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RE: Any ideas for quieting a generator??

I charge my batteries then turn mine off. Works pretty good. Solar is on the horizon but in Ontario, with all the trees and how far North we are running solar 100% usually isn't enough.
shum02 06/11/21 08:56am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Border open?

When everyone is ready. Canada/US Border
shum02 06/09/21 01:31pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Regular Microwaves vs RV Microwaves

What is the difference between an RV microwave like the Dometic CDMW12B and a Home Microwave like the LG CDMW12B (note they are the same model number) The door on the Dometic says DOMETIC and the one on the LG says LG. Now because of the way the dometic was originally mounted the installer did some sheet metal work to duct exhaust air but the microwave itself is identical to the Lucky Goldstar. and in case you are wondering I've never been lucky enough to have Goldstar products work (So the one that is now in my apartment kitchen is a CDMW12B/yxm the suffix means I re-designed part of it, did some machining and replaced one LG part with a GE part, now it works great). But the reason for the ducting is originally the unit was installed in a closed cabinet the mounting flange had vents and they routed exhaust air into the flange... AMANA's vent to the front (At least the 2 I had did). so that would not be needed if the compartment is open.. you don't need to do that (I eventually opened the compartment) but the mirowave... Is identical save for the name Dometic on the door . Oh and the price tag. then you get greystone, which is not the same as any other brand for issues like the motherboard. mine recently went, but it was just a lose wire in a cheep plug. if it would have been the motherboard it would have been junk because the repair shop couldnt trase the numbers on it to anywhere. some times I envy your prices in the US, 40 bucks for microwave that would cost 150.00 here and the rv ones are about 450.00 Steve I bought a microwave at Cdn Tire a while back for $75. If I wait for a sale bet I could push $65. With exchange that is about the same. MasterChef house brand.
shum02 06/05/21 07:43am Beginning RVing
RE: Canadian Camping outlook or No Alaska this year

Ontario Provincial Parks are presently closed. If you did not book anything already for July and August you are probably pooched. At least for the big popular parks. If you don't mind driving up North of North Bay you MIGHT get something. Wow. They are all open in BC...and mostly packed. So would they be here if they where open. Think about it, the Province saves money when they are closed. Ontario Parks only recoup around 80% of the money it cost to service a site through reservation's. If there is no one there no staff is required and they do no maintenance. Win, win.
shum02 05/19/21 12:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Canadian Camping outlook or No Alaska this year

Ontario Provincial Parks are presently closed. If you did not book anything already for July and August you are probably pooched. At least for the big popular parks. If you don't mind driving up North of North Bay you MIGHT get something.
shum02 05/18/21 01:14pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Canadian Camping outlook or No Alaska this year

This week, I heard on the news here in Detroit that the border crossing rules may be loosened in the next week. In fact it was just on TV. Trudeau and Biden's reps are talking about it now. It will be tied to infection rates and may be dependent upon being vaccinated. It will not be until at least June. Ontario is locked down until then. Things are "quickly" getting better and not because of Provincial governments. They are the reason we have been slow but regardless of them we are catching up with the U.S. Just give us a little time, we are almost there :)
shum02 05/17/21 05:48am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Not a good thing, at all....

Don't worry about us we are not that bad. Fact is compared to the rest of the world we are right behind you. We appreciate your concern but as I look out the window we are not on fire. Thing could always be better but here in Ontario we are having a political problem not a vaccine problem. We'll sort it out later. Thanks for your concern. Canada
shum02 04/26/21 04:35am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV travel across Canada during these lockdown times

If you are Canadians, and your not leaving Canada there is nothing to worry about. Why would there be? If you are an american doing this you should be worried. Many stories of transits through Canada which turned into sightseeing trips to Banff (etc) and been busted by RMP. Our friends in Ontario tell us even the province to province boarder is being shut down but I'm not sure about the western provinces. So depending on how serious they take it, it could be an issue. You can travel out of Ontario to the West without issue. BTW the Provincial borders are NOT shut down. Coming into Ontario from Manitoba could be an issue but going West will not - the OPP are monitoring that. Same with the Quebec - Ontario border. Ottawa police stopped doing checks on Monday so it is open. British Columbia is cracking down though with the stay at home orders. The Third Wave is proving to be stubborn particularly with the variants. Check Province to Province for local restrictions. Passing through should not be an issue.
shum02 04/22/21 12:55pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Flo Jet tips and tricks -- here is one I just learned

Turn the pump on before the water. Ease the water on slowly. Have over 60psi at home and have no issues.
shum02 04/21/21 05:47am Tech Issues
RE: High Miles??

I have over 500k kms/310k miles and just did a 1000kms trip this past weekend. Trailer is only 8k lbs. Truck is my daily driver. Wouldn't hesitate to drive it 5x that for a trip. I'm the guy that does all the work on it so I have only one person to blame for any issues, but I'm also the guy that got it this far. Depends on your comfort zone. It's the little things that get me now, a leaky PS hose, sensors but I'm not worried about the engine or tranny grenading. Truck has never stranded me. Regular engine and transmission maintenance, brakes, suspension, steering and electrical service are all part of owning any vehicle including a new one. They are maintenance items and all wear out long before engines and transmissions do.
shum02 03/28/21 06:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Truck Seat Repair

I have a 2006 Ford Lariet with the fake leather seats. In one area the seat is wearing (about 6 x 6 area). What I want to know is if any one has had luck with any manufacture of vinyl repair or will eternabond roof tape work? The problem is on the driver side front area left of the seat, so it is not a flat area, but curved. Weird, my leather seat are real, at least the seating surfaces in the front seats. There are LOT's of video's on youtube on fixing leather sofa's and the like. Would more than likely work for the trucks seats if you don't want to pay someone. Leather cut repair I used this method to repair a leather sofa I cut moving up from the basement. Worked pretty good. BTW my '06's seats look great. Make sure to use a leather moisturizer. Makes all the difference to keep the leather from drying out and splitting, especially on the drivers side side bolster.
shum02 02/19/21 11:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Patching Coroplast

And the winner ties! They closed it up nicely and I didn't have to bother with cleaning off the old adhesive first! Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. :)
shum02 02/18/21 04:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Patching Coroplast

I stitched mine up with zip ties.
shum02 02/17/21 04:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Do you regret getting rid of your RV cornices?

We removed the side valances on our KZ as soon as we got it. Left the top part on to hide the shades when they are up and put stuff on top of them like a shelf. No regrets at all, would do it again in a heartbeat.
shum02 02/13/21 05:57am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: New Border Regulations

So the snowbirds who cleverly skirted the closed border will be inconvenienced on their way home? Boohoo! says one who stayed home:)Yeah, I stayed home too. I have ENORMOUS sympathy for those clever people who broke the rules and are now paying the price getting home. Playing my violin right now for them.
shum02 02/11/21 11:48am Snowbirds
RE: How I repaired my damaged section of my fiberglass wall

Btw, thanks, all, for the compliments. It wasn't a perfect job, but not bad either. It is holding up well, so I am happy. Most factory applications and not perfect either. Great job!
shum02 02/04/21 01:06pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Is there a more accurate way to measure fluid levels?

Not that I've found, other than getting a feel for when things are filling up. For instance, I know my gray is full when there's standing water in the shower. LOL My fresh works pretty good. x2 When I'm standing in water in the tub the grey is full. I grab a headlamp, never a flashlight, open the loo and have a look. When both of those are full I am probably almost out of FW. Even when the gauges worked, they never worked well.
shum02 12/21/20 12:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Cant get parts shipped from USA to Canada

Where are you looking for the part, is it available from other resellers? Is it a generic part or is it manufacture specific? If one online portal does not offer Cda shipping I can always find another that does. Never been beat yet.
shum02 11/23/20 01:15pm Snowbirds
RE: Froze black/grey tanks....

I was pretty sure you'd be fine.
shum02 11/02/20 01:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Froze black/grey tanks....

How do you know they are frozen if you haven't drained them? Is the belly of the rig covered or open? If open a small electric forced air heater will do the trick blowing on the tank, if it is closed and insulated with a "heated" underbelly turn on the furnace and crank it up. It'll take a while but it will eventually warm it up. I've had worse, don't panic.
shum02 10/29/20 07:59am Class A Motorhomes
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