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RE: Hard sided campers under 1500lbs with 6' int ht spreadsheet.

Most vehicles also have a limit on the frontal area of the trailer in tow, some as low as 20 square feet. A 90" tall hardside trailer will work the tow vehicle harder and burn more fuel at highway speeds than the same weight trailer that is much lower. What is your tow vehicle?
rjstractor 09/14/23 07:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buying a new TT, questions on TV setup

The 8-spd with 3.08 diff is better than 6-spd with 3.42 which in prior years was rated for over 9000 pounds. Power will not be a problem. I do highly recommend spending $300 at a trans shop for a higher capacity transmission cooler with either trailer. Get the one your wife likes better and enjoy camping. Absolutely. People fixate on the tall rear axle ratio and don't realize that an 8 speed with 3.08 gears (4.56 x 3.08= 14.04) will launch better on a hill than an older 4L60E with 4.10 gears (3.06 x 4.10= 12.54) . The shorter (numerically higher) rear axle gears will always launch better given a particular trans, but the newer trans ratios help immensely.
rjstractor 09/12/23 07:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Flat tow 2016 Equinox

You don't state which motorhome you have- generally the Equinox with a GVWR of under 5000 pounds should be no problem for a V10. Many newer class Cs, for example, with this engine can tow 7500 lbs. But you need to check your particular motorhome's towing capacity, hitch capacity and gross combined weight rating (GCWR) to know for sure.
rjstractor 09/06/23 09:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Isuzu 4x4 towing a F250 Ram

That was quite a rig and quite an adventure! They are certainly raising those boys right. Interesting that SES uses a plain old Ford pickup for a recovery vehicle- I would think that a shorter version of that Isuzu would be better.
rjstractor 09/03/23 08:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air Travel From Seattle SEATAC

I've used Wally Park a few times and found them to be reasonably priced and reasonably secure. The parking in the airport garage is horribly expensive, and some of the cheaper lots are prone to vehicle break-ins.
rjstractor 08/26/23 07:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Towing a Jeep Cherokee

Can my 2021 Coachmen 32fs flat tow a Jeep Cherokee with proper transmission and drive My question concerns the weight of the car towed Thanks Yes, no problem. Your rig has a 7500 lb towing capacity when fully loaded, both hitch and GCWR are rated for this. You'll want a toad braking system, but do your homework since there are no design or manufacturing standards I'm aware of that cover these systems.
rjstractor 08/22/23 07:12pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Ford F-250 Hitch compatibilty

I found a new DrawTite 2.5" hitch on for about 400 bucks that fits your truck. I wouldn't screw around looking for an OEM used hitch, but it's your $$
rjstractor 08/16/23 07:42pm Towing
RE: Exhaust leak +

That is strange for a 7.4 GM engine. IIRC cracked manifolds and broken bolts and studs were fairly common on both the GM and Ford big block V8s. I wasn't thinking V10, although they have had issues with manifolds and spark plugs blowing out, they are a coil over plug design with no real spark plug wires.
rjstractor 08/14/23 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical/Battery issue.

Does AC mean one or two 15kW ACs? If two, most likely that sucked up most of the power the genny could provide and starved the battery recharge. I don’t know what converter you have, but if standard it probably can’t provide more that ~50A per hour to the batteries (or less); that would require 4hours of charging for two fully depleted 100AHr batteries. Unless the generator has some kind of sophisticated load shedding feature that prioritizes some circuits over others, I don't think this is how it works- if the generator were overloaded it should trip its main breaker. (I'm assuming you meant 15K btu, not 15kW)
rjstractor 07/24/23 01:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Rear Jolt on 2017 Ford E450 V10 with only 6,300 miles

Need a little more information- did the jolts occur just as you stopped, or had you already been stopped for several seconds? Were they hard, gentle or normal stops? Could something heavy be loose in a compartment?
rjstractor 07/22/23 08:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Will a truck camper fit over the 5er rails in the truck bed?

Lol. No it doesn’t. Well it might right now but that’s a 2 ton camper, full ready to camp.Sorry, I don't understand your comment. I think what he means is that even though the dry weight of the camper is 3300 ish pounds, wet and loaded it will be over 4000. You'll probably be over on payload with the tongue weight but maybe ok on rear axle weight. I know you didn't ask, but since this is, the place to go for unsolicited advice, what is it about hauling the big 5er you don't like? I imagine hauling a 4K camper pulling a 5K trailer will be about as fatiguing as pulling your 5er. If you are lacking for horsepower in the hills, for the same money as buying a new slide in camper and enclosed trailer, you could trade in the 2011 on a new Dmax dually (or other brand if you're so inclined) with a fair bit more horsepower and torque that will pull the schnot out of your trailer.
rjstractor 07/12/23 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Am I about to make a huge mistake?

Hey, gang. I recently negotiated and decided to buy a practically mint condition 2010 Toyota RAV4 AWD that's out on the west coast, and was just about to send them a cashier's check when I noticed something...the car is modified to be towed behind an RV; there's a tow bar mounted on the front of the car. Having no experiencing with a car that's been used as a toad, I started googling, and found out that Toyota unequivocally does not recommend using this particular make/model car for this purpose. Same same found on the RAV4 forum. But used it was, and for more than a few trips, apparently. I'm nowhere near the seller, so I sent a trusted friend of mine who knows cars to kick the tires and take it for a test drive. He gave it a glowing review, so my question to you: With all the DIRE warnings about flat towing an automatic AWD RAV4 of this generation, would any damage have shown up on a test drive? Or are the differentials and/or transfer cases just filled with chunks of metal and shavings now, waiting to ruin my entire day down the road? Taking it to a dealer for an inspection is problematic, as I would rather not inconvenience my friend that much, but I suppose it's an option. Assuming the seller would's a seller's market for used cars these days, as we all know, and they might just tell me to pound salt. I'm going to reach out to the seller this afternoon after I hear back from you guys, so I'm armed with proper information. They're an older retired couple who've been RV'ing, but sold their RV and now don't need their RAV anymore, they say. They SEEM like honest folk, from what we can determine... If you were looking specifically for a vehicle to tow, this one has $4K or so of work done to it already to make it ready. If you're looking just for a daily driver, look elsewhere. No reason to take the risk of drivetrain damage.
rjstractor 07/09/23 11:15am Dinghy Towing
RE: Ram fuel mileage

Same as just about any other 9-14K GVWR diesel pickup regardless of brand and year. 20ish empty on the freeway, 15ish empty around town, 10-15ish towing depending on many things. Your mileage may vary, and the best way to improve it is to either fib or slow down.
rjstractor 06/21/23 08:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Class A Motorhome Gasser

I'd never buy a diesel again.And that is relevant how? :h If you take it out of context you are the one making irrelevant. Maybe you could explain the context. The OP was comparing two gas powered coaches and never mentioned a diesel.
rjstractor 06/21/23 07:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Left turn signal and hazard light not working.....

To me that looks like an LED unit. It's possible that the entire light no longer works, but before you buy a new one, make sure you have 12V power to the light and that connections are clean and tight.
rjstractor 06/20/23 07:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Roadmaster Remote BATTERY Disconnect - 3.0L Duramax

Thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like you now know why this device is not designed for use with diesel engines.
rjstractor 06/16/23 07:19pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Quick question on tow ratings

What IS complicated is that they have a rear axle rating that you simply can't load to without exceeding the GVWR. Exactly. My 2000 F250 has a RGAWR rating of 6084 and a GVWR of 8800. To hit the RGAWR without exceeding the GVWR I'd have to unload the front axle to less than 2800 lbs (don't know how that's even possible with the heavy diesel engine) which would put a huge amount of stress on the frame and make it drive like a pig on roller skates. It would be much safer IMO to keep the front axle at 4000 or so, even though that puts me way over on GVWR. Adding my FGAWR and RGAWR together (like most commercial trucks) would put my GVWR at over 11,000.
rjstractor 06/11/23 10:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why is the Hemi Going Away

Ok. But can’t Stellantis just make some cars that generate the same compliance credits and buy them from themselves? Electric cars are the number one selling cars in the world. Wouldn’t it make sense for Stellantis to make some and get the credits? That's exactly why the Hemi is going away- to help increase the CAFE numbers so that Stellantis (or whomever owns Chrysler this week) doesn't have to pay for the carbon credits. It will be interesting to see if Tesla continues to be profitable after they are no longer selling carbon credits. I imagine they will, since they were able to leverage the profits from selling the credits to accelerate R&D of models like the Y. I kind of agree with StonedPanther on the general silliness of compliance credits- nothing but an environmental shell game. Kind of like destroying a wetland area but "creating" another wetland 50 miles away to make up for it.
rjstractor 06/11/23 10:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: OGA (Off Grid Adventure Vans)?

I don't know much about the company itself, but I'm wondering why you would choose the Ram Promaster. A front wheel drive conversion van will be terrible in the snow of off road since a loaded van will be heavier in the back than the front. An AWD Transit or Sprinter would be the way to go, especially in snowy Colorado. If you're sticking to just dry pavement it probably doesn't matter.
rjstractor 06/09/23 07:38pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Largest conventional motorhomes in Australia

Something I've always wondered about the Isuzu N-series based class C motorhomes- do they fit them with a removeable engine cowling since the cab can't tilt?
rjstractor 06/07/23 07:35pm Class C Motorhomes
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