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RE: 2019 Roush Super Duty

I guess if you have a fat wallet, it's all good. Looks to me alike a bunch of add on stuff that you can source yourself for an inflated asking price. My thoughts exactly. A real pavement princess.
shum02 07/12/19 07:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Old truck vs new truck

We have lost money on every warranty including our 2001 alpenlite that was $1400 at a discount. chevman I'm talking factory OEM GM warranty, not aftermarket insurance policies. I'd never purchase or recommend one either.
shum02 07/05/19 10:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Old truck vs new truck

I don't think i'm brave enough to jump into a diesel of any brand with all the emission junk to deal with. That is what warranties are for.
shum02 07/05/19 08:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Honda 2000: surprisingly poor oil fill tube design

I have a long oil funnel designed for small engine oil fills on my Honda and Champion gennies and power washers. Think it cost a couple dollars. Oil Funnel
shum02 07/04/19 10:36am Tech Issues
RE: Old truck vs new truck

I have over 250k miles on my 6.0L. The starter let go on me totally out of the blue while up at the yard bringing the camper back to the house to restock. Long storey short it was 20 minutes to get the tow truck there to flat tow it home, so while waiting around phoned around for a starter, found one. 3 hours after having made the call for the tow truck I was back on the road having installed the starter myself which on the 6.0L took all of an hour to R&R. Yea, once in a while....but I`d rather do that that spend almost 1K a month for the next 5 years on a new truck. It runs like a champ but wear items like starters, bearings, brakes, ball joints, tie rods, alternators........ are wear items, they wear out, can`t be avoided. Your truck in my view is almost new. Maybe a little preemptive maintenance would be in order.
shum02 07/04/19 09:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dump valve won't close all the way

Pick up an add on valve. It will attach just like the hose and you will not need to take a shower after taking off the cap. Just use gloves and a bucket to catch the black water that has seeped past, attach the temporary valve and go. Its a temporary fix until you can repair the one that is supposed to work. Any camping supply store should have one. I did this for my remote valves but used a permanent valve instead. Best mod I've done in a while and only took about an hour. Why is it always the black tank that leaks anyway?
shum02 06/28/19 05:10am Tech Issues
RE: what to use as a cleaner on s slick side f'ver?

Well it's time consuming and requires labour but I always chamois mine dry before the water dries and leaves spots.
shum02 06/25/19 08:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Flowjet Waste Pump Blessing or Curse...?

Seems like the biggest complaint is longevity and overheating. I recommend connecting with oversize 12v cable to minimize voltage drop. Too bad these portable macerators are not 120vac powered. Bought my FloJet in 2006 so I could avoid dump station lineups, used it constantly since then, no issues at all, 'though I did finally buy a rebuild kit a couple of years ago because one of the rubber impeller vanes had broken off. 12 vdc is the only way to go as it means the ability to use the pump anywhere at any time, no need for a 120 vac power source. I'd also never buy any macerator that depends on a water source for operation - no need, the FloJet macerator is reliable, does what it's supposed to do, and will work just fine for years. Criticism always seems to come from those who've not owned one or have never used one. :S x2 Have had mine for about 10 years. Do a lot of winter camping here in Ontario and dump stations are not open so you have to do it at home. Also when out for an extended trip it is a great way along with a portable tote to empty the tanks and head down to the dump station. Never an issue with it, hose it down with WD40 or what ever I have after use and never had an issue. Noise??? It's basically a 12VDC poop blender, really, what did you expect??!!
shum02 06/24/19 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: How much weight is too much?

OP also doesn't give numbers for weight over axles and tires. Wanna bet it's overloaded? My last F150, a 2007 with 5.4L CC, LB with 3:73's I routinely had the rear axle overloaded by 300lbs with trailer in my sig that weighs in at 7000lbs on the axles and over 900lbs of tongue weight. Very sad that that overloaded my truck.
shum02 06/16/19 04:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheel Bearing Temp Question

I just bought a new zero turn mower that has the same bearings as a typical travel trailer. It took 95 ft. lbs. of torque to loosen the nut. About four of the rollers actually had grease on them. So much for having professional mechanics do the work when even the factory has no clue. It is so sad but true. I've done mine for years, not that hard but yea, you can get your hands dirty but you can also use a bearing packer and avoid that. I find with mine that they are about 10C above ambient when I shoot them with the temp gun. They should all be pretty close to each other but yes those in the sun will be a little warmer than those in the shade. If you can't hold your hand to the hub you're in the you need to do them now zone! Lots of video's on youtube on how to R&R them. You WILL undoubtedly do a better job than any shop you pay to do it. A well packed/installed chinesium bearing set is way better than a domestically manufactured set that has been improperly installed and poorly packed. Don't worry to much about the source of the bearing, it really is the install that will make the difference.
shum02 06/16/19 04:46am Tech Issues
RE: What happens when you reset a computer?

Well, hopefully he means rebooting but could certainly mean returning the OS to factory condition. Not being able to go to bookmarks usually means in my world that he's gotten hijacked, being redirected somewhere else every time you try to click on something.
shum02 06/14/19 11:34am Technology Corner
RE: Question for mechanics about replacement starters?

I can,t beleave you went to rock auto,they have the cheapest made stuff on earth. a rebuilt would have been a better starter. but I( hope it works out good for you.I hope he got the new AC Delco model for $120. I order from them all the time. Rock Auto is just a middle man to dozens and dozens of suppliers including Ford dealerships.
shum02 06/10/19 07:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Support while wheels are off

I did this. Put six axle stands under the frame around the suspension and dropped all four stabilizers down. Piece of cake.
shum02 06/06/19 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Drawing water from a lake

This thread is azzinin, if a person knowingly & willingly drinks from a questionable source let darwin decide.:( Most of you based on your experience in the USA can not believe that there are places still left in this world that you can dip you bottle over the side of a boat and drink straight from the lake. In your neck of the woods or even straight from your taps I'd agree but not in ours. Done with this thread. It's been entertaining and even educational.
shum02 06/06/19 08:02am Tech Issues
RE: Any kind of spray on protection for oil pans?

I don't think I've ever heard of an oil pan rusting through. Over 30 years of snowplowing in Connecticut. I know people who've replaced oil pans, usually do to damage like 4x4'ing in the woods. Is this a Dodge/Ram thing? (yep, I went there!!) Nope. Happening on my 6.0L. If I hadn't greased the heck out of it it would be gone by now. Lots of video's on youtube of doing the job of R&R. As a note I have a 20 YO F150 and the pan is absolutely fine. Not sure if having a 4x4 put the pan at more of an angle to catch more of the road spray on the F350.
shum02 06/06/19 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Any kind of spray on protection for oil pans?

My 2005 Dodge 2500 CTD oil pan rusted through. I dont recall what exact year it was, but the truck was 10 years old or less. It was leaking oil from the rust hole. The body only had a couple small bubbles on the wheel wells that were covered up by the OEM flares. Its actually a pretty easy job. Loosen the motor mount bolts, jack it up as high as you can get it. Oil pan comes right out. This was a 4x4. The 6.0L PSD is pretty much exactly the same job.
shum02 06/06/19 05:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Drawing water from a lake

If that lake water hasn't been tested by a laboratory you really don't know if or it isn't safe. and if it has been tested all you know is the quality of that water at that location and point in time. doesn't take into account changes, such as the next thunderstorm washing a ton of cow poop into the lake. bumpy Maybe moose and deer poop. Northern Ontario has very LITTLE acreage for grazing cattle. Seriously, most of you have no clue what Northern Ontario is like. Rocks and trees, trees and rocks with lakes and rivers scattered everywhere in between. Bush that goes on forever until the next lake and so on. A big chuck of paradise really.
shum02 06/05/19 07:53am Tech Issues
RE: Drawing water from a lake

I hate buying bottled water. Most water, at least here in Canada is safe to drink. The lake is a known source. I have drank straight from it with no ill effects. I do know water sitting in a tank that has not been treated can be unsafe. I would want to have the water go through the filtration before the tank. Since I have dipped my water bottle over the side of a canoe in Northern Ontario and drank from it I know where you're coming from. For the most part I'd just add no more than barely a quarter cup of bleach to 40 gallons of water if it was going to be sitting for a while in the tank. A carbon filter prior to the tank to take care of sand and rocks.
shum02 06/04/19 11:33am Tech Issues
RE: Any kind of spray on protection for oil pans?

Even in the saltiest of environments, it takes many decades to rust an oil pan out from the outside in. I'd tell him to not worry about it. If I was really that concerned, I'd probably clean and paint the oil pan before I'd put some kind of coating on it that'd just hold more moisture and salt. Try living in NY State or Ontario Cda with a steel oil pan. Can take less than 10 years to rot it out.
shum02 06/04/19 07:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Any kind of spray on protection for oil pans?

Coat mine with multi purpose grease and paint brush every time I change the oil. Everything else washes off with the heat and water spray.
shum02 06/04/19 07:38am Tow Vehicles
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