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RE: Ideas to carry spare and bikes

Thank you. Let me look at their website regarding the rack and send them an email. I hope they are referring to bumper mounted receivers given the weight of the racks and not a 300/3000 hitch welded to the frame. I would love to hear more thoughts on the issue of sway with a bike rack mounted in the back. This trailer came equipped with a 300/3000 lbs hitch receiver from the factory. I would think they have given the sway issue some thought. It is definitely worth checking into as I have been struggling a bit to get a comfortable ride towing and otherwise manageable trailer and Equilizer helped me set the wdh up. hmm!!! Good points that I never considered. Btw, it is a Traver trailer. I just send Hollywood racks a message. Thanks again.
speediq99 03/22/21 11:30pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Which of these two trailers tows better

Gdetrailer, What is involved in setting up the landscape 15g tank. Is this something that can be seemlessly integrated or so you have to stop and pump? I don't know that they make additional or larger replacement tanks for the 2021 F150 Hybrid yet or at least I have not found it. Mike
speediq99 03/20/21 02:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Which of these two trailers tows better

The only caveat with the Hybrid is the gas tank. They lightly mention that even with the Max tow package, it 8s only a 30g tank. I puzzles me as to why they leave out the tow mirrors with this package.
speediq99 03/20/21 02:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ideas to carry spare and bikes

Time2roll, Do you have a picture you can share? Sound like the solution I was looking for. Mike
speediq99 03/19/21 09:18pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Ideas to carry spare and bikes

Please note that there is a 300lb tongue weight hitch welded to the frame. Bikes are 120lbs combined. Not carried on the bumper. That number barely holds the spare.
speediq99 03/19/21 08:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Which of these two trailers tows better

It is hard to tell the true height of TT because specs seem to include AC. It looks like surface area (wxh) plays a bigger factor than just height. Instead of looking for a shorter trailer, it makes more sense to focus on a narrorer one if you can live with a smaller or no slides. Getting to 8ft tall TT including AC, makes the thing difficult to stand on if you are 6+ ft tall. Most TT in the 25-30ft range seem to be 10.5 to 11.3 ft tall including AC. Anything less than that and you are going into teardrop land. Even a Casita with AC is almost 9ft tall. Also in my opinion, a new 1/2 truck equipped with the Max tow package and towing capacity of 14,000lbs should be able to safely tow a 6200 lb trailer. No need to go looking for 8ft tall trailers unless this is what you want for functional, practical or financial reasons. Fuel tank size is my biggest gripe on the 1/2 ton trucks. They want to market these great towing capacities but the don't give it range. I don't care as much about mpgs and cost of gas as I care about range anxiety when towing in the desert and other remote area. I get enough anxiety driving an electric car already... Nothing worse than seeing half a tank evaporate on long hill in the middle of summer or having to cover 500 miles and make 3-4 gas stops(no bladder issues yet. Knock on wood :-)
speediq99 03/19/21 04:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Which of these two trailers tows better

Thank you. It seems to be general consensus that pushing past the 30 ft lenght mark is not a good idea with a half ton. I used to tow a 30 footer with a Nissan Titan and all was well for many years. The only issue was power going uphills. It was very limited. I don't have that issue with the new F150 Hybrid. Plenty of power even though mpg is not what I expected on a truct that was 12 yrs newer than my Titan. In going thru, it is hard to find an ideal truck. The F150 does great in city and freeways without a load. An F350 Diesel seems to do better towing, not by much, but it is probably not as 'road friendly' for a daily driver. While I can afford either truck, I've always had a hard time justifying an F350 Diesel or similar truck. I tow once a month with the occasional longer summer trips. Thank you for the feedback.
speediq99 03/19/21 02:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Which of these two trailers tows better

I am getting 5-6mpg going west and 7-8 going east. Any head wind, will drop mpg to 6mpg. I am yet to see 9-10 even in Flats. Yes, the hybrid is totally useless when towing. I learned this the hard way. I probably would have gone in a different direction if I had known this as well as the fact the tank is only 30g so range kind of sucks. I never expected mpgs to drop to 1/4 of regular driving when towing. My older trucks drop mpgs in half not this dramatic. The truck does have its appeal when not towing. It is just the ra ge that gets to me. I usually drive 60-62mph. Easy on the gas pedal. Do you have any recommendations on a good low profile trailer with similar floor plans to either? Most of what I have looked at seem to be 10ft 5in to 11ft 2 inches tall. Thank you
speediq99 03/19/21 12:25pm Travel Trailers
Which of these two trailers tows better

I understand there are many parameters but I am posting to see if something significant jumps out. I have one of these trailers and the opportunity to trade for the other one. We love both flooplans for their own merit. I am towing with a 2021 F150 Powerboost. Tow vehicle is fine with both. I was just wondering what will tow better. Without disclosing much, I am getting terrible mileage with one of them. One is a Palomino Puma 26rbss Other is a Vibe 28RL Thanks for the insights. Trailer 1 Trailer 2
speediq99 03/19/21 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Ideas to carry spare and bikes

It is a 2021 Palomino Puma 26rbss. At present bikes are on the back rack and tire on the tongue between batteries and propane tank. These bikes and rack are heavy (200 lbs total).
speediq99 03/18/21 11:59pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Ideas to carry spare and bikes

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the best way to carry 2 bikes and the spare. I have a bumper mounted spare I also have a Hollywood Rack for two electric bikes on its own 300lbs hitch in the back. The problem is I can't move the spare to the side far enough to get the bikes and spare to ride together in the back (bikes handlebars hit spare) I have looked several options but I am not sure which is best or what issues could arise. I am not for overloading bumper either therefore I bought a trailer with a 300lb hitch. 1. 4-6 inch Extender for hitch to clear bike. Concerned with torque that extension will put on hitch welded to frame. 2. Under the frame mount towards front of trailer. Concerned with ground clearance and tongue weight. 3. A tire carrier for the bumper that will raise the spare clear of bikes handlebars. Concerned with too much weight on bumper. 4. Throw spare in back of truck. Pita to take in and out after trips and consumes space in bed. Any other suggestions or gotchas with the ideas listed above would be appreciated. I prefer a solution that does not put more weight on the tongue of the trailer but I am open to that if it won't impact truck. Mike
speediq99 03/18/21 12:23pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Cougar 29rld vs Vibe 28rl - Rear Living Trailers

We have narrowed down our search after a lot of research. We are considering these two trailers and I was wondering if anyone had any input on either of these units or either of these brands. Here our likes and dislikes. Cougar likes King and bedroom space Hitch installed for bikes Water and grey tanks Full size awning Access to kitchen and bathroom with slides closed Two doors Cougar dislikes This one lacks 2nd AC No night stands Need to move recliners to close slide Priced 8k higher than Vibe Pass thru Storage has items that could get damaged No black tank flush on this one Vibes likes Open floorplan Island kitchen 2 ACs on my unit $8k less Night stands Storage inside Potentially will retain value better Slides open into campsite, mixed feelings Vibe dislikes Two awnings may offer less usable space under it Only 40g fresh water No access to kitchen with slides in No hitch for bikes No ladder in back Potentially less insulation than Cougar I would appreciate any feedback or anything else worth considering, like quality, towability and manufacturers support etc. Thank you
speediq99 03/11/21 10:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need Feedback on 2021 Vibe 28RL - Please

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. Every trailer has its quirks. This gives me something to look into on this model.
speediq99 03/10/21 03:51pm Travel Trailers
Need Feedback on 2021 Vibe 28RL - Please

Hello, We are buying a new 2021 Vibe 28RL. Love the Floorplan but reviews are mixed. Doing PDI in a few days. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with 2020 or 2021 Vibes or even better a 28RL. Anything specific on this trailer to look for in PDI? Thank you.
speediq99 03/09/21 05:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT Floorplan with recliners on back

Good point. I was thinking of getting a 55 inch TV with a swivel arm to move it out and away from the wall. I can see how stuff on top of the countertop could be annoying. It like the Floorplan but I don't like the lack of storage inside and out. Also, for such large TT, the water and gray tanks are on the smallish side. The selling point on these Pumas is the hitch. We have heavy electric bikes and bring able to carry them in the back is nice. Thanks for the feedback. I am hoping to hear from others with this model or a similar one they like. The Vibe 28rl seems like a nice setup too.
speediq99 03/06/21 07:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT Floorplan with recliners on back

I am looking at a Palomino 27RLLS but it has a few too many shortcomings so looking for alternative.
speediq99 03/06/21 02:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT Floorplan with recliners on back

Thank you. Yes, I noticed that 5th wheels have them. The TT with that config seem lĂ­mited.
speediq99 03/06/21 02:36pm Travel Trailers
TT Floorplan with recliners on back

We are looking for a TT with recliners and windows on the back and a full queen up front. Any suggestions on something you like or have used before would be appreciated. Here are few parameters: - 7500 lbs dry or less - Decent storage inside and outside. They seem to cheapen out on storage lately - Dinnete - Small sofa - True Queen - 200-300 lbs Hitch on back or at least a place to weld one on the frame - Larger fresh water tank (50+), large single or two grays tanks. The most important requirement are the windows and chairs in the back. Thank you
speediq99 03/06/21 12:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing with F150 Poweboost

I am not certain it doesn't use the electric motor when towing. I have read somewhere that it does aid the gas motor when towing to increase hp and torque. I will only make sense that it does. I just don't think that it runs the truck on electric only if you are in tow mode. As far as using the electric when towing, to increase gas mileage, I am still researching. If you put the vehicle in normal or eco mode when towing, it does go to electric on flats or downhills. I am just not sure if this is good for the truck. Ecoboost was an option. I did research it but the Powerboost was a better appeal with 24mpg and more power and torque. It is also very very quiet. I have to admit that I was surprised by the 30.6 gallon tank. I read everywhere the Max tow package came with it and it was only after I bought it that I read the footprint on the gas tank. I wish they had been more clear about this exception up front. Needless to say I was very disappointed. I guess they had to dump weight somewhere. The truck is a great daily driver. I was just expecting better mileage when towing. Hopefully, things get better as the engine is broken in. Mike
speediq99 02/13/21 07:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with F150 Poweboost

I have not used premium but I will next time. I have been using 89. The downside of the hybrid is the 30g gas tank. They created a towing monster but failed to give it a good gas tank even with the Max tow package. Some people just cant do it right. I wonder if I can add a tank down the road. I hate stopping every 150-200 miles with a trailer. Good suggestion. Thank you
speediq99 02/12/21 08:14pm Tow Vehicles
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