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Sleeping in my hybrid takes me back to sleeping on the porch during the summer at the cottage in the Thousand Islands. I full-time in one (for 3 years now- before that in a pop-up)and haven't seen any leak/maintenance issues that would be attributable to the hybrid form.
soon2bexpat 11/23/20 08:21am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Pulling Travel Trailer in Colorado with Tahoe

Also, I got a Bluetooth OBD reader that plugs into the port. I use an old phone (cracked screen) to display a gauge set including trans temp. Cheap way to have a full gauge set.
soon2bexpat 11/09/20 09:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pulling Travel Trailer in Colorado with Tahoe

I've got almost the same set-up: '02 Yukon XL, same engine & rear, and a hybrid trailer. I haven't been over 8000' yet, mostly northern NM & AZ. It pulls fine but steeper grades will be done at very slow speeds.
soon2bexpat 11/09/20 09:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer brake advice

I've been using the Curt Bluetooth since 10/19 and I am a full-timer. Works flawlessly. If you were to lose signal, it still works your brakes at the last setting you used.
soon2bexpat 09/01/20 08:44am Travel Trailers
modernizing older hybrid

I have an '02 Thor 18DT. I really only use the front bed. It's not a huge pain to set up but I was wondering about modernizing two areas: 1) Replace the rods underneath that hold up the bed. What if I attached cables from the bed corners to the camper body? 2) The vinyl has snaps on the leading edge and then uses bungee cords to attach the sides to each other under the bed base. What if I screwed the 3 sides to the bed base, making it permanently attached? With those mods, all I would have to do is release the clamps, drop the bed down, and put in the top metal rod that holds up the vinyl.
soon2bexpat 07/28/20 11:10am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Blue Tooth Electric Brake controller

I'e been using it since 10/19. Works great. I use an old phone that has a broken screen. Attach it with a vent mount. If you lose connection (I don't remember that happening yet), the system still works the brakes using the settings you plugged in.
soon2bexpat 07/23/20 09:02am Towing
RE: New Mexico travel restrictions

Quarantine does not apply to commercial trucks delivering to essential businesses.
soon2bexpat 07/05/20 08:10pm Roads and Routes
Replacing stovetop

I full time and have a Magic Chef stove/oven. Hate the oven and only use my Breville electric toaster oven. So I pulled out the Magic Chef, installed the Breville, and am going to add a new stove top unit. This unit will fit: It looks like a simple install. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion or suggestion before ordering it.
soon2bexpat 06/18/20 09:02am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Filtering water for my travel trailer

We use the blue torpedo at the campground spigot and a Zero Water counter top pitcher. Same here. I’m spending the summer in the NM southern mountains. I put an ice cube in a glass of bourbon. When I got near the bottom, I noticed particles floating on the bottom. The Zero Water comes with a TDS monitor. The water here was off the chart- over 600! Made my coffee taste bad, too. After the Zero, the water tested at zero. Much better tasting. But the filters don’t last long with water like this.
soon2bexpat 06/08/20 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Securing cable outside trailer

Do you have a front molded cap? On mine it is wide open behind that cap. I's a hybrid, so has the fold-out bed in front.
soon2bexpat 05/19/20 08:18am Tech Issues
RE: Securing cable outside trailer

Sorry. I want to attach the cable to the vertical front of the trailer, down to the battery on the tongue.
soon2bexpat 05/18/20 11:52am Tech Issues
Securing cable outside trailer

I’m adding a solar panel and want to run the wire to the controller along the exterior of the trailer. I’m looking for suggestions to secure the wire.
soon2bexpat 05/18/20 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: Problems when replacing 7 pin connector

Number one hook up the ground wire first. It's most likely the white wire and it's at the 7'oclock position when looking into the socket on the bumper. Once the ground is hooked up you can just play with each wire until you get it right. I'll try this method next week. I came to an RV park today because when I connected it the second time yesterday, as I wrote above, the trailer battery was completely drained, after just a few minutes. Won't even recharge fully using a generator. So I needed electricity. I assume I should leave the black power wire for last?
soon2bexpat 05/11/20 01:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Problems when replacing 7 pin connector

No helper around. I’m in the Lincoln NF in NM. The Yukon’s cap has a diagram but it’s on the outside and worn down to the point of being unreadable. I’m going to try to take a picture and then mess with it in Lightroom to see if I can get anything out of it. But I would think that would match the vehicles owners manual,so not holding out much hope.
soon2bexpat 05/10/20 12:31pm Tech Issues
Problems when replacing 7 pin connector

I have a Curt Bluetooth brake controller. Works great but last week, it kept going out on me. Figured maybe the unit was bad, being Bluetooth and all. Get unhitched and see that the problem is a cut in the cord on the trailer side of the 7 pin. So I order a new trailer side plug and cut off the old one. Here’s where everything goes to hell. I thought I could pull the end off the old plug to see how the wires are hooked up. But it’s like a solid piece. So I figured the wires going into the end would be in order and proceeded to wire it that way. Plugged it into the tow vehicle, turned on the TV headlights and saw the running lights turn on the trailer. Good. But the other lights (brake & turn) wouldn’t turn on and the brake controller couldn’t make a connection. I disconnected the trailer but the trailer running lights stayed on. Couldn’t figure that one out, so I pulled the bulbs so that the trailer battery wouldn’t die (I’m boondocking). So today, I figure I’ll give it another try. The TV manual had a diagram for the 7 pin (‘02 GMC Yukon XL). Turns out I had it wired wrong. So I rewire the trailer connector to match the TV diagram. But when I plugged it in, the only thing that worked was the left turn/left brake light. At least the running lights were off. So now I’m stuck. Any suggestions?
soon2bexpat 05/10/20 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: What's happening with your summer gig?

I was supposed to start my workamping summer gig as a cook on 5/15 in MN. They're closed, don't know when they're going to open and are not sure if they will be taking on workampers after all. So, come 5/15, I'll be filing for unemployment.
soon2bexpat 04/12/20 10:30am Workamping Forum
RE: best brand for older hybrid?

I had an '00 Jayco and now have an '02 Thor. Not sure if there's a whole lot of diff in quality. But if I get another hybrid, it will have the beds attached with cables instead of the poles below and the tents permanently attached to the bed floor.
soon2bexpat 04/12/20 10:26am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Heated Mattress Pad

I used heated blankets but they never seem to last. Went to this: 19 months of use and it is going strong and feels awesome.
soon2bexpat 12/23/19 10:58am General RVing Issues
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