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RE: iPad for Gaia maps?

Thinking of switching to a Gaia maps on an iPad for primary use in the RV. I am tired of the clumsy nav system that came from the factory. I'll also use it for ATVing and Jeeping. iPhone is not an option since maps app only works where there is a signal. I know that an iPhone can run Gaia maps but the screen is too small. I've done some research already. I know the iPad has to be cellular enabled with the internal GPS to use where there is no cell signal. Don't want to spend big bucks on an iPad just for Gaia maps. Also don't want a huge screen since I'll use it in the UTV. An older/refurb iPad is ok since it will only be used for Gaia maps. Suggestions? It works the same whether its iPhone or iPad. You can download "sections" for offline use, just like most other options. And to be honest, it works better in offline mode than online when signal gets iffy. I only use Gaia for off road adventures. I find google or apple are better for me for on road directions.
srt20 10/07/21 10:53am Technology Corner
RE: LOCAST Receives Unfavorable Court Rulling

Its all about greed! Yet they wonder why so many ppl cut the cord and find "other free ways" of watching tv, sports, movies, etc.....
srt20 09/01/21 02:07pm Technology Corner
RE: WiFi Camera always late to the action

We use Blink, an amazon owned deal I think. Works well, micro SD slot for storage. Sends alert to phone, etc. Cheap. 3 cameras and module for well under $200 ( I dont recall exact price, amazon stuff is on sale every other day). We live in sticks and have slow internet at home (20mbps is max). Im happy with the Blink setup. Of course Amazon would prefer you buy the storage plan from them through their cloud, but I prefer using my own card.
srt20 08/24/21 05:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Carlinkit wireless Apple car play adaptor

FYI, make sure the bluetooth from phone to car itself is forgotten. Otherwise the car bt will override the adapter bt. I dont have one, but have checked into them a bunch. Lots of ppl like them, but they can be somewhat PIA to figure out.
srt20 08/19/21 06:31am Technology Corner
RE: 12v coolers

We have a ICECO VL45. Works great. I too got sick of ice melting and making everything soggy. We use it in our Jeep when road tripping. Cools to 0*F. Uses 42 watts while running. I leave it in Jeep 24/7 running while on road trip. Has low voltage protection setting to save battery if wanted. Uses Danfoss compressor as do the larger ICECO sizes. They go on sale every so often. Got mine on amazon for $413. And I cannot stress enough how much better it is than a cooler. I have Yeti's, Rtic's, generics of those brands, and they all suck. An ICECO is close to the same $$$ as a Yeti and so much better.
srt20 07/08/21 07:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Anybody Using iPad as a Laptop Replacement?

WHY WHY WHY ???? did you post this?? I am now looking at iPads :S JimR Apple announced the spring event is april 20th. Most likely new iPads. Which means current ones will be reduced in price....
srt20 04/14/21 08:37am Technology Corner
RE: Anybody Using iPad as a Laptop Replacement?

Thanks for the replies. My trustyToshiba laptop is still going strong, although it’s 11+ years old, but I want to be proactive and have a device ready if it dies on me suddenly.. I’m online quite a bit and, being somewhat of an experimenter, I’d like to try working with IOS. I don't do anything intensive, just web surfing, emailing, banking, etc. I was recently going to try a Chromebook, but now my interest has turned to the iPad since I already own one. You'll be fine. Wife does all that and more on her phone.
srt20 04/11/21 09:22am Technology Corner
RE: New Dually - Need Hitch, Toolbox, Rolling Cover Advice

Just picked up the new TV yesterday -- 2021 RAM 3500 Big Horn Crew Cab Long Box, Dually. Need advice on getting it ready for the Fiver (2021 Jayco Eagle 336 FBOX -- Dry Pin 2,215 lbs. GRWR 13,750 lbs.) Hitch -- Hearing B&W a lot. TV has the factory prep four puck system. Toolbox -- TV has the 50 gal fuel tank so I'm not really interested in the Transfer Flow type combo fuel and tool box. Just a locking toolbox. Rolling Cover -- Heard from another truck owner that he liked the Revolver X4. Also, the RAM had 19 miles on it when I bought it yesterday. Truck dealer said no break in needed before towing. (HUH??) Was reading the owner's manual last night and p. 241 says, "Do not tow a trailer at all during the first 500 miles" to avoid damage. Picking up Fiver mid April, so I'm driving the RAM 40+ miles a day to get to the 500. Appreciated all the advice and input when I had posted about advice for TV a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure I'll get more good input again. And, yes, I will post pics, ect. when everything is complete. I have a Revolver. Its a POS. Its my second Bak product and also my last. First was a folding cover that they took back because it leaked so bad on the folding seams. The Revolver plastic clip for strap broke, vinyl is coming apart, and latch is a poor design that most times takes a couple tries. All at 2 years old or less. And the rubber seams that rest on the box side look like cooked bacon and have since new. And I see this on almost all trucks that have a Revolver cover. Many people seem to like them, but either I got 2 bad ones in a row, or they are poor made.
srt20 03/30/21 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Off Roading with the 2021 Bronco

I like the innovation in the Bronco. IMO the front end will need some work for rock crawling, but maybe it will push better innovation to Jeep. That said, I think the bronco will handle easy rock crawling ok. Most people that do harder stuff modify their Jeeps from stock anyway. I think the Bronco will likely drive much better than the Wrangler on road.
srt20 03/01/21 07:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cell Boosting Kits Sold on Ebay

Coverage maps Looking at those maps I'd have to say that Verizon is best out west, and T-Mobile is second ATT has giant gaps. The western half of WY for example. That goes along with our experience, my wife had ATT and was often w/o coverage out west. I had it almost everywhere we went. She change to Visible which is what I have now. Out west in this case means the desert SW and mountain states excluding the left coast. That map is not very accurate. I have Verizon and my bud has ATT and he had better service in western WY than I did. And it was fairly significant. We haven't been all over the west, but no place did he have worse service than me.
srt20 02/21/21 09:41am Technology Corner
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

Back in 2015 I was in Key Largo at a nice campground and had a water front spot right at the boat dock. The boats would come and go, and they would have the danrest time backing up... I took this picture of a kid who had to be 10 years old,, he whipped that around and put that trailer exactly in the middle of the ramp.... I would have never believed it if I was not sitting there... I asked his dad about it and they have a farm in Texas and he helps on the farm... Thank you for this! Reminds me that I need to start thinking about teaching my 9 yr son how to do things like this.
srt20 11/16/20 11:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

I have it, but have never set it up or used it. It might be useful, but I trust my ability to back any trailer into any spot I think it will fit. Short or long. True story! My brother and SIL have a boat and go to the lake almost every weekend in summer. My SIL is better at backing trailers than my brother, so she does the backing into the water and he drives boat on trailer. Many times the guy in line before her cant back his empty boat trailer in to save his life. So after he struggles for a few mins, she will go up and ask if he wants help. The guy will almost always say I just bought this last week. She will say no problem, I can back it in for you. And 10/10 times the guy will get out of the vehicle before she can finish the sentence. IMAO.
srt20 11/16/20 11:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: using tablet sim card in hotspot for unlimited data

A sim is a sim. Nothing to be modified.
srt20 11/08/20 08:21am Technology Corner
RE: Upgrade to 5G without increases in data allowances?

Let me preface by saying I don't know a thing about the differences between 2,4 and 5 G. My phone has capability of 2 and 4. My home internet has 2 and 5. Of all three, 5g performs the worst. We cut the cord and stream everything and 2g performs the most consistently. 5g drops and requires re-connecting more often than 2g. I am sure there are reasons why this happens, but between 2 and 5g, we opt for 2g. It just performs better. My son is a gamer with a pretty sophisticated PC and can't tell the difference.I think you've confused different sets of numbers. I don't think I did. Home internet has 2G and 5G phone has 2G and 4G That's 2G, 4G and 5G across 2 devices. (2 each respectively) 2G and 4G on the phone seem to perform identical. 2G and 5G on the home internet are vastly different and 2G performs consistently better. Feel free to point out where I confused different sets of numbers. Yeah you are talking about something totally different than the OP.
srt20 11/03/20 10:28am Technology Corner
RE: Hulu, or something similar?

Verizon does not differentiate between phone data use and hotspot data use. Unless I'm reading the plans wrong, they do. You can get 'unlimited' data but no hotspot. If you want hotspot they will allot you so many gigs, then throttle you. This is true. After the hotspot allotment, it does throttle but as long as you are using standard def, it still works OK. Sorry... I misworded that statement. Verizon treats all PHONE data the same. If you are using the built-in hotspot on your phone, it's just part of your data plan. You will get throttled for any data use over 22 GB IF usage is very heavy in your area. I've only had that happen once, near a college campus. If you have a separate hotspot device, that has its own data. This isn't entirely correct either. My plan is for 15gb personal hotspot, after that its slowed to 600kbps or something like that. But my data plan is for unlimited which Verizon says CAN be throttled after 22gb in times of congestion. Ive never been throttled, but I live in rural area. The newest plans that just were released in the last month or so have different limits depending on how much you pay, but are similar in how they are structured. BTW some of the cheapest plans dont even have personal hotspot. Or you could avoid this whole mess and play the shows and TV channels off you phone through the cables I talked about in my previous post. If you are not in a heavy use area, you dont get throttled. You can watch 300gb of movies a month and not have to worry about being throttled. And its in HD.
srt20 10/28/20 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Hulu, or something similar?

Look at Verizon Visible for $40. month. Unlimited 4G data and hotspot. No set data throttling. Caveat, it works with a limited number of smartphones. Mobile hotspot capped at 5mbps PLUS it says it may be slower than other traffic....
srt20 10/28/20 03:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Hulu, or something similar?

2.Buy a lightening to hdmi adapter..Lightning? The plug for an iPhone. If you have an android then you buy a mini usb to hdmi adapter.
srt20 10/28/20 03:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Hulu, or something similar?

Ok here is what you can do without all that screwing around. You have an iPhone, correct? 1.Subscribe to your fav streaming service. We use Youtube TV. 2.Buy a lightening to hdmi adapter. Amazon or Walmart. Spend the $$ to get the actual Apple brand adapter. BTW it will have 2 female ports the HDMI port and a USB port, plus the lightening plug on other end. This is the one you want. You can charge phone while using it to watch TV. 3.Download streaming service app to your phone. Open app find what you want to watch. 4.Plug adapter into phone, you will also need a hdmi cable that goes from adapter to TV. Plug hdmi into TV, make sure the input on tv is the same as the HDMI port you plugged into. Watch your stuff without using your personal hotspot on your phone. I dont full-time but we do travel alot and I always use this setup to watch my local sports channels for local teams. Buy a 6 ft HDMI cord so you can change the channel on your phone easily. You used to be able to cast or mirror you phone onto smart tvs but the stream services have pretty much stopped that. But using the cords works better and much quicker anyway.
srt20 10/26/20 08:02pm Technology Corner
RE: AV gas for the generator

Ethanol free is nearly impossible to find in some parts of the country. Find who has it here: That site should be named "pure BS" It shows several supposed gas stations near me that supposedly sell Ethanol free gas. THOSE STATIONS NEAR ME DO NOT! Take that site like many other sites on the wobbly web with a grain of salt. It is up to the local states and counties whether they allow Ethanol free or not.. MOST do not allow it. GET OVER IT, Ethanol free for the most part has gone the way of the Dinos, you can thank your local tree huggers and corn lobbies for that... Then write reviews and ask the site to remove those stations. But have you asked the stations? Station closest to me, has the pump over in the truck diesel lanes. YES, I HAVE asked those stations. Yes, I HAVE contacted my local Airports about "AV" gas, they DO NOT SELL TO ANYONE WITHOUT REGISTERED TAILNUMBERS. YES, I HAVE contacted gas stations near a dirt sprint track, THEY DO NOT SELL ETHANOL FREE RACING FUEL TO GENERAL PUBLIC, YOU MUST HAVE VALID RACING PASS TO PURCHASE IT. I USED to worry about it thanks to scare tactics on this and other forums. I am over it, Ethanol fuel while it is not in the best interest for fuel mileage, environment (corn crops destroy the land and requires considerable amount of oil/gas based fertilizers) over all does not ruin engines, carbs or fuel systems unless it is using old school rubber hose or cork floats. USE the fuel up in a REASONABLE time frame and you will not have any issues with it. In other words, don't store fuel more than a yr and expect it to work, keep it fresh. Don't store your small engines with fuel in the bowl, DRAIN THE BOWL when storing and you will not have any issues. All of this worry over nothing. If you REALLY insist on having Ethanol free fuel, the only way possible in many locations is to buy super expensive "canned" fuel by the PINTs which is sold specifically for folks who are afraid of killing their lawnmowers.. Comes at a price though, those little pint cans add up to something like $50 PER GALLON. You CAN buy quite a few carbs for that price. Interesting.... We have gas stations with race gas and methanol right at the pumps here. Anybody can buy it. We also buy AVgas at the municipal airports. Last winter it was $4.19 a gal IIRC. We use Avgas in high compression high boost 2 stroke snowmobiles. Its really a fantastic fuel. We have plenty of 91 no ethanol pumps around here as well. Use that for the small engines OPE, etc...
srt20 10/18/20 09:08pm Tech Issues
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