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RE: getting thru Atlanta

December 20, 1977 the day before it was declared completed. We avoid Atlanta due to congestion and accidents. Best of luck and safe travels. totally agree but as with most big cities... - check for road construction on the state's highway dept. website - as you approach the city tune to and listen to the city all-news radio station for traffic reports - plan to traverse the city between 10a-2p +/- or late evening (after 8pm)
rk911 05/31/23 04:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: How do you measure the ambient temperature?

How do you measure the ambient temperature? Revised to read: How do you measure the temperature of the air around your rig? use a simple thermometer placed in the shade.
rk911 05/27/23 12:58pm Tech Issues
RE: De-winterizng an RV

The 'red stuff' is likely RV plant-based anti-freeze (AF), although RV AF it is usually a pink color. If it is truly red color I'd be worried that it's something other than RV AF. The purpose of putting AF it in the toilet bowl is to keep the seal lubricated throughout the winter. An important step in winterizing the RV is by-passing the water heater. This reduces the amount of AF needed to winterize the water system. The by-pass is only needed if AF will be pumped through the lines. If the lines were blown out with compressed air then the by-pass is not needed. IF compressed air was used to blow out the lines then all you need to do is connect a fresh water source to the CITY water connection in the wet bay. Starting at a faucet the farthest away from the city water connection open the cold faucet until water runs smoothly. Repeat this at all of the other water faucets. If you have no fresh water source then add somewhere between 5-15 gallons of fresh water to the fresh holding tank through the gravity fill. Turn on the water pump and repeat the steps above. IF RV AF was used then follow the above opening each faucet one-by-one until clear water replaces the pink AF. Keep the water heater bypass on bypass until all of the cold water faucets run clear. Then turn the bypass valve to NORMAL or OFF and run water from the hot faucets one-by-one until clear water flows normally. Alternatively you can empty the hot water tank by CAREFULLY removing the plug, letting the tank completely drain and then backflushing the tank. Replace the plug and follow the above steps. NOTE: IF the AF in the lines is NOT PINK my concern would be the previous owner used automotive AF and if that's the case then your water lines are contaminated. I've been RVing since 1986 and have never seen RV AF any color but pink. I hope others will chime in. Good luck and safe travels.
rk911 05/25/23 07:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Motorhomes with 19.5 vs 22.5 tires

Our 35' 2000 Itasca Suncruiser 35U (gasser) on the Ford chassis had 19.5" tires and, as far as I'm concerned, handled just fine. We had that coach for 15-seasons and traversed the country several times. As I recall we had roughly 75,000-miles on the odometer when we traded it.
rk911 05/25/23 10:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What happens when you overfill tanks.....

I know if you overfill your fresh water tank, generally, there is an overflow and it dumps on the ground. What about your grey and black? Does it just start to come out of those things that drain there? yup, usually at the lowest point which is the shower. In our first MH the shower was plumbed into the black tank.
rk911 05/21/23 09:00pm Tech Issues
RE: 35GB plan for US & Canada - $5/mo(paid yearly)

35gb over the course of a year or 35gb each month for a year?
rk911 05/12/23 12:14pm Snowbirds
RE: Poor cell service

Some phones have the ability to use an alternative network or even satalite service for 9-1-1 Emergency (SOS) calls. This is a new feature of the latest phones.... For best Cell service you still need two competing carriers or a phone and account that has the ability to use an alternative service... T-Mobile used to have a mutual agreement with AT&T though of late I've seen Verizon as the alternate.. So without asking T-mobile.. I'm not sure which, If any, their alternative provider is (you may have to pay a roaming charge for the alternative service if used and may not have DATA access) my earlier post explains the SOS.
rk911 05/06/23 03:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Poor cell service

found this.
rk911 05/06/23 01:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Ohio to Wisconsin

Well your other choice is to take US30 for all or part of that East-West route. But it is a whole lot of stop and go. And Chicago Heights is not a destination for me. Safer and faster to just endure the traffic and potholes on 80. agree. ford heights and the east side of chicago heights...that's what I meant abt "sketchy neighborhoods". you don't want to break down or stop in those neighborhoods.
rk911 05/04/23 09:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Ohio to Wisconsin

i misread your original post..sorry. you can avoid Chicago metro but you'll either go waaay our of your way or thru some very sketchy neighborhoods. me? i'd stay on I-80 thru the Indiana and Illinois suburbs to I-39 and then head north. if you time it right you'll avoid a lot, but not all, of the traffic. i'd want to run the stretch between where I-80 meets I-94 near Portage IN and Joliet IL between 10a-2p or way before dawn. you have a long drive. if you are doing it without stopping overnight you'll be leaving Ashtabula very, very early. if that's the case I'd just stay on I-90 and time it to barrel thru Cleveland before rush hour. otherwise to avoid Cleveland consider... Ohio SR11 south to I-80 I-80 east to the Illinois line I-80 east to I-39 I-39 north to I-90 west I-90 west to Illinois SR 14 you'll have one toll in Illinois where I-294 meets I-80. no cash taken...toll transponder or pay online after your trip is done. safe trip.
rk911 05/03/23 11:50am Roads and Routes
RE: Ohio to Wisconsin

I would like to travel from northeast Ohio to southwest Wisconsin avoiding major cities, Chicago and the like. I have a truck camper so I can go most places. the only major city you'll be near will be Cleveland and there are ways around. you won't be within 100-mi of Chicago. please post specific names of where you're leaving from and where you're going to.
rk911 05/03/23 09:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Full Timing with Solar and Shore Power

assuming your TT is wired like all of the others your batteries will charge when plugged into shore power. be careful, though. some chargers will continue to pour energy into the batteries even when they are fully charged. be sure your converter/inverter is ‘smart’ (multi-stage) and will transition to a ‘maintenance’ or ‘float’ when the battiries finish charging. our MH has a 2000-watt inverter which runs many but not all AC systems, the roof air cond being one. and not all of the AC outlets are connected to the inverter. good luck and safe travels.
rk911 05/01/23 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: 38 gallon honey wagon?

look at the total shipped price. Amazon indicates free shipping. the other will add $50 frieght charge.
rk911 04/24/23 08:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: 38 gallon honey wagon?

there are several honey wagons in that size on Amazon and I believe Amazon will ship to Canada. keep in mind 38-gals of black water will weigh in excess of 300-lbs. There is a 42-gal model for $360 that does not need to be tipped up to empty. I understand the weight. Do you have a link? couldn't find a 'Share' button but if you open and enter Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 42 Gallon Capacity it should be thr first item that pops up.
rk911 04/24/23 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: 38 gallon honey wagon?

there are several honey wagons in that size on Amazon and I believe Amazon will ship to Canada. keep in mind 38-gals of black water will weigh in excess of 300-lbs. There is a 42-gal model for $360 that does not need to be tipped up to empty.
rk911 04/24/23 07:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

I did when we were newbees but quit after a year or two. haven't sanitized the water system for 30+ years. to each their own.
rk911 04/20/23 02:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Manifold Replacements

So, . . . what year is this Ford V-10/MH? What is the GVWR? What is the actual operating weight? What is the length? Do you tow? What is your normal driving speed? Do you use 87 octane(min) fuel? Have you modified the ECU/engine/transmission/exhaust/driveline in any way? Just a few questions before Ford gets sent to the gallows. (again) Chum lee Are you feeling ok? :B :B :B
rk911 04/20/23 10:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Manifold Replacements

we had the ford v-10 in our 2000 Itasca Suncruiser. we blew a plug somewhere around 35K. thankfully that occured when we were about an hour from home returning from a lengthy trip. we got home on 9-plugs engine sounding like a jackhammer. no other damage as I recall.
rk911 04/19/23 06:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: 30 vs 50 amp electrical issue help

several thoughts…. - first, the dealer perpetrated a fraud. (possible) - your trailer was re-wired for 50-amp. (doubtful) - when power went out did you check to see if the breaker on the pedestal or the main breaker in the trlr had tripped? - how many prongs on your electric cable? 3=30amp, 4=50amp connector. check the main breaker on the panel in the trlr. that will tell the tale.
rk911 04/16/23 10:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Camper Salvage/Used Camper Parts

rk911 04/12/23 08:11pm Tech Issues
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