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RE: The world of tow vehicles would be a better place if

I want super singles tucked under the SRW fenders instead of a dually. Going to be a bit narrower between the wheel wells and that is fine by me. I doubt manufactures would produce a truck with less than 4’ between the wheel wells. Yea, I've thought of that as well, but I agree. I haven't looked at a dually in a while, but I have to wonder if the inner wheels could be tucked closer to the body, thus bringing the outer wheels closer in as well. That would reduce the overall width by a couple inches, possibly making it more desireable. Or simply offer a super single (17" wide) instead of dual rear wheels (23" wide). That would reduce your width by a foot! Of course, I'm not aware of a super single with a wheel size small enough to fit on a pickup...
spoon059 01/17/22 04:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5er Noob Looking for a Hitch

I'm researching now for the inevitable move to a 5er. I'm planning on getting a Reese Goosebox. It allows you to swap out your traditional 5th wheel hitch on your camper with a model that is approved by Lippert to allow you to use a regular gooseneck ball in your bed. No hitch to install, move, store, get in the way... just a regular 2 5/16 hall. It eliminates the traditional hitch in your bed and reduces or completely eliminates the chucking you get from a traditional 5th wheel hitch.
spoon059 01/15/22 07:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bought a second truck.

Wow, that truck is incredible for a $5000ish total investment! I have some very basic mechanic abilities, but you've attacked some issues that I don't have confidence in my abilties to handle. I imagine it would be double the cost or more if you paid labor. Absolutely beautiful truck though!!!
spoon059 01/14/22 04:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Scan tool for Ram CTD

Yup, any OBD2 sensor will work. Before you buy one, know the limitations. I had a check engine light and borrowed my buddies scanner. Turns out that my check engine light was due to an ABS issue (a wheel sensor, to be specific) and the cheapo scanner didn't do ABS scanning. Know what you want the tool to do and buy one that has those capabilities. I went out and bought this one from Amazon for $50.
spoon059 01/14/22 04:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck.

Wow, this is really cool specta! I love the older Ford trucks, they were beautiful!!! I lack the knowledge, patience or finances to take on a project like this, but you appear to be doing an amazing job. I like that you are just "rehabbing", not restoring it. That truck looks great with some dings and dents! Do you mind telling how much you paid for it and how much you have invested thus far? I'm just curious, because I have no clue how much something like that costs. Again, beautiful truck, beautiful locations to go driving!
spoon059 01/14/22 07:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: When is a purchase a purchase?

I would think if he got a loan amd signed all the papers he owns the unit. Correct, as soon as you sign the paperwork and the dealer either gets the money or stipulates that they will get the money, the camper belongs to the buyer. None of this "driven off the lot" nonsense. If I bought a car from that Caddie dealer, signed papers and exchanged money, then got in and wrecked into a bunch of parked cars before I left the lot, would that be covered under the dealers insurance? No, the accident occurred in my own privately owned vehicle that had yet to be "driven off the lot", and the responsibility is mine. If it was a test drive, its the dealers insurance. Once I legally own the vehicle, its my insurance. What if some other customer wrecked into my Caddie after I bought it and left the scene without leaving information? Would the dealership fix the car because it hadn't been driven off the lot? Of course not.
spoon059 01/14/22 05:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: GM outsold Ford??

This conversation happens at least once a year... "GM outsold Ford." "No it di'n't. Chevy and GMC are separate brands!" "Di' too! They're basically the same truck so it counts!" "So what? F150 sold the most of any truck model." "Who cares? GM outsold Ford!" "Di' not!" "Di' too!" "Di' noooot!" "Di' tooooooooooo!" Anybody else notice this? More importantly... who cares? I buy the truck that fits MY needs the best, not the truck that has the best advertising or sells the most. Maybe Ford sells the most because they have the most fan boys and their trucks break down every 6 years, requiring a new truck every 6 years. Maybe GM sells the most because they are the most stolen because they have faulty locks, requiring a new truck every time they get stolen. I really don't care who sells what, I just want a good truck.
spoon059 01/13/22 03:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone happen to know what DL means?

Down Low Deep Lisp Dog Leash But more importantly, what does it matter what it means? Do you like the floor plan or not?
spoon059 01/06/22 06:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: TV Upgrade, Hitch question: What would you do?

Goosebox hitch and sell the equipment that you currently have.
spoon059 01/03/22 05:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you use EKON OX BLOX Trailer Jack Blocks

Hi Retired JSO, And you’re right but not a long term solution and come with their own problems. I’ll stick with a plastic style that will keep the jacks 7” off the ground. It’s better for the jacks and eventually the fifth wheel. Just my opinion. Just curious, why ask for opinions if you've already made up your mind?
spoon059 12/30/21 07:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are the HP wars over?

The promised 505 hp Duramax for 2023 was short lived: Click At the end of the day, all these trucks are pulling Ike within what... a minute of each other? That is one of the worst pulling conditions that most truck drivers won't encounter in their lifetimes anyway. Its been clear to me for some time now that all 3 HD pickups are plenty powerful. Its up to the individual purchaser to find the one that works for them. For me, right now, its a Ram with something puny like 370 hp and 800 lb/ft torque. Somehow that is enough for everything I need. My next truck in 5 years... who knows. I have confidence that any of them will have plenty of power. It will come down to comfort, price and wife approving the looks and features.
spoon059 12/29/21 11:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: I Winterized ............. but then this happened.

Thetford makes a RV Toilet Seal and Lubricant for about $8. Not sure if it can revive an older seal or not. Not to be funny, but another option might be some high mileage oil. It has an additive that slightly swells rubber seals. I'd research that before trying it though. My old camper had that problem, but it wasn't worth fixing for me. We camped year round and I would simply add a bunch of water (or antifreeze) to the bowl that it wouldn't complete leak out before the next trip.
spoon059 12/28/21 05:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) --- Great add-on

I bought an inexpensive one on Amazon during a sale this fall. On our way back from a trip, I intentionally pulled over and let out 15 lbs of air a couple miles from home. The TPMS immediately recognized the lower pressure, giving me some confidence. My next RV will have a more expensive system with the internal style TPMS. We're going to take that cross country for a long trip, I want the peace of mind. Lots of people like to poo-poo TPMS systems and say they are worthless, but I disagree. I've seen plenty of stories of people that had a tire fail and they didn't know for a while. The tire kept deteriorating as it was driven down the road and damaged the trailer too. I have 2 people that we camp with that this happened to. Tire failure and they didn't know until chunks started flying and people starting honking at them and frantically pointing to the trailer. Even if my TPMS does nothing but alert me before additional damage is done, it is money well spent. We do several longer trips a year. I'll check tire pressure in the morning before we leave, then I don't check again until I get to a fuel station or the next destination. Plenty of time and miles for a road hazard to cause a slow leak that develops into a big problem if left unchecked.
spoon059 12/28/21 05:39pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Fuel consumption too high?

Probably we can skip the irrelevant posturing. OP apparently got what he wanted and hasn't been back in over a month. So, are we disbanding This isn't even the tow vehicles section!!!
spoon059 12/28/21 12:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are the HP wars over?

475 HP isn't worth a darn sitting in line at the service department... You must be deleted to get 475 hp out of your Ram. Is it tranny problems or why are you spending so much time at the service department? Ha, well played! Merry Christmas!!!
spoon059 12/24/21 05:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Are the HP wars over?

475 HP isn't worth a darn sitting in line at the service department...
spoon059 12/22/21 06:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Half ton towing

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's Guys. Nice plave you've got there! We haven't camped as much this year as in years past. Between the kids sports and my youngest daughter having some medical issues, we took off from fall camping, which is usually my favorite time of year. We have a Florida trip planned in February though, and hopefully next year we get back to a more normal camping schedule!!! Merry CHRISTmas to you as well! Safe travels.
spoon059 12/18/21 06:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need help to buy Rv Trayler

OP, not sure if you've paid for your trailer yet or not. When we bought ours, we paid for it with a home equity line of credit. With mortgage rates so low now, that could potentially save you a LOT of money. We paid ours off in about 3 years, so it worked out great for us. Any full size pickup (half ton or better) should pull that camper. The biggest thing to consider is PAYLOAD. Thats the amount of weight you can add to the truck. That includes passengers, hitch weight, firewood, bikes, grill, chairs, etc. Your trailer is pretty small and light, so you have lots of options. If you have a growing family and plan to upgrade to a bigger trailer, I'd suggest you start looking at a 3/4 or 1 ton truck to future proof.
spoon059 12/18/21 05:54pm Beginning RVing
RE: Whats wrong with this 5th Wheel Tow Vehicle?

Nice rig.
spoon059 12/12/21 06:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: For those with no bathroom access during travel mode.

Much ado about nothing. Most gas stations or truck stops have plenty enough room that you can extend the slide the 1 foot that is necessary to get to the bathroom. Having 3 young kids, my wife prefers to use our bathroom when traveling, rather than playing public bathroom roulette. We've never once had a problem.
spoon059 12/09/21 06:22pm Fifth-Wheels
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