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RE: Elkhart IN Show

Worth attending? IMHO you can see the same thing at a dealership. Not to mention if the weather turns bad that trip around the lake is death defying when any amount of snowsleet hits that road. I have a cutoff point for going in that direction after September in an RV or a car for that matter! :B And BTW: all the CG's in that area shut off their water and/or close October 3. Just something to think about. :W
rockhillmanor 10/17/19 08:35am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: How cold can you go?

Can you? Yes. Will it be comfortable No. RV's are not insulated. Windows are not thermo pane and they have a lot of windows. I was in Florida where it just got close to 32 degrees for a couple of days. It sucked. You have to cover your windows with insulating material which then you can't see out to keep warm. Couldn't fathom RV'ing colder than that and with snowstorms. And in my case I have a MH with a huge windshield that also has to be covered to keep the cold out and had to insulate all three of my roof vents because the are just a plastic lid not sealed etc etc. You also have to winterize all your water lines and hot water heater. Soooo the die hards that winter camp will say its great, but for me I found it not much fun. :C
rockhillmanor 10/17/19 08:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Show type of RV on question page

On the topics listing page the far right hand column clearly states the particular forum for each topic. And if you click on a topic it shows the particular forum for that thread near the top of the page. You apparently missed both of those. X2 this is the answer :C
rockhillmanor 10/17/19 08:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Heading to Florida

This is our first year snowbirding. We will be leaving MI next week, Florida is our first destination. Having not made any reservations yet, will I have trouble finding an RV park in the Panama City area? Would like to stay for a month, then head west to the Mississippi gulf coast area, then who knows where from there. Is it necessary to make reservations in advance for wherever we head to? If so, how far in advance would be needed? No. when I was new I too had this fear if you didn't have a reservation you would never have a place to stay! It is not so. I NEVER made reservations when I went to Florida. But I didn't stay in the south though too many bugs and humidity, sardine CG's. I stay in central Florida near all the beautiful historical crystal blue springs and rivers. AND I NEVER stay at snowbird packed like sardine CG's which is where the majority go to. There are a plethora of CG's in central Florida to pick from and they have nice enjoyable big sites with actual trees. And beautiful Forests and close to the Gulf for manatees and even more crystal blue rivers springs. First I pull in and stay for the night in an area I like (all CG's have a row open just for the traveling RV'ers) If I like it I stay another night and ask the CG if they have any open sites for the month. Almost everyone I stayed at did have cancellations. And all I had to do is move to the long term section. I did this for 4 years full timing to Florida. And was never without a place to stay and put down the levelers. Google Rainbow River, Rainbow Springs, the towns of Dunnellon or Crystal River and include a 20 mile radius Good luck have fun. Come on down we'll leave the light on for you! :B
rockhillmanor 10/17/19 08:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping around Christmas time

Christmas, Florida :B Unless you have an absolute need to go to the most southern part of Florida with all the humidity and mosquitoes. The best kept secret of the north central part of Florida is just knock down beautiful. Numerous crystal blue springs, rivers for kayaking or tubing 3 beautiful forests, etc. No matter which way you go it's less than an hour from the gulf or the east coast. google Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon, Crystal river, and include a 20/30 mile radius or so. AND there are a plethora of real nice CG's all around that are not sardine crammed with snowbirds. I Snowbirded in this area for a couple of years and never once made reservations ahead of time during peak season. Shhh, don't tell everyone about this place.:C
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 07:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RVs and California's Planned Power Outages

I wonder if any other RVers in threatened areas have planned to do the same as we have. It seems an interesting topic for discussion as we RVers really do have a solution - especially those with RVs equipped with generators and larger tank capacities that many Class A owners have.Any thoughts? YES. Absolutely! When I finally came off the road Full time RV'ing and bought a house in Florida and my ONE requirement for living in Florida 'to myself' was to keep the MH. With all the hurricanes and constant power outages due to tropical storms and even hurricanes just passing by in Florida I keep my MH for just that! A gen for electric when the power goes down. AND for comfy transportation for evacuating when necessary. My MH will stay with me as long as I live in Florida. :C
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 07:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Repair costs and frequency frustration

Jayco-noslide Don't beat yourself up on this repair. I have an older RV. Yes I've had my repairs along the way. BUT my theory is dishing out a couple of hundred dollars now and then or even a 1,000+ repair a couple of times over the course of many years? It's a "one time" payment per incident. Replace it with a new or newer RV? Now you've got guaranteed big payments each and every month for years and years AND the repair bills will still happen along the way. Nope I take my lumps on occasional repairs. I am still waay ahead of those that have to make rv payments each and every month AND pay for repairs. :C I am so happy with my RV. I hear complaint after complaint about the new ones. Priced high and lower quality and handling seems to suck on all the new ones. When and if my V10 ever blows up I will just buy another engine and keep on RV'ing with her! She has served me that well. P.S. I hope you are NOT getting these estimates from an RV dealer service dept. They charge 4 to 5 times MORE what it takes to repair an RV compared to a regular local repair shop, chevy or ford 'truck' dealership repair shop and/or your local RV mobile repair. My RV has NEVER seen the inside of an RV dealership repair shop.
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 06:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Time to prepare for winter

Fire up your gen too and then enclose it up when not in use. I didn't and it cost me a mobile repair visit on the way down south. Gen wouldn't fire up. This is what the service guy found inside my gen. Came around the side of my MH and asked me if I was stocking up for a long winter! Service guy pulled out all that corn on ground from every nook and cranny inside my generator. Mice didn't chew anything just used it as their corn storage unit for the winter.
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 06:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MH accident in gas station!

Sorry that the RV'er had an accident. BUT if the tow truck driver I called took videos and put it on the internet? Well...I'd be making a phone call about it to them and my attorney.
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 06:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: rolled MH onto the side - and the towed

Just a note about Carfax. Contrary to what all the TV ads would like you to believe.... NOT all new or used cars are on Carfax, NOT all service centers report to carfax, NOT all insurance companies report to Carfax. Basically 'no' one is 'mandated' to report to Carfax. Therefore not ALL cars will show up on Carfax no matter what. Except in parts of the strange world of California. Some counties do report to Carfax about smogging and also when they do that wonderful nazi act of reporting to carfax and informing you that you must junk your car for smog reasons. :R
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 05:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fresh water drain

I own a 2019 Fleetwood Jamboree 30F. I cannot find the fresh water drain. Have called Fleetwood but they were no help. Can any Jamboree owners help? They would not help you? I'd be back on that phone until you were connected to a person that would. If all else fails I found going back to the dealership and talking to the service manager. They will tell you in a nano second where that drain is!
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 05:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

Well....until we can rid the world of the tools that don't know how to have campfires SAFELY and know how to put out campfires SAFELY? There 'will' be bans on campfires and anything that can start a fire. We have seen it first hand how most of these mega fires got started by campfires. We all saw the devastation of all those homes and lives lost. From irresponsible campers/rv'ers not practicing safe campfire procedures. So until we can get rid of 'irresponsible' campers we all will have to live with bans on campfire burning in specific fire prone areas. Simple Solution: Find different CG's in an area that does not have burn bans. yes, it really is that easy! :C
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 05:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hope all you Snowbirds got out ahead of the blizzards!

Sadly this will also affect all the RV'ers that choose to vacation out west in early fall.
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 04:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Recommendations for Receiving Mail while Full Timing?

I used USPS STORE. They provide a real address. Emphasis on the word 'store'. It is NOT the United postal service. I locate a 'USPS Store' where I am at and I sign up. Then I go to the official United Postal Service on line and click on forward my mail to that address. Post office forwarding is good for 4 months. If I stay longer than 4 months or move location you just go back and renew your forwarding to new USPS STORE where you are at. Lol I did this for over 6 years! :C
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 04:56pm Full-time RVing
Hope all you Snowbirds got out ahead of the blizzards!

I'm in Florida right now. I am seeing MH's pulling into town covered in salt! :E Hope all our RV Snowbirds make it safely thru these snow storms.
rockhillmanor 10/10/19 04:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dead microwave

X2 when they stop working properly they get thrown out. I would not attempt to open and try fixing, imho too dangerous. Last thing you need is a fire in a MH. And I've seen a couple micro's in RV's catch fire. They are now disposable. Buy a new one. There are a plethora of sizes of microwaves on the shelves now that would fit.
rockhillmanor 09/28/19 11:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

LOL I just got the video to play. All that filter is, is a plain ole RV water filter. Here is the specs of that filter. GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filtration greatly reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine, and sediment. This will NOT filter out bacteria. It will just make your body bacteria taste better and not smell! :B
rockhillmanor 09/28/19 11:29pm Tech Issues
RE: water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Would have to be pretty powerful filter in that thing to be able to filter out bacteria and viral stuff. Nope I don't think I would use it!
rockhillmanor 09/28/19 11:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Hold downs

Threw out all my bungees and tie downs when I found these. I use it for Lawn chairs on ladder, bikes, everything on my cargo carrier, water hoses and power cords, AND around my battery. Comes invarious lengths. Use over and over again. Never rusts. Mine are over 10 years old and still holding down stuff! And taking off and putting back on over and over! :B Just wrap around and twist. Twist N Stays Our flexible Twist N Stays can hold anything from garden hoses and lawn tools to sports equipment and bikes on car racks. Just wrap one around whatever needs securing, twist it three times, and fold the ends back. Twist N Stays are completely reusable and cushioned for protection of your items.
rockhillmanor 09/27/19 04:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with full timing over the winter

Before giving advice I'd like to know what was wrong with Florida. My guess is EVERYTHING! FL is a horrible place! Spread the word please and keep some of the 1000 people a day that are moving here from doing so. We actually prefer the mountain west but that of course is because we've been living here our whole lives and are jaded. Last we were there the mosquitoes carried off two kids and the dog. AGAIN. That is in the 'South' of Florida. It's where all the swamps are, what do you expect? :S Never could understand why people snowbird to the far south of Florida, hot, unbearable humidity and jammed packed sardine camping. Where I am at I can stay out all night and not see one mosquito. It's called central Florida where there are real forests with real trees and crystal clear blue springs all around. Best kept secret in Florida Shhh, don't tell everyone!:B
rockhillmanor 09/27/19 03:55pm Full-time RVing
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