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RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

we have this exact truck. love it. just terrific. we tow our trailer and get 11.5 mpg at about 63-65 mph.
rvshrinker 09/17/20 12:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV dinette light wiring questions

i found my voltmeter and can’t detect any voltage at the wires. I also can’t detect any voltage in the ceiling where I can tug on the wires gently and hear them rustling around. Other LED light fixtures and wires in the ceiling seem to generate a response from my voltmeter. This suggests either a blown fuse, or something worse, like a wire getting pulled apart behind the ceiling, right?
rvshrinker 09/14/20 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Deep cycle battery maintenance

I do check the water, it's above the battery level so I haven't added. Do you mean add water until reaching the bottom of the case, but not filling to the cap top? I can do that. The batteries themselves are definitely still under water, I check before every trip. Our mild temps probably are easy on these batteries. It's 55 degrees outside today. Batteries are very clean, connections and outside. I saw some kind of device in a thread here that transferred water into the battery etc, is that something I need? I do boondock often so I wouldn't want to be surprised by a dead battery. What's the best way to monitor whether my battery performance is starting to degrade?
rvshrinker 09/14/20 10:42am Tech Issues
Deep cycle battery maintenance

Hello experts My TT and interstate batteries are there years old. The trailer is plugged into my house when not in use. It gets five or so trips per year so is plugged into the house most of the time. It is now on a dedicated 30 amp circuit but was previously on a 15 amp. We have mild weather, almost always between 35-90 degrees. A few days of subfreezing temps per year, a couple weeks over 90. I have never added distilled water to the batteries or done any other maintenance. I open the batteries to check there is water in there before every trip... But that's it. This website sounds like I should be doing a lot more. It also is quite a bit over my head: Deep cycle battery maintenance Is the a simpler explanation/resource for the essential tasks and checks I should be doing?
rvshrinker 09/14/20 09:02am Tech Issues
RE: RV dinette light wiring questions

Switches are readily available for most fixtures. Check your local Ace, Blue and orange box stores. That's a good idea, and a voltmeter. Since the light is 12v any switch rating should do, right?
rvshrinker 09/14/20 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Hell's Canyon and region

Wallowa is a good spot for a base camp. You can head to Hells Canyon via Imnaha, great views, and lookout tower (open??). Also head into Nat Forest from Joseph on the Hells Canyon Scenic Loop down to the Snake at Copperfield. Nice drive, NF campgrounds along the way if you want to move around. Is that drive down to the river doable with a 27' trailer?
rvshrinker 09/14/20 08:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hell's Canyon and region

Thinking of spending 3-4 nights at Lake Wallowa State Park, Is that a decent spot to see some things? I realize there is hiking around the lake and in the mountains if the weather cooperates, and that will be fine for us. Is the canyon at all accessible or is it too far? From there where might be a decent place to spend 2-3 more nights, seeing the canyon, possibly getting down to river level and getting on a boat of some kind?
rvshrinker 09/11/20 04:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV dinette light wiring questions

Step 1: connect green straight to the black wires from fixture Step 2: Are the lamps LEDs? Yes, possible polarity issue. Reverse black and whites to lamp holders: Step 3: Get 12 volt test lamp. Make sure you have 12 volts to the fixture. Step 4: verify that there is not another switch in circuit. What part of the NW are you in? x2 on step 4. From the original description it sounds like maybe the switch is on the light fixture itself? If that’s the case, the black wires may have been all wired to the same mushroom connector, intentionally bypassing the switch there and there’s another some place else. Can you explain that again in a different way? The switch is part of the light fixture. When the fixture fell, the switch fell apart and a little plastic tab broke, so while I can put it back together it's not easy. Once it's together it seems to hold. I might just have to buy a new fixture to get a new switch. But right now I'm trying to figure out my wiring. I don't see any other switch on the fixture or in the wiring.
rvshrinker 09/07/20 11:39pm Tech Issues
RE: RV dinette light wiring questions

The OP has a green wire that is his 12 volt DC positive, which connects to a black wire on switch. The second black wire from the switch goes to each of the black wires from the lamp sockets,(three blacks connected together), the two white wires from the lamp sockets connects to the white wire in rig's wiring. Very common RV's 12 volt systems do not follow any recognized wiring color codes. I like the use of crimp connectors over wire nuts. They stay in place better in high vibration situations. This is what i thought. However when I hooked it all up, nothing worked. The switch wasn't designed to be taken apart so I'm improvising the reassembly. That said, I bypassed the switch by touching the black/green from the ceiling to the black wires on the fixture. Reconnected the whites. No dice. I don't see that a fuse is out and since the light doesn't work I can't tell which fuse it should be, only which ones it is not. Next step some kind of 12v voltmeter?
rvshrinker 09/06/20 09:16pm Tech Issues
RE: RV dinette light wiring questions

The green from ceiling connects to black using a connector, like a wirenut, but squeezed closed with pliers. From there a short black wire that is supposed to go to the switch. It has a unique end which is how I know that. The fixture itself has one black wire from each light, and one black wire from the switch, and all the of those are twisted together. It's possible as wnjj said that those just need a wirenut or tape and don't go in the green/black connector. So current goes green to black to the switch, then back through white?
rvshrinker 09/06/20 07:48am Tech Issues
RV dinette light wiring questions

Finally getting around to trying to replace this. OK, I procrastinated, used duct tape, and then it all fell apart (down) on yesterday's drive. When it fell a lot of the wiring came apart. There are two lights. The two lights are connected by two white wires which are joined by a clamp connector. The lights are also connected by two black wires joined together in a twist, which I think came out of the clamp connector which is still attached to the ceiling. There is a third black wire running from the switch to the twisted black wires. Coming out of the ceiling is a green wire, attached via a clamp connector to a black wire that clearly goes into the switch, and a white wire which I think goes to the white clamp connector. Does this all sound correct? I'm not sure why there are two black wires coming out of the switch and why they both connect to black, and not white.
rvshrinker 09/05/20 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing wall USB port

thanks everyone
rvshrinker 08/29/20 09:27pm Tech Issues
Replacing wall USB port

Mine started heating up very hot so I took it off, which meant cutting the thin black and red wires. This USB works even when we are boondocking so I think it's running on the 12v DC coming from the batteries. So I'm looking for a (round) DC USB port, right? And I just connect red to red, black to black? Is this going to work: Usb port
rvshrinker 08/29/20 12:10pm Tech Issues
RE: How often and how to clean black tank

i don’t dump into a septic so a little bleach should be ok. It’s the same hole I backflush my pool filter, which is chlorinated water. Is this what you mean by toilet wand: Camco RV Flexible Swivel Stik with Shutoff Valve- Creates Powerful Cleaning Action that Dislodges and Flushes Stubborn Waste Deposits and Combats Odors (40074),55-1/2 in.
rvshrinker 08/28/20 02:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: Western US Itinerary Help

It’s a big trip covering half the country so a bit open ended. In Yellowstone we stayed at the rv park in fishing bridge. Packed in like sardines but avoiding driving in and out of the park every day was completely worth it. Yellowstone is easily worth a week if you do any hiking or outdoor activities. It’s big, driving distances are long, varied topography. Grand Teton we stayed in Colter Bay. Good location. GTNP is worth half a week unless you are into alpine touring or climbing. It’s much smaller than YNP. Glacier is spectacular. Weather can be quite unpredictable, I’ve gotten snow there in August on the continental divide and had to end a backpacking trip early. Another trip I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Another trip I got hypothermia in a sleet storm. In fact I have yet to spend any time in Glacier and not have terrible weather. I would spend a week in Glacier, but I’m a hiker. Note that the eastern entrance is closed this year because the Blackfeet reservation is closed to visitors. Maybe that’s not an issue next year, but with that entrance closed you can’t access some spectacular sites like the Many Glacier area. I’ve never RV camped in this area, but anything near Many Glacier would be my choice. In S Dak we really enjoyed the Badlands. Surprisingly interesting hiking. We saw a ton of sheep there. Camping options are limited, the KOA White River is a little old, pool was closed, golf is really run down, but it’s quiet and shaded. IN contrast the campground in the national park is baking in the sun. I’d pick the KOA and I don’t like KOAs. Custer SP is amazing. Definitely worth several days. Mt Rushmore was open. The two caves (Wind Cave and Jewel Cave) were closed but the hiking was open. Deadwood was boring, We liked Keystone better. Devil’s Tower is cool and worth a day. We really liked Little BIghorn and were disappointed not to be able to see the Wounded Knee site (all Indian reservations are closed to the public). Depending on your route, There is a ton to see in Colorado. RMNP is gorgeous, worth several days. The San Juan skyway scenic drive is very pretty, not sure taking a large rig on it is ideal but I think it’s doable. Much gorgeous scenery in the national forests, etc. Tons of mosquitoes in early summer. Bring headnets and potentially bug jackets. Coming home through eastern Utah and Western Colorado you can stop at Flaming Gorge, Dinosaur NM, Arches, Canyonlands, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Mesa Verde and Durango CO. All of them are amazing, especially Arches and Canyonlands. In both Glacier and Yellowstone you absolutely need bear spray if you do any hiking at all.
rvshrinker 08/28/20 01:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Hell's Canyon and region

Have decided to head here in mid October for a week. Want to hike, check out some small towns, and if the weather and water levels are suitable, maybe a boat ride on the Snake River. Also wouldn't mind seeing the Blue mountains on the OR/WA border. It's a huge area, hard to know where to start or a couple of places to base camp out of. Anyone know the area that can make any suggestions? Thought about wallowa lake for a few days but it doesn't seem that close to the canyon itself.
rvshrinker 08/28/20 07:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CA’s Big Basin Redwood State Park...

Do we know many trees were lost? Redwoods are very fire resistant. I know a lot of human development and infrastructure was lost, but hard to get info on the flora itself.
rvshrinker 08/28/20 07:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping with no reservations

Weekdays should be fine. Weekends could be tougher depending on location. We weren't able to camp this weekend because as of Wednesday I couldn't find a reservable spot within 200 miles. Summer weekends in the PNW. Only first come first serve and with a Friday afternoon arrival I got nervous. Not saying you wouldn't find something, but it could be work. Course with a TC it's pretty easy to just pull over on some FS logging road. But that doesn't work for our size TT. Also if you don't have cell service, you can't make a reservation. We ended up in a WM this summer after calling a cg to make a reservation and leaving a VM. We lost service after that so never got their call to call back and confirm one of their last spots. By the time we showed up they were full.
rvshrinker 08/28/20 07:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How often and how to clean black tank

Thanks for all the info and ideas. I can dump at home, which is convenient, but means I don't empty before leaving camp and therefore don't rinse on the drive home. We often don't have a dump at camp anyway. I think I'll just empty and rinse and maybe try some soap and bleach and water again and see what happens. Doesn't sound like I can hurt it.
rvshrinker 08/28/20 07:30am Beginning RVing
How often and how to clean black tank

We have sani flushed the tank only once in 3 years. Recently I read I should be doing this more often. On the other hand some places say not to empty black too often because then there is an inadequate amount to drive biodecomposition. It does smell now despite minimal use so I'm planning to flush. Also I read to 1. Empty tanks. 2. Fill with some toilet flushes. 3. Add some bleach and dish soap. 4. Let sit. 5. Empty. 6. Leave black tank open. 7. Flush for a while (how long?). 8. Close up. 9. Flush some water into toilet. We use the rv for 3-6 4-16 day trips per year. And occasionally at home as a spare bedroom or office. In The latter cases, if it makes sense to avoid using the toilet we could easily do this.
rvshrinker 08/27/20 02:43pm Beginning RVing
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