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RE: in need of macerating toilet options advice.

Start with a good amount of water/fluid in the tank say 10-15% of capacity. I have never had an issue with the "pyramid of poo" in my rig and it has only happened to people I know because they refused to start with enough liquid in the tank. Nice soapy dish water helps as well.
shum02 11/13/19 05:10am Travel Trailers
RE: How many of you winter camp? Suggestions for winter camping?

Dehumidifier is a must imo. That's the only real way to cut down the condensation other than cranking up the heat. Also, keep the slides in at night. We always crack the vent in the bathroom. Been winter camping for over 10 years and never had inside condensation issues unless you try to keep the rig sealed up tight. It NEEDS to vent.
shum02 10/28/19 12:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: How cold can you go?

I moved from CO to AZ and don't worry about cold weather any more. Those of us who camp in the cold don't worry about it, we embrace and look forward to it :) No bugs and best of people!
shum02 10/28/19 09:37am Travel Trailers
RE: How cold can you go?

And one more thought -- we are not hijacking the thread here. This is all relevant to "how cold can you go," the OP's topic. How does one cope with winter weather? One finds winter things to do. Provincial parks here in Ontario have snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating, sledding, fat tire mtb access and access to snowmobile trails. Lots to do!
shum02 10/25/19 05:11am Travel Trailers
RE: New Brakes Requires

Our 12 yr old KZ Spree has never had new brakes, when we bought used 2 yrs ago, it still had the original tires as it had very rarely been towed anywhere! We have since towed it well over 20,000 km mostly on the east coast which i would describe as hilly but not mountainous. Braking performance is fair even with the brake controller on full. So we decided to replace the braking system with 4 new brake assemblies at our dealers suggest. Etrailer has 2 brands, there own private lable and dexter originals. etrailer brakes are $100/ pair and dexters are $25 more per pair. canadian dealer prices are double that! my tendency is toward the dexter originals, but anybody know the difference? we also want to install a powered aframe jack. suggestions as to weight capacity? right now we have the original handcrank 2000# capacity and its time for a new something, effort required is getting higher and higher(or im just getting old!). tongue weight is around 1000 lbs plus we lift the truck to install our weight bars. so im considering a 3000 lb jack Just did my KZ this summer at about the same age. Replaced mine with completes from Princess Auto and id it myself. They are Rockwell units but side by side with the OEM units there was zero difference. The electric unit and shoes come fully assembled and only need to be wired in to the OEM or in my case I replaced the 16/18ga wire KZ had built the unit with(seriously!) with 12ga primary and ground, new runs from the 7 wire at the front junction box(another KZ disaster). Drums where also Rockwell along with what ever bearing and races where provided. Did all 4 wheels myself for about $500 in parts and my own sweat equity. Seriously not that hard and then adjusted the drums after assembly. As for tongue jack also picked up a nice heavy unit at Princess Auto about 5 years ago that lifts a 900lb tongue weight and the rear of a loaded F350 with no problems at all. They are always on sale.
shum02 10/21/19 08:26am Travel Trailers
RE: How cold can you go?

Algonquin a few years ago it hit -32C/-25F in February. Froze the hot water line in a 3 season camper set up for winter camping. Not everyone's idea of fun but it is actually ours :)
shum02 10/16/19 06:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Long distance tank disposal

Flojet should easily do 150' on level ground. I do over 50' uphill with no issue at all.
shum02 09/26/19 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: Stopped to help fellow camper

Good on you! Karma does pay back pretty good sometimes ;) I had a incident with a bearing a few months back that a good samaritan helped me out with by going home to get a grinder for me. There are still great people in the world that ask for nothing a give a lot.
shum02 09/18/19 12:35pm Folding Trailers
RE: Radiator performance? Life expectancy?

Replaced the rad in the SD last year with just over 400k kms on her. Started to leak past the seals on the bottom of the core between the header and the bottom tank. Not to bad I think. I replaced the egr and oil cooler at the same time along with a new t-stat and overflow bottle. A solid weekend of my own labour and parts so not too bad. Can tow my 8000lb camper and barely push 200F for oil and coolant and around 170F for trans fluid, t-stat keeps her right around 190F empty. Worth the trouble.
shum02 09/10/19 01:02pm Tech Issues
RE: For those that have had a blowout when towing

I've had two blow outs and never heard a thing from either, passing motorists alerted me to them. I check pressure before heading out and check tires at every stop. More than likely age is what killed them. Trailer handled fine, no indication of running on one! Now carry two spares.
shum02 09/05/19 01:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tongue jack collapsed, TT nose crashed down - ouch!

Truck is getting old, starting to break. 392,000K on it. That's not old! 450K+ kms on my daily driven F350 :)
shum02 08/28/19 02:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Tongue jack collapsed, TT nose crashed down - ouch!

Princess Auto always has them on sale. Have had mine on for close to 5 years with no issue.
shum02 08/27/19 05:09am Tech Issues
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

No follow up on why it came off, what it came off of and not an RV. What am I missing??? That every vehicle in Ontario should be yearly inspected? The point was simply that if a 'daily driver' owned and operated by a LEO could lose a wheel on a major highway causing this sort of issue, then imagine how much more likely a vehicle much more likely to be self-maintained, if maintained at all, and only driven sporadically and likely only seasonally at that is to be in poor shape. Many, many jurisdictions in North America require just that, an annual safety inspection for every vehicle, motorized or not. BTW, there was an update, it just wasn't as publicized as the actual event. This one was also the 5 or 6th instance this summer of passenger vehicles or small trailers losing wheels. According to the OPP spokesman, "A 56 year old man from Barrie is now charged with “Detached part” - HTA 84.2(1) after a wheel came off his vehicle and struck another vehicle injuring the driver on #Hwy400" Just because he's a LEO does not make him in any way a mechanic. Several years ago May 24 I got caught in those trailer inspections on the 400 North of #7. The OPP officer looking over my rig had NO clue what he was looking at. I explained it to him what he was looking at, we checked all my lights and then I was off. BTW I no longer stop there on a long weekend anymore. An hour of my life I won't get back. With dofo running the Province for another 3 years you will NEVER see any additional "red tape" thrown in front of business or the motoring public. Heck I disagreed with the removal of emission test because it was perhaps the only time some people actually took their car to see a mechanic unless it actually stranded them and let's not even talk about the North end of the province getting exemptions from emission testing due to financial hardships!!! I have had my F350 registered for 4000kgs since I have owned it to not bother with the yellow sticker. Personally I'm glad it's done with as my truck is a daily driver, it does not earn me a living, get me any tax deductions or covered by OHSA legislation.
shum02 08/15/19 10:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

some provinces have an annual safety inspection for all motor vehicles and trailers. private and commercial AND travel trailers are included, even little popups new Brunswick and nova scotia for sure keeps a lot of trash off the road While in theory I don't disagree with your suggestion I have not seen or heard of any recreational vehicles in Ontario sustaining mechanical failures due to lack of maintenance kill people. however we have too many examples of tires flying off of passenger cars and commercial transport trailers in Ontario that have indeed killed people. I support fixing that issue first as it has resulted in serious injury and death. Never say never........ Read this story. Please note the point in the story, the vehicle that lost the wheel, was a LEO’s own vehicle. While NOT an RV, it was one of those ‘exempt’ vehicles that don’t need to be inspected. No follow up on why it came off, what it came off of and not an RV. What am I missing??? That every vehicle in Ontario should be yearly inspected?
shum02 08/15/19 07:17am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: My 2008 F-250 (a little rant)

Interesting....this never seems to pop up as an issue on the Ford Trucks forum. Don't think it's as common as you might think. Maybe a second opinion would have been in order before dropping the cash. I'm guess most don't think it a big deal and it can be done in the driveway with basic tools for not a lot of money and just a bit of sweat equity. Most of the youtub vids you see the bushing are totally shot. Maybe it's not that big a deal or perhaps a lot of owners don't even know its an issue. I see lots of trucks with the cab touching the bed and not just Fords, guess people just don't really notice??
shum02 08/08/19 02:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My 2008 F-250 (a little rant)

Considering what new trucks cost, a set of steering/suspension components and body bushings is a drop in the ocean. Nothing could be more truthful!
shum02 08/08/19 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: My 2008 F-250 (a little rant)

Those sure are poor quality components by Ford, but nice that they are a super easy and cheap fix. I don't know about that really. 13yo and 450k kms and they are just starting to go? I've replaced just about all the suspension, steering and drive components under my truck that move. It would be nice if everything lasted forever but nothing does.
shum02 08/07/19 12:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My 2008 F-250 (a little rant)

Ex mechanic here-- Please get a 2nd opinion. I smell a rat. PS: I have NEVER heard of body mounts going "bad"!!!! They actually do. Ford changed the mount material somewhere before 2006, older trucks seem to do better. Good shops that are doing extensive motor work that pull the cabs off usually replace them as part of a PM. Again not all body mount replacements are good, some are really stiff others too soft. Read the reviews! My 2006 is still pretty good but noticing more vibration through the seat of my pants little by little. Since they have lasted 13 years it wouldn't bother me to replace them with factory units. I do like the ride quality.
shum02 08/07/19 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone Travel with bikes inside their TRailer?

Mine and my wife's bikes cost several thousands of dollars. Don't think I want them bouncing around on the back of the camper. If I don't have them in the TT I have enough room in the crew cab to also put them in the back seat depending on our trip.
shum02 07/30/19 05:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Special Trailer Brakes Required in Canada?

Very more than likely if you conform to your local State laws and regs you will be fine here as we are when we travel in your neck of the woods. Ontario requires trailer brakes on trailers over 3000lbs. You will NOT find anyone here in Ontario doing any inspections on out of country trailers except maybe around the Victoria Day weekend and only on major highway off ramps.
shum02 07/30/19 05:06am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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