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RE: Replacing toilet in 2005 E450 Fleetwood 26Q

Some rvs have H/C plumbing lines that run on top of the rv floor behind the toilet . If that's the case,they are housed inside a covering that could interfere with the water valve behind the rear of the toilet. Make sure you have the clearance. In a previous RV we had we had to drill a hole and re-route the water lines for clearance. That is why I asked for anyone who has replaced their toilet in our current model. Saves time and energy doing the research LOL
rondeb 07/02/20 02:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacing toilet in 2005 E450 Fleetwood 26Q

A tall model will not fit as the toilet sits up on a step. We have replaced all our stick built toilets with talls and love them
rondeb 06/28/20 02:43pm Class C Motorhomes
Replacing toilet in 2005 E450 Fleetwood 26Q

Has anyone replaced the toilet in a 2005 E450 Fleetwood 26Q and if so which model did you buy. We have replaced toilets before and I thought I would ask here before I start researching what will fit. The toilet that is in there is so tiny, we would like to have more of a stick built home feel. Thanks for any responses.
rondeb 06/28/20 01:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: V 10 mpg

We have kept a log for 15 years. We have had Class C's (2 25 foot) and Class A's (30 and 33 feet) Doesn't seem to get any difference in mileage between the rigs. We avg 7.5 to 8.5 Towing a light weight car.
rondeb 12/01/19 12:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Going from Direct TV to Dish Need information

I want to thank everyone for their input. We are now in a few days going to be Dish Network people. I bought the "WINEGUARD PATHWAY X2 AUTOMATIC SATELLITE DISH WITH WINEGUARD TR-1518 TRIPOD MT" (actually found a used one from an elderly couple that had used it for a year and have quit RVing for $275. It is like brand new) Then I found a new VIP211K on Ebay for the RV. Dish will install everything we need in the house and they said they will let up the RV one for us as all the cables everything are run. Your advice as usual helped save many hours of research. Good by to Directv. They have become a joke.
rondeb 11/12/19 01:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Move to Motorhome

We have owned a 25 foot Class C, a 30 foot Class A and a 33 Foot Class A and now we are back to a 26 foot Class C. I can tell you, the gas mileage is virtually no different in any of them. We get 7.5 to 9.5 and it all depends on wind, hills and speed. Everyone thinks that a small Class C gets better, but we have found they are all the same. All of our units have had the Ford V10. We went back to a small class C for the ease of maneuvering. Driving small or large on the highway makes no difference. Make sure you go with a bed down, even if it is a corner unit, you will not regret it.
rondeb 10/20/19 01:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Foam for Dinette Cushions

Purchased new foam for the bottom cushions from Foam Factory. Unbelievable what a difference. Thanks for the info.
rondeb 10/18/19 03:49pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Removing small chair by door in class C.

I wouldn't get too excited about cutting holes in the carpet to get to the bolts, you're going to have to cut a big hole to get the pedestal base out anyway. Got it out by cutting the carpet in an x pattern from the pedestal to the bolts. You have to get under the RV as the bolts spin until you hold the nuts tight under the RV. 2 of the bolts came up the top and 2 of the bolts come out under the RV, but are so tight up against propane tank that you can't drop them out under the RV so we just cut the bolt shanks that were sticking up into the RV. Pedestal came right out. Ordered carpet tape to repair the carpet as the carpet was cut in an x pattern to allow the carpet to slide over the pedestal so the carpet will just go back down with no filling in carpet. It is definitely a 2 man job One to hold the nuts on the underside and one to unscrew the bolts inside the RV. Now just waiting for the new RecPro recliner to get here.
rondeb 10/07/19 01:36pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Removing small chair by door in class C.

It would be most helpful if you could provide some more background information, such as picture of this little chair, the make and model of class C, that sort of thing. It's possible that there may be screws or bolts under the carpeting. It may also have nuts or bolts you could get to from underneath (or from a storage compartment), or several other ways of being mounted. Sometimes there are other things integral to the RV underneath the furniture; the couch in my class C, for example, is basically built on the case of an outside storage compartment, so removing it would not leave a flat floor where it was. We have a 2005 Fleetwood Jamboree 26q. The chair I am talking about is the same little chair that seems to be in all Class C's. It is on a pedestal and the pedestal is flush with the floor. We took the chair part off the pedestal and we can feel bolts under the carpet. Looking to find a way to remove this without cutting the carpet. Someone answered that their bolts went all the way through and you have to have someone on the underneath hold the nut while the nut is removed from above. Others have said the bolts do not go through. Just curious to know if anyone has taken the chair out. I have already ordered a small RecPro recliner so it has to come out.
rondeb 10/06/19 10:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Removing small chair by door in class C.

Has anyone taken that chair out. We removed the top part, but it appears the bolts are under the carpet. What did you do and how did you do it to take the chair out. Thanks guys
rondeb 10/06/19 07:38pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Going from Direct TV to Dish Need information

I use a Winegard CarryOut portable automatic satellite antenna with a Vip211k (which I believe is one of the better more versatile receivers available). The CarryOut line of automatic antennas can tune both the eastern and western arcs as well as the DirectTV SD satellite (I hear Direct is moving away from broadcasting SD soon). The 211k has a built-in OTA tuner for local channels and can be upgraded to a DVR by adding an external hard drive via USB cable (and pay a $40 one time fee). I bought a Wally receiver only to find out the only out puts it has are component and HDMI. I have two TVs at my house and two on the RV so to use the Wally, I'd need to purchase an HDMI splitter and HDMI cables run to both TVs. Right now, I can't use the Wally. The Wally also lacks an internal OTA tuner but for 2/3s the cost of the receiver, you can buy an external one to add that missing feature back to it. If you go with a portable dish, you'll have better luck finding a signal in parks with a lot of tree that can block permanently mounted antennas. Forgive my lack of knowledge but what is an OTA tuner. Also, we tried the dish on a tripod and gave up as we just couldn't get a signal. We only have one tv in the rv so which receiver would you recommend We have never recorded anything on our Direct tv receiver but not saying we wouldn't ever. The main thing we watch on the tv are the baseball games and we purchase the baseball package now and I have confirmed that Dish provides that as well.
rondeb 09/29/19 10:39pm Technology Corner
Going from Direct TV to Dish Need information

OK guys, We are fed up with Direct tv and are going to switch our home and RV to Dish. We had the roof winegard for Direct TV but just sold the big Class A and bought a small Class C. We are short ( 1 to 2 months) trip takers maybe a couple times a year. We plan to buy a portable satellite Dome based on the answers here (as I always get great info) No one will be in our house when we leave so do not need service in the stick built during that time. Our RV has a satellite cable set up that will go to the box and then from the box to the TV we had installed when we had the new tv set up. Here goes- What has everyone found to be the best portable satellite for Dish. When calling Dish network, what do we ask for. We will want 2 receivers in our house and one receiver in the motorhome but hopefully not a separate account or is it better and cheaper to just take the second receiver from the house. Local channels while traveling is not important. Do I tell them one of the receivers will be in the RV and will the receiver in the RV need to be set up by Dish or can we do it. With our direct tv system. The receiver in the RV was just an additional $7 a month and was just connected to our home account. Since we are starting from scratch with Dish Network I figure someone here has a new system you have installed and can guide me which way to go that works and keeps the cost down.
rondeb 09/29/19 06:01pm Technology Corner
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