-18 is more typical. Towing a trailer like that one the Tesla was pulling, 12-15 mpg would be expected for a diesel, and 8-12 for a gas engine. I once got 7 mpg towing a 4000 lb ultralite travel trailer with a Ford Expedition. Again, some will claim better, but the single best way to improve mpg is to simply lie about it. The newer EVs on the market have terrific performance towing. The couple in the video stated that their Tesla did not strain at all on grades, and I believe it. The main Achilles' heel for towing an RV a significant distance with an EV is range, and it will take significant improvements in battery capacity and charging infrastructure to overcome it.
rjstractor 07/25/20 07:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fords new 7.3 Godzilla

I’m curious to see how it does in real world driving. It doesn’t sound any better on paper than the outgoing V-10! An additional 68 horsepower and 18 ft./lb. torque sounds pretty good on paper to me!
rjstractor 07/24/20 07:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buy a 2020 Ram diesel?

The OP here. Steady down, read only the words on the page, don't plug in your own thoughts and read between the lines. I am looking for a long term relationship with a truck. I come from a mining and oilfield background so 5 years and 100k are not big intervals. It will be kept bone stock, but in case of a major failure, rod through the side, oil pump failure, whatever; what junkyard/rebuilt engines are bolt ins? I include all the electronics in the transplant. Still, what is a good Ram truck website??? Equal to the Ford Truck forums? Makes sense. I think most agree that the truck will likely turn to dust and crumble before the engine fails, but you never know. Turbo Diesel Register seems to be a popular site for Ram Cummins owners.
rjstractor 07/24/20 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Model X Towing 5,000-lb Camper: 600-Mile Road Trip

I really liked how they were candid about the power consumption and how it was an accurate portrayal on the viability of current EVs for RV use. 900 WH/mile at freeway speeds in calm winds and level terrain seems to be typical for the Model X pulling a small travel trailer. I would expect consumption for the Tesla pickup pulling a larger, higher profile trailer to be 1.2-1.5 KWH/mile. Pulling an Airstream, maybe a little less. Unless one wants to plan an RV road trip exclusively around Supercharger locations, the pickup will need around a 400 KWH battery to make a truly competitive, viable tow vehicle. I'm looking forward to reading more real-world reviews of EVs in a towing application.
rjstractor 07/24/20 09:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Honda Odessey

Anybody towing a 2008 Honda Odessey 4 down Remco says yes with caveats. According to their site, and Honda they both say no officially Thanks for you help Since Honda and Remco both say no officially, you have three options: 1) Roll the dice and go for it. 2) Install a lube pump and go for it. 3) Dolly tow it. I don't like tow dollies much, but if I had that rig and really liked it that's the route I would go since it's the only way to eliminate the chance for drivetrain damage.
rjstractor 07/22/20 07:47pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Nissan Titan Cummins 5.0L

I liken this to the first Toyota Tundra which was very small compared to other half tons and under-powered. Toyota essentially tried to dictate to truck buyers what they needed in their marketing telling people that they don't need anything bigger or with more power. As many people know, Americans do not like being told what they need or what they should buy. Sales were dismal until Toyota finally came out with a larger and more powerful Tundra filled with things that the people wanted instead of what Toyota thought people needed. Yes, Toyota nailed it when they came out with the new 5.7L, 381 HP Tundra in IIRC 2008. But they still fail to understand the US truck market, since they haven't really changed that truck much since then. The US manufacturers strive to continually improve their trucks, so today they leave the Tundra in the dust. Same with the Titan, it was a pretty nice truck when it was introduced, but did not evolve with the competition.
rjstractor 07/10/20 07:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What's up with the DEF Delete?

Thanks, this truck is out of warranty so it's a non issue. I am just concerned about mechanical issues and annual inspections. This could be a good thing, I simply have no idea. How much to get it back to stock? Unless you have to move to an area with emission inspections, you would probably be better off not returning it to stock. Returning it to stock might cost thousands. If the delete was done correctly it should not affect reliability, in fact there will be less things to fail. A Ford dealer probably won't work on it so you'll want to find an independent shop that will.
rjstractor 07/10/20 07:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

Where snow and mud isn't an issue, you can have a 4X2 truck as your tow vehicle, but here in the Northeast, 4X4 trucks are the norm. Now GM is offering AWD instead of 4WD in many of their HD trucks. At least up here, I'm seeing most HD trucks with the AWD option. I'm not so sure that's a good idea in my neck of the woods. What are your thoughts? I would think that in many cases AWD would be superior to conventional 4WD. If the rear tires start to spin, the fronts kick in seamlessly. They only exception would be extreme conditions, such as true off-road conditions, launching on a very steep grade with a heavy trailer or abuse such as trying to pull stumps. (file that under "getting the right tool for the job") Most truck users, even HD truck users don't need low range, especially with the abundant torque that modern diesels provide.
rjstractor 07/07/20 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 1976 Ford Midas

So I just won a 76 ford midas at auction no key dunno if it runs or drives and I need to know the specs on it so I can order an auto transport to get it home. Does anyone know where I can find the length, height, width, and weight? Also if you have one or have had one can you tell me a little about what I'm getting into if I want to get it running and liveable? What engine? Common problems? Suggestions if I just want to fix it up to flip it? Any knowledge you all have would be much appreciated. Thank you. Round figures- 25 feet long, 10 feet high, 8 feet wide, 10,000 pounds. In any case too big to fit on a conventional auto transport. If I were to bet I'd say it will cost much more than a typical car to ship. Engine- likely either a 5.8L (351) or 7.5L (460) V8, carbureted of course. Common problems? In a 45 year old RV, too many to list. It could have just basic maintenance needs, or it could be a complete basket case. You won't know until you get it and tear into it. Good luck, I'm looking forward to hearing about what it's like when you get it.
rjstractor 07/05/20 07:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Any Trailers for Tall Adults and Tall Kids?

I have nothing to offer as far as trailer advice goes- I'm "vertically challenged" the opposite way lol. But once you do find your trailer I'm looking forward to hearing how your F150 diesel pulls it.
rjstractor 07/03/20 09:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Volkswagen completes first non Tesla cross US charge network

Non Tesla EV’s like Nissan Leafs, Chevy Bolts, Jaguar, Porsche etc will probably never have access to the Supercharger network as they haven’t paid a dime into it. And therein lies the problem I mentioned earlier that needs to be sorted out before EVs will dominate the market. A private, proprietary network that can only serve one brand of car might work great when less than 3% of new vehicles sold are electric and that brand dominates that small market. But for EVs to garner 50% or more of the market, proprietary charging networks need to go away. I imagine at some point the Supercharger network will be bought out, and all EVs will be able to charge fast at any charging station, just like gas stations today.
rjstractor 06/27/20 08:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 100 watt Solar decision

I'm not sure what you mean about a 12 volt to usb adapter. Are you talking about the thing that sticks into a cigarette lighter and has a female usb on it? If not could you send a picture of what you mean? And wouldn't I need a power inverter to use the adapter? I'm assuming that they can't just be easily hooked on a battery, or can they? And I bought the 10 amp kit but can easily cancel it on amazon as it probably won't ship until Monday He's basically talking about a universal car charger. Plugging something into a cigarette lighter is electrically the same as connecting to a battery, the exception being is that more current (amperage) is available when connecting directly to a battery. Not a factor in powering a USB port. Using a power inverter to power a USB port would be incredibly inefficient, if that what's you're referring to when you mention the power inverter to use the adapter. You would be converting 12V to 120V and back to about 5V.
rjstractor 06/27/20 07:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Volkswagen completes first non Tesla cross US charge network

It's pretty fascinating to watch this infrastructure develop. The obvious end game is universal fast charging- for EVs to truly replace ICE cars you need to be able to take any brand EV to any charging station and charge it fast. Imagine how ridiculous it would be if you could only gas up your Ford truck quickly at gas stations that were in Ford's fueling network. I realize EV owners will do most charging at home but there needs to be good options for long road trips. I would bet they will have this sorted out in the next five years or so.
rjstractor 06/27/20 10:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1986 Ford towing guide

The good ole mid 80s.... The pinnacle of emissions death and no power! In fact 85-86 were the worst years I think. and 86-87 it started picking up with fuel injection. So true. I had an '84 C20 with a 305 4-barrel and a '94 Ford Explorer V6 at the same time, and towing the same load the Exploder would smoke the truck on any hill. And a brand new Honda Ridgeline would demolish either one.
rjstractor 06/25/20 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
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