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RE: Black Eye

Yup, this thread defines America now. 45% of you hate the RV driver without knowing enough details. 45% of you hate the truck driver without knowing enough details. Maybe 10% of you recognize that more information is needed WITHOUT judging one or the other, or you recognize that there are other people in the world beside you. A little common sense and respect for the people around you would do wonders.
spoon059 09/22/21 05:17am General RVing Issues
RE: An upgraded option for the half ton Pickup crowd

I don't know, I think it looks pretty cool. I loved my Tundra, it was a great truck with my smaller camper. 1900 lbs payload (didn't see it in the article, but someone mentioned it) is a nice upgrade, but still not enough to entice me to leave a true HD pickup truck. Rear coils aren't a problem at all, if they are spec'ed out right. I LOVE my rear coils in my Ram, drives very nice and holds a LOT of weight (rated at 6500 lbs). At the end of the day, I'm not a buyer for this Tundra, but its nice to see some mechanical upgrades (heavier payload and competitive engines) from Toyota. I love my truck, it drove great and had gobs of power... just not enough payload. Hope it does well and creates some real competition.
spoon059 09/20/21 04:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: jayco small travel trailers

I am not impressed with the quality verses the price for these rvs...i just got one and being that it was an acceptable price...I got it. So why did you buy it if it wasn't acceptable to you?
spoon059 09/19/21 05:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel exhaust fluid sensor failure

Meh, before you freak out too much, research your specific vehicle. My Ram will give me that warning, but it won't go into limp mode until you cycle off your vehicle. So even if it says 200 miles until limp mode, it just means that once you've gone 200 miles, it will still run (theoretically) until you turn off your truck. That at least gets you to a campsite, drop the trailer and to a repair shop. By the way, I've had that message 2 times in 67,000 miles and cleared it with a code reader and it completely went away.
spoon059 09/16/21 03:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire covers

I occasionally use 303 protectant spray and generally try to keep direct sunlight off the tires when they are stored. Not sure if it helps or not. I replace tires within 5-6 years anyways, never seen any obvious UV damage in that time frame.
spoon059 09/12/21 01:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone use a solar TPMS?

FYI, that one isn't recommended for trailers. They have a link to a "newer" one that is recommended for trailers. Still 87 PSI but its $160. I'm not sure that being limited to 87 PSI is a bad thing, I'm much more concerned with a dropping tire pressure and would set a minimum threshold, not a maximum threshold. Looking at the questions, it says it has a max pressure of 99 lbs. It also monitors temperature somehow (not sure how that works on a valve stem). Anyway, deal of the day for $63 I bought one and I'll see how it does. The 87 PSI doesn't worry me. The 36' range could potentially be an issue, but it looks like they have a range extender. If it doesn't work, I'll return it. That's a good deal though!
spoon059 09/11/21 02:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Frustrating !!!

Education costs money. Sounds like your niece and her husband got themselves an education. This is the main reason I bought an RV carport. I am still employed full time, so we only use our camper less than 60 nights a year. The other 300+ nights it is kept out of the rain, sun, leaves, snow, bird poop, etc. I still maintain, but if I miss something, its much less likely to have catastrophic results. Best $2400 I ever spent. I've had it for 10 years now, that's $240 a year for covered RV storage. We plan to be in this house for another 5 years, that'll drop it to $160/year for covered RV storage. Our next house I plan to have a large metal enclosed barn so its completely out of the rain and out of the sun.
spoon059 09/11/21 01:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

Oh, gotcha. Mine came with a lid so I just give a light spray of cooking oil and close the lid. I might suggest a piece of cardboard (maybe a pizza box) that fits over top to keep it from rubbing your bag.
spoon059 09/09/21 06:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Spotted a new design for a TH - Wow, Beauty!!!

All joking aside, I've seen some manufactured trailers that have an open deck trailer portion in front and think its a genius idea. Even a 6 foot deck in front would let you put a 4 wheeler or bikes/grill/firewood etc on the front. This particular one is interesting though. I remember a couple years ago we were camping and saw a flatbed trailer (similar to this) that had a truck camper strapped down to it and a hot tub in front of the camper. Awesome!!!
spoon059 09/09/21 06:40am Toy Haulers
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

I clean it after each use. Buy a cheapo scraper at a dollar store and a squeeze bottle for water. When you're done cooking and the grill is still hot, squeeze water on the cooktop. It was steam up and start cleaning. Scrape the grill top with the scraper. Continue this process until its clean. Let it dry, put it away. The 22" is better because it has higher BTU (helpful in wind) and the option for 2 different temps for searing steak, then slow cooking, or cooking eggs on one side and potatoes on the other, or sausage on one side and peppers and onions on the other, etc.
spoon059 09/08/21 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Change dining booth to table and chairs

OP, we replaced out U-dinette with a round freestanding table with drop leaf. I made my own benches for the one side and back wall. My table isn't anchored down because originally we would take it out for some trips and put a pack-n-play for our youngest. We found that flipping the table upside down was sufficient for transport and haven't changed that. We found the original dinette to be awful uncomfortable and under used. Now the kids sit on the benches I made and my wife and I have short stools that we use. We absolutely LOVE it and have no regrets. Hope your reno goes smooth and you like it too.
spoon059 09/08/21 10:59am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Electric brakes issue

Simply solution, I put a 5 gallon bucket over my trailer jack. It keeps water out of my jack (especially important in the winter when water gets in and freezes, then you blow a fuse trying to retract the jack) and UV light off the plastic. I hang the 7 pin cord from the bucket handle, so its covered by the bucket. I then attach my safety chains to the handle to keep it weighted down in the wind. Kills several birds with one stone. But I agree with other advice; clean your pins and put di-electric grease to help keep water out and corrosion down.
spoon059 09/07/21 11:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Air Shocks or Air Bags on TT

Maybe I'm just unlucky but in the first 7 months of owning my new trailer I've been on sites that exceeded the height of my Andersons 3x. I end up building platforms out of 2 stacks of 3x Lego bricks with another 2x as caps. I use the Andersons as ramps to get up onto and off these towers. Situations like that I would either try to reposition my camper to be more neutral before leveling, or I would use my shovel to lower the high spot. I wouldn't want one side of my camper to be more than 4" higher than the other. Then you start having issues with the steps, access to outdoor kitchen, instability when stabilizing, etc. If you have exceeded the height of your Anderson's (4") by 3 times, thats a foot off level over 8 feet wide. Are you camping on the side of a mountain?
spoon059 09/05/21 05:52am Travel Trailers
RE: GM and others shutting down production.

Now explain how the mother flipping buggers to feed her family is less deserving of a living wage than the man hanging fenders on a model A? Its not that the PERSON is less deserving of a "living wage", its that the JOB doesn't justify it. I'm tired of hearing the sob stories. I live in one of the more expensive counties in the country. Average home prices for a smaller rambler are close to $600K. The progressive politicians are always trying to guilt the tax base into thinking that everyone DESERVES to live in one of the most expensive counties in the country... they don't. Just like *I* don't deserve to live in the most desirable and expensive neighborhoods, so I live in a smaller, older, less desirable neighborhood because that is what *I* can afford. If I ascribed to your theory, I should demand to be able to live in the $850K houses by the water instead of my $450K house in an older and smaller neighborhood that's further out. And "living wages" back 30 years ago didn't have to pay $200/month for cable, $100/month for cell phone and didn't have $400K in student debt hanging over their heads. An average and safe vehicle didn't cost twice as much as starting pay in their field of work. Energy prices weren't nearly as high, and President Biden wasn't closing down American production and driving costs up back then either. There are many, many things at play here when we talk about "living wages" and costs to live comfortably in society. We didn't have these luxuries even 15 or 20 years ago. I drive a used car, bought a smaller and older house, stream our tv instead of paying exorbitant prices for cable, we cook our own meals most of the time, don't pay for Uber Eats, we don't have the newest and fanciest iPhone every year, etc. Its amazing how much further your money goes when you make little adjustments like that. I'm sure I said it up thread as well, but my wife stays at home to raise our kids. We made sacrifices but still have a comfortable life because we are smart about where we spend our money. When I was 21 and making pizzas, I couldn't afford this. I went out and found a CAREER type job (without a college degree) and live comfortably, but not to excess. I've worked very hard and made difficult decisions to get where I'm at. I believe that I deserve my little older house more than that single mother who just flips burgers. Call me cold and callous, but decisions have consequences. She could move to the middle of Kansas and be able to afford more house than she could in my county.
spoon059 09/04/21 05:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM and others shutting down production.

A $15 minimum wage only sounds expensive because minimum wage hasn't kept up with inflation... Not just minimum wage, ALL wages haven't kept up. When you double the minimum wage and keep my wage stagnant, it punishes me. Then the typical answer is that *I* should be paid more. I work for the government, are you going to be willing to pay more taxes to support my salary increasing by the same percent as the minimum wage? And if so, then YOUR wages need to increase to cover the offset of higher taxes. See how that works? Or... people with a marketable skill deserve to be paid better, but people with no/low skills deserve to get paid a much lower rate. Want to earn more, LEARN more. That puts the focus back on the employee, to make themselves a commodity. Anywho, we've gotten pretty far off topic. My apologies OP. I'm curious to see what happens to the truck market when they start being available again. Are they going to deeply discount the 2021's when the 22's get released? What happens to all the expensive used vehicles that people have bought or traded? It'll be interesting for sure.
spoon059 09/03/21 05:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM and others shutting down production.

Hmm, so paying someone the necessary amount so they can afford to buy what they build is unsustainable? I'll have to think about that one. Hmm, so we should pay everyone enough money that they can afford a Lamborghini? The guy that sweeps the floor at NASA should be able to afford a space shuttle? How about the guy that delivers the rivets that assemble the newest cruise ship... he should be paid enough to afford to buy a cruise ship? Think about that too... For what its worth, I get paid quite a bit more than $15/hour and I can't comfortably afford a top of the line GMC Denali. How much more should I demand from my employer so that I can afford expensive luxuries?
spoon059 09/03/21 03:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM and others shutting down production.

No law against paying more than minimum wage for trained and skilled employees. If we had brought that work back to USA, we would not be in this dilemma. It's not just trucks either. It's the untrained, unskilled workers that are not worth that pay. Perhaps the guy actually making the part deserves more than $15 an hour... but what about when you have to pay the janitor $15 an hour to clean up, the parts guy $15 an hour to order parts, the warehouse guy $15 an hour to move parts, the parking attendant $15 an hour to help people park, the lady behind the lunch counter $15 an hour to warm up food, etc etc? It quickly becomes unsustainable.
spoon059 09/03/21 02:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM and others shutting down production.

Anyone thinking to avoid these trucks as possibly problematic? Tires breaking down. Rubber belts degrading. Rubber seals degrading. Paint oxidizing. Yea, I could see some issues. Umm yeah, no, not really. Not at all, unless they sit for years and years. And, based on current inventory and prices, don’t really see an issue with the mfgs off loading them. The longer the shortage, the more the demand. Umm yeah, seen it happen with cars my employer bought. They sat for over a year. Batteries were completely dead and needed to be replaced. Many of them had oil leaks due to dry rotted seals. Tires had flat spots from sitting. It happens. Look into it. Most car batteries will have significant voltage drop at 2 months. These are sitting for a year? Strong chance they are ruined. A year of sitting in the sun and not being driven, with the full weight on the tires? Erie Insurance has a blog about stored vehicles and potential problems. So does Edmunds. I forgot about fuel breaking down in the tanks. Oil thats started to breakdown. Pests getting into things.
spoon059 09/03/21 02:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM and others shutting down production.

Too bad we don't have the know how/technology/workforce/ability/desire to produce these chips in the US. $15/hour minimum wage would make that exceptionally cost prohibitive.
spoon059 09/03/21 01:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Air Shocks or Air Bags on TT

but I don't see them helping with side to side leveling like you initially asked. Really, Having the ability to raise one side or the other with a device between the chassis and the axles is difficult to comprehend? It's EXACTLY the same thing as driving up on some boards to level the RV side to side..... I understand the basic idea, its not a reading comprehension issue. But how much lift articulation are you really going to get and how much trouble is that worth, as opposed to putting out boards or an Anderson leveler?
spoon059 09/03/21 06:25am Travel Trailers
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