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My new to me Jayco 246FB Eagle Series

Edited. :)
specta 06/29/23 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over.

Dude, a nice popup or small aluminum sided hardside TC would work great on the ole F250! If you now didn’t have matching campers! Thanks Grit dog, Neither one of those would be enough TC for me, my last one spoiled me. Finding this Jayco was a fluke. I couldn't have found a "matching" TT if I had wanted one.:)
specta 06/28/23 10:27pm Truck Campers
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over.

I wish my 76 was new. :) I did buy this one new, an F-250 Ranger XLT 4-wd back on June 8, 1979. It was loaded and it cost me close to $8400.
specta 06/26/23 08:23pm Truck Campers
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over.

Thank you every one for the kind words and support. Lets go camping. :D
specta 06/26/23 12:11am Truck Campers
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over.

Look at the room under that hood!!!! WOW that brings back memories. How many sensors you think are on that motor? Maybe....... ZERO... LOL. Just having some fun. I'm glad your up and about and back on the road. If your interested, I had to push back the cochlear a few months because we had to go to NY and get dad out of assisted living and into full time care. We were going to bring him here to Florida but I'm the only one here and my sisters are in NY. It was a better choice. Ironically we are doing the exact same thing with her "wife's" mother about 6 miles down the road. I'll be 61 on July 6th and it will be my turn soon enough. Got out one time this year to the beach the rest has just been crazy.... Anyway, I'm so glad you are able to get another shot at life I hope the rest of us are as lucky. Take care and God Bless. Joe Just one sensor, the temperature sensor for the temp gauge. And one in the gas tank for the gas gauge. LOL Thanks Joe. Its tough when our parents get to that point. Mom was in an assisted living facility for about 1 year, dad was in a rehab place for about 2 weeks when he decided it was time. Dad made it to 92 and mom was 89. That was about 12 years ago. They pasted 6 months apart. My 3 sisters al lived out of state so my brother and I took care of them. It was out turn. I'll be 69 in a few more months. Pretty grateful that I have survived cancer and the accident. And the TT worked out great for me. I'm going camping n it later this week.
specta 06/26/23 12:10am Truck Campers
RE: Bought a second truck.

Thanks for the update. Truck is looking really good. Thank you. Its been a lot of fun but there's still a lot that needs t be dine.
specta 06/25/23 07:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over.

Very nice. Good luck with it. Thank you. So far so good. :)
specta 06/24/23 11:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Bought a second truck. I replaced the noisy Flowmaster FlowFX mufflers. They are just like a straight pipe. I replaced them with a pair of Magnaflow Super Turbo mug=fflers. They are much quieter and still a free-flowing muffler. I upgraded the old 2-speed wipers to installed intermittent wipers. I bought and installed a new cigarette lighter too. I never knew they were an option back in 1976. So far I'm pretty happy with the old Ford pickup.
specta 06/24/23 09:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck. I bought some new tires for the old truck. Those pizza cutter bias ply tires had to go. LOL I had forgotten just how bad they road and just how noisy there were. :R It rides and drives like a brand new truck. :C The truck still needs a lot more work. I need to get my new aluminum radiator installed along with new front and rear brakes. When its ready I bought this TT to tow. :)
specta 06/24/23 09:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over. I bought a TT to replace the camper I totaled. This was not what I was looking for. I was looking at newer 19' TTs. My daughter had mentioned to one of her HS friends that I was looking and he sent me a link to this one, it belonged to one of his good friends. I looked at the pictures and told him I was 99% sure I was going to buy it but has to see it in person first. It was 200 miles from where I live. The morning I was goin to go look at it I changed my mind and called him to let him know. A few minutes later he text me and said If I wanted it he's knock off another $100, it was too good to pas up. That made $1500 less than he was asking. I went up last Saturday to look at and bought it. Wednesday a good friend took my to SLC and towed it home for me. My old truck isn't quite ready to start towing. I got all my new bedding and towels in yesterday and still working on getting it ready to go camping. I was not looking for another Jayco TT. I find it pretty funny that's what I ended up with. I live in a Jayco TT that's just one year older than the one I just bought. This is the one I live in. And this is the one I just bought. I do have the important stuff loaded and ready. ;)
specta 06/24/23 08:48am Truck Campers
RE: Bought a second truck.

Good call on the valve seals and intake! YES a 750 would really wake the BEAST. That's the plan for sure. Right now there's just soo much other stuff that needs attention. :(
specta 04/11/23 10:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck.

So glad to see you back at it so soon ! ! ! ! Thats awesome Joe Thank you Joe. I've just been a bit busy lately. :) Today is 4/10. Kind of a special day. :B
specta 04/10/23 09:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck. Some times its the little things that take some time to get fixed right. For me it was the simple PCV. The guy that I bought the 410 from gave me that black parts tub full of all kinds of parts. 2 like new complete rocker shafts, power steering pump, 390 flywheel and a flex plate. Nuts, bolts, spacers, hose clamps, multiple dipsticks and other miscellaneous stuff. The issue I was having is that the hose had a small kink in it restricting the vacuum to the PCV. Yesterday I decided it was time to go thru that black parts tub and toss what I didn't want or need and there I found 2 Motorcraft molded PCV hoses. I'll pick up a new valve next time I'm in town. Everything went in the dumpster except the two molded PCV hoses, miscellaneous hose clamps and throttle return springs. It was such a nice day yesterday I even gave the old truck a bath. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday.
specta 04/10/23 05:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck. The valve stem seals that were installed 50 years ago when the engine was rebuilt for some reason weren't doing their job so it was time to replace the. I decided that this was as good of time as any to upgrade the intake manifold and went with the Edelbrock Performer. Back in the day this is what I did for a living and today I really don't miss doing it. ;) That old cast iron FE 4-V intake must weigh 500 lbs. :E :R :W It turned out great. No more puffs of smoke on decel and literally zero oil consumption. Improved performance all across the board, especially when you first shift into the next higher gear just driving normal. Now I'm thinking I need to get a bigger carburetor, like a 750 cfm. :B
specta 04/10/23 05:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over.

good to see you are doing well. I'm having cochlear implant surgery in a couple of weeks and it is considered brain surgery and I'm very nervous. Seeing you are well is making me less nervous. Good luck to you and continued happy trails. I've been able to teach myself to look past the procedures and think more about how much better things will be afterwards. I've been killing stage 4 cancer for over 11 years. Countless treatments, clinical trials, radiation treatments and surgeries. I always look forward to the day after that the day or the day before. I'm sure that you will be another winner.
specta 04/05/23 07:28pm Truck Campers
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over. I thought I had better check in I got the stitches out a week ago and everything seams be be healing great. Doctors happy and I feel great. I wont be replacing the truck or the camper. I will start looking for another nice older "vintage" TT to fix up like the one i did years ago. I bought this 1976 Ford F-250 4x4 back in November 2021 and I've been fixing it up ever since. I was very fortunate to find a complete rebuilt 1966 Mercury Marauder 410 4V engine. Mercury took a 428 crankshaft and put it in a 390 stroking the 390 out to a 410 and only produced them for two years - 1966 & 1967. It was rebuilt back in 1972. The rebuilder used domed pistons to retain the factory 10.5:1 compression and bored it 0.030" making it 416 cu in and installed an RV cam. It was never started until I fired it up back in July last year. Since then I've assed a set of Hedman Hedders, dual exhaust, an Edelbrock Performer intake and a Holley mechanical secondary carburetor. It shouldn't have any problems towing a 19-21 ft TT.
specta 04/05/23 12:42pm Truck Campers
RE: It looks like my truck camper days are over.

Thank you everyone for your heart felt comments. Sorry its taken me soo long to get back but I've had a pretty busy week. My daughter and I went down Sunday and got my belonging out of my truck and camper. I had no idea I had packed soo much junk in there. :R I left a lot behind that was either water or fire damaged. I spent yesterday at The Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City with my daughter and future SIL from Medford, OR. For some reason she worries about her dad. My neurologist believes I had a seizure caused by pressure from the edema surrounding the cancer that was discovered in my brain during a routine MRI back on Jan 25th. Yesterday was another day overwhelmed with love and gratitude. I have thee 3 most amazing Doctors. Dr Jeff Russell, my oncologist. Dr Don Cannon, my radiation oncologist. And Dr Randy Jensen, my neurosurgeon. Today's decisions were made by the pinacol of medical care. Wed 3/8/23, 2:30 Brain MRI Thurs 3/9/23, surgery - remove cancer from my brain. Randy will use today's MRI to guide him in resecting the cancer. He will remove about a 3" circle of my skull to gain access to the cancer, surgically remove it and then do a second MRI prior to closure to verify that he got all of the cancer. 1st night in the ICU, 2nd & 3rd night in a regular room for observation. He said that when he's happy and releases me that I can get into my car and drive back home. I'll most likely stay an extra night with my best friend before heading back home. They found the problem and the solution. Jeff said he'll put me back on immunotherapies for another year to help clean up any remains. Life is grand. Such an amazing day being surrounded by such amazing Angels.
specta 03/08/23 06:27am Truck Campers
It looks like my truck camper days are over. It appears that the water heater is what started the fire. I am thrilled that the entire camper didn't go up in flames. Monday morning coming home from work I either had a mini stroke of some kind of seizure. I drove about 15 miles and woke up with my camper laying on its side next to my truck and the front wheels of my truck in the creek. Here's where my camper was laying. And here's where my truck was. I don't remember any of it. Back in Jan during routine scans my brain MRI showed some new cancer, they think swelling from the cancer may have been what caused my problem. I have appointments with my radiation oncologist and my neurologist on Tuesday to discuses the plan. I am very grateful that I not seriously injured. Grateful that I went off the road where I did. Grateful to still be here. I doubt that I will replace the truck or the camper. I might start looking for an "vintage" TT to tow behind my 1976 F-250.
specta 03/06/23 08:06am Truck Campers
RE: Bought a second truck.

Here's another short video on how the trucks sounds. I didn't get into it until it was about 1/2 way thru 3rd gear. I wish when we posted a youtube video link the video would appear here.
specta 02/11/23 01:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck.

One more upgrade finished. I had the local exhaust shop finish the exhaust for me a few days ago. All it needs is to rotate the clamps a bit. I don't care for the way they look. Clickie to YouTube video of exhaust sound. I'm happy. :B
specta 02/11/23 01:31pm Tow Vehicles
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