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RE: In 2 years time I can no longer afford to buy a camper

I need a new Miller mig welding machine. I've been looking at them for the last 3 years. In that time the machine I wanted has gone from about $2400 to $4000. Whoever is saying inflation is 7.9% is full of it. that's correct....inflation (consumer) in the US is running 16% ++ presently. But it's not as high as it was in 1917, when inflation was 19.6%. But at this rate, real inflation (your purchasing power) may take a 20% or 30% hit in near future. When consumer interest rates hit 12% to 16%. Imagine how much a mortgage payment will cost then? Better renew fast. I should have started a chartered bank 3 years ago, and got $billions in free money from the Fed at lend out at 8% ! ...the way "we" measure inflation today (CPI) is all wrong. We need to measure inflation based on the stuff we really buy. Look at gasoline. In our neck of the woods, gasoline prices went up by 50% (!). What about home heating cost? A travel trailer? We were looking at a particular brand of trailers. 3 years ago, $22,700. Today? $38,000. But I'm preaching to the choir :D
silversand 03/19/22 10:29am Truck Campers
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

....this thread has probably now run its course. Just one last item of important interest, that may inform the course of this pandemic. Whether you are vaccinated or not, this recent comprehensive article in Medscape may save your sanity. It is a comprehensive review of all known scientific research on why we now are certain, that natural immunity will be the policy of close to every nation on Earth, whether you choose the vaccination route, or not. It is a long article, with a link to each piece of research backing the article thesis: Covid-19: Why are we Ignoring Infection-Acquired Immunity? ....the section on long-lasting protection, Comparisons With Vaccine-induced Immunity, Caution Over Boosters and now, you having read all the supporting research linked in the article, the most poignant section, the future of Public Health Policy will drive home how we should proceed in the future with natural immunity policy IF inconvenient science does not continue to be sidelined.
silversand 03/19/22 05:53am Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

Did you have any trouble getting a test that would still be valid when you crossed? Moisheh: No problem getting an testing appointment for RAT / NAAT / PCR tests in Florida, and, along our entire route home (every State from Florida to New York). The pharmacies we have gone into calendars and web portals on show EASY access, and very open times. We have been probing wait times and delays for a few weeks now. I can only infer that few if anyone are getting tests along or route home (this may vary spatially/temporally across the USA). Just be aware that the Walgreens testing portal blanks out their test schedule on "the present day". So, for example, if you want to book a NAAT, RAT, or PCR test on the same day you log into their portal, you will have to book a time slot the day after.
silversand 03/18/22 06:44am Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

AriveCan is a nasty piece of code. It won't run on older Android devices. At Christmas time it would also not run on iphones can say that again! More and more Canadian snowbirds reporting back to me are only holding their cell phones out the window so that the border agent can read the negative test(s) for the passengers. That is. But testing is now a moot point crossing back. April 1st.
silversand 03/18/22 05:55am Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

Tourism in Canada is only 1/3 of pre covid. The rapid test requirement serves no purpose but is killing tourism and hassling Canadians`` ....Moisheh. We just completed the ArriveCAN online version. We are heading back to Canada later in March. Very interesting experience. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience. Maybe the phone app is more intuitive? If I was a US visitor to Canada, I would avoid Canada at all costs. Extremely frustrating. We could not get a confirm that we had uploaded our vaccination documents into ArriveCAN ! I have been getting reports from Canadians driving back across the border from the US, saying that Canadian Customs does not even care about ArriveCAN; the border agents are ONLY asking for your "proof of negative test" on your phone screen. What does that tell you about the efficacy of this screening process? It is a CATASTROPHE. That's what. Canada better pull this disastrous ArriveCAN process. I will report exactly what transpires as/after we cross back. Update: ........finally, my wife managed to get our proof of registration that we ARE ARRIVING at the border, and we meet the criteria. This, after 1 hour and 20 minutes putzing around with the **** online version. With 1 in 10 Canadian jobs directly tied to "tourism" in Canada, in 2019, Canadian tourism earned 104.9 $ billion, and experienced an 82.5% drop in revenue in 2020 (but this is understandable, because no vaccines existed then). Imagine how much revenue was lost in 2021? When Canadians were almost entirely unvaccinated up until June/July of 2021, because Canada could NOT get sufficient vaccines ? Even worse, the Canadian border only opening in the 3rd quarter to US in-coming road visitors (let alone ANY foreign flyers)? I will guestimate 90 $ billion lost. In 2022? Not yet known, not even guessable. The Canadian taxpayer is on the hook for $1.7 trillion in Covid mitigation costs, plus appx $90 billion in lost tourism revenue when incoming vaccines were deployed very late in the game. I'm not saying that Covid mitigation costs should have been zero, however, Federal latency may have cost Canadians ~~ $1 trillion more than it should have cost. This will eventually come out in the wash, as investigative journalists get a better handle on mismanagement, and inappropriate use of draconian lock-down measures over the next several years.
silversand 03/14/22 05:23pm Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

JaxDad: The global health world, the media, and politics are all transfixed by COVID … and yet we pay very little attention to a disease that is still killing over 400,000 people every year, mainly children,” Pedro Alsonso, director of the WHO’s malaria program, told reporters at a briefing on Sunday, according to Reuters There are many pathogens killing many, many fold more than Covid in least developed countries. Unless you completely shut down air travel, and shutter the entire global airline industry (plus the tens of millions of environmental and conflict refugees per year), pathogens will always be hitch hiking...forever. so, the planet's human population will have absolutely no choice but to live with said pathogen spread. The virus won with Omicron. There is absolutely nothing humans can do to prevent its spread. I am 100% for vaccines, but fast mutating viruses will always win the race. These viruses spread world wide magnitudes faster than humans can deploy vaccine. Site Covid Omicron. Testing at airports and land border crossings will do absolutely zero towards mitigating viruses like Omicron from spreading globally. Maybe slow the spread by milliseconds (a few days).
silversand 03/12/22 09:27am Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

By January 29th they (Denmark) had a daily case count of over 41,000 new cases. Our World in Data: Denmark has a massive drop off on confirmed, only 2662 cases per million! New Zealand: 4008 confirmed per million :E But both these numbers are really meaningless, as the vast majority of those countries are fully vaxed :D Imagine: Denmark has no Covid mitigation in place since what? Beginning of January? New Zealand has the strictest on Earth; look at where that got New Zealand today. New Zealand is competing with Hong Kong as one of the top most infected countries/places on Earth.
silversand 03/11/22 07:58am Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

There are lots of places with low vaccination rates. Africa comes to mind. IIRC it is about 7% vaccination rate. Yes; absolutely! But what should drive policy world-wide is the following: .....what ratio of the entire population has had acquired natural immunity, and what ratio has acquired vaccine immunity, and finally, what ratio of the population has acquired both natural infection AND immunity from vaccination. Take a look at Our World in Data (pretty well the only reliable source for global Covid data now; only exception: the UK and Denmark are exceptionally good). The entire Planet's population is approaching all three (from 80+ % to 98% acquired gross population immunity just in the UK! Imagine in countries where NO vaccine was deployed?). What the World needs now is: genomic identification of anything more dangerous than Omicron (so far, nada). Any other Covid endeavor (other than new vaccine research) is a waste of resources. The world was ready to completely open up at the end of February. Border shutdowns were totally ineffective against spread (look up the research; there is a lot of it).
silversand 03/11/22 07:48am Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

That test also discourages cross border shoppers. Both ways. Lots of Canadians have a mail box service in the USA. They retrieve parcels. Now you have to add the cost of a test. Crazy. I cold give a reason for that test but it would be political. American tourists will have to have a test for the whole family. Not only a PIA it is costly. Our friends just crossed into Canada with RV yesterday. They got $$$ antigen tests 3 hours drive before crossing, and got their results in plenty of time. We do this too, sometime later in March. Still enjoying Florida. 86F yesterday. A few thunderstorms today, 74F. Asking for every Canadian citizen returning by road to get any Covid lab test is ludicrous. Considering virtually every living human being on Earth in 2022 already has either natural, or vaccine induced immunity, or BOTH already. Canada may be the last country on Earth presently requiring returning fully vaxed CITIZENS to undergo (potentially) expensive Covid tests just before arriving at customs in their private vehicle(s). Senseless. Unnecessary, and in post-Omicron times, an utter waste of resources; it is throwing money out the window. Money SHOULD instead be put into genomic testing (Canada is doing virtually ZERO genomic testing for variants). Look to Denmark for sane policy at this stage in the pandemic.
silversand 03/10/22 11:00am Snowbirds

"Our data indicate that BA.2 is virologically different from BA.1 and raise a proposal that BA.2 should be given a letter of the Greek alphabet and be distinguished from BA.1, a commonly recognized Omicron variant." what point/could BA.2 be considered the start of a, um, different specie? At what point would/could BA.2 be the start of a new clade; if BA.2 could ever be that different from .1 ...?
silversand 02/24/22 07:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Transamerica '22 Pacific-Atlantic crossing

Hi Felix: Sounds like a great trip. My wife and I are in Florida for the winter, escaped Canada at the end of November. We are planning numerous trips to the US this June and July, so we are not sure when we will be in Quebec. Plans evolve quickly (Canada being one of the strictest countries on Earth to get into because of Covid, even if Canadian citizen). IF we are actually home, and plans coincide, we may get to meet you guys. Just a few things you need to know when traveling across Canadian provinces: every province has its own Covid visitation laws. All the Maritimes are the strictest, for foreign travelers. You will have to consult with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia members here, but those Provinces usually have police roadblocks at most/all road access points checking all ID of passengers and driver when you drive into, for example, New Brunswick (the only way to get to Nova Scotia by road from Canada, is across New Brunswick). Maritime Provinces also have their own Pandemic Level codes: Level 4, 3, 2 etc independent of Canadian Federal Pandemic Levels. Depending on how Omicron develops/subsides, you may have a very tough time driving into New Brunswick from Quebec, under a US or EU passport (ie. you may need a PCR test, and/or quarantine period). Same for entering into Canada from any US land border crossing (you have to buy a commercial lab PCR test in the US for a considerable amount of money with negative result and ArriveCAN filled-out by internet 3 days before appearing at Canadian border). Then, when you present yourself at Canadian Customs at a road entry, the officer will likely give you a PCR test in a box, this to be administered by you and passenger within 24 hours of crossing by land. If you test positive just after you cross, you will need to spend at least 10 days in isolation, with absolutely no exiting your camper to get food, or interface with anyone. This begs the question: your quarantine plan when arriving in Canada with your truck camper must be bullet-proof to scrutiny by Canadian Customs agent. No one wants to acquire Omicron, but s**t happens. You will likely have to go through the same tangled mess when crossing from Quebec into the New Brunswick as a non Canadian foreign national. Then, do the same testing again when exiting New Brunswick into Nova Scotia. This is not a guarantee, but you better plan for significant delay/quarantine/or isolation when entering Canada by road from the US, and again when entering the Canadian Maritimes from Quebec OR from Maine. It may affect your Halifax shipping schedule.....if you have to meet a shipping broker on a specific date. Cheers, D-
silversand 02/08/22 07:53am Truck Campers

"In summary, we found that SARS-CoV-2 neurotropism exhibited full penetrance in the cortexes of COVID-19 autism and Alzheimer’s patients. SARS-CoV-2 infection induced Alzheimer’s-like phenotypes in autism patients and exacerbated neuropathology in Alzheimer’s patients. SARS-CoV-2 infection triggered cellular and molecular Alzheimer’s pathogenesis programs in iPSC-derived neurons from healthy individuals and enhanced neuropathological phenotypes in iPSC-derived neurons from Alzheimer’s patients. We reveal a list of 24 genes that potentially mediate the infectious etiology of Alzheimer’s disease under the condition of SARS-CoV-2 infection." SARS-CoV-2 invades cognitive centers of the brain and induces Alzheimer’s-like neuropathology here--> Wow. I'm worried. What if Omicron (BA.2) infects everyone on Earth (eventually) ? We need to start developing a treatment for a potentially very, very large human population. Am I overreacting? Or not?
silversand 02/07/22 09:08am Around the Campfire

This study utilized new products from my employer which measures antibodies against several (10) variants at the same time and now includes Omicron Thanks for all the pointers to new research! I'll have some reading to do....
silversand 02/07/22 07:44am Around the Campfire
RE: This is too easy!

....we just had the coldest day in Florida yet, since end of November: highs in the 49 to 50F range in St Augustine area, and not much better from Fort Myers north. Today, through Tuesday only 55F up here. Even the Tampa area won't escape this massive cold front. Only Fort Lauderdale and south of there will hit 69+ F over this cold snap.
silversand 01/23/22 04:34am Snowbirds
RE: Where are all of the snowbirds?

....all the commercial parks around us (3 of them, with close to 1000 sites combined) jam packed. Forget about getting into a State park (unless you want just 1 night). This, in extreme northeast Florida, where temps are not exactly tropical, but consistently above 50 to 60F...most of the commercial parks near us charge in excess of $90 + taxes per night !
silversand 01/23/22 04:26am Snowbirds
RE: Where are all of the snowbirds?

....we have been in North Florida since the end of November. All the State Parks in our region are quite solidly booked. Its almost impossible to get more than 1 night in a row (have to be extremely lucky). We are heading over to Anastasia State Park in a couple of hours to take another look.... Our local KOA looks quite solidly booked, too. That, since before Christmas.
silversand 01/20/22 05:19am Snowbirds

Thanks BC Snob ! I am now starting the read. (see study from NBA samples) suggests that patients with Omicron could be infectious a day or two after exposure to an infectious person and before the onset of symptoms or PCR positive test. Interesting. I wonder if where the swab is applied to collect the sample for PCR testing is critical.....with Omicron infection detection? ie. Nose? Mouth saliva? Throat?
silversand 01/16/22 08:57am Around the Campfire

The ratios you posted are from averages over the last 28 days of data; over those last 28 days the ratios were increasing. two eyes are on those (delta) ratio spreads....check. Any bleeding edge research (in preprint) on Omicron pathogenicity.... specifically, the contagious viral shedding period?
silversand 01/13/22 08:22am Around the Campfire

Unvaccinated 65+ year-olds are: -6 times more likely to get COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ year-olds. -11 times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ yearolds. -15 times more likely to die of COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated 65+ year-olds ....the above, from the Washington State report linked by BC Snob. Absolutely no contest for being fully vaccinated (this includes being boosted). ....I think where the vast population gets, um, confused about being vaccinated against sars-cov-2 is under the present situation, where Omicron has entirely escaped the vaccine's 1st defensive line (antibodies); however, the vaccine's 2nd line of defense (T and B cells) seem to be holding strong. If your T and B cells "act" fast (this of course, if you are really fully vaccinated), you may not feel many (if any) symptoms from Omicron at all. The whole fully vaccinated game is about staying out of the hospital, or worse, becoming a mortality statistic. This, of course, applies to flu vaccines, too. Correct BC ?
silversand 01/13/22 07:37am Around the Campfire

Humans have done a great job to mitigate this as best we can, but mother nature is a beast. :D
silversand 01/12/22 10:26am Around the Campfire
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