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RE: Dometic awning issue

If it is anything like mine it is basically a gravity operated system. All the motor does is wind the awning onto the tube. With it all the way out take some measurements at the top of the arm measure to the awning fabric on each side. If they are not the same it could be slightly twisting your arms causing things to bind enough that gravity can't overcome the resistance.
schlep1967 07/09/20 09:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cable Maintenance for Dump valves

To dougrainer, Thanks for the additional info. It has not gotten any worse since I bought the trailer 5 years ago, and it is not bad enough for me to tear into the coroplast liner. I'll wait for it to get worse - if it ever does. If it does start getting worse, replace it before it breaks. It's much easier to rinse out a tank to the point of actually wanting to open up the plumbing when the valve is working. If it gets too tight you can pull the cable/rod out of the gate valve and then you have to deal with a full or partially full tank when you remove the bolts.
schlep1967 07/08/20 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Cable Maintenance for Dump valves

I've never installed a new dump valve and I have never seen instructions for installing them. I have had to take mine apart. Most recently this week for repairs from a tire blow out that broke off the end of the drain. One thing I noticed is if you over tighten the four bolts that hold the valve together, it will be hard to open and close. If somebody did some work on yours the bolts may be too tight. If nobody worked on it you might be due to replace the valve. Really not that hard to do depending on the location under the trailer and the creativeness the factory used. You have never worked on a Cable driven Dump Valve system. "hard" to do? Not if you have NEVER worked on one:B It can be very frustrating. Doug Read it again. I've never installed a new one. But I would guess the instructions that come with one would indicate how tight the bolts should be. I have removed and reinstalled two of them for other issues. And if you over-tighten the four bolts, you will have problems opening and closing the valve.
schlep1967 07/08/20 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

This reminds me I have to go on and give a bad review for the campground I stayed at over the 4th. I mean, what kind of campground lets me blow a tire on the way there? By the way, it wasn't the campgrounds fault and I would highly recommend Trap Pond State Park in Delaware.
schlep1967 07/08/20 11:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Ideas, suggestions or a Mod?

I was gifted a 2002 keystone camplite ultra. O was told the front leaked open or closed, so they kept a tarp over it. I resealed the roof, all seams, put on gutter spouts, and replaced all of seals. It no longer leaks when closed up. However, when open I have an issue. The rain comes down the front and off the tent, and from what I've read, is supposed to go in a channel behind the hinge, and drain out either side. When it rains a lot, the channel cannot handle so much water, so I find wet spots on the little "shelf" by the mattress. Id rather not have to tarp when camping. Id much rather come up with a way to keep the water from even collecting there on the first place. So.. ideas, suggestions? Are you sure the channel is open all the way through? Maybe try running a stiff wire through the channel and then blow it out with air.
schlep1967 07/08/20 10:27am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Rain water in my basement. 2003 Bigfoot 2500

It may not be the door. I had a leak and I thought it was the storage door. Turns out it was water coming down the wall from a leak up above. The door opening provided the water with a way out of the wall onto the top of the door frame.
schlep1967 07/08/20 09:22am Truck Campers
RE: Cable Maintenance for Dump valves

I've never installed a new dump valve and I have never seen instructions for installing them. I have had to take mine apart. Most recently this week for repairs from a tire blow out that broke off the end of the drain. One thing I noticed is if you over tighten the four bolts that hold the valve together, it will be hard to open and close. If somebody did some work on yours the bolts may be too tight. If nobody worked on it you might be due to replace the valve. Really not that hard to do depending on the location under the trailer and the creativeness the factory used.
schlep1967 07/08/20 09:19am Tech Issues
RE: Paid Caravans to Alaska Worth it?

Is it expensive? I did a google search, Alaska Caravan, and checked it out. The price I saw was just over $9,000 and the trip was 60 days and 5,000 miles. If you and your spouse do an Alaska Cruise and land tour you are looking at $10,000+ and not seeing half as much and done in less than 20 days. Can everybody afford it? Nope. But for those that can, it looks like it is probably one of the best ways to see Alaska. Of course you don't have to put fuel in the Cruise ship. And they feed you three to six (or 10) meals a day.
schlep1967 07/07/20 11:28am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Do ice cubes in the black tank really work?

If I was going to try the ice technique I would go with very little water so the ice is sliding across the bottom of the tank. And I would not use bags of ice. Freeze water in 12 oz aluminum cans, tear the aluminum off and drop big chunks of ice down the toilet. Then go for a drive with lots of turns. Might get some things loose from the bottom of the tank.
schlep1967 07/06/20 01:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blow-out ...

Good advice. I always put full pressure in my tires btw, never had them explode or run hot on my TT. Only other thing to add is make sure if you need a jack , its the proper size, and leveles can be a lifesaver, not all flats are on level ground! Stay safe. Don't forget a pair of jack stands {or at least one} unless you are willing to bet your life and limbs on your jack and the surface it sits on. :C As for jack stands, in this situation there is really no need. If it would fall off the jack it would still be supported by the tire on the other axle. Just like it was before I jacked it up.
schlep1967 07/06/20 01:05pm Towing
RE: Blow-out ...

Good write-up and ask if you do a lot of slow maneuvering on pavement ? and some noodling for thought over the never ending ST tire debates How level is your setup ? Meaning does both or all axles share evenly...or nose down will have the front axle take more...and if nose high, the rear axle will take more Have always thought that low speed maneuvering, on pavement contorts the tire carcass and the plys of both tread & sidewall, over time, begins to separate and/or are weakened where the cords lose rubber adhesion Also wonder if single axle trailer have similar number or percentages of ST tire blow outs. As when they maneuver on pavement, the tires do NOT contort. They just pivot like the TV's steer tires would with power steering Trailer is level. I've done the same thing with this trailer for 11 years with no problems. I would think adding stronger tires to it would make it less likely to happen. Again I am going with the "punctured by something and lost air" theory. Since the tires were less than a year old it is not likely they were damaged before this trip.
schlep1967 07/06/20 01:03pm Towing
Blow-out ...

Yep, it finally happened. 2009 fifthwheel with original tires (D rated) replaced last year with E rated. Not here to complain about or bash the brand of tire. It was the drivers side rear and I know if a tire is going to pick up a nail or screw it will most likely be after a leading tire flips it up. No TPMS so I can't tell you if the tire deflated and then came apart or was a sudden event. I did get some damage from the tire. It broke off about 6 inches of the rear grey tank drain. Wife couldn't wash dishes for the weekend. And a small patch of the moisture barrier got tore up outside the frame. Also lost some fender supports. Light-weight metal rods holding the fender skirts from swaying in the wind. Actually got off rather well. My takeaways for others. 1. If your going to have a blow out it will happen at the worst possible location. Like I-695 around Baltimore the evening before a holiday. Be prepared with flares for your own safety. 2. Stay calm and think the situation through. Where I first pulled onto the shoulder it was just wide enough to get the trailer off the road and assess damage. There is no way I would have changed a tire there and lived to tell about it. Looking down the road I saw there was an exit ramp 1/2 mile ahead. I limped down the shoulder to where the off ramp widened out and I had more space. And I used the flares mentioned above. 3. Know how to get your spare lowered to the ground and have the tool to do it. Mine takes a 3/4 inch socket or wrench. And in my case the location prevents the use of a 4 way lug wrench unless you can open the largest slide on the unit. 4. Lug wrench. Do not assume your truck lug wrench will fit your trailer lugs. Yes, I had a 4 way lug wrench. 5. Check you spare tire regularly for proper inflation. I did and this became a non-event. 6. Never trust the guy behind the counter at one of the largest tire chains in Delaware. They had one tire in stock of the correct size and load rating. I dropped the old tire/rim off and told them I would be back for it. 5 hours later I stop in and it is not done. Counter guy goes back and does it himself. He rolls it out to me and says, "I didn't know how much air you wanted in it. I set it at 55 lbs." I know max on my E rated tires is 80. So I told him it should be at or near max inflation. I run 70 because I went up a load rating and don't need full pressure. He stated to me as a fact that "You can not air a tire up to maximum inflation rating because it will explode when when it warms up going down the road." I sent him back to put 70 lbs in it. It took half an hour for me to change out the tire and get back on the road. 15 minutes of that was lowering the spare with an adjustable wrench. There is now a 3/4 inch socket and ratchet in the trailer.
schlep1967 07/06/20 10:31am Towing
RE: Roof Caulk Question

FYI. What you have may not be silicone. Dicor makes a Non-sag sealant for vertical applications. Either way clean it well before new application.
schlep1967 07/06/20 09:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Warning: Flojet portable waste pump

After use, i run oil through it to lubricate the impeller for storage Never mind.
schlep1967 07/06/20 07:36am Tech Issues
RE: Power issue

So many questions. 1.Is he hooked up to shore power? Is the breaker on? 2. If yes to the above, did he check all of his breakers on the panel? Converter is generally plugged into the back of the panel and won't charge batteries without A/C power.
schlep1967 07/02/20 10:54am Toy Haulers
RE: Water pressure - why does pump run when city water connected

If your regulator is adjustable, turn it up to 50 PSI and see if it still happens. My guess is you have a pump that provides close to 60 psi and has a low end pressure above 40 PSI. So it kicks on to make up the pressure difference.
schlep1967 07/02/20 06:09am Toy Haulers
RE: Longer closure gathering momentum...

Apparently the summer sun/heat isn't killing off the Virus. I think the US will be closing again. I've always thought the "summer heat" theory was rather funny. Especially as the virus survived just fine in the tropics on cruise ships. If cases continue to rise we will all be camping in our back yards instead of at campgrounds in other countries.
schlep1967 07/01/20 06:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Required signing waiver of responsibilty

Well its finally happened to me. I have reservation since Dec for a campground in Wisconsin for over the 4th, site had to be paid in full on the date the reservation was made. That was not really a big deal. Well just this week received an email with a required signature. This waiver was releasing the park from "any" responsibility due to injury of any kind while at the park. It covered walking and falling, playground equipment related injury. The list goes on. I just wanted you all to know if you are planning a trip to Kieler Wisconsin, I would think twice about staying at Rustic Barn Campground. It amazes me how some people blame the campground for this type of waiver. When they should be blaming the people that will file a lawsuit against a campground because they were not supervising their own children on the playground and little Johnny fell while going up the sliding board the wrong way.
schlep1967 06/30/20 10:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The better 5th wheeler?

W You also might want to look at the brand new line called Alliance, they really listen to the consumer and also have been very customer supportive so far, now there are not a lot of them out there just yet so time could tell a different story. Good luck on your search. I was going to mention the same company. What I've seen is the new startups provide good customer service and build a name for themselves for the first 5 years. Once they build a good customer base, one of the large conglomerates offers them more money than they can walk away from. The founders retire and the new customers, buying on the recommendation of the early customers, start finding there are no corners in the new units. Why no corners? Because the bean counters at the conglomerates cut all the corners to save money.
schlep1967 06/30/20 10:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disconnect Power When Using Generator?

Safety. Because if only legitimate electrician's worked on electrical systems and did everything to code, there is the chance of a malfunction and a worker encountering back feed from a generator. Many people that work on RV's are not electricians nor do they have any clue what the code is. The things I've seen... Some people think it is perfectly acceptable to modify an extension cord so it has a male connector on each end. plug one end into your little generator and the other into any outlet on your camper and every electrical appliance running off of that breaker will work. AND power will be fed back into the pedestal and every other one on that breaker. It is likely at that point the breaker on the generator will continually kick. But what happens when the campground workcamper opens up a nearby pedestal to look for a bad connection when he knows the breaker for that loop has been turned off? And he grabs a wire just when extension cord guy resets the breaker on the generator?
schlep1967 06/29/20 11:55am Tech Issues
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