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RE: Pairing honda eu generator problem

Got 2 honda eu2200 generators. When i pair them and plug in my camper (120v) to the 30amp serve it blows the camper main fuse. Now one eu2200 has 2 ,, 20 amp outlets and the other has 1,,20 amp outlet and one 30 amp outlet. Now im using a adapter to go from the 30 amp service to the 30 amp service on the camper. If i take the camper wire and plug it into the other generator with the two 20 amp outlets alls good. Yes the left and right cables and grounds are hooked up right. Is it really blowing a fuse or is it tripping the EMS? Did you try bonding the ground+neutral? Have you ever used that adapter before? Maybe it's miswired and tripping the EMS? If it's really tripping a fuse or circuit breaker in the RV, I can't think of any reason for that, I'd measure the 30A output to make sure it's really 120V.
rlw999 09/24/21 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

they have gone up considerably, and B) what is 2% of $16k? That's what we paid for our motorhome. Another person with foolish assumptions If you only paid $16K for that motorhome, then that registration fee sounds too high, and I'll go back to my original question - what's the fee breakdown on your bill? I'd expect the registration fees to be about half that.
rlw999 09/24/21 05:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will Fed shutdown bar access to Nat Forests? Nat Parks?

It depends on the administration and how painful they want to make the shutdown for the general public.
rlw999 09/24/21 12:55pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

We've been in this house for 12 years. Our property taxes go up as the house appreciates in value. Anything we "save" in property taxes is over compensated for in sales tax, the cost of fuel, income tax, and a million other ways the state government can reach into our wallet. Under Prop 13, assessment increases are capped at 2%, and the SF Bay area has exceeded that rate significantly. You'd be paying far more property tax on your house if not for prop 13. They are trying to pass a law taxing us for MILEAGE! We must pay for the privilege of each mile driven. If road taxes are meant to pay for road wear, then mileage (with a weight multiplier) is a fair way to do that -- gas tax is no longer a proxy for miles driven since gas mileage differs so widely among vehicles and EV's don't buy gas at all. There's not much point in complaining about taxes in the area that you chose to live in. No one lives in California because of its low cost of living.
rlw999 09/24/21 12:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

I suspect that most of it is the VLF (i.e. a property tax for vehicles), plus a hefty transportation improvement fee. The VLF should reduce each year as the vehicle ages. Thar is correct. Do other states have a property tax for vehicles? Transportation improvement fee? Lol. When we crossed from Nevade into California on I80 recently there was no need for a sign to let us know we had entered CA as the smooth well maintained road ended and the rough surfaces of the richest state of the union made their presence felt immidiately. Some other states do have property tax for vehicles, some charge it as a tax paid to the assessor's office, some bundle it into registration like California. But if you've lived in the same house in Clayton for 20 years, you're likely saving far more in property tax on the house than you're paying on the RV.
rlw999 09/24/21 10:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

Last December we bought a 2000 Airstream Land Yacht. They want $775 to register it for 2022! WTH? We never paid anything like that much before on our previous motorhome. Is this some new punishment from our governor for our "carbon footprint" or some such nonsense? Does anyone know what's going on? We are furious! We love living here for the climate and geography but this has to be the worst governed state in the union. What does the fee breakdown say? How much did it cost to register it when you bought it? Was it significantly less? I suspect that most of it is the VLF (i.e. a property tax for vehicles), plus a hefty transportation improvement fee. The VLF should reduce each year as the vehicle ages.
rlw999 09/24/21 12:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real life solar results

Pulling that much out of any type of lead acid battery will significantly reduce it's life. By lithium next time. It really depends on how often he needs to deep cycle. Even at 80% DoD, he can get hundreds of cycles out of AGM's, so if he only deep discharges a few time a year, he may never see a payback on lithiums.
rlw999 09/23/21 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Cybertruck RV prototype pictures released

Here's a CGI simulation of what the inside could look like: It's got an awful lot of moving parts, pretty much everything in this RV shell is on a hinge or slider. I doubt this will ever make it past the prototype stage, and maybe not even past the computer generated image stage.
rlw999 09/21/21 01:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Fuel mileage

OK friends. I've read fuel mileage for a 35' gasser with the v-10 Ford engine pulling a 3500 lbs toad will be anywhere from 4 to 9 mpg. This is average traveling, not all level and not all hills. Please share your experiences. My 28' Class C (E-450 chassis with the Triton V-10) gets around 8.5mpg. I've only towed with it once, it was a small car around 3000 lbs and it didn't affect mileage much, it was still above 8mpg. This was almost all at freeway speeds so most of the power goes to fighting air resistance, so the extra weight didn't make much difference.
rlw999 09/20/21 01:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Remote duel fuel 2500 watt generator?

You can find propane conversion kits for many of the Honda generators online, so if you're happy with the one you have, you may be able to convert it to dual-fuel.
rlw999 09/19/21 01:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What am I doing wrong

You probably just need to bond neutral+ground at the generator to satisfy the EMS. Some generators will have a bonding strap that you can use to do that, but most people buy or build a bonding plug that they plug into one of the generator outlets: Easy “how to” make a Bonded Plug for an RV Generator/make EMS system work with generator That sounds reasonable but I need a 30 amp plug instead of the 20 amp. I suppose they would they wire up the same? You can use the 20A plug, it will bond the 30A side too.
rlw999 09/16/21 08:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What am I doing wrong

It is not a GFI problem and I am reasonably sure it has something to do with the EMS and how it interacts with the generator. I happen to have an older motorhome without an EMS. I plug it into the generator and everything works normally and everything is powered. You probably just need to bond neutral+ground at the generator to satisfy the EMS. Some generators will have a bonding strap that you can use to do that, but most people buy or build a bonding plug that they plug into one of the generator outlets: Easy “how to” make a Bonded Plug for an RV Generator/make EMS system work with generator
rlw999 09/16/21 07:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

Glad to here they will be OK, but my takeaway from this is that 2013 Diplomat is built like ****. It disintergrated on impact. I think all Class A's (except for the ones built on a real bus chassis) would fare the same, they are essentially a wood and fiberglass box on top of a steel chassis. They don't usually stay together well in serious accidents. This is one reason I would not buy a Class A -- I like being in a crash tested cockpit with airbags in a Class C. Plus the cab roof is only around 6 or 7 feet off the ground, so even if I hit a low overpass, worst case I'd lose the overcab bunk.
rlw999 09/16/21 01:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

I do wonder if putting a sign ON the low bridge/overpass/tunnel is enough. I've been on some roads where it is impossible to pull over or turn around or exit within visual distance of the potential hazard. What do you do? I've seen signs that indicate "last exit before bridge". Should there be signs that say "vehicles over 9' 8" exit now" so the driver can avoid the hazard. Especially in heavy traffic, you could find yourself "pushed" forward. Google Streetview shows a big yellow diamond sign a 100 feet or more before the bridge, also warning of the low bridge height. You can also see 2 unused posts just in front of the bridge that looks like they are about the same height as the bridge, I wonder if those used to hold a breakaway barrier that would warn overheight vehicles before they hit the bridge. That seems like the best way to keep this from happening.
rlw999 09/15/21 10:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

9' 9" is almost exactly 3 Meters. Atiny bit more. It is past time that we US Americans recognize we are backward and live i in a metric world. 9'10" is even closer to 3 meters, so I'm not clear what this has to do with the metric system. His RV is almost certainly over 11 feet, maybe even 13 feet, so no complex math required, 9 foot any inches is lower than 11 foot.
rlw999 09/15/21 10:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kia, Hyundai: Please come to the rescue "Pathetic Quality"

So for most people, paying for a better quality vehicle is a no brainer. But for an RV, many folks will forego quality to get a better price, or get the floorplan or size they want. I think the floorplan variety is part of the problem - like look at Forest River - they have 4 bumper pull travel trailer sub-brands (and that doesn't even include their fifth wheel and toy haulers), and each of those sub-brands has between 10 to 17 different floorplans. There's no way they can develop custom jigs and other tooling devoted to each floorplan when they need to assemble 40 different varieties of TT, and they also can't develop best practices for how to assemble them because lessons learned on cable routing or how to mount the cabinets more securely aren't the same for each floorplan. I wish each manufacturer would have fewer choices in length and floorplan but more focus on quality. But floorplan, apparently, is what sells -- it's easy to walk into an RV and see that the bed and bathroom are where you want them, it's much harder to see that they routed a wiring harness under the sewer line so it's going to chafe and wear through in a few months.
rlw999 09/14/21 11:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Fusion might not be ten years away any more! Fusion has been a decade away for my entire life. I still remember when "cold fusion" was going to put a fusion reactor in everyone's car.
rlw999 09/13/21 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Ruined manual transmissions

I pulled my '06 CRV, manual tranny, about three miles while it was in first gear. Obviously, because I screwed up. I figured I had fried the tranny. But in fact it never turned a hair and ran another 40k flawessly till I sold it. Seems to me that a manual is more forgiving than an auto. I'd be much more worried about the engine in that case than the transmission -- if you hit highway speeds, the engine was almost certainly over-revving. I'd think that the transmission could handle that better than the engine. How did you discover it? Noticed too much drag from the toad?
rlw999 09/13/21 12:40pm Dinghy Towing
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Interesting, their sales pitch includes this statement several times. " ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING EV TRUCK PLATFORMS IN THE CLASS 4-6 SPECIALTY WORK TRUCK MARKET" They have not sold a single truck, yet claim to be one of the fastest growing builders of these trucks. crowdfunding pitch I guess they are following a politicians method, say the same thing over and over, and eventually some people will believe you no matter if its true or not. They've apparently sold at least 5 of them: SMUD has partnered with Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. and the California Mobility Center (CMC) to procure five custom, all-electric work trucks as it works to transition to an all-electric fleet. The trucks are the only all-electric work truck chassis manufactured in North America in the medium duty class and will be customized for a variety of uses throughout SMUD’s service territory.
rlw999 09/10/21 06:39pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Another Scientifically Unsubstantiated Quote (e.g. pure Scientism): “Additionally, as the electricity mix continues to decarbonize”… More ‘feel good’ (PC) trigger words - Where has this claim ever been empirically established? Are we to continually accept such wholesale claims without any proofs of evidence? Without such, a full blown Academic and Public Policy repudiation of Aristotle’s invention called “the Scientific Method”… Why are you getting hung up on that when the sentence right before that answered the question you asked: Results show that even for cars registered today, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have by far the lowest life-cycle GHG emissions You asked for a study, I gave you a study, and you dismissed it because it made a forward looking statement you don't like. I don't know how you can "empirically establish" what's going to happen in the future, but here's EIA report projecting growth in renewable energy production:
rlw999 09/10/21 06:19pm Tech Issues
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