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RE: Need an Overnight stop off I-95 near Walterboro SC

New Green Acres, right alongside I-95, long pull-thru sites. We love New Green Acres. Quiet but very close to 95. Lots of nice trees and my wife loves the pine cones. Reasonable prices, good clean bathrooms. We stop here often on our way to Florida in February. Highly recommend.
spoon059 09/11/19 11:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Anyone use "Get Upside"?

Looked into it, its a waste of time for me. The "discounted" price that you get from some gas stations is about the same price you can find with the Gas Buddy app... but you save that money immediately, you don't have to wait for a rebate at the end of the day, week or month.
spoon059 09/09/19 01:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12 inch wheels/tires

12" rims? At 65 mph those things are moving, probably going 1200 RPMs. A standard 15" rim with tires is probably closer to 800 RPM. I would put the biggest wheel/tire combo that would fit under the fender if it was my trailer and I was intending to go that fast/far.
spoon059 09/03/19 06:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Too spicy!

What is the interest rate? I never shop based on monthly payments Exactly, and what is the length of the loan? Giving a monthly price with ZERO other data is like asking "how many slices are in a pizza" or "how long is a piece of string". $900/month for 84 months is insane, but $900/month for 36 months isn't terrible. How much money are you putting down? If you are putting $0 down, that's about right for a 4 year loan on $40,000. If you are putting $20,000 down and paying for 4 years, that's insane.
spoon059 09/03/19 06:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Charleston SC

Looking at going around the first week of December. Is the weather still fairly decent then? You would think I would know but I have never been there at that time of year. It'll be chillier, but still pretty decent. We normally go in the middle of February and it average 60 degree days and 45 degree nights. It looks like December is about the same, but January is about 3 degrees cooler. A light jacket or sweatshirt and its very comfortable, especially coming from Maryland temps that are usually in the high 20's...
spoon059 08/29/19 07:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Personal experience with having slides and no slides?

Our first camper had no slide, it was fine. We now have 3 kids. We have one big slide and a lot more room. I wouldn't go back to a non-slide now. Being able to all sit inside in comfort when it rains, priceless. Being able to walk past each other to get from one end to the other, priceless. Yes, there is minimal additional maintenance (lube the slide mechanism and the seals), and the additional cost *IF* it breaks... but it is worth the minimal risk. 20 years ago maybe slides were problematic, but they appear pretty straightforward now.
spoon059 08/29/19 01:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: OK --- Guilty!

Always add some water back into the black tank, it should NEVER be left empty. Never say NEVER. Because, in wintertime, freezing temps..... ;) I've always left water in the black tank, never had a problem. Don't FILL the tank, and don't leave water in your 1/2" lines. 5 gallons in a 45 gallon tank won't cause issues.
spoon059 08/27/19 10:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Check your Tires! Often!

Good advice! Glad you found it before it exploded in the middle of the road and caused damage and worse trouble!
spoon059 08/23/19 10:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Installing a hitch costs and needs

I'll assume you've done your proper homework and know your numbers. 3000 lbs is pretty light (pop up?) and shouldn't require any special tow package on a F150. If you are remotely handy, go to and buy yourself a tow hitch and install it yourself. Around $150 and they are usually pretty easy to install. I installed one on my sisters minivan in about 30 minutes earlier this week. If you need a brake controller they are usually pretty easy to install as well.
spoon059 08/17/19 06:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Hope you travel alone?!!!!

From a legal stand point, what is stopping him from loading it past the tire load sticker? Especially if he replaced those stock tires and wheels with a higher higher load rating and 32 psi max pressure. That is sticker is only for the stock tires and is useless if he changes them. What is stopping him? The full weight of legal authority of the weight police on, that's what!!!
spoon059 08/17/19 06:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Roof Replacment

As others have said... if you are paying for a total roof replacement I would STRONGLY consider Flex Armor. It is a vastly superior product to EPDM or TPO roofing.
spoon059 08/15/19 05:09pm Beginning RVing
RE: Nash 17k

Can't comment on the 17K, but we had an older 22H and LOVED it. Very solidly built, durable and comfortable. They are great trailers. The floorplan of the 17K will be tight, but it was mostly just my wife and I in our 22H and we made do. If you are coming from a Casita, you are familiar with a smaller interior space and you'll know if its acceptable to you. I miss my Nash, but we have 3 kids now so it wouldn't have been possible to have 5 of us (including an infant) in that 22H.
spoon059 08/14/19 07:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Charleston SC

James Island is a fantastic park. Clean, spacious sites with lots of trees. Lots of amenities at the park... waterpark, climbing wall, hiker/biker paths, playgrounds, pools, etc. We stay there each year when we stop in Charleston coming back from Florida. Lots of food and grocery options within a couple minutes drive. Plenty quiet and peaceful. Very very easy access to Folly Beach, Charleston and Mt Pleasant.
spoon059 08/13/19 08:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: dodge 2500 with coil over air bags

I don't believe leaf springs are available anymore on any of the 2019 dodge 2500's... You are arguing about something that you know nothing. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Kind of like politics, if it doesn't agree with your way of thinking it must be fake. Is now a bad time to point out that DODGE doesn't make the 2019 Ram 2500? Asking for a friend...
spoon059 08/07/19 09:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Correct inflation of trailer tires

Tires disintegrate faster due to heat. Heat occurs when you have flex in your sidewall. Some flex is necessary, but excessive flex leads to increased heat which leads to increased chance of tire failure. I buy trailer tires that are rated much higher than I need them. Then I keep those tires inflated for their maximum weight carrying capabilities. When I check my tire and hub temps at fuel stops, they are usually just a little hotter than ambient temps. That is my objective.
spoon059 07/29/19 08:27am Beginning RVing
RE: Reference post: Love my combo for towing

If you keep the options reasonable it's easy to get any of the diesel HD trucks for less money than a mid to upper trimmed half ton or gas HD. It always amuses me when I hear or see a comment that diesels aren't worth the money coming from a guy driving a high end half ton or gas HD. I guess we all have different priorities. Me too. I have a used Tradesman CTD that I bought cheaper than a new gas 3/4 ton. It was 1 year old with less than 10K miles on it. Now, I am not very happy with the entry level seats in the Ram. My friend has a Big Horn and his seats are far more comfortable. We usually only take 2 long trips a year (7-8 hour and 15-16 hour) and I'm still young so I can tolerate the cheaper seats... but when retirement hits we will take more longer trips and I will want the more comfy seats. The rest of the doo-dads and gizmos, I don't care about.
spoon059 07/26/19 10:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.4l 8 speed towing review

I will say 3 things and disappear from this thread, and I'm sure the thread will soon disappear too... Some men seek to centralize power & control some to disperse it. Very true, but the reality is that no matter what side of this argument you are on, once you get some power, human nature tends to slide towards the idea of centralizing and controlling. Trump has not fulfilled his campaign promise to cut the debt. Instead, he's done the opposite. The President doesn't spend the money. Congress controls the purse. The President can do things to influence how money is spent, but ultimately relies upon appropriations that are voted upon by our elected representatives. Just like war. Lots of people like to blame W Bush/Republicans for the wars... but it required bi-partisan voting to pass. I'm interested in reading and seeing more about the 8 speed Ram. My friend had a 6.4 with the 6 speed and loved the engine, but the gear spacing was lacking. Climbing a hill with his 5er would get into 4th gear, then bypass 3rd and slam into 2nd gear. Then he would hold 2nd gear forever, before it finally shifted. He hated the way the trans worked, eventually trading it on a CTD. That engine with a properly designed transmission (which I hope the 8 speed is) sounds like a great combo is a gas truck is enough engine.
spoon059 07/25/19 08:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for White Christmas RV parks

you'd be surprised how many skiiers come up to Vermont from warmer areas and seem absoltuely taken aback to discover that the snow falls on roads as well as on ski trails. Sadly, I'm not...
spoon059 07/25/19 08:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dumping Tanks in an Empty Full Service Site

You already paid for it and it all goes to the same place. My thoughts as well. You are making it more convenient for the other people, by not making them wait in line behind you. As long as you are being neat, I don't see any issue. If you are one of those guys that tries to eyeball it, not use a sewer hose and just pull the valve open... that's a different story.
spoon059 07/22/19 11:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Gravel rv pad?

I got recycled asphalt millings, about 4 inches deep and compacted by driving my diesel truck over it a couple times, overlapping. It drains well, packs well and is doing a great job. If I had the time and equipment I would have compacted it better. Other than that, its fantastic. The recycled millings tend to stick to the tires a little more than gravel, so I have to sweep some loose millings off the asphalt and back into the pad every once in a while.
spoon059 07/18/19 04:20pm General RVing Issues
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