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cabinet door coming apart

During the winter of 2018-2019, our cabinet door just "came apart". Took it in and they fixed it. But it soon came apart again. Right at the seam. I'll post pictures. This past fall they got us a brand new door from the factory. I opened the box and it looked great. It didn't come in until late October. So I just put it back in the box and put it in the camper. Went and looked at it today, and it too came apart sitting over the winter. I'm guessing the cold is doing this? Any tips or suggestions on how to fix this? Not in warranty any longer. I can put all my weight on the door to try and push it back together but it won't budge. I was thinking of glueing it and nailing or stapling it. Not sure why I can't push it back together?
rtreptow7 04/03/20 05:28pm Fifth-Wheels
cabinet door hinge

looking for a pair of hinges for a cabinet door. Sent slide out today and a cupboard door was open. Slide caught the door and broke the hinges off the door. thankfully the cabinet wood stayed intact. The hinge is about 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches. IT says "Deocrite" on the hinge too.
rtreptow7 04/03/20 05:16pm Fifth-Wheels
Screw pulled out of exterior fiberglass wall

The pass through storage compartment on one side of my fifth wheel has a door that is held open by a latch attached to the fiberglass sidewall. One of the screws has pulled out. It is stripped. Won’t tighten back up and stay in place. It only holds the weight of the hatch open at 90 degrees. I temporarily put a little silicone around it to prevent water intrusion. But want to fix it now. Can’t get to the back side of it to fasten anything. Was thinking of filling the hole with some sort of epoxy and then re-drilling it. Any other suggestions/ideas to fix this?!AlPYRU9A7-IqdxqpATwWZum8uKA
rtreptow7 09/23/19 11:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

Just an update. I checked the fridge before I went to bed last night and it was at 35 degrees and the freezer was about 10. Going to let it run a day or two and make sure it holds the temps.
rtreptow7 09/03/19 08:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

home now. cleaned the stack with compressed air. Blew out burner area too. Cleaned out the fridge of food and defrosted freezer. Started back up on gas 2 hours ago and put it on the "one snowflake" level which is supposed to be the warmest setting. It's down to 50 after 2 hours. turned it to 3 snowflakes and will check again in a couple hours. I feel like maybe something was plugged in the burner assembly because the flame seems bigger and it sounds Louder. When we were camping, I could barely hear the flame but now it's easy to hear even a foot from the camper. So I'm hoping something was clogging the burner assembly and that it's not something intermittent.
rtreptow7 09/02/19 04:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

No. Fridge is not in the slide. Plugged stack? On the roof? Or the metal cylindrical thing in back of the fridge. Can you see the photo? Is that flame look good?
rtreptow7 09/01/19 03:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

Trying to attach a photo of the burner flame:
rtreptow7 09/01/19 12:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

Just a little more’s a 2019 KZ camper and this is our second season with it. Fridge worked fine on lp last season and earlier this year. Problem just started occurring this weekend.
rtreptow7 09/01/19 08:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

It’s a norcold n8x. Burner is lit. Looks like nice blue flame with no flickering. It looks to be lined up under the pipe. I can here some occasional sounds coming from that area too....hard to crinkling tinfoil? How does the temp control work on lp? Should I see any difference in the flame when going from low to hi temp? Or does that have nothing to do with the flame? It is set in high now. When on electric the temp gets back down to 30’s in the fridge if set on coldest setting.
rtreptow7 09/01/19 07:15am Fifth-Wheels
Fridge not cooling on lp

We have a 2019 Durango With a norcold Fridge. Works Fine on electric. On lp it Doesn’t keep fridge cold. No fault lights or anything but fridge gets To 55 degrees on lp. Even when turned as cold as possible. on electric it is In the 30’s. piolot lite is lit and looks fine. Nice blue flame. What could be the issue? link to photo of burner
rtreptow7 08/31/19 05:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery drain

Also I have the stock WFCO 9865 in my rv but just ordered a boondocker 1275 4 stage that was recommended. I was trying to bring the interstate batteries back to life with an external 3 stage 15 amp charger but it didn’t seem to help. With the current wfco onboard converter I never saw the amps get up to 14+ when charging a really low battery while looking at my VictronConnect monitor.
rtreptow7 06/18/19 11:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery drain

Are the Duracell deep cycle batteries? They say deep cycle in the case? I read somewhere that they were made by Deka which is a good company?
rtreptow7 06/18/19 07:42pm Fifth-Wheels
Battery drain

I have 2 interstate batteries SRM 24 deep cycle batteries. Have the VictronConnect bmv712 battery monitor. Had to leave our camper sit for 4 days without charging and drew batteries down to 11.6volts. I’m still trying to understand the battery monitor, but it said we had over 5 days to discharge. Is that complete discharge or to 50% like many recommend you not go below? Also, those 1 year old batteries seem to be shot now. Can charge them back up to 13 volts (took them out and put them on a 15 amp charger) but by morning they are down to 11.8 and we use very little in our camper. Led lights. The water pump a little. According to monitor only draining 1.2amp an hour.I picked up some Duracell sli27 MDC series. Charged them up on a stand alone charger and put them in today I think my new batteries have 90 amp hours each so I set battery capacity to 180. Is that correct?
rtreptow7 06/18/19 04:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Missing vent cover all winter spring

I figured out they do turn, very hard, and come off then the base is held on by 2 screws. Got them off. Started the drying out process. Surprisingly not very wet. Was able to take off the shroud to the bathroom roof vent and get between the ceiling, insulation, and roof really well that way. Was able to reach around up there and and feel around for any moisture too. having the vent there allows me to see up there good too. Was using a couple blow dryers on low heat under close supervision to blow air through the area. New vent is supposed to come today and I plan on drying things out from the top by blowing air down too. I think I lucked out by having a low spot in the ceiling right in the bathroom area near the lights. There was only a small amount of water pooled in the lens cover of the lights. No other "pools" but some slight dampness. Took off some other light covers and did some inspecting and couldn't find any other damp areas.
rtreptow7 04/09/19 11:10am Fifth-Wheels
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