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RE: When I'm driving do I run my fridge on propane or electric?

Switch to electric 12 volt. OP didn't say if his fridge is 2-way (propane / 120 VAC) or 3- way (propane / 120 VAC / 12 vdc) How would I know? Fridge has a "gas" or "auto" option so I'm guessing two way.
rvshrinker 07/03/20 10:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: free or low cost overnight near Spokane?

Thanks, fyi eastbound this weekend the Sprague exit has a big "closed" sign pasted on the camping sign. So it appears out of commission right now. Unclear if covid related, and I can take a look next week when I pass back through.
rvshrinker 06/30/20 10:49pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: free or low cost overnight near Spokane?

Yes. Sprague Lake has a free fishing area I've used many times. 47.245108, -118.077122 It says 1.75 miles off freeway, from there is it pretty obvious where I can park? Or is it like a wide open lot, just park on one side?
rvshrinker 06/26/20 07:17pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: free or low cost overnight near Spokane?

Super helpful everyone, thanks
rvshrinker 06/26/20 07:13pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
free or low cost overnight near Spokane?

We will be just stopping for the night, not needing any services, not wanting to make any friends. Just want to park, take a shower, heat up some food, sleep. Some reviews say there may be a Costco, Cabela’s, Fred Meyer, or other store in Spokane which accepts overnighters but it’s hard to find confirmation. Or any BLM land west of town where we can just park. It seems silly to pay $50+ for a developed spot when we don’t need any of the hookups, etc., we just need a place to park. Any ideas for this area?
rvshrinker 06/26/20 12:52am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: When I'm driving do I run my fridge on propane or electric?

Thanks for all the tips. We'll use propane. Have boondocked for 4 days before without problems. Will not need ac or furnace for this part of the trip.
rvshrinker 06/25/20 02:32pm Travel Trailers
When I'm driving do I run my fridge on propane or electric?

We will have 48 hr of boondocking so need the battery to last that long.
rvshrinker 06/24/20 09:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Filtering water for my travel trailer

blue torpedo?
rvshrinker 06/08/20 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Filtering water for my travel trailer

our HD and Lowe’s have nothing in stock. What about that Amazon filter. Is the Camco inline filter helpful or a waste of money?
rvshrinker 06/07/20 07:53pm Tech Issues
Filtering water for my travel trailer

I’d like to add 2 filters to my trailer. One, a hose attachment that filters all the water coming in. Two, a drinking water filter at the kitchen sink. Easiest would probably be a Camco inline filter for the outside, and a water pitcher for the inside. Would be open to something better if not too difficult, especially for the kitchen sink as I don’t really want to have to bring a pitcher with me on all my trips. But that is admittedly pretty simple. We just sanitized our tanks. We normally go to known locations in the mountains with pretty clean water, but we will be traveling across country this summer with less known water supplies (not worried about disease, more about inorganic contaminants). thank you
rvshrinker 06/07/20 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: In bed diesel tanks

Actually the five gallon jug helped me. I have a long trip coming up and no time to get a larger option installed. My tank has only 26 gallons so I have under 300 mile range towing. money hasn't been available for some of the nicer replacement of the OEM tank and I don't want to give up any of my short bed space, at least not permanently. So the portable plastic tank and jugs might meet my needs. Have to think about how to securely transport those five gallons because I don't have a locking toolbox either.
rvshrinker 06/06/20 08:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: first time sanitize fresh water tanks

Chlorine disappears basically 4 ways. Time, UV / air exposure, chemical neutralization or dilution. Since the system is not really exposed to open air and sunlight, you can either wait, use dechlorination tabs (sodium sulphate, vitamin C , etc) or dilute it. When disinfecting pipelines I use dechlorination tabs. Small quantity like a Camper water tank, just fill and drain a couple times. FWIW, google is your friend here. You can learn a lot about this with a little research. i figure it was 50 ppm when sanitizing, i drained it all out, so if there’s less than a gallon left in my 80 gallon tank it would be diluted to 100:1, which is 0.5 ppm, probably about the same as municipal water. so i guess i’m done. i guess if it tastes too much like chlorine in a week or so i’ll drain it one more time.
rvshrinker 06/04/20 04:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: PORTLAND OR en route to South Dakota, and back

thanks, why do you choose that southern route? how do you get from I80 to Rapid City? we do have reservations at a private CG in Custer as well as at the Badlands KOA. we are in the area for ten full days.
rvshrinker 06/04/20 12:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: % bleach to sanitize fresh water tanks

That sounds great. I used 10% bleach and used 1 cup for 80 gallons. Drained, filled, ran faucets, let it sit overnight, drained again including water heater, filled with fresh, ran faucets till no bleach smell. I think I'm done, but the water heater has a very slow leak, so I need to pull the anode and tape the threads and close it up again.
rvshrinker 06/02/20 03:39pm Beginning RVing
PORTLAND OR en route to South Dakota, and back

Hi, We are looking for two nights en route, and back, on the above trip. One night will probably be east of Missoula. Another closer to Little Bighorn BF, but we're flexible. We plan to see the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Little Bighorn BF, and Devil's Tower during the trip, either on the way out or back. We have ten nights in South Dakota. MOTR is only open Wednesday through Sunday right now and reservations are required so we need to plan carefully. How would you split up the trip/where would you look to stay? Have never driven east of Bozeman before.
rvshrinker 06/02/20 02:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: first time sanitize fresh water tanks

when i drain the water and water heater, and then refill - do i refill completely full, then drain all that water out, including the water heater? onlline i see people talk about just draining the water until the bleach smell is gone, but wouldnt some of the bleachy residue still be mixed in with my fresh water?
rvshrinker 06/01/20 09:19am Travel Trailers
RE: % bleach to sanitize fresh water tanks

great, i liked the bleach in the hose idea and went with it. will rinse out tomorrow.
rvshrinker 05/31/20 09:05pm Beginning RVing
% bleach to sanitize fresh water tanks

First time doing this chore. Most sources say to use household bleach 1/4 cup for every 15 gallons of fresh water capacity. Mix required bleach amount in some fresh water, pour into your tanks, fill with potable water, let sit, drain, rinse. However other sources say 1/4 cup for 10 gallons. For a 60 gallon freshwater tank, this is either 1 cup or 1.5 cups of bleach. But according to this fact sheet from the Northeastern University Dept of Environmental Health Sciences, bleach should be concentrated at 5000 - 20,000 ppm to disinfect. 5% bleach is 50,000 ppm, 10% bleach 100,000 ppm, etc. This would imply diluting 5% bleach no more than 10:1 to get to a concentration of 5000 ppm, the minimum for disinfecting. Then the 60 gallon tank needs ~5 gallons of 5% bleach and 55 gallons of water to be diluted properly for disinfection. That’s a big difference. And this Idaho DEQ website says dilute 1000:1: What is the correct concentration of bleach to disinfect the water tanks?
rvshrinker 05/31/20 03:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: first time sanitize fresh water tanks

i’m going to call the dealer and see if he can tell me for sure, as I can’t see any way to open those valves from the inside. They come up through the bathroom sink cabinet. I did drain my whole system including the hot water heater tank. The anode rod is slightly pitted, a bit more at the neck, but no rust and seems good enough to put back in (it’s 2.5 years old). I’m reading conflicting info about whether the anode rod should be kept wet or dry when not in use; manufacturer seems to suggest draining the tank when not in use for extended time, others say don’t let it dry out.
rvshrinker 05/31/20 12:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Camco water filter

Depends on water source for filter requirements.Fla, South Ga, La,Michigan needs lots filter capacity. The worse the water the more filter capacity required. Th better the filter, the more they cost and the more frequent you have to replace them. N way to cheat the situation. A large whole house 10 inch filter housign with remote sensor to let you know it is full cost about 70,00 at Home Depot for GE or Lowes for Culligan. The less expensive 25 micron KDF filter of them will get just about all sediments and many bugs. Buy the filters on.25 micron kdf filter when if f lien and Higher spec filters for those housings are available on line, and the variety confusing. Replace the large filter when led shows. A somewhat to a lot more expensive .5 micron or whatever,spected to get all the bugs won't have to be replaced so often. In Michigan the well water at numerous campgrounds especially when the campgrounds are full will load up a filter in no time, like one day, if you wash clothes. South Georgia, Louisiana, had .9 micron ceramic filter with a pre filter stop up in two days with stinky black and yellow sulfur and iron. Those inline Camco filters load up fast and then everytime you turn on the tap flush sediment right past it and into your glass or shower, in Michigan per example. Right now here in the desert we have just a half micron, high spec cartridge in small 10" housing. Cost was about 47.00. Don't remember the number right at the moment. But...nothing much gets through the filter, and the source has lots of calcium and magnesium, I think, but virtually no sediments. All the KDF filters get the chlorine out of the water, I think, so I put some drinking water chlorine in the fresh water tank, and no taste if not too much is used. No need or desire to buy bottled water with a shot of ozone in it to aggravate the palate. On edit: I remember several years ago at a favorite campground in Michigan, a camper next to us, in conversation I showed him the sediment, mud, in clear filter housing. He said they didn't drink it but just showered and washed clothes in it. They drank bottled water. His white t shirt and socks were a decidedly unlovely hue of yellow/brown. And his "tan" too. yellow i’m confused about where you are putting these filters. I’d like a decent filter of everything going into my tanks, even from my own house, even though our water is fine. But especially for campgrounds. The camco inline sounds simplest, but not best. Can you link to a few items or describe more?
rvshrinker 05/30/20 09:25pm General RVing Issues
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