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RE: Air bag question and suspension in general I guess

ain't nothin cheap about RVing Same with boating try horses fastest money pit on the planet. I could buy a new car in cash every two years for what the upkeep on the horse runs... How bout a divorce??
specta 07/02/20 06:28am Truck Campers
RE: Air bag question and suspension in general I guess

All told, this $3100 camper will cost me $5500-$6000 after upgrades to the truck, additions to the camper, etc. Isn't that how it always goes? I had purchased the Happijac and tie downs when I purchased my previous camper so I don't count those. The only "upgrade" I did to my truck was airbags and this last time I bought better tires. The camper however is a different story. I paid $5000 for it and I'm in to it at least another $5000. $3000 of the $5000 was for a new generator. I seriously doubt that I could buy what I have for $10,000 and I have ended up with more than I had hoped for.
specta 07/01/20 09:13am Truck Campers
RE: 2020 F250XL 6.2 V8

Specta, not bad logic gas gives you more payload for your drop-in camper, but as you state 12,000# total, well out 5er weighs more than that, so an apples to oranges. I simply stated why I bought the truck I did. I wasn't comparing it to anything.
specta 06/28/20 10:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 F250XL 6.2 V8

I'm glad that we all have a choice. What I have works best for me and that's all I care about.
specta 06/28/20 04:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 F250XL 6.2 V8

When I bought my truck used back in 2013 I had two choices. 1. A low mileage 2 year old gas pick, or 2, a 5 year old diesel with 150,000 miles on it. Glad I picked the newer gas PU or I'd be driving a 14 year old truck with 350,000 miles on it. Mine has the 6.0L with 3.73 gears and I have zero complaints. My camper only weighs 4000 lbs. With my ATV and trailer total is closer to 12k for everything.
specta 06/26/20 09:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Happy Camper

And that is another reason why I love my 09 HD with the 6.0. GM really made that engine one of the best. I have spoke with a lot of 6.0 owners that work them via pulling trailers, camping, and farming. I have seen so many of these trucks with excess of 300k and still run and perform like new. I have 97k on my 09 so I have a lot longer to go....! That's good to hear. I had a hard time finding it. There's not a lot of regular cabs running around out there. 5 headlight bulbs, i license plate light bulb and a fuel pump at 180,000 miles. Its still has the factory brakes on it. I keep up on the maint and don't abuse it. I've pretty much retired it to just hauling the camper. I don't see hitting 300,000 miles being a problem. :B
specta 06/26/20 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
Happy Camper Took the old HWY 89 to Kanab in southern Utah for a few days to work. Mountainous HWY with a few good grades to climb along the way. Climbed the grades with the cruise set at 65 mph. It would drop down to 3rd gear and 4000 rpm but held 65. Never did shift into 6th. Truck never uses a drop of oil between changes which it has seen every 5000 miles ever since I bought it with 20,000 miles on it. Fresh water tank full and both LP tanks full. Food and clothing for 4 days. 310.3 miles round trip, 31.1 gallons of gas = 9.97 mpg. This has been a pretty darn good truck. Especially for a Chevy. ;)
specta 06/26/20 03:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Shock Absorbers

Monroe Reflex
specta 06/24/20 11:10am Truck Campers
RE: Work Camping

thank you for your service!!! I've been working out of my camper lately...what a great office! I'm just here for the week and then headed back home. Its kind of like camping. ;)
specta 06/23/20 12:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Work Camping

"Its the longest route both miles and stops. 540 miles every night with a total of 27 stops." Now that's a rural route with a lot of miles. Is that a residential route ? I pick up the mail from 10 rural post offices and a couple of other stops and take it to a distribution center. I have about an hour and a half break before loading the next days mail and dropping it off at the post offices. Its a 14 hr shift and I get paid for 12.5 hrs. I leave the first post office at 3 in the afternoon and get back about 5 AM the next morning.
specta 06/23/20 12:17pm Truck Campers
Work Camping Beats a motel. Free hookups too. ;) I just park next to the other driver's house where he added a 50 amp plug. I carried the mail for several years and I cover for the other two drivers when they take time off. I also drive during December to help with the additional Christmas mail. Its the longest route both miles and stops. 540 miles every night with a total of 27 stops. Due to the miles and number of stops its too hard for the company to find a temp driver every once in a while so I fill in for them.
specta 06/23/20 10:49am Truck Campers
RE: Used Diesel Truck Miles: How many is too many

If all I was going to use it for was towing a trailer or hauling a camper 100,000 miles wouldn't scare me.
specta 06/22/20 09:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hooks on my counters I used coffee cup hooks and a bungee cord to hold my liquor bottles in place. :B
specta 06/21/20 05:07pm Truck Campers
RE: 1986 Ford towing guide

Ford 1986 RV and trailer towing guide. Interesting read Ford 1986 RV and trailer towing guide.
specta 06/18/20 10:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice - tires again These Michelin Agilis CrossClimate commercial LT tires are the 7th set of tires i'v had on my current pickup. Michelin designed them for HD delivery vans. They claim they have 31% more nylon in them than their best selling Defender LT tires. They do weigh around 5-6 lbs more than a Defender of the same size. They are also a 3 peak mountain snowflake certification. Mine have a bout 15,000 miles on them and I am more than pleased with them. They look like they will out wear the other 6 brands of tires I've had to date. Michelin Agilis CrossClimate An all-weather Light Truck tire that offers exceptional durability, mileage, and wet braking for high stress commercial applications.
specta 06/18/20 05:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What's with Ford and TFL?

We we all know Ford is 'First On Race Day' so no need to test them anyways. :) Hmmm ... I wonder what "G" "M" "C" (really) stands for on the front of my 1995 EC Z71 4X4? :B Get a Mechanic Coming ;)
specta 06/17/20 03:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tie-down systems performance/safety vs cost

Question on the happijac mounts. Am I correct that one has to drill through the bed of the truck to mount the front mount? Then it mounts through the bottom of the bed into the frame and through the front of the bed to the bracket? Or is it 100% to the bed in the front? I just want to make sure I understand how the system works. Yep. One hole on each side and it does bolt to the frame. And 4 on each side of the front of the bed for the brackets. Its not hard to install. A second set of hands will help. This is all that sticks out. I am happy with my HappiJac.
specta 06/17/20 09:28am Truck Campers
RE: What's with Ford and TFL?

I believe it has to do with TFL sharing pictures and data of upcoming vehicles that Ford did not want them to. Seems to be the consequences of their own actions for not adhering to Ford's non-disclosure agreement. I attended a preview of every new 2011 Polaris in June 2010 at private hunting ranch in Great Falls MT. I had to sign an agreement that I would not share one picture or any info about the new products. The group that I was a part of was the very first people to see the 2011 outside of the factory. If TFL broke that same agreement with Ford I hope Ford cuts them off forever. Its a trust thing.
specta 06/16/20 05:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Question on 450's/4500's I have a 4-WD F-450 sitting in my driveway.
specta 06/16/20 01:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A camper you may never see in your lifetime I love this spare tire location !!! I have never seen this. It is such a great idea. You lose a little bed room, but wow!!! Why it did not catch on, maybe bc nobody knew about it, or maybe the bed/axle spacing is wrong on all trucks... If you move the rear axle forward, back to its original location like all the pickups you lose the space needed to put it in the side of the bed. Here's a better profile of those F-350 Super Camper Specials.You can see just how far back Ford moved the real axle.
specta 06/16/20 12:52pm Truck Campers
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