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RE: refrigerator iceing up

Some late model fridges have a mode programmed in that shuts them off occasionally to allow the fins to warm up and melt the ice buildup. Our Norcold does that.
rrupert 08/09/19 06:45am Tech Issues
RE: Weber Q - not your usual Regulator issue...

I have heard that tanks that are filled from a nearly empty storage tank can have an excess amount of oil inside. I had that problem a number of years ago. It slowly cleared up but I can't help but think the oil has adverse effects on regulators.
rrupert 07/31/19 09:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Do I need to replace converter? What is the issue?

It wasn't mentioned but if the campground power wasn't up to par there could have been a low voltage condition that may have contributed to the 120-volt breaker tripping when the microwave was operated. I don't know what effect that could have on the converter.
rrupert 07/30/19 06:15am Tech Issues
RE: Best Location for MaxxAir Covers?

If you want to cover the Fantastic Fan vent you should get the cover made for the fan. It provides more venting area than the standard covers. I believe Maxair still handles them.
rrupert 07/08/19 03:23pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Fresh water life, how long?

You may want to add Drinking Water Freshener that prevents algae and slime from forming in the tank. Walmart and Amazon sell it for under $5 a bottle.
rrupert 07/02/19 06:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery drain

Also I have the stock WFCO 9865 in my rv but just ordered a Boondocker 1275 4 stage that was recommended. I was trying to bring the interstate batteries back to life with an external 3 stage 15 amp charger but it didn’t seem to help. With the current WFCO onboard converter, I never saw the volts get up to 14+ when charging a really low battery while looking at my VictronConnect monitor. I just replaced the WFCO 8955 with a Boondocker 55 amp over the weekend. Now the two GC2 batteries are being charged properly. I never saw the WFCO go over 13.7 volts, now the Boondocker ramps up to 14.7 volts, drops back to 13.8 volts to complete the charge, and then to 13.2 volts to maintain.
rrupert 06/19/19 08:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: EZ-Pass?

AAA offices can set you up with EZ-pass. Once you get the transponder and the windshield sticker-on holder, you get online and set up your account. In PA, at least, you will have to load an amount into your account and set up an automatic payment once your balance goes below a certain amount.
rrupert 06/17/19 03:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: 2 - 6 Volt Batteries - Newb question

You may want to upgrade your converter to better handle charging the GC2 batteries. I started a thread on the subject and got some very good information in response: Boondocker Converters vs. Progressive Dynamics Converters?
rrupert 06/12/19 10:26am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator Fan

If you want a fan just to circulate the air inside get this one:Fridge Fan It's much improved over the one you posted. It runs about a month on two D batteries and doesn't fall apart on first use. If you want a fan to cool behind the fridge go with the recommendations that the other posters have suggested.
rrupert 06/12/19 07:05am Tech Issues
RE: Boondocker converters vs.Progressive converters?

Adding to the conversation, I have two 6 volt GC2 batteries. What kind of twist do those put into the charging?
rrupert 06/09/19 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Boondocker converters vs.Progressive converters?

Yes that would be a single stage converter. Low for charging and a bit high for float charge in warm weather. So you are saying my WFCO is not three stage regardless of what the manual says?
rrupert 06/09/19 11:41am Tech Issues
RE: Boondocker converters vs.Progressive converters?

The WFCO 8955 is a three-stage converter and appears to be operating okay now but I am always keeping an eye on it.Have you ever seen boost mode 14.4 volts? After 3 days of minimal use do you actually see storage mode 13.2 volts? These are the functions that often just don't work. I have never seen the 14.4, but I have never let the batteries get down below 12.2 volts. The constant voltage is 13.7 while sitting on charge with just the LP/CO detector drawing any current.
rrupert 06/09/19 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Boondocker converters vs.Progressive converters?

Duplicate post?
rrupert 06/09/19 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: Boondocker converters vs.Progressive converters?

Thanks for all the great information! I think I will be leaning toward the PD with the Charge Wizard when the time comes. The WFCO 8955 is a three-stage converter and appears to be operating okay now but I am always keeping an eye on it.
rrupert 06/09/19 09:28am Tech Issues
Boondocker converters vs.Progressive converters?

I have seen the Boondocker converters mentioned a lot but I haven't seen any reviews or comparisons anywhere. When my WFCO bites the dust I want to get something that is going to work well. Your thoughts?
rrupert 06/07/19 01:26pm Tech Issues
RE: House Battery Maintenance

The BatteryMinder float charger is meant to be left on the battery ALL THE TIME! That's what it's designed for! It constantly pulses the battery to ensure sulfation doesn't occur. Read up on them, you'll be surprised! I get 5 years or more out of my riding lawnmower 1 year batteries with no problems using one that's left connected to the battery any time the mower isn't in use - summer and winter. They never boil any of the water out of the batteries. It sounds like Rupert isn't knowledgeable about "Float" chargers. They don't taper down when the battery's full, they stop charging and monitor the battery till it needs another boost. I guess I didn't fully explain, what I meant was that you don't have to stay connected all the time but it is good to periodically connect the charger to bring the battery up to full charge. I have been using a Battery Tender for many years and it stays connected all winter.
rrupert 06/05/19 11:15am Tech Issues
RE: House Battery Maintenance

I second the advice to buy true deep cycle golf cart batteries. There are no 12 volt batteries that will perform nearly as well in this application. Other than that, keeping the batteries connected to a BatteryMinder whenever possible will help prolong their life. These chargers pulse the battery after their fully charged to prevent the sulfation that kills batteries. The cheapest place to buy them I've found is Northern Tools - height=500 You don't have to keep the charger going continuously, just plugin for a day or two every month.
rrupert 06/04/19 11:07am Tech Issues
RE: How to add support to my Short Queen?

Take 3 or 4 2x2's and run them the length of the bed and screw them down from the top. Actually, the 2x2's should be put both lengthwise and crosswise because there is flex in both directions. Placing the partition between the under-bed storage area and the pass-thru storage will provide at least part of the cross bracing needed.
rrupert 06/04/19 08:13am Travel Trailers
RE: How to add support to my Short Queen?

That is a common problem in the Jayco. You can add ribbing to the underside to strengthen it up and you can add a partition where the pass-through storage area meets the under bed space. Go the Jayco forum where you will find info on the subject: Underbed Partition
rrupert 06/03/19 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Sun Valley X-treme manual

See what you can locate on the Sun Valley website. Maybe you can request a copy or download one. Sometimes a Google search will turn up something.
rrupert 06/03/19 08:07am Hybrid Travel Trailers
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