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RE: Running lights on cars

Daytime running lights have been required in Canada since 1989 according to Google, but when on the road I always have my headlights on.
ssthrd 10/15/21 09:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

Round trip from mid-Georgia to Greenville SC for a nice long weekend. About a month ago, I decided to switch from my Superglide auto slider to the Andersen Ultimate hitch. Not that I didn't like the superglide, I do, but I wanted the lighter hitch so it would be easier to remove from the bed between trips. Im not getting any younger, and I am using my truck a lot more as a truck, now that I have 7 acres of land to tend to. So, install was a snap. Nothing really to adjust. I bought the gooseneck version, with the Andersen shaft, no slip pad and chains. Installed, torqued everything down, and all good. Driving experience was not so great. Rough roads were REALLY rough with the hitch. I had recently driven over the same roads with my Superglide and it was not anywhere near as rough. Concrete interstate with any sort of roughness was really bad. Like a bucking bronco a couple of times. I don't think there's anything "adjustment" wise, because it's all install and torque down.. no adjustments to be made. I have a RVing friend who has the same setup. We were camping together this weekend. He has a dually, I have a SRW. He says he does not get the bucking and rough riding I experienced. On way back, overall not as bad, and the road close to home on southbound side is not as bad as the northbound side was heading out. Unless there's some way to smooth this thing out, I suspect I will go back to the Superglide. Seems like the extra 200lbs the Superglide weighs really made the ride much smoother. Wondering if others notice the same thing? Anything I can do maybe to the truck, or the pinbox to smooth things out? I like the hitch overall, like the weight savings, and like the ease of removal.I don't have air-ride on the truck, and have what I consider a standard pin box. Nothing fancy, not a Trail Air or nothing like that. I won't buy a dually just to get a smoother ride. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Lets just try to NOT make this an AUH bash session. Mike I will tell you that some states, like AZ, do consider the AUH a gooseneck hitch and will require safety chains. Not that you're likely to get checked, but if anything happens, you're SOL; especially liability-wise. Also, because AZ considers this a "ball hitch", it is technically illegal to tow doubles behind one. Lyle ^^^ This Where I am in BC, a fifth wheel hitch requires no chains but a ball hitch does. The Andersen is a ball hitch.
ssthrd 10/15/21 09:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

Thanks for all the comments. Couple replies back. I didn't realize you could install the hitch two ways. I guess in theory that makes sense, I just followed the stickers on the hitch that pointed an arrow towards tail gate and installed it that way. Guess it makes sense that it could go either way.. I was just following the stickers. My adapter is mounted towards the rear. Based on the measurement instructions from Andersen, it called for it to be mounted that way. I would check with Andersen before turning the base around. Physically, you can, but structurally, I don't think it's designed to carry the max load that way while pulling the 5er. Makes sense to me when I look at mine. I put a stall mat under mine to mitigate against rotation, and it works great. After I hooked up the 5er, I re-torqued the top bolt and got another half turn or so...... I have my adaptor mounted towards the cab of the truck. ie, the cup/pin is closer to the cab to put the connection point over the rear axle. I still have lots of cab clearance, so no issue there. At the scale, the weight on the front tires changed by 20 pounds lighter from unloaded to loaded, so it looks like the connection point could still be very slightly behind the rear axle. Not enough for me to notice at all, and it handles great.
ssthrd 10/15/21 08:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

I have no experience with anything other than with the Andersen, but I am very happy with mine. I agree that the ride seems to be a bit on the rough side, but it doesn't seem to be excessive in my opinion. Smoother would be nice, though. I love the fact that it weighs only 35lbs, and is a piece of cake to re/re when I have to. Takes me just a couple of minutes to get a clean bed back, and it stores nicely in the front storage of my 5er. I guess there are pros and cons like everything else.
ssthrd 10/13/21 08:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How many states has your dog been too?

Jed has been in all 10 Canadian provinces along with 27 US states.
ssthrd 10/13/21 08:12am RV Pet Stop
RE: Chains in BC

Moisheh -- Granted, I don't personally know the terrain you will have to cross to get to the other side of those mountains. But it sounds like at present that you don't have any "Mother Nature" problems. Can't you drive that territory now (immediately if not sooner -- ha!) with your rig before the weather closes in and store the rig (or leave it with someone you know) on the other side of the mountains until if perchance the border opens up. Of course, that still doesn't handle the problem of your traversing the mountains again from home in snow in a standard vehicle with chains to meet up with your rig if the border surprisingly opens up. We were on the east coast for a couple of months (July/August), and drove thru BC on the way home on Sept 13. Sept 15, the Coquihala Highway had a snow storm....... Not much, but enough to remind you that winter is coming to the high country. Like I said--any time. :)
ssthrd 10/06/21 09:27pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Chains in BC

Check here here for answers. There is contact info at the bottom of the page if you want to call/email to get more info from the horses mouth. I would think that winter tires on your toad will be a minimum. If you have driven the BC mountain passes at this time of year, you may know that it can snow any time. I definitely wouldn't want to be driving your combo in a snow storm in the mountains running summer tires. Check here for road conditions in BC.
ssthrd 10/05/21 09:24pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: suggestion for cargo floor liner

Maybe a cheap indoor/outdoor rug, such as they have for about $20 (for a 6'x8') at the big box home improvement stores. They look like thin commercial carpeting and are typically made of (at least partly) recycled plastic. If the rug slides around too much, you could perhaps staple it down along the edges. ^^^^^This. Go to Lowes or Home Depot and get one or 2 of these outdoor rugs. They are thin and do not prevent things from sliding easily enough to put things in and take them out but has enough friction to hold things in place.....more so than the bare vinyl. I put it in my front storage area and I like it. Works for me anyway. X2...... I tried a thin rubber mat, but it was tough to get the generator and the compressor in and out of the cubby cuz they both have rubber feet and wouldn't slide easily. Got some thin indoor/outdoor carpet and it works great.
ssthrd 10/05/21 09:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire pressures

The more hot air you let out, the more the condition deteriorates. Generally speaking of course.
ssthrd 09/25/21 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Remote duel fuel 2500 watt generator?

I use a Champion 4500/3500 Inverter generator that works for me. Weighs about 100 lbs with full gas tank, so is a bit on the heavy side.
ssthrd 09/19/21 05:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Where is everybody?

2 hrs east of Vancouver, BC
ssthrd 09/09/21 05:31pm Snowbirds
RE: Trailer Valet?

Maybe the trailer valet combined with the Andersen pin to ball adaptor alone would solve your problem.
ssthrd 08/23/21 05:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5er coming

Sticking around the dealer for a few days is a great idea. We camped at a nearby site for a few days with full hook up so we could check all systems in real conditions. My transition from TT to 5er was a piece of cake. Everything was so much easier on the road, and as mentioned, the diesel didn't hurt at all. It took a little practice to figure out the difference in backing the thing up, but good to go now. Good luck with your new rig, and happy trails.
ssthrd 08/20/21 06:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to repair loose trim?

Marine adhesive would be perfect.
ssthrd 08/16/21 10:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 6 or 12 That is the question

Which is better-- 2x6V deep cycle or 2x12V deep cycle for boondocking? My setup right now is 2x6V which gives me 260 ah. I found 2x12V that will give me (2x150=) 300ah. Are the 12's really better than the 6's?
ssthrd 08/03/21 05:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: What do you think about this set up?

Your 5.3 has 315 HP and 335 ft lbs of torque along with a 3.42 tear end. My 2013 Tundra had 381 HP and 400 ft lbs torque and a 4.30 rear end. Both yours and mine had towing capacity of 9800 lbs. The TT I had was about 7000 lbs on the road and 30' as compared to the possibly 8500 lbs or so (you will most likely be over weight) and 29' that you will be faced with. A good chunk of my travels were in the mountains of BC, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and California. Power for the hills was never an issue, but in certain conditions, I was aware that my truck was just a half ton. Cross winds and passing semis moved me around because the truck was relatively light, and I had to anticipate what was going to happen and be aware that I would need to make corrections. I then bought a heavier truck that pulled that same trailer with authority, and wind or semis were not an issue. Instead of "driving" the truck and correcting constantly in those conditions, the trip became so much more relaxed and at the end of the day I didn't feel like I had been working all day. Up to you, I guess, but if I were you, I would be thinking about a ¾ ton like NanMedevac 70 has with more weight and more power. More weight to better handle the trailer movements, and more power to better handle the hills. Safe travels whatever you decide.
ssthrd 08/02/21 01:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Touring British Columbia

Not to deter you but........Not just BC, I'm afraid. We just completed a trip from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia over three weeks, and didn't have a single day where we were not driving thru smoke. BC was by far the worst. Have to play the return trip by ear in a month or so. Not sure which route thru BC will be best then. So many variables when travelling thru BC. Even if there is smoke where you plan to go, I'm positive that you will love it.
ssthrd 07/31/21 05:42am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: tire covers, yea or nay

I am in the sun basically 365 and never use a cover and never have had any cracking. I was too. Face is a bit cracked, but always had a shirt on so my spare tire is fine. I’m on the nay side.
ssthrd 07/28/21 11:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for Recommendations on Floor Jacks

I assume you mean for the 5er. I've had one flat in 18 years. Used a 12 ton bottle jack. ^ What I have + wooden blocks.
ssthrd 07/28/21 11:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Transitioning Class A to Super duty truck and Fifth Wheel

C’mon guys. A perfectly legitimate question about two specific trailers. GVW, backing, or the reason for looking have nothing to do with it. Wish I could help.
ssthrd 07/27/21 05:16am Fifth-Wheels
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