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RE: Got lucky with my water tank this weekend

Am I the only one that got a laugh out of the OP's subject line? LOL Only people from Arkansas think like that.....LOL..Are you still laughing?
schlep1967 06/15/21 05:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Got lucky with my water tank this weekend

I was years ago. I'm sure I would never come up with the correct password at this point. It was an easy fix. With the bolts in place it isn't going anywhere.
schlep1967 06/14/21 01:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Paneling catching on slide

Any access with the slide partially open?
schlep1967 06/14/21 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: What's the best way to get RV anti-freeze out of system.

Did you drain and rinse the fresh water tank? Assuming you might have put antifreeze in there. It wouldn't hurt to connect a hose to the washer connections and flush them out also. Did you also flush out any outdoor shower faucets? One thing I do that really helps get the antifreeze smell out is use bleach to sanitize the system after rinsing it out. I connect my hose to the trailer to fill the onboard tank. Before hooking the hose up to the spigot I pour a cup or so of bleach into the hose. The hook up the hose and fill the tank. Run each faucet until you smell the bleach. You also want to fill the water heater with that solution so run plenty through the hot water taps. Then let it sit for the night before draining everything again. Run fresh water through for another rinse and you should be good to go.
schlep1967 06/14/21 08:14am Tech Issues
Got lucky with my water tank this weekend

Camping without water hook-ups this weekend. When we do this we fill the 85 gallon tank at home before we leave the house. We've been doing this since we got the trailer in 2010. We get to the campground and after about 3 gallons of use we are out of water. Pump is pulling air. Now when I travel with the tank full we do lose some out of the over flow tubes but I've never lost a whole tank full. I thought just maybe something strange happened and it managed to get a siphon going and drained it all. I got some new 5 gallon buckets and used the winterizing tube to pump water back into the tank. When I got to 40 gallons the water started coming out of the over flow tubes. Something's not right. So I start troubleshooting in my head. Overflow tubes in to deep? Cracked pick-up line if it is mounted in from the top of the tank? So we get home and I decided to fill the tank and measure how much the pump would empty out of it. 40 gallons and it started pulling air again. So now my plan was to drain and measure from the tanks drain. I crawl under the trailer and see the problem. The side of the tank away from the pickup for the pump is laying on the axles. Out of 4 flat steel "straps" that were holding the tank the only one with both screws holding it was the one nearest the pumps pickup. From the factory they used 8 self drilling/self taping screws to hold up 680 lbs of water. Luckily nothing got broken or went sliding down the highway. The funny thing is right next to where they ran the screws through the supports, they had used a torch to blow holes big enough to put bolts through. I'm guessing bolts are what was specked for the installation but the installer had the same screws they used to hold up the coroplast handy so that is what he used. It is now held up with 8 bolts with washers and lock nuts. Cost of repair is right around $25. Might go up another $10 if I go buy new self drilling screws to put the coroplast back up because the locations where the old screws were got torn out from the tank dropping.
schlep1967 06/14/21 07:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving to a 5th Wheel

My advice, a lot of RV's/campers were sold last year that will be coming back on the market as the cruises and amusement parks reopen. I'm seeing 2021 units sitting in yards around my place with for sale signs on them. Watch the used market for a unit that will work for you. As for the truck, in the length and price range you are looking you certainly shouldn't need a dually. Unless you happen to stumble on a really good used deal on a high end unit. Auto leveling is great until it doesn't work. Our 2009 doesn't have it and I can be set up faster than our camping buddies with a TT with auto level. I use the Andersen Levelers to level side to side. Back into the site, place the levelers behind the wheels of the low side and back up until level. Drop the landing gear and unhitch. Push landing gear button until level front to back. Push another button until the rear stabilizers are down and tight.
schlep1967 06/10/21 06:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: The Home Depot is my new Amazon

Being a veteran I go to Lowes for the 10% discount on everything. It adds up. FYI Home Depot will give you the same 10% if you ask.
schlep1967 06/09/21 11:12am Tech Issues
RE: Level

Used an actual level two times. First time when first I got the 5th wheel I put the level on the counter and leveled the trailer left to right and front to back. Then I applied the stick on levels on the drivers side front corner. One on the front (left to right) and one on the side (front to back). I had to do it again about 6 years later when the levels started to wear out and got hard to see.
schlep1967 06/09/21 09:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Dry as a bone,…again

After you figure out if you are arriving with a full tank, get the wife to buy some of this. Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray. No need to fill the sink to do dishes. Spray with the soap, wipe and rinse.
schlep1967 05/27/21 06:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Avoid Silverton Colorado

I'm guessing it won't take the surrounding land owners long to realize there is a potential to make money by leasing out Right of ways to the campgrounds. Create a trail to the trails and everybody is happy.
schlep1967 05/21/21 01:20pm Toy Haulers
RE: Poconos PA to Bar Harbor Maine -- need advice

My advice is, figure it out quickly and get your campgrounds booked ASAP. Here in the North East it seems there are way more campers than campsites. If you look on google at the Maine coast you will see that once you are north of Portland Maine there are several roads that head south southeast off of Route 1. There are some very nice small coastal towns down those roads. You would want to find a campground in the area and explore without the trailer through those towns.
schlep1967 05/21/21 08:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Maybe a new low?

In the voice of a four year old ,,,,, "And then what happened?"
schlep1967 05/20/21 12:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Axle Spindle Nut Wrong

My guess is that there is still part of the old pin in the hole. Drive a punch through the hole.
schlep1967 05/19/21 01:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Harrisonburg Va to Elkins WV

If you do take Route 33, Seneca Rocks Discovery center does have RV Parking. You could take a break there before the next set of twisting roadway.
schlep1967 05/13/21 06:56am Roads and Routes
RE: Black walnut issue

Two of these should get you through for $100. Sun Shade Sails Choose the 12 x 16 size so you have some overlap and can angle them to the front and back so the Walnuts don't lay on them or roll into the center and end up on the coach roof. Our last set over our deck lasted us about 7 years. Without walnut falling on them of course. That’s what I was looking at, but a 10 x 20 which would cover panels and vents. And I’m not worried about the solar being functional while under it, just protected. 10 foot wide may not be wide enough. You will want to tilt it so the walnuts do not lay on it. It will sag some in the middle when it gets wet if it is at all flat. I would consider going with the two wider ones so you can get more angle on them.
schlep1967 05/12/21 09:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Black walnut issue

Two of these should get you through for $100. Sun Shade Sails Choose the 12 x 16 size so you have some overlap and can angle them to the front and back so the Walnuts don't lay on them or roll into the center and end up on the coach roof. Our last set over our deck lasted us about 7 years. Without walnut falling on them of course.
schlep1967 05/12/21 05:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Maybe a new low?

A possible way to fix your problem. Drill a large hole centered in the middle of those four screws. At least an inch, larger if possible to hide it with the end of the handle. Work a 1" x 1"x X" piece of wood into the hole. The depth of the wall will decide how long that piece can be and still be able to slide it into the wall. Once in the wall place it where the existing screws will go into it and run a small flat head screw through the thin luan between 2 of your existing screw holes to hold it it place. Repeat with another piece of wood for the other 2 screw holes. Now you have some solid wood to screw the handle to and they are supported by a larger area of the thin wood.
schlep1967 05/11/21 08:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Quad Bike mounted to ladder?

I probably wouldn't do it without calling Arctic Fox and asking their opinion. If I were going to try it, I would make sure it is strapped so there will be no movement/bouncing around. And better would be if you could get a hitch type of carrier attached to the frame under it to support most of the weight.
schlep1967 05/11/21 08:13am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Front Landing Gear

Same question as above. I just lubed mine last night. It is the old electric screw dive type that I have to level myself. As to how often I do it, when I start blowing fuses when running the nose of the trailer up, it's time to add some fresh grease.
schlep1967 05/11/21 05:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Run on gas

So with a run on Toilet Paper you can store it anywhere dry. With a run on gas ..... where do you store it? Other than everybody filling up their vehicle's tanks, I doubt you will see anybody buying 500 gallon tanks to store gas next to the house.
schlep1967 05/11/21 05:16am Roads and Routes
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