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RE: water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Would have to be pretty powerful filter in that thing to be able to filter out bacteria and viral stuff. Nope I don't think I would use it!
rockhillmanor 09/28/19 11:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Hold downs

Threw out all my bungees and tie downs when I found these. I use it for Lawn chairs on ladder, bikes, everything on my cargo carrier, water hoses and power cords, AND around my battery. Comes invarious lengths. Use over and over again. Never rusts. Mine are over 10 years old and still holding down stuff! And taking off and putting back on over and over! :B Just wrap around and twist. Twist N Stays Our flexible Twist N Stays can hold anything from garden hoses and lawn tools to sports equipment and bikes on car racks. Just wrap one around whatever needs securing, twist it three times, and fold the ends back. Twist N Stays are completely reusable and cushioned for protection of your items.
rockhillmanor 09/27/19 04:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with full timing over the winter

Before giving advice I'd like to know what was wrong with Florida. My guess is EVERYTHING! FL is a horrible place! Spread the word please and keep some of the 1000 people a day that are moving here from doing so. We actually prefer the mountain west but that of course is because we've been living here our whole lives and are jaded. Last we were there the mosquitoes carried off two kids and the dog. AGAIN. That is in the 'South' of Florida. It's where all the swamps are, what do you expect? :S Never could understand why people snowbird to the far south of Florida, hot, unbearable humidity and jammed packed sardine camping. Where I am at I can stay out all night and not see one mosquito. It's called central Florida where there are real forests with real trees and crystal clear blue springs all around. Best kept secret in Florida Shhh, don't tell everyone!:B
rockhillmanor 09/27/19 03:55pm Full-time RVing
RE: Need GFCI location for Carriage Cameo F35SB3

Even if you find them all. GFI's can be just bad. If there is a light it will be on, even if you push the button in and out it will work BUT it will be defected. I've had to replace 2 that appeared ok but didn't work. I think its because GFI's in an RV get a real workout compared to a stick built. Who hasn't had to reset the gfi every time we forget and plug in the coffee maker and the kids fire up the hair dryer. I think they get over worked and fail more often.
rockhillmanor 09/02/19 11:27am Tech Issues
RE: Help with full timing over the winter

WHERE in Florida makes a big difference. I too spent the first couple winters way down south where everyone recommended. It sucked. Giant skeeters all day long and at night forget going outside, humidity, and outrageously and Imho unnecessary rates for what you get packed in like sardines. etc etc etc. I found what I think is the best kept secret of Florida and down right beautiful. North central Florida, beautiful word class blue springs, clear blue rivers. And Pine trees and forests that look like forests. I liked it so much. Reminded me of back home plus the springs and plethora of activities, and minus the snow! :)…..Well I just bought a home here. Soooo, Florida living or snowbirding is NOT just in the south near the oceans. :W
rockhillmanor 09/02/19 11:21am Full-time RVing
RE: Major suspension/steering upgrade

What I did on my 32 ft that made a BIG difference in handling was I took it to a suspension shop and they did all this calculation figuring. I have quite a bit over hang from the rear axles back. What they came up with was 'adding' one leaf to the leaf springs. What a difference in handling, and as an unexpected bonus it lifted the back end and I now no longer bottom out/drag the hitch up and down those pesky steep gas station driveways. Leaf springs are metal and metal fatigues. The leaf springs may look just fine but over time they are no where's as strong as they were when new. Couldn't be happier with the add a leaf fix and it was not that expensive.
rockhillmanor 08/16/19 06:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chrome vs IE vs Edge

Just got new laptop with both edge and internet explorer. IE will die the end of this year and they said they will no longer support it. The edge has a 'very' limited library so many of the sites you go to it says it can't connect. I read that they are not going to expand edge's ability either. When are they ever going to get anything right the first time around? Being on the road I do all my banking on line and my bank requires java to deposit checks. Edge will not allow the download for java nor does fire fox. So I will be screwed seven ways to Sunday when IE is put to rest. My only last hope is opera but I can not find any info it 'they' are going to allow java downloads?? Any one have an info on this? TKS does your bank's app provide for mobile deposits? I thought the mobile app is for phones only? I'm using my pc and printer to scan the checks.
rockhillmanor 08/10/19 07:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Chrome vs IE vs Edge

Just got new laptop with both edge and internet explorer. IE will die the end of this year and they said they will no longer support it. The edge has a 'very' limited library so many of the sites you go to it says it can't connect. I read that they are not going to expand edge's ability either. When are they ever going to get anything right the first time around? Being on the road I do all my banking on line and my bank requires java to deposit checks. Edge will not allow the download for java nor does fire fox. So I will be screwed seven ways to Sunday when IE is put to rest. My only last hope is opera but I can not find any info it 'they' are going to allow java downloads?? Any one have an info on this? TKS
rockhillmanor 08/10/19 06:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Smoking GFCI outlet

If I were you, I would remove the outlet and inspect The back of it. Depending on what you find you may just want to replace the GFI entirely. Get an electrical person to help you if need be. Jerry Parr Like x10! This is was what I found behind that pesky GFI plate in my MH. I was probably about an hour away from a fire. :( AND it was still working and light on I didn't even suspect the GFI. I just kept smelling a fairly faint odor of a burn smell when the windows were all closed spent hours trying to find out where it was coming from.
rockhillmanor 08/10/19 06:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Toilet mounting

I'll just add that I replaced a toilet in the MH. Looked easy. That is until I took the old one out and put the new one in only to find out that the water lines where not the same height and didn't reach. sigh. I had to take the new one out and put the old one back in. So check the water line hook up that it matches.
rockhillmanor 08/10/19 06:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chicago

The best route thru Chicago, 294 or 94 north What is your final destination?
rockhillmanor 08/10/19 06:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: New to Travel Trailers. What to look for?

Hey all. I am new here and am wanting to get a TT for my family sometime next year. I would like to hear opinions on what brands to look for regarding reliability, comfort and durability and which ones to stay away from if ya'll wouldn't mind. ….. Plenty of the Others will give you specs to compare. My advice is all about the bathroom! For 'me' the first biggest mistake I made buying my first TT? Was not trying out the bathroom! Yup I bought my first TT and on my first trip with friends and went to use the bathroom and when you sat down you could "not" close the bathroom door. If you were over 5 ft tall your knees hit the door so you couldn't close it. I sold my brand new TT after only 2 trips. When I went to look at MH's while the salesman was yammering about the cabinets etc I'd push him aside and head for the bathroom to sit down and see if the door closed. You'll be surprised how many rv bathrooms have problems. AND...if you are buying any RV with slides? Make the salesman pull ALL of the slides in 'before' you sign on the dotted line. Many slides when pulled in, you will 'not' be able to use the bathroom or sink or fridge or access the bedroom etc etc. All things you want to be able to get to while on the road, that's why we buy RV's! And BTW the most used excuse the salesmen will us as to why they can't bring the slides in is that there is no battery in the RV. They know these slides block stuff that is why they are all deployed on the showroom floor and many on the lots, MAKE them get a battery and pull the slides in or go somewhere else to buy your RV! :C Sorry for being long winded, I just hope some of the bathroom info helps you! :B
rockhillmanor 08/10/19 06:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Extension cords

I schlepped around a couple of 100 ft cords for years for the sporting events I attend. Until I found out Walmart sells the 30 amp and 50 amp extension cords! And they are not that expensive. I bought 2 of them. Makes it a whole lot easier to run a long distance and of course they are made to handle the amps. if you are going from 50 amp to 30 or whatever, they sell every type of adapter you need. I bought every adapter for every configuration possible and keep them on board at all times. over the years I have used almost all of them to get to a shore station. Ditch the extension cords and buy a couple of 50 amp or 30 amp RV extension cords and adapter to go down to 30. Get the ones with the handle of the plug end, you won't regret it. Where there is a will there is a way to get power! :B shore station atlanta
rockhillmanor 07/24/19 09:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for White Christmas RV parks

Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio I hit the road in the middle of winter to go to Florida not realizing CG's in the Midwest closed Sept 1. :S What was my saving grace was I did find that almost all the CG's alongside the interstates are open in winter BUT they do all shut the water off Sept 1. They do leave the water on in the shower buildings where there is water for showers, laundry etc. I managed to find CG's along my whole way down south, no water but a place to park. So when you are looking them up it might say water shut off Sept 1 but they will still be open. I just drove until I saw a CG off the interstate and just pulled in. No problem.
rockhillmanor 07/24/19 08:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Water Heater

I leave it off. Once you have experienced the thermostat malfunction, which they often do, and you come back to your RV and the whole wall of the RV is burning hot? You won't leave it on either. :B NONSENSE. Suburban and Atwood do not have a "common" tstat failure rate. There are THOUSANDS of fulltimers that leave their Water Heater on 120 24/7. They never have a bad problem. Doug lol. I'll give you the number for the rv mobile repair guy that fixed mine and you can ask him how many he has repaired.
rockhillmanor 07/24/19 08:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: brake pads

While you are putting brakes on I would "strongly" suggest you replace the front brake lines also. On the Ford 1999 E450 super duty you have to buy OEM only but well worth the price. A known failure for this chassis as it ages. The 'brake lines will look perfectly fine' BUT they fail on the inside. The inside collapses. Been there did that. Replaced the brakes only, on the same make and model you have and coming off an interstate ramp and the brakes went out. :E Thought for sure I was going to die. Truck stop repair knew right away it was the brake lines. Just saying since you've got it apart I would replace the brake lines also. You are referring to the "RUBBER" soft brake lines only ? the Steel metal usually have no issues unless vehicle is operated in salt conditions and rust has pitted the outside OR if the brake fluid is not flushed at proper intervals & moisture has collected & has rusted from the inside Yup the rubber ones and you have to buy OEM for them. I had one day layover waiting for them to ship overnight. But real glad that semi- truck mechanic knew that that's where the problem was. He said everyone should change them out period. And I had just had a complete brake job before I hit the road for that trip and that mechanic never said anything about replacing them. Dang near died coming off that ramp towing without brakes!! :B
rockhillmanor 07/24/19 08:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Carbon dioxide

In my opinion, the generator exhaust stack should be mandatory anytime RVs are parked in close proximity as at rallies. I use mine but all the diesels around me choke me out. At least there should be a stacks only area I could park at. The problem with CO is that it kills without warning. Your body does not react to CO and it continues to build up replacing the oxygen in your blood without any warning until it kills you. With CO2, your body reacts - you start breathing rapidly trying to get more oxygen in your blood and you know somethings wrong. The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide - the Silent Killer X2 It also at lower levels cause headaches. I do a lot of sporting events and end up crashing on the couch. I always seemed to have headaches but wrote it off to all the excitement/work of the day. Then I had to buy the Genturi Pipes because they were "required" at a CG in Montana where I was going to stay. I ended up using the pipes all the time and the headaches completely stopped. Duh, The gen exhaust is right under the window by the couch.:R And when I installed the genturi I noticed that on almost all RV's the dang generator exhaust pipe is even with the wall of the rv which sends he exhaust right up the side and into the weep holes in the window. That is where the headaches were coming from and no I no longer have. I also noticed that the inside of my MH no longer smells like exhaust after a 3 day weekend running the gen.
rockhillmanor 07/24/19 08:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dipping my toe in the Class C waters, Which one

IMHO just make sure it is on a E450SD chassis.
rockhillmanor 07/23/19 06:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Black holding tank censors

I always add water, about 3-4 gals down the stool after dumping, then traveling, to wash the sides by sloshing. My sensors have worked well in all my RVs.Jerry X2 My sensors always work. I do use chemicals all the time that break down waste and paper in my tank. And after dumping I always also add water to tank. My sink dumps into the black tank so after dumping all I do is run the water in the sink to fill bottom of black tank.
rockhillmanor 07/23/19 06:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Carbon dioxide

Have u ever had your CO2 detector go off because of a neighbor s generator exhaust. Is there a recognized rule of thumb for yardage for a safe distance? Even if weather conditions are at the very worst so the CO doesn’t dissipate? Our discussions camper to camper was regarding this issue, lots of variables Including the efficiency of the generator along with the exhaust system obviously weather. Along with openness of the area. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts or theories. Yup! There is an answer for that! :) And IMHO it should be mandatory. Albiet it is already mandatory in quite a few CG's in the west. Gen-Turi Exhausts generator up and over MH. patented Pipe is cool to the touch. Comes apart in 3 pieces storage bag included.
rockhillmanor 07/23/19 05:51am Class A Motorhomes
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