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RE: Catelitic Convertor protect?

If you are worried, take it off, drill out the guts and reinstall. That sounds like a technique for making a fake catalytic converter that doesn't actually do anything, but won't really do anything to stop someone from stealing it, they aren't going to know it's been drilled out when they steal it.
rlw999 04/14/22 03:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What is happening with our members?

Seriously? A person has to ask how to put out his dog's bowls, and how to hang his toilet paper? Obviously you put the dog's bowls in the refrigerator, and the toilet paper in the garage. Duh. I guess I'm in the wrong forum, I used to think this was a place for experienced RV'ers to share tips and tricks, not to be called stupid because I don't know everything. Like the tip I learned from Youtube that warned that the "waterproof" TP holder in my RV is not actually waterproof, so don't rely on it. Or the DIY fold down dog dish holder that holds the bowls securely and is easy to fold out of the way. I guess I'm just not smart enough for this forum.
rlw999 04/12/22 11:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is happening with our members?

As far as no stupid questions, how about the one someone posted on another forum: "Where do I put my dog bowls?" Or "Where do I hang the toilet paper?" They may not be totally stupid, but they are silly. I don't understand what's silly about either question -- where *do* you put the dog bowls so they aren't in the way yet still in a consistent and convenient place for the dog? Where *do* you hang the toilet paper in your wet bath to keep it from getting wet when the "waterproof" cover has proven to not be waterproof.
rlw999 04/12/22 11:22am General RVing Issues
RE: What is happening with our members?

Had one today where the OP is a "senior member", with almost 500 posts, has been a member since 2015, and his question was how do you fuel a gas truck with a trailer connected? He didn't simply ask how to fuel a gas truck with a trailer (the answer is obvious, drive to the pump and fill up), but asked for tips on how to get a long trailer into a gas station, which is a fair question for someone that hasn't towed a long trailer before. It's entirely possible to have decades of RV'ing experience without ever having towed anything. Asking questions *before* you get into the situation is a sign of experience and better than getting into a bad situation, then asking for tips on an expensive repair afterwards.
rlw999 04/07/22 11:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Catelitic Convertor protect?

Since I park on a gravel pad, I've been thinking about digging 8" depressions where the wheels go, just enough to lower the frame to where nothing hits the ground, but the edge of the coach body is so low that a person couldn't slide underneath.
rlw999 04/02/22 09:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: At last, Chinese tires perform a beneficial function

The longer explanation is more nuanced, it's not simply poor quality tires that made them fail, but a combination of underspec'ed tires and lack of maintenance, leaving them to bake in the sun without protection or moving the vehicles. I think all of here know what happens to tires if you exceed the load rating and leave your RV exposed to the sun and never move it.
rlw999 03/24/22 01:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pre Entry COVID-19 Test No Longer Required Entering Canada

Beat to death since Mar 9 under SNOWBIRD heading. I don't know how they've been beating to death a March 17th announcement since March 9th, but I'm glad it was posted here since I'm not a Snowbird, but I do like visiting Canada.
rlw999 03/24/22 12:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Campgrounds around Seattle

Lake Pleasant in Brothell That's "Bothell" - a Brothel is something entirely different :-) I live in the area so have never stayed there, but I've visited friends staying there and it seems nice.
rlw999 03/17/22 10:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Interstate rest area stops

We've got a traffic cone that gets set out at the back of the trailer when ours is out. I rarely overnight in a rest area, but when I do, I leave the parking lights on (as do most of the trucks there) to help prevent a sleepy driver not seeing me in the dark (especially if it's raining). My coach batteries charge from the lithium house batteries and most of my parking lights are low power LED's, so I'm not worried about draining the batteries.
rlw999 03/15/22 04:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Made some covers for my power cords...

Yea LittleBill, put your printer away and stop having fun while educating yourself I think his suggestion was more for the people that don't want to buy a 3D printer and learn how to use it, but still think this is a good idea and want covers themselves. Printing your own sounds like a fun project for those that like that kind of thing, but for those that don't, cheap outlet converters sound like a good alternative that many people may not have thought of.
rlw999 03/15/22 12:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Interstate rest area stops

I volunteered to work the free coffee kiosk at a rest stop on Interstate 5 in Washington state. There is a whole community of people that live in their cars and spend every night in the rest stops. They are known by the authorities and by each other. I believe the law is six hours per stay. If chased out, they move to the rest stop on the other side of the freeway. Usually, they are left alone. Some Washington state I-5 rest areas have had some problems leading to closures of the entire rest area: The rest areas are useful for people who need to take a break from the highway. However, in recent months, there have been numerous issues with some visitors who are not using the facilities for their intended purpose. This includes those who extend their stay beyond the posted limits, illegal disposal of trash and waste, vandalizing the buildings, verbally abusing and even threatening WSDOT employees.
rlw999 03/11/22 06:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Setting up your house to run off your RV generator?

How long will the gen power your house before refil needed and a trip to an electric powered gas pump??? Just curious. My Onan 4000 was rated at about half a gallon per hour at 1/2 load, and the RV had a 45 gallon tank (only usable to 1/4 tank, so around 30 gallons usable, so I'd get around 60 hours if I ran it 24/7, or about 2.5 days. Though in a power failure, I'd really only need to run it around 6 hours a day or less (enough to run the `fridge and furnace once every 4 hours), so I'd get around 10 days of use before I had to refuel. The Onan 7000 is rated at 0.7 gph at half load, or 0.4 gph at no load. I don't know what RV he has, but the Tiffin Allegro Open Road comes with the Onan 7000 and has an 80 gallon fuel tank, so he'd get somewhere between 80 - 150 hours of runtime. I've only had one extended power failure so far and it only lasted about a day and it was in warm weather, so I only had to power the 'fridge.
rlw999 03/10/22 12:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: US might have been wrong about Ethanol

Who says they have to grow those enormous amounts of corn, there's nothing wrong with letting the land lay fallow for a season or two. Nobody pays a farmer or his huge investment, to just sit there while their land lays fallow. That's why ethanol for fuel is essentially a farm subsidy -- ethanol requirements and tax breaks for ethanol production creates demand for corn that wouldn't otherwise be there.
rlw999 03/09/22 06:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Gas prices.

Gas prices around here have gone up less than 20% since my last fillup a month ago. Things will likely get worse before they get better, but I wouldn't cancel any trips booked into the future until it's almost time to go so I can see where gas prices are. The difference between $4 and $6 gas is around $450 on a 2000 mile trip (at 9 mpg), or around $30/day over 2 weeks. It's not nothing, but it's less than I'll pay for campgrounds, and less than many people pay for an RV payment.
rlw999 03/09/22 05:27pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Doing without propane

afidel, are you insinuating that a 30 A hook-up is insufficient? My cord is a 30 amp. Doug Depends how well insulated your RV is and how cold it is outside. A 1500W electric heater puts out around 5000BTU/hr, and you can run 2 of them on a 30A circuit (assuming your outlets are on separate 15A breakers), so you'll get around 10,000BTU/hr of heating from those 2 heaters. In 50 degree weather, one 1500W heater kept my 30 foot Class C comfortable, but below that I had to use the propane heater (which was rated at 30,000 BTU/hr). I don't know how well it would have done with 2 1500W heaters, but am guessing it would have been good to 40 degrees? Keep in mind that with 3000W of heaters running, you're consuming pretty much all the power that 30A circuit can provide, so you can't run any other high drain devices, like a microwave, electric water heater, etc. Even your power converter might be too much load if the batteries are low on charge - a 60A charger will use around 6A of 120VAC to charge the batteries.
rlw999 03/09/22 02:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Selling my RV

Think like a buyer and search the internet for "where to buy a used RV" or "used rv in " or "used RV for sale" keeps coming up at the top of google searches, so I'd start there. When I bought my last RV, I looked at, and local (and not so local) dealer web pages.
rlw999 03/09/22 01:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Interstate rest area stops

No, not really, or at least not in my case. I’m currently based out of the Toronto area but travel at least once a month in one of my M/H’s for sort of business (paid hobby / passion truth be known) and so for probably half the year I’m travelling several days before I get to an area where there are C/G’s open even IF I wanted to stay there. I say “if” because I couldn’t bring myself to bother a bunch of people on vacation and trying to enjoy themselves and relax pulling in at near midnight and pulling back out at zero-dark-thirty in the morning. I also don’t see much reason to pay for a bunch of amenities or services I’ll never use. OP, I just spent a night at the Sudbury Rest Area just east of Nairn Center on my home from the Soo last week and did so because Jeremy’s was jammed full of trucks. Do you not see the contradiction in your statements? You said that truck drivers (who usually have little control over when/where they are routed, and have legal requirements for when they need to take breaks) should have no need to sleep in a rest area, but because of when you drive for your hobby, you have no choice but to stop at a rest area since the truck stop was already "jammed full of trucks".
rlw999 03/09/22 11:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Rising fuel, will it be any different this time?

I have several oil and gas leases. Explain to me why my oil production check for 3 wells went down $160 last check while the pump price is going up way faster than it should. Somewhere down the line someone is making a killing. Kind of how prices at the gas station go up as soon as crude prices go up -- while the gas they've had in their tanks for 2 days didn't come from that expensive crude, and the gasoline that they'll get tomorrow didn't get refined from that expensive crude. And oddly, when crude gets cheaper, prices don't come down as fast as they went up. Someone's making that profit.
rlw999 03/08/22 08:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rising fuel, will it be any different this time?

...But DC has some official advice, buy a Tesla... i thought she said "Prius". :R Either one is a good idea for a daily driver -- we have both, an EV (not a Tesla) that I use for the daily commute, and a 45mpg Hybrid (not a Prius) that we use for long trips when we don't take the RV. Not having to pay for gas for the daily commute sure helps take the sting out of high fuel prices when we do take the RV out, we've got a 2000 mile trip planned next month and are preparing for $6/gallon gas.
rlw999 03/08/22 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interstate rest area stops

I hope VA troopers aren't still ordering OTR truck drivers to violate the federal hours of service rules. Since the introduction of electronic logging, they have little choice on where they stop for the mandatory rest periods. They have all sorts of choices, UNLESS, they drive until the very last minute then say they’re “forced” to sleep on the shoulder of an off-ramp. Routes and facilities along any route anywhere in North America are well documented, the only reason to have “little choice” is because they chose to drive beyond all the good choices. Doesn't that apply equally so (or even more so) to RV'ers? There are lots of places they can stay, and (most) RVers have much more control over their schedule than truck drivers. So if truck drivers have lots of better choices than rest areas, then RV'ers have even more choices, so there's no need to overnight in a rest area?
rlw999 03/08/22 04:47pm Roads and Routes
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