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RE: Super duper plug in code scanner w. WiFi?

I purchased this one in January and it works well for cheap money.
steved28 11/19/19 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: Microwaves on inverters.

Our Winnebago has this setup as a stock configuration. 2KW inverter and household microwave (not sure of the wattage). It works fine. We also use a K-Cup machine in the AM. BUT, I have 800Ah of batteries (I'm sure you could do with half that). Another tip I used to perform when my setup was less than this, heat hot water on your propane stove and pour it into the k-cup (or standard coffee maker). It takes a lot of juice to heat that water. If pre-heated, the unit only runs a pump.
steved28 11/12/19 12:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Resent 2016-2019 Jayco qualiity?

My friend purchased a 2018 Precept (new) and I purchased a 2019 Winnebago. Both 35ft class A. We payed almost identical prices. He had a laundry list of warrenty repairs, including leaks in both front/side windows, paint issues, door issues. I had no issues. I know this is just antecdotal data. But in looking at how things were built and engineered between the two, I would not buy the Precept. At least not when I could get a Winnebago for the same price.
steved28 10/22/19 12:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wax on my Motorhome fiberglass roof

There are a plethora of new sealant products on the market today that are making wax obsolete. Products like F-11 etc. They are more expensive, last longer, and much easier to apply.
steved28 10/15/19 09:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVs and California's Planned Power Outages

Learning more about this every day IT would be best to properly trim trees and maintain lines. Or bury the lines Burying lines would cost a fortune. One of the main reasons power lines are in the air is something called "free air insulation". In short, you can use a MUCH thinner wire than if it was buried.
steved28 10/15/19 09:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: MaxxFan (Smoke with Remote Control) Best For Ventilation?

Anybody have any other thoughts on the pros and cons of MaxxFans with or without Remote Control? A MaxxAir fan came stock in our Winnebago. But they never put a cover over it from the factory. I recently purchased one on Amazon and was blown away at how easy they make the install now. Just 4 pins and done. So it may or may not be another feather in the cap of MaxxAir for you.
steved28 10/15/19 08:46am Tech Issues
Side mounted direction indicator

I am assuming some of you may already have some type of side mounted directional indicator, perhaps on the mirrors. But unfortunately my RV does not. I am contemplating adding some type of indicator to the front/side of the rig, in order for vehicles that may be beside me, or in a blind spot, to realize my intentions to change lanes. It seems that I could tap into the front directionals fairly easy. Has anyone added any type of directional lights to their rig after the fact? I would be grateful to know how it worked out for you.
steved28 09/25/19 08:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: fresh water tank overflow syphoning tank dry

So we have a Winnebago Motorhome purchased last year. (snip) I was surprised to hear it was a Winnebago. As they are one of the few manufacturers who actually fabricate their own tanks, specific to the model of the RV. I'm curious to hear what you have, since I purchased a new class A from them last year. I still think the only logical explanation of a siphon would be if the drain/overflow pipe somehow dropped into the tank, or was not installed correctly to begin with, and sits under the water level in the tank. BTW, I have both a gravity and a pressure feed to fill the tank.No issues here (yet)
steved28 09/11/19 07:28am Tech Issues
RE: fresh water tank overflow syphoning tank dry

My set up does not gravity fill. You can fill via a pressurized water hose or via a bucket using the on board pump. Filling is not a problem. I have a 80 gallon fresh tank,filling via gravity would be a PIA. My overflow and vent tube both exit beneath the fresh tank.If you overfill the fresh tank a siphon will/can start. Once started the siphon can dump a lot of water on the ground. iIhave resolved this issue by installing valves on my drain and siphon lines This doesn't make any sense. If it allows a siphon, no matter how, it is no longer a vent, it is now a drain. Any vent should be above the water level, regardless of where the vent pipe may lead after that. Who on Earth would put a vent below the waterline???
steved28 09/10/19 12:13pm Tech Issues
RE: New TV reception

I wonder if these frequencies are more prone to temperature inversions. I have had days/nights that certain stations came in extremely well, only to lose them entirely when the next front passes.
steved28 09/10/19 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: Trouble at State Park

I’m unaware of any experienced RVer that doesn’t check the power prior to plugging in. Other than 1 electrician friend of mine and those who have EMSs, I've never seen nor known of an RVer to check power before plugging in. It's talked about online like it's common place, but in practice, I really don't see it happen. I thought the same thing. Most "average" RV'ers I know, meet, or encounter don't know very much about how anything in their RV works, let alone checking line voltages and polarities. I am considered the exception, and get called on alot to check this or that. And I don't contend to be an expert by any means.
steved28 08/27/19 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

wow, cant believe how many people are telling you to do somthing else when you already have a fantastic setup, you can disinfect every fill up, no chemicles or after taste at all. do you have more info on your set up? ie. what is the output of the generator etc? the only down side to O3 is that it might be hard on some of the plastices in the rv plumbing, if one were to replace the fixtures with metal ones then this would be come a non issue, or if you let it sit in your tank for a few hours then the o3 should be dissapated by the time you use it. Steve Thanks, I thought the same. This is the unit I use. Although there are many on the market. And this is the venturi. ANd yes, I just let the ozonated water sit in the tank. Unless I want to get some into the hot water tank, then I pump it through the HW system immediately.
steved28 08/26/19 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

Are you aware that ozone has a half life of about 30 minutes? Yes, and I think that's the idea. After that the ozone has just turned to 02 and it has done its job as a disinfectant.
steved28 08/26/19 08:05am Tech Issues
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

Pour 1/4 cup of hydrogenperoxide in your fresh water tank. Totally safe and it will KILL all traces of bleach instantly. x2. Also - some people are particularly sensitive to chlorine/chloramine - if your wife is one of those consider using an inexpensive water filter (charcoal based) when re-filling the FW tank. Charcoal removes chlorine. Our RV does have a built-in charcoal based filter system. But it is after the tank.
steved28 08/23/19 11:05am Tech Issues
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

Since I full time, I also have not sanitized my fresh water tank in 20 years. There is more than enough chlorine in city water connections to keep the tanks clean day after day after day. You are lucky that your municipality has a good record. Mine does not. On average, about twice a year, we get a reverse 911 call to the residence that the town failed a certain test of the water supply.
steved28 08/23/19 11:03am Tech Issues
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

Perhaps you're overdoing the chlorine. In 15 years I've done that exactly once, and I doubt it was even needed then. Do mean sanitize the FW system? I hope not. Most articles I have read state to clean the tank at least every 3-4 weeks. More in hot weather if the water (or RV) has sat without use. I can tell immediately if mine has gone south of cheese. It usually starts with foul smelling water from the hot water tank.
steved28 08/22/19 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Batteries drained to dead, what is nominal drain on truck?

Bob, get a DC clamp meter. So much easier. Clamp meters are not always accurate below 1A. Not sure if 0.1A (100mA) would register on some. Still, should be standard equipment for every RV'er who knows about current. I use mine all the time.
steved28 08/22/19 01:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Ozone to clean fresh water tanks
steved28 08/22/19 11:44am Tech Issues
Ozone to clean fresh water tanks

I was wondering if anyone else use O3 to clean their fresh water tanks/lines. After numerous complaints from the DW about our water smelling like chlorine or bleach, I now use a venturi when filling my tank which injects ozone from a small ozone generator. No more smell, and the O3 removes more nasties than chlorine. We seldom drink from our tank, but we do brush our teeth, clean dishes, and obviously use it for showering.
steved28 08/22/19 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: Wind Noise

I have the same model, although it's a 19. And I do not have that issue. Winnebago is one of the few A's which use a full metal cage up front and an automotive type windshield. (i.e., no gaskets). I think you might need a re-seal somewhere.
steved28 07/30/19 11:27am Class A Motorhomes
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