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RE: Yakima

Big Pine is the best. It has been upgraded a few years back. New interior roads and facilities. No hook ups! Gets very busy during summer.thanks, seems like a glorified parking lot? will a tent camper be ok with us?
rvshrinker 01/18/22 08:16am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Anyone done any camping near Yakima? I see these BLM campgrounds in the Yakima Rivr Canyon and wonder how they are. Memorial Day… could be warm.
rvshrinker 01/16/22 10:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: uneven tire wear

Wear in the middle of the tire normally indicates overinflation. You said you air up all tires to 80 psi. The load that tire is carrying may just be too light for 80 psi. There are some places that do individual wheel weights, instead of by axle. You might want to check it out to see if you need to adjust tire pressures. I wondered about overinflation, but it is the only 1 of 4 tires with this problem and there’s really not that much variability in the weight. Also everything I read said blowout resistance was best at 80 (max) psi for trailer tires, nothing said anything about reducing inflation for reduced loads.
rvshrinker 08/02/21 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: uneven tire wear

It could be a bent axle. If it is bent so that there is a lot of toe it can wear evenly across the tire. Put a strait edge on the tire and see if it is parallel with the one in front of it. Can you explain what you mean? see if the second tire is askance from the first?
rvshrinker 08/02/21 09:46am Tech Issues
uneven tire wear

I have a 2017 Outdoors RV with about 12,500 miles on it. Last summer I saw the left rear tire was prematurely wearing. The other 3 tires look great. This summer after a 2500 mile trip, the tire is really worn. It needs to be replaced. The other 3 tires look great. The wear is even, in the center/broad middle of the tire. These are Goodyear E rated trailer tires, not some cheap off brand tire. From reading on line the causes of unequal tire wear include: 1. bad axle/spindle - 2. over/underinflation - I fill to exactly 80 psi before every trip and the tires hold their pressure well 3. uneven loading - this trailer has the pantry above that area. Food is food, doesn’t weigh 500 pounds or anything. Opposite side is the refrigerator which wouldn’t seem substantially lighter 4. just a bad tire Other thoughts? I need to replace the tire and plan to use the spare to do it, which should have at least a couple more years of life on it based on age. Then I’ll replace all 5 tires.
rvshrinker 08/01/21 11:22am Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

what is the RIGHT direction?
rvshrinker 07/15/21 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

thanks everyone, i’m very grateful for all your help.
rvshrinker 07/14/21 11:14pm Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

I can see how that would work, but the NPT end I have seems to be exactly what I removed from the regulator, and is currently attached to my old pigtail. Translation: why can’t I use the ones I bought and attach directly to regulator using yellow tape? Will that not work?
rvshrinker 07/14/21 09:13pm Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

"Alright, the old ones I removed seem to have a small more narrow male end, which is inserted into a brass adapter, which I removed ...." Inverted flare...... Did you open the Link I posted to types of fittings? Scroll down and look/read about #3 Did you crack the regulator by overtightening?? yes i did look at the link and yes I think I have #3, BUT it seems like the little brass ?adapter that goes on the regulator is now 1. on the old pigtails I removed and 2. integrated in a single piece with the new pigtails I bought. I don’t believe the regulator is cracked. how would I know? One of the pigtail’s rubber is cracked, so I decided to replace both. I doubt that’s where it’s leaking, but I really don’t know. It just seems like I’ve stuggled with this even with the prior (original, from 2017) pigtails that cracked after 18 months, again I don’t think the cracking is where the leak is, but it’s a sign of aging and maybe a poor quality product, and it seems the propane tends to leak out even when there is no drain on it. The water bottle test doesn’t reveal any obvious leaks/bubbles.
rvshrinker 07/14/21 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

thank you that is so helpful! This article suggests yellow tape is the preferred sealing method and adequate:
rvshrinker 07/14/21 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

Alright, the old ones I removed seem to have a small more narrow male end, which is inserted into a brass adapter, which I removed when I took the pigtails off the regulator. However, the new replacement pigtails seem to have an integrated brass piece so that it would attach directly to the regulator, with no additional adapter needed. This is what I bought
rvshrinker 07/13/21 11:21pm Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

that is a great question. I continue to experience leaks. I’m not really sure why, I tighten things as much as I could. When I look at the old one, it seems I have the same male brass fitting, I wish I knew how to attach a picture because I could show a picture of each one.
rvshrinker 07/13/21 10:53pm Tech Issues
RE: replacing pigtails on propane tanks

I ‘m really glad I asked because now I’m even more confused. The two stage regulator is made of zinc. There is no brass fitting. The male pigtail has a threaded brass end. Do I need some kind of brass adapter on the regulator? With or without a brass adapter, do I need yellow gas tape?
rvshrinker 07/13/21 09:45pm Tech Issues
replacing pigtails on propane tanks

I thought this would be so obvious and simple but as usual I run into all kinds of questions. First I found out that there are ‘two kinds’ of connectors. The one I am replacing has a thread on the male end. This is what I have on the new one as well. Is this necessarily the right one, or are there more than 1 kind with a threaded male end? Second, is there supposed to be a small washer inside the fitting? There is none on my regulator. Third, I read different things on line: you must use Teflon tape, definitely do not use Teflon tape, you don’t need anything, or you should use LocTIte of some kind. What is the actually correct answer? Fourth, Do I just tighten as much as possible? Could I overtighten/strip something? Ugh. nothing is as simple as it looks to me.
rvshrinker 07/13/21 07:03pm Tech Issues
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