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RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

To the moderator - Thank you so much! You all have helped me make a final decision - COLORADO! I just can't pass up a chance to show the rest of my family what Colorado looks like in the fall. Looks like we will be there the last 2 weeks of September. Thanks to a wonderful suggestion I'm thinking our first stop will be Caprock Canyons SP in Texas. We have a park pass and I've been to Palo Duro but never Caprock. 2nd stop in Raton Pass, then on to the Great Sand Dunes for one night. After that I'm stuck. Still researching. There are so many options. We could head north to Buena Vista and on to RMNP. We could head to Black Canyon of the Gunnison, down to Telluride and then to Mesa Verde. We could go down to Pagosa, Durango and Mesa Verde. We have done the Durango train before and have spent a week in Ouray. I think my kids would probably like Estes Park but I may lose my mind with the crowds. If anyone wants to recommend campgrounds, activities and the like I am all ears. I've pressed the kids a bit more and my daughter wants to shop.....well that's a shocker. My son would like to ride ATVs or horses as well as anything native American. We are totally open to advice. Thanks for everything so far.
southerngirl76 01/14/20 01:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

So {Name Deleted} do you have any actual recommendations for family vacation spots for my family based on the given parameters? I shared what my son likes because I am LOOKING FOR VACATION RECOMMENDATIONS. I shared I homeschooled so folks would know we have the freedom to travel outside of the typical summer vacation time frame in case someone had any constructive advice to give. Perhaps one place or another would be better seen at another time of year. I shared information I deemed necessary to obtain advice relative to our situation. I had no idea people here would feel the need to judge a family for their educational choices for their children based on a simple request for vacation information. MOD'S EDIT: I deleted all the garbage from him criticizing your parenting. I'm appalled by his ignorant comments to you.
southerngirl76 01/13/20 09:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

If the Grand Canyon ends up being our destination, how many nights would you suggest? If we visited Sunset Canyon on our way and camped in the nearby national forest overnight then we could enter on the east side and take desert view drive to mather campground. Maybe 2 nights? What are some south rim things we shouldn't miss? As it appears I'm the only one still on the Computer today - IMHO - Grand Canyon South is just Too Crowded to be an Activities destination if not making it a Major - Lottery Hike - down into the Canyon - North Rim in September and October for Me. If that where the Choice then, Monument Valley - Page - Horseshoe bend of the Colorado - Lake Powell - Canyon de Chelly - possibly Mesa Verde or Chaco Canyon. Not really much of an expert on the GC/south just - as Beautiful and Impressive as it is - think it's been 20 years since the last trip, with probably 4-5 trips to the North Side and loving it each Will advise you to wait on others to comment, as it's not my sort of place. JMHO, For me Crowds are not why we RV - get me on a trail with more Animals than People, that will make Me smile. Yeah I'm with you on the crowds. Not a fan. We went on a family cruise a couple of years ago at the request of my mother in law and it was totally not for me. It was so loud and crowded and I will not do that again. However, I figure I could handle a day at the south rim if it meant taking the kids to see it once. As of now I have ruled out Yellowstone and Blackhills for this trip. I'm trying to decide on Colorado - so many choices there, or Grand Canyon down to maybe Kartchner Caverns, Tombstone (to appease my husband's love of the wild west) Bisbee. I do so love Colorado though and my son has never seen mountains. Well traveled for a seven year old but never mountains. I ran some things by my daughter today and she said "yeah mom that all sounds fun....I don't know how you will choose". Gee thanks kiddo! Haha
southerngirl76 01/13/20 06:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

You would be correct about DD! I am sick today and holding down the couch so this is a perfect time to research and plan! Colorado is my absolute favorite place. I grew up vacationing there. I have pretty much eliminated Yellowstone and am trying to decide now between Colorado or Arizona. Decisions, decisions.......
southerngirl76 01/13/20 12:31pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

If the Grand Canyon ends up being our destination, how many nights would you suggest? If we visited Sunsest Canyon on our way and camped in the nearby national forest overnight then we could enter on the east side and take desert view drive to mather campground. Maybe 2 nights? What are some south rim things we shouldn't miss?
southerngirl76 01/13/20 11:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

We have been all over the southwest a few times and, in our opinion, the Chaco Culture National Historic Monument has by far the best collection of "ancient" structures but it is also the hardest to reach. Our 2013 blog post has many pictures you might like to see. We also visited Hovenweep and Mesa Verde in 2011 with pictures of those two available at our Cortez, CO blog post. Just about anywhere you go in the desert SW will have an ancient structure or two. The biggest problem is time as you need to travel from place to place and many of them take awhile to get to. Really enjoyed your blog post and photos. Thanks for sharing and adding to the info.
southerngirl76 01/13/20 10:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

At least someone gave you their opinion how you should go about raising your children from an education perspective. Not sure what that had to do with a family vacation, but these RV forums never cease to amaze, ROFLMAO. I mostly skipped over that part. I've been homeschooling for 15 years.....I'm not stranger to unsolicited advice, I just roll with it.
southerngirl76 01/13/20 10:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

Wow this is what I was was hoping for! I've now got lots of links and things to check out. I appreciate all the suggestions and advice. And Busskipper - brown hair, green eyes....haha. I put all of that information in my original post so you guys don't have to ask. I see posts where there is hardly any info given and then it just takes longer to get solid info. Off to research!
southerngirl76 01/13/20 09:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

Yellowstone is too far for two weeks. You'll spend most of your time on the roads. And I have to confess some confusion on my part, the park I was thinking about was Walnut Canyon not Wupataki which is fine. Walnut Canyon is down in a canyon and you have to hike down into that canyon and the temperature when we were there was around 100 degrees. But we are flatlanders from Florida and so we are acclimated to heat that was really extreme. YMMV. Besides Mesa Verde and Hovenweep there is a whole chain of Indian Ruins in that area called tied together by the Trail of the Ancients I don't think you'll find a greater concentration of ruins unless you go offroad. Ah I see. I'm thinking maybe southern Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona may be right for us at this time of year with this time frame.
southerngirl76 01/12/20 09:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

Thank you for your input thus far. My concern with Yellowstone was that it might be too far to fully experience it all at a nice enjoyable pace. I was there 20 years ago but none of the rest of my family has been. I will need to do some millage calculation. I am not familiar with Hovenweep at all. I will absolutely look into it now. I fully intend to weave aspects of this trip into our homeschool fun and my son really would love to see native american ruins. Such a great aspect of homeschooling!
southerngirl76 01/12/20 07:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
September 2020 Suggestions/Advice

I am trying to plan our 2020 family vacation. We have two weeks including weekends and would like to go middle/end of September. It is me, my husband, 2 kids ages DD17 and DS8 and our dog and our kids are homeschooled. We drive a 24 foot class c which my husband and I both drive. I need help figuring out where to go. We are between Houston and Austin Texas. Some locations I am thinking of are Grand Canyon with stops at Wupatki NM and Sunset Crater, maybe Tucson and Tombstone; Yellowstone; Badlands/Blackhills; Great Sand dunes, Buena Vista area, Mesa Verde Colorado. I'm not sure which one to chose. I am OK with having a couple of long days getting to and from but once we get there mostly want to have a leisurely pace and enjoy our time without rushing from place to place. We do not need full hookups or luxuries. We are a very active family and love outdoor activities - hiking, rafting, kayaking. We also enjoy museums and quirky places. Not so much big cities. My son is interested in seeing native american ruins and he has never been to the mountains. My daughter says she doesn't care what we do and my husband says whatever you want honey just tell me when to take off work lol. Not a bad position to be in but they are no help in planning. I want to add that we are used to super long car trips as we go visit our friends in Minnesota every other Christmas and will be in the car up to 12 hours at a time. I have done solo road trips to Colorado driving home in a long day. Activity wise I am an adventure traveler. My friends and I do week long canoe/backpack trips thru the Boundary Waters Canoe Area every summer and in May I'm hiking Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas. My husband and I just got back from a jungle trip in Costa Rica. When I go someplace I intent to truly experience it. With all that being said what can we realistically do in 2 weeks without being too terribly rushed? Input is greatly appreciated.
southerngirl76 01/12/20 06:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Southeast Texas to the Smoky Mountains

Would you suggest I skip Chattanooga on the way home and instead go back thru Nashville and see the Hermitage? We have taken the kids to see the Arch in St. Louis a few years ago on the way home from Milwaukee. If we went back the exact way we can I might could add a night in Hot Springs. We love it there. Been many times and the kids always ask if we can go back and get the good water.
southerngirl76 08/14/19 06:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: Southeast Texas to the Smoky Mountains

Chattanooga you might look at the Camping World for a place to overnight. There are slim choices for RV parks in the area. The drive from Pigeon Forge to Chatt. is roughly 3 hours. I would take 321 out of PF over to Maryville and then 411 down to Ocoee and then 74 over to Cleveland, you can pick up 75 to the Camping World at exit 1. It's close to everything you will want to see. It's not deluxe but will serve the purpose. There are no "dinner shows" at Dollywood. There are the shows and they have separate restaurants. Look up their website if you haven't yet. The best dinner show in town is Dolly's Stampede, formerly Dixie Stampede. They just opened the Pirate show this past spring too but I have not been to it. I hear it is fun and good entertainment. Your itinerary sounds very doable. I have to mention too, go see the Hermitage while in Nashville, Thomas Jefferson's home. The museum is very interesting if you enjoy history and the house tour is neat to see. Not much to see on the grounds even though Jefferson's grave is in the garden area. Glad to help with any other questions for this area. Thank you very much for the route information. That is very helpful .I did mean Dixie Stampede and not Dollywood. I think I've been researching so much my brain is fried.
southerngirl76 08/14/19 09:43am Roads and Routes
RE: Southeast Texas to the Smoky Mountains

Im a big fan on leaving after work and gettin 4-5 hours down the road. I'll pack the day before, and when I get home, change clothes and hit the road. Also have you found a campsite in Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg yet?? Many of the campgrounds close after the fall leaf season and the open back up in the spring. Also between Christmas and New Years is a really busy time there. We went the day after Christmas a few years ago, and the area is packed, but we had a great time. Yeah I was thinking of leaving Friday night. Not sure about that as it will be dark before my husband even gets home from work and I don't know where to stop at 11PM at night. No I haven't found a campsite. That's why I asked here. I'm trying to figure it out and make some reservations.
southerngirl76 08/13/19 09:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: Southeast Texas to the Smoky Mountains

Ok here is what I tentatively have. This is a very very very rough draft and I have much to research. December 21 leave our home at 7am and drive to Little Rock, AR. Hoping to get a reservations at Downtown Riverside RV Park for one night. December 22 drive to Nashiville. I am still researching campgrounds but will stay 2 nights. Tour Ryman and Country Music Hall of Fame. December 24th drive to the Smokies for 3 nights - everything is yet to be determined here. Possibly dinner show at Dollywood and Christmas Lights. December 27th drive to Chattanooga - 1 night, see Rock City. I remember seeing this as a child. I'd like to go back. Need to find camground. December 28th drive to Memphis - 1 night at Tom Sawyer December 29th drive to Hot SPrings - 1 or 2 nights. I'd like to stay at the national park but probably need to look elsewhere 30th or 31st - drive to somewhere in NE Texas. Maybe Atlanta SP or somewhere around there. Head home the next day. This gives us a couple long days to get there, Then time to relax and enjoy and finally liesurely drive home and see things and stay places we havent before. Thoughts? Suggestions?
southerngirl76 08/13/19 08:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Southeast Texas to the Smoky Mountains

Wow I knew I could count on you all for some excellent advice! It absolutely makes sense to me now to stop in Little Rock on the way there and Memphis on the way home. I will check out all of the suggestions of routes and rv parks and let you all know what we decide. My kids will love the places all decorated for Christmas!
southerngirl76 08/13/19 12:48pm Roads and Routes
Southeast Texas to the Smoky Mountains

Hello all! We just purchased our first RV! A 24 foot 1991 Ford Ultra Class C. We have taken it out on a couple small trips and worked out some kinks. We have also totally remodeled the interior and had a blast doing that. Now I need your help and sage advice. This Christmas we are heading to the Smoky Mountains from Brenham, Texas, meeting our friends from Minnesota in Nashville and caravanning together from there to the Smokies. They have a 29 foot class C of some sort but I forget exactly. We can leave on Friday the 20th when my husband gets home from work around 6PM or we can leave bright and early on Saturday the 21st. We need to be home by the 1st as my husband has to go back to work the next day. Ideally we would like to make a loop and not come home the same way we get there. I've looked at Tom Sawyer in the Mississippi as a possible stop over for Memphis. I am intrigued by the barges coming by. I haven't a clue where to stay in Nashville or what part of the Smokies. We'd like to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after in the Smokies at least. I have no clue about routes back and forth. What roads are good? Do we stay on interstates the whole time? How do we sight see in Nashville? Is our 24 footer small enough to drive and park? We want to tour Ryman and the Country Music Hall of Fame. It will be my husband and I (in our 40s - I am in very fit and active and he is slightly less so), our daughters 23 and 16 and our son 7 years old. Our kids are used to super long days in the car so shorter days and on board ammenities are going to be a treat. All the kids are nature and history lovers. Hiking, biking, very active out door type kids usually up for anything. We will also have our dogs with us and if you have a recommendation on a doggy day care for Nashville I'm all ears. So basically I need information and your expert advice on routes, campgrounds and any interesting activities. I know you guys are a wealth of good infomation.
southerngirl76 08/12/19 08:34pm Roads and Routes
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