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RE: What does having an appointment mean?

Thankfully I have never experienced this, but from friends, my expectation would be that they will pull the camper in and start figuring out what the problem is. Then they will figure out what they need to order to fix it. Then they will figure out if it is under warranty or not.
spoon059 03/29/20 09:00am General RVing Issues
RE: 2019 Ram 6.4 drivers

Lots of diesel talk here... nothing about the OPs question. I'm curious as well. Had a friend that bought the 6.4 with the 6 speed and he didn't like it because of the gearing. It would drop into 4th pulling a grade, then slam into 2nd as speed dropped. For whatever reason, it would constantly skip 3rd when downshifting. Now, he only had the 3.73 gears because he couldn't find 4.10s anywhere nearby. The 6.4 seems like a great powerhouse, it just needs the right trans to make it a very good vehicle. Hopefully the new 8 speed is the ticket, but we still await on topic answers.
spoon059 03/27/20 11:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV living and registering child for 1st grade.

Consider home-schooling if its an option. We're in year 2 of it, its wonderful.
spoon059 03/26/20 10:14am General RVing Issues
RE: 20 year loan for RV?

Bought our first trailer cash from the wife's uncle. Outgrew it, sold it and bought our current trailer with our HELOC. Paid it off in 3 years. Next camper is likely to be $40-50K for an extended living 5th wheel bunkhouse. I'm going to have to borrow money again to pay for it. Our camping friends have a 12 year loan on their camper... I don't think I'd want to stretch payments out that far either. Some of us aren't independently wealthy, nor are we willing to sacrifice our younger years to save for a camper to pay cash. I've got a 7 year old, 5 year old and 14 month old and we love to camp now. Kids enjoy it immensely, we use it for educational purposes as well. It was definitely worth paying a little but of interest to get an appropriate camper that we can use NOW. The next camper will be our "cross country" camper. My bride came from a farming family, didn't have extra money for vacations. I want her to see our gorgeous country, I want my children to see our gorgeous country. I want to see it again. I'm willing to take on some interest payments to provide that experience for my kids. Again... hopefully I can pay it off in a relatively few years, but sometimes it costs money to live life. But... you gotta take care of them! Our current camper is parked under a Carolina Carport. Hopefully our next camper will live in a fully enclosed shelter when its not in use. Keep rain off the roof, put some wax on the paint and treat the inside with kindness, they'll last more than 10 years.
spoon059 03/24/20 11:53am Beginning RVing
RE: RV storage - how much room is needed?

A surveyor might be a worthwhile investment. They can come out and take measurements and tell you all your angles. Just remember that all trailers are different. One trailer might have rear tires 13' from the back, while the other might be 15' from the back. The angle of approach will be different based upon that single measurement. If your driveway was longer I would suggest keeping the first 20 feet out of the shop level, but that means that the next 24 feet will be even steeper. That could potentially cause issues when pulling out/backing in off the road.
spoon059 03/21/20 07:33am General RVing Issues
RE: what surface to store tt on?

That's fine. I have 2 small concrete pads for the tires, but that's just to keep it level so I can turn the fridge on before trips.
spoon059 03/20/20 06:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Buy Now or Wait on the Crazyness to Subside??

According to the media, we'll all be infected or dead by Fall..... So buy on credit and don't worry about it? :B Just kidding...
spoon059 03/16/20 08:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone lose a set of keys

Oh my goodness... A set of RV keys is a couple of dollars, they are universal. The OP did what he thought is right and the Cranks come out in force. Go camping already, sheesh...
spoon059 03/11/20 04:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford 2.7 eco boost

“Spirit 2963BH dry is 6408 will probably end up around 7K loaded up.“ You are kidding yourself. If the manufacturer’s weight is accurate at 6408 just adding a full tank of water will add 408 pounds - 49 gallons x 8.34 pounds per gallons. Plus propane and batteries you are at 7000 with no stuff...chairs, bikes, food etc. Another 6 gallons in the water heater...49 pounds. I don't often travel with water, I would venture a guess that a lot of people don't either. Also, before we had our current trailer and 3 kids we packed pretty light. Couple of pounds of food, couple of pounds of clothing, propane and battery and a couple of chairs. We could easily pack less then 600 lbs of gear. Now, with a 34' trailer and 3 kids we carry EVERYTHING with us, every trip. We've got the beach umbrella in the front pass thru even if we're going to the lake. We've got 4 camp chairs all the time, even if 2 of them never come out for a weekend trip. We've got the Weber grill even if we plan to make sandwiches for lunch and go out for dinner. I've got plenty of 4x6 blocks for jacks, 2 sections of dog fence, 2 folding tables, a hatchet, propane torch for starting fires, blankets and electric heaters even in the summer, etc. If I had a smaller trailer or a lighter truck, I could pack and unpack as needed. Since I don't have to worry with weight, we are lazy and bring everything now. Don't assume the OP is going to bring too much stuff. Perhaps a gentle warning about how weights can add up would be sufficient in the future, rather than a snarky post.
spoon059 03/07/20 09:31am Towing
RE: Maintenance free CCV filter for 2021 Cummins?

“This is one of the main reasons why diesel manufacturers are adding things like 10 speed transmissions, higher pressure injection pumps, tighter clearances, and thinner oil.” About time. Good! Unfortunately that will also come with higher prices and the possibility of lower reliability.
spoon059 03/07/20 09:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Not your dad's Airstream

Not for me, but its very nice! I really enjoy having slides and the space that it provides. If I was in the market for an Airstream, I would certainly take a look at this.
spoon059 03/06/20 10:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Psssst...wanna see a Wall?

Make it a felony to employ illegal aliens and then give a few employers of them stiff sentences in maximum security prisons. When work for illegals dries up so will their presence. This would be a great idea, but it takes people on both sides of the political divide to pass a law. The problem is that neither side is particularly encouraged to do so... The Left likes to proclaim open borders, any enforcement is racist. They don't actually want to change laws, that would take away their ability to buy votes by warning about the racist Right that wants to deport any immigrants. The Right likes to proclaim they are the Law and Order party and they want to enforce the existing laws. They don't actually want to change laws because that would take away their ability to buy votes by promising to end illegal immigration. Neither side of lifetime political hacks actually cares about the issue. Its a bargaining chip to play to their base. Neither side is motivated to actually FIX it. Trump, not a career politician, doesn't seem to care about the political nuances involved... he said he was going to fix it and he is doing what he can to fix it. The wall, as well as stepped up Federal enforcement, are part of his process.
spoon059 03/06/20 10:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Psssst...wanna see a Wall?

At least he is trying to solve a problem no one else has. No. He is trying to convince you he is solving a problem nobody else is. If they really wanted the undocumented out of the country it could be done nation wide, no change in laws, for less than the cost of a mile of wall. And be done in a couple of months. Do tell, how do we solve this? The problem is much bigger than people think. I'm a police officer in a "sanctuary" county, where the Liberal government refuses to allow Federal agencies into our jails to take custody of illegal immigrant CRIMINALS who are in our jails because they've committed criminal acts. Our agency is like many in this country, where the local government REFUSES to help the Feds and oftentimes actively obstruct efforts. I'm not sure if this wall is the physical barrier we may hope for, but its certainly part of a bigger process that is showing that we are finally fighting back. Illegal crossings are down, enforcement of crossings is up... its worth my money spent.
spoon059 03/06/20 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Thoughts on the 'need' factor of a main line surge protector

We had a campground with low voltage a couple years ago. We have an EMS that warned us and shut down power. Without it, we probably wouldn't have known and possibly fried our AC compressor. That was worth the price of the unit, right there.
spoon059 03/05/20 03:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: New R/V mattress

Be careful about cheap memory foam mattresses. We bought a cheap one 5 years ago and it is terrible. Just got back from a 24 day trip and the cheapo mattress is getting replaced before I spend another night in that camper. I'll be replacing it with a higher quality memory foam. We have a nice memory foam in our house and we love it.
spoon059 03/05/20 03:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Any Return on Investment?

Very helpful. keep all receipts as proof. Agree. As a buyer, I look for items that have been taken care of. A seller that indicates services done shows the buyer that it has been maintained and is likely to be in nicer condition. Whether it sells for a higher price or not, I don't know, but it will sell quicker. Think about it, you're in the market for a used trailer. Two trailers that are quite similar in price, condition, quality and layout. One just shows you pictures and a price. The other shows you pictures, price and a maintenance history that shows everything is up to snuff. I'm focusing on trailer #2 as my priority.
spoon059 02/29/20 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Snap window shades?

Awesome, thanks for the feedback! How long have you had them, how are they holding up to the UV light? Is the material still looking like new? Any issues with the adhesive snaps, any of them getting loose or anything? I'm planning on using them and attaching them to the window frame, as I have aluminum siding that has ridges.
spoon059 02/29/20 06:32am General RVing Issues
EZ Snap window shades?

I searched and didn't see any threads... has anyone tried the EZ Snap window shade system yet? Its a DIY window mesh system. You buy a large section of the material and you get either adhesive or screw based snaps to attach to your RV. I have some camping friends who have high end campers and custom window mesh and they love it. It blocks heat and some light, but still allows some light and saves your view while giving you privacy. I'm very interested in this, especially at the price point. I'm seeking out actual experience with this product (or anything at a similar price point).
spoon059 02/28/20 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Xchocks question

X-Chocks are meant to reduce the rocking sensation by preventing minor rolling of the wheels. They are NOT meant to replace actual chocks, which are meant to reduce the trailer from rolling away. I use Fastway wheel chocks, as it does BOTH. It is an actual chock that prevents the trailer from rolling away and it reduces the rocking sensation by not allowing the tires to have that minor roll.
spoon059 02/28/20 11:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Masseys Landing DE

I've never been because its too far from the beach for me. Other than that, it looks very nice. Lots of amenities, clean sites, sandy area on the bay, etc. If you want to get to Rehoboth, Dewey or Bethany than expect a 30+ minute drive.
spoon059 02/28/20 11:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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