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RE: 5.3 vs 6.2

OP, I'll throw a curve ball at you. Skip the 6.2 in the half ton and get a 6.0 in a 3/4 ton. You'll leave a couple HP on the table, but get a SOLID engine/transmission combo that is better for towing than the half ton.
spoon059 09/16/20 07:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

No rear seat venting on them. He was asking about vents for the rear passengers, not vented seats in the rear. They will have heat and AC ducting for the passengers, but not heated/cooled/vented seats.
spoon059 09/14/20 04:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

Thanks all. Curious about fuel mileage pulling 10k at 65mph. 10-12 mpg US? Forgot to add it's SRW. My 2500 tows a 9500 lbs travel trailer, usually in the 68 mph range. Relatively flat (like I95 to Florida) will get me 12 to 12.5 round trip (2000 miles). Western PA hills will get me closer to 11.
spoon059 09/14/20 07:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Flying Floating Flooring

Oh, by the way, "engineered wood flooring" is another term for leftover wood and paper scraps mixed in a bunch of glue compressed under high pressure and if you are lucky a thin wood veneer is glued to the top.. Pretty much a MDF (Medium Density Fiber) panel board material.. It WILL absorb water and it WILL EXPAND, not so much with contracting once it expands even if the moisture has been removed. Depends on the product used. There are many high quality engineered wood floors that are plywood based with a wear layer that is thick enough to be sanded several times. That's more expensive than the cheap stuff at the box stores, but its also more rugged and less susceptible to expansion/contraction than solid wood because of the cross laminated plys. Its foolish to make a blanket statement about ALL of one type of product. There are usually different grades of quality.
spoon059 09/12/20 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flying Floating Flooring

Why not just install a floor that is MEANT to be glued down if you're going to glue it down? Seems like a Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or Plank (LVP) is what you are considering. Some of them are designed to be adhered. Rather than buying the wrong product, seems more intuitive to buy the right product. Other than that, let us know how your retrofit works.
spoon059 09/12/20 05:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

I have a base model 2015, its a great truck. The exhaust brake is fantastic, my regular engine has plenty of power so your HO will be even better. Yes, there is rear heat under the front seats and rear AC with adjustable vents between the front seats. The Mega cab is nice, as the seats can recline to make it more comfy for passengers and there is a lot of room behind the seats for storage. I really like my truck. DEF is super easy to use and lasts quite a while. Mileage around town is 16-17 (empty) and 21-22 highway (empty).
spoon059 09/12/20 09:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: External shower ==> Garden Hose

I just did a quick quick search for one and posted the first one I found. The one that I was looking at had a 15' coiled house (that is stored elsewhere, obviously) and had a garden hose sprayer like you said. That one came with one of the multi-pattern sprayers so you could have harder force for sand and a softer wider pattern for the rest of your body. It was $60 and still had plastic quick disconnects, so I am continuing my search.
spoon059 09/11/20 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Child/baby seat confusion

OP, just make sure that the model that you use is rated for a car seat. Once you know its rated for a car seat, you can find a fire station or police station that is certified to install the seats for you if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself. It is a free service. What type of trip are you planning? I hope you have a great and safe time!
spoon059 09/10/20 07:39am Beginning RVing
RE: External shower ==> Garden Hose

There is a kit that you can swap your outdoor shower head with a similar head with a quick disconnect for a hose fitting. This is an all plastic one, I would probably look for one with brass fittings. I've been toying around with doing something like this. When we go to the beach we all shower off outside first. Our outdoor shower is right above the sewer pipe and the existing short hose doesn't give us much room to clean off.
spoon059 09/10/20 07:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Tailgate

No, my friend had his stolen from his driveway. No idea why that person is asking about a door...? His 2018 F350 did not have an automatic tailgate lock. His truck is a truck, so he didn't manually lock his tailgate.
spoon059 09/09/20 03:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

No campground is going to have water turned on in those temps. I would suggest bottles of water for drinking and using campground facilities for everything else. I've camped in the teens before, we just didn't use our water system. You will burn through a lot of propane... a LOT of propane in those temps. I would suggest a good efficient electric heater and heated sheets/blanket for sleeping. It won't be super comfortable, but you should be able to get by for a couple day ski trip. Enjoy!
spoon059 09/09/20 07:50am Beginning RVing
RE: Tailgate

Insurance replaced the tailgate, but he had to pay his deductible.
spoon059 09/09/20 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Did I ruin my water heater, please help!

Every 2-3 weeks you should be fine. I never drain from the water heater itself, because its easy to foul the threads on the nylon nut. Are you Arlington, VA or TX?
spoon059 09/07/20 04:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Losing home & need to immediately relocate to truck camper

You did say "Not sure how you read the forum" so I was just explaining how I do. And you are criticizing the way I do. I never asked asked for your explanation. Move along...
spoon059 09/07/20 04:54pm Beginning RVing
RE: Did I ruin my water heater, please help!

I'd recommend draining your water heater between trips, especially if you are going longer time periods between trips. I don't drain at the water heater, I simply open my low point drains and "burp" the water heater at the pressure bypass switch. It helps keep the pressure bypass switch from junking up with sediment/corrosion. I open the low points and open the faucets in the bathroom to break the vacuum. All that water drains out the low point on the drive home. 8 years ago we got water from a campground that was likely from a well. Wife got really sick while pregnant and we took the summer off from camping. That water sat stagnant all summer long and stunk to high heaven when we finally got back to camping that fall. Took a couple flushes with bleach and baking powder to get that sulfur stink out of the hot water tank.
spoon059 09/07/20 11:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

Jerry, I wouldn't trust either driving! Yes the F150 will and should serve the OP very well. Marty You mad because you are not invited? :D :D :D No, I just wouldn't trust either of you two, much less me driving after a few too many drinks! Narty Narty? I wouldn't trust you typing after drinking, let alone driving!!!:B OP, sounds like a great truck! Hope it serves you well!
spoon059 09/07/20 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

OP, lots of good advice here. Most half tons will easily pull a hybrid trailer and stuff for 2 people. You said you guys will be pulling 12 months out of the year. A half ton is designed for occasional light towing. A 3/4 or 1 ton is designed to be worked to the max capabilities every day of the year. If I was planning on towing 12 months out of the year, I would get a bigger truck even though you don't necessarily "need" the payload or tow ratings of the bigger truck (at least not right now!) For the minimal price difference, you are getting substantially more truck. Heavier frame, brakes, wheels/tires, cooling system, etc. Your towing experience will be much more comfortable in a heavier truck as well. You'll get less push/pull in a heavier truck then a lighter truck. Higher end trucks with the telescoping running boards are very nice. One of the guys in our camping group has a higher end F350 dually with the automatic running boards, they make it super easy to climb in. The ride comfort of these newer trucks is spectacular too. My coil suspension Ram is very smooth, especially towing. That F350 dually I mentioned earlier is almost unbelievable how smooth it rides. A half ton might work, but a 3/4 or 1 ton will do it so much better in every facet you can imagine. Good luck, drive safe and enjoy camping!
spoon059 09/04/20 09:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: My 2019 Ford F 150 towing

OP, I don't know about the Ford controller, but I can highly recommend the Tekonsha P3. Great controller that is easy to wire in if your truck is prewired. Universal setup, lots of variables you can adjust. Its reasonably priced too.
spoon059 09/04/20 08:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: How to tow & push BACKWARDS?

My concern would be local and/or state ordinances about occupation of a trailer as a residence. I know where I'm at that's a complete non-starter and I assume California is even more strict as far as regulation. Before you sink a bunch of time and energy into this you'd be smart to look into the legalities of what you're thinking of doing. ^^^ What he said I can think of about a dozen reasons why this sounds like a bad idea to me, but he isn't asking, so why are you guys offering?
spoon059 09/03/20 06:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Losing home & need to immediately relocate to truck camper

I always read the whole thread before responding because i don't want to post something that's no longer relevant. If i'm not willing to read the whole thread, i don't post. When I'm retired, I'll waste significantly more time to keep you happy. Stay safe, thank you for your service.
spoon059 09/03/20 06:40am Beginning RVing
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