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RE: Oil change on the road

Oh the drama....... Every day tens of thousands of vehicles get their oil changed, outside, on gravel, dirt, and paving. Tractors, heavy equipment, cars, trucks, and more. The humanity of it all. The masses of secret agents from big government, lurking behind every tree, hoping to catch those scofflaws who dare to let a drop of oil hit the ground. I wish we did not need regulations to keep a mess off the ground. But because we have rectums that don't care about the mess they make, we need them. And I'm not sure we want enough cops on the beat to catch all the people that spill oil. Maybe the best would be if you make a mess, don't clean it up, get caught the fine means instead of having a nice house and a MH, you are now living in a grocery cart. BTW, I change my own oil on my property. But no way I would allow somebody else to do it, because I'll take responsibility for what I do. Doesn't really matter what government authority has regulations on this issue. Nobody cares, nobody will respond when the next Karen makes it his or her business to get involves in things that do not concern them. Once again, in true forum fashion, this is a desperate attempt to make something out of nothing. There are oil pipelines and well heads all over the country that are leaking oil right into the ground, all day, every day, thousands and thousands of gallons, from drips to gushers. There are everything from class eight trucks to farm equipment in use, all over this country, that are leaking enough oil on a daily basis that they need to be topped off every day. I've seen local auto part stores that have to repeatedly repave the spots in front of the store, since a lot of their DIY customers drive junk that leaks every fluid imaginable, and it literally decomposes the paving under the vehicles. All of this results in little to nothing being done by any government agency. Yet if a logical, responsible adult on this forum dares to mention the practical and stress free aspects of doing DIY oil changes on the road, the imaginary boogie man of the EPA hiding behind the next tree, comes into play. This place is strange, at best, and it's always been that way. Pick a topic on this forum, from the horror of leaving the fridge on while fueling, the paranoid need to lay awake in your RV all night with your stack of guns to protect you, the crime of working on your own vehicle on the road, the danger of overnighting at a Wallyworld or Cracker Barrel, and on and on. The immediate response is fear, and how there is an imaginary boogieman, imaginary horrible doom that you need to run from. or some LEO or government agent that will hunt you down. It must suck to live with a mindset like that.
soren 06/10/21 06:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing Disaster-AAA

AAA has its own tow truck at facility on rt 55 in Durham. May have more than 1 Na, this is just an independent who jumped on the AAA train. We have a guy in our region with a whole fleet of tow vehicles with AAA vehicle wraps all over them. He even has minivans that do nothing but run around installing AAA batteries, and changing flats on smaller vehicles. The business is still an independent, family owned towing service. Like most experiences here, dealing with this AAA service is hit or miss. Last time I used them it was a cash tow, a couple of hundred feet back to a repair shop, after a fuel pump quit. They took two days to do the job, lied to me on the phone, and pissed off the repair shop to the point that they found a new regular provider.
soren 06/05/21 05:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Oil change on the road

Double post, I corrected an error on my last post, hit edit and it double posted. Huh?
soren 06/05/21 04:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oil change on the road

When making a long trip like Alaska I had to change the oil twice once at a CG with the MGR's permission and once at a boondocking location. Most all the other trips were less than 7000 miles so I just change oil before the trip. I done dozens of DIY changes on the road, since we travel extensively, including four PA to AK trips, and frequent 5-8K mile trips. I do the V-10 in our Winny class A and the tow car, a CRV. I have done changes in everything from public parking lots, to abandoned commercial properties, and roadside pull offs. Nobody cares what I'm doing, while spending many hours under the motorhome and car, for oil changes and repairs. I had one interaction with a police officer. A Seward AK. officer stopped to ask if everything was OK, then had a nice conversation, and let me know that the town harbor would take my used oil and filters to recycle. The Ford V-10 is super easy to do an oil change on. I discovered a trick to keep it all very clean with that engine. I grab a $.99 tin roasting pan from Walmart, when I pick up the oil and filter. I poke a half inch hole in the corner of the pan, then lay it across the front axle. It serves as a giant funnel, that catches all the splash from the drain plug and filter, and directs it to my drain pan. I just roll it up in a ball when I'm done. Contrary to the claims here, I have found that many, possibly most, Ford dealers have no interest in working on a Class A, Many other garages and oil change places don't want to service something they can't fit in their service bays. I've spoken to RV repair places that had comically high quotes for class A engines and generator oil changes. Obviously, DIY is not something everybody is interested in, or capable of. That said, if you're doing the work at home, don't hesitate to do it on the road. I've saved thousands, know that the work is done correctly, and saved dozens of hours of time, not waiting around for somebody else to do the work.
soren 06/05/21 04:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oil change on the road

I have asked campground managers if I could discretely do an oil change if I complied with EPA rules and did no polluting of soil. EPA rules as to how to do an oil change? Whoda thunk? Spill it on the ground and then ask the question if EPA rules cover that. :) Oh the drama....... Every day tens of thousands of vehicles get their oil changed, outside, on gravel, dirt, and paving. Tractors, heavy equipment, cars, trucks, and more. The humanity of it all. The masses of secret agents from big government, lurking behind every tree, hoping to catch those scofflaws who dare to let a drop of oil hit the ground.
soren 06/05/21 04:14am Class A Motorhomes
Biting Insects

We are doing our seventh year in Florida, and are ready to try Texas or the southwest. One big negative for me, here in Florida, is that I react horribly any time I get more that a few insect bites at a time. Over the last few years I've dealt with at least three events caused by No-see-ums, another couple of chigger attacks, several red ant events, and one year it was some sort of highly toxic tree caterpillar that was ravaging all the local oak trees. One massive oak covered our campsite like a huge umbrella, with these caterpillars dropping on to bare skin. They then left a slime trail, causing a rash and itching for weeks. It was so bad last spring that we returned to a big vet bill, since one of our dogs was infected, and miserable, from hundreds of chigger bites. So my simple question is, what is life like in the other major snowbird locations in the states, when it comes to everything that wants to bite you?
soren 02/15/21 08:41am Snowbirds
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