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RE: water heater issue

I did not try to light the tank with n o water in it. I do not use the water pump. I always hook up to shore water. One less thing to winterize. I always have the hot water faucet open. Otherwise there is no other way to know when the tank has filled. I have pulled off each terminal connection and checked them for corrosion. I will try to replace the ignitor and see if that helps. I tend to think its the module based on the fact that at one point, when turning on the gas switch inside the rig, I would hear the gas valve open, I would hear the ignitor clicking away. Like I had mentioned at one point, I was able to manually light the flame using a long reach ignitor. Thanks for the input.
rockcandymountain 04/27/21 11:41am Tech Issues
RE: water heater issue

Thank you for the Link to Dinosaur. I have sent them an e-mail with my module part number and my hot water heater model number. I was unable to find the needed part using their cross referencing tables. The HWH is Atwood GC10A-4e and the module is 91346
rockcandymountain 04/26/21 11:11pm Tech Issues
RE: water heater issue

After going back and reading what I have said in various posts, I think Im confusing a lot of people. We have hot water. Because the electrical side is working properly. However, even though a few weeks ago the gas valve sounded ok and the ignitor sounded ok. Previous tests I could hear the valve and the ignitor clicking. But todays test, neither sound was heard. Now I want to replace the module on the gas side. I am pretty sure its the module. I have read about the Barracuda brand replacement module but googling it hasn't helped. The module I need to replace has part number of 91346. Goggling that part number brings up a lot of modules similar to the one I have but not an exact match. Does anyone know where I can cross-reference a replacement for my module? Hopefully a Barracuda. Thank You
rockcandymountain 04/26/21 07:53pm Tech Issues
RE: water heater issue

So, just now I went out and did a manual lighting of the gas side. So, the valve is good. What's weird is that when it is going through its 'trying to light cycle', it sounds like the ignitor is clicking. So, should I lean towards a module replacement of just an ignitor replacement?
rockcandymountain 03/28/21 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: water heater issue

Well, we have been in our spot for close to 3 weeks and I thought I would tackle why my gas side isn't working. I turned off the electric heater, turned on the gas heater and listened. I did NOT hear a sound out of the gas valve, but the ignitor did try to fire off the heater. The heater is an Atwood Model GC10A-4E I did a continuity test on the 2 amp fuse for the module, and it is good. There's also a fusible link that tests good but the contacts were a bit corroded. I had read somewhere about replacing the module with a barracuda brand module. I have not been able to google that brand of module. The electric side of the hot water heater has seemed to have quit heating also. We had super hot water on that side. I don't see anywhere on the heater where the electric element would be located. Also, would it be worth replacing the thermostat board? They appear to be fairly inexpensive.
rockcandymountain 03/28/21 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: DSI Fault

I replaced the batteries which showed bad when tested. I now have heat. No hot water on gas though. I turned on the gas at the panel and went outside. I could hear the solenoid activate, then no spark. So, I suspect that the control module may be bad. Not sure if there's any way to test. Hot water does work on the electric side. So, we will continue to our destination and do some more work on it when there. Thanks for all the ideas
rockcandymountain 03/10/21 07:55pm Tech Issues
RE: DSI Fault

So, we got to our next stop. I did two voltage tests. 1 was to check the battery voltage without shore power..13.1 then I plugged shore power in and it said 13.7. That should tell me that the charging system of the rig is working. TV? I guess that's short for tow vehicle. I have taken the batteries out, will have them tested. If they show good, then its back to the drawing board. If the are bad, I'll buy new ones. Stay tuned
rockcandymountain 03/10/21 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: DSI Fault

I am currently on the road between nightly stops. A thought came to mind. Battery condition. I am pretty sure the batteries in the RV are close to being shot. I am replacing them as soon as I get to Barstow. I know that if I try to use the auto leveling feature without being connected to shore power, i get a low voltage error soon after the levelers have started working. If my batteries are not providing enough volts, could that make the ignitors not function properly? Also, if the fan in the furnace isn't spinning at the proper speed (due to low battery) then the furnace will not light? Im thinking that could be the case. However I am going to replace the batteries first since the rig is a 2016 ands I haven't replaced the before.
rockcandymountain 03/10/21 01:08pm Tech Issues
RE: DSI Fault

So, I watched a video on DSI faults. Learned a lot. However I still think that it has to do with gas supply. Which confuses me because the burners on the stove come on. I ran them for several minutes. Throughout the morning, I have tried to start the furnace and first the blower comes on, then I hear what sounds to me like the flame working, but after 15-30 seconds it shuts down but the blower runs for a bit longer.
rockcandymountain 03/10/21 09:19am Tech Issues
RE: DSI Fault

After reading some other posts regarding DSI, I see that it is Direct Spark Ignition. It lights up after 3 attempts at lighting. I turned on the stove burners and I have gas there. I switched to a new tank that I know is full. Both the furnace and the hot water tank now do not want to light. Sigh
rockcandymountain 03/10/21 09:04am Tech Issues
DSI Fault

While trying to figure out what is wrong with my furnace not wanting to come on. I noticed a red light in the DSI panel that says DSI fault. Would that make it so that the furnace or hot water would not come on? If there is a fault how can it be corrected?
rockcandymountain 03/10/21 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: water heater issue

Now that we have a few hundred more miles under our belt, I first opened the pressure relief valve and water came out. Then I went ahead and pulled the drain plug out and let it completely drain. I then turned water on at the source and got water coming out of the drain hole, which told me that the valve that controls water going into the hot water tank was in the proper position. So, with the pressure relief valve still open and plug replaced in the drain hole, I filled the tank until water came out of the pressure relief valve. Then I closed the pressure relief valve, turned on the hot water faucet in the kitchen and let it run until there was no air in the line. The gas side of the hot water heater has been heating now for at least 30-45 minutes and I am still waiting for it to shut off. The water coming out of the faucet is warm to hot, but not scalding. I will probably not test the electric side until we get to our destination. P.S. we are driving down I-5 in a heavy rain hail storm in heavy traffic. It got to the point where I had to turn on the wipers in their fastest mode. All the sudden the passenger side wiper comes off the arm and flies over the cab of the truck. So, I pull over the to shoulder. No way can I try to exit the drivers side of the truck. So, wife crawls over the center console into the back seat. (she is recovering from knee surgery). I then scoot over get out the passenger side door and as fast as I could pull the arm up so it doesn't scratch the windshield. Took forever to get back on the road. I call a Chev dealer and he has a replacement in stock. 33 bucks. So I head towards the dealership. Once I got off the highway I pulled over and checked if by chance the wiper made its way to the bed of the truck. Viola there it was.
rockcandymountain 03/09/21 06:07pm Tech Issues
water heater issue

2016 Dutchman Denali 5th Wheel. I blow out all water lines to winterize my RV. So first trip out electric hot water not working at all and gas only getting warm not hot. When I attached water to the rig, I started bleeding the air out of the lines and then remembered that I hadn't flipped the valve to fill the hot water tank. I did that, then turned on the hot water control on the kitchen and bathroom sink. I am getting no hot water at all on the electric side and just warm water on the gas side. The circuit breaker on the service panel is on. I did a search for hot water issues and saw some talk about perhaps air being in the tank. Also, I haven't run the bathtub faucet yet. When we get to our next destination, I may pull the plug in the tank, let it drain and refill it. Will update in about 400 miles
rockcandymountain 03/09/21 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Life

All of you guys ROCK!! I am gonna wait til I get down to Phx in March before I tackle this but it is already printed out and in my travel notebook and I will let all know how it went!
rockcandymountain 02/17/21 09:18pm General RVing Issues
Battery Life

I posted this question on another RV forum and Ill be darned if I can find that forum. (arrgh). So much for keeping good notes. Anyway, I have a 2016 Dutchman Denali 38ft 5th Wheel. I'm thinking the batteries need replacing because when I am on battery power and attempt to use the auto leveling feature, I get a low voltage error. However before I buy 2 new batteries, Id like to be able to test and see if the rig is charging the batteries when plugged into shore power. I have one of the Harbor Freight cheap multimeter but know nothing about how to use it to check volts, etc. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks
rockcandymountain 02/17/21 01:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: %th Wheel Batteries

Great answers all around. One other question that I forgot to post. If I wanted to trickle charge the batteries, not knowing if the 5th wheel is doing in when on shore power. Could I charge both at the same time by leaving the common jumpers that each battery shares but disconnect the batteries from the 5th wheel? wa8yxm, I really like your answer! quick and simple. but I will explore all remedies before I drop a few hundred on new batteries
rockcandymountain 01/29/21 05:14pm Tech Issues
%th Wheel Batteries

How can I check to see if my electrical system in my 5th wheel is charging the batteries? My unit is a 2016 and after being in storage all winter and plugged into shore power, when it is not plugged in and I go to use the electrical leveling jacks, I get a low voltage error. If the batteries are bad, I will replace them, I just don't want to do that if they are good. I keep the water level topped off. But I suspect the batteries are just worn out.
rockcandymountain 01/29/21 01:08pm Tech Issues
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