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RE: Let's talk dirt

When I really need a deep clean on my fiberglass roof I use powdered comet with a scrub brush.
steveh27 05/16/22 04:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New to lithium battery

While driving the alternator charges it just fine also shutting down when full. I question that statement ! Modern vehicle charging system do not supply adequate voltage to properly charge LiFePO4 batteries. That is why DC-DC chargers exist ! My Class B Xplorer 230XL has a battery isolater with 40 amp breakers. It charges the batteries to 14.7 volts and then shuts down, I think due to the BMS.
steveh27 05/15/22 08:57am Tech Issues
RE: New to lithium battery

I have 2 100AH LiFePo4 batteries and a PD9235 converter-charger. It works just fine. I do have to push in the boost mode button to really get it charging. It cuts off on its own. While driving the alternator charges it just fine also shutting down when full. I have portable solar panels which also work fine.
steveh27 05/14/22 03:05am Tech Issues
RE: Propane shut off valve opens on its own

I had to replace mine and the part was about 80$us and shop didn't change me any labor, but I would not count on that. Matt Matt, Where did you have that done? We are close & I may need it.
steveh27 05/13/22 04:14am General RVing Issues
RE: class a in storage for over a year

Too bad you did not add Stabil to the gas before storage. That would keep it good. I would just run it and hope.
steveh27 05/04/22 03:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A Bad Day mechanically

I got my RV back. It took a new starter which surprised me as the other was only 4 years old. Having problems with driver's window dropping out of track. I finally got that back in place but have not tried it enough nor put the door back together. I will stay with FF, but that may take a while to find a shop that can do it soon. I canceled my trip to PA. Dealing with all these issues I'm needing some confidence in taking a big trip, and I'm physically and mentally beat.
steveh27 05/01/22 04:00am Tech Issues
RE: A Bad Day mechanically

Quick fix for the check engine light: duct tape. Just tape it over the light and keep driving. ;) I bet those turkeys are going to be delicious. LOL
steveh27 04/29/22 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: A Bad Day mechanically

Here's what I've found. The replacement fan model number is 2250 and the best online price is $217. I'm trying to set up an appointment at an RV repair place I've used. They're already booked into June. I think I can drive with the old one maybe after taping the cracks. So I will wait to see if the RV shop wants to buy the vent and charge me a premium or if I should buy it and have them install it. That would be fine. I could try it but I'm 71 with cancer and a replaced hip. The muffler shop guy said he has not had a chance to try to get the van started. If he fixes that I may still be able to go to PA tomorrow. But I am still doubtful.
steveh27 04/29/22 08:23am Tech Issues
A Bad Day mechanically

The Check Engine light came on in my 1997 Xplorer 230XL camper van. I got poor mpg. A local service guy read the code as oxygen sensor exhaust system. But they were too backed up, so I took it to my muffler shop that I've used for 30 years. They installed 2 new sensors, checked the rest of the exhaust system, the brakes and did a lube job. I paid for it and went to the RV and it would not start. No turning over, no clicks, nothing. The battery is good. The starter is 4 years old. It had been fine. They will check it today. While waiting for a cab I went inside and found the fan-tastic roof vent fan seriously damaged. The inside frame pushed down and broken, the cover had several big cracks. It did open and run, but needs replaced. The manager said he would fix it so he knew they raised it too high on a lift and hit the ceiling. I had told them to watch out for that. He had already ordered one on AMazon when I gave him the manual and installation instructions on this one. I told him I was worried about him doing this job as it required special caulk, etc. He will call Fan-tastic today. I am rv-less and was planning to leave tomorrow for a 800 mile round trip to PA for spring turkey hunting with my brother. I don't see that happening now. I am more worried about the fan replacement than the RV not starting. I figure that is a simple connection, fuse or some other easy to fix problem once found.
steveh27 04/29/22 03:58am Tech Issues
RE: Link for an online calculator substantial equal periodic pay

I note IRA's inherited before the 2020 Secure Act are grandfathered into lifetime withdrawals.
steveh27 04/21/22 04:15am Around the Campfire

I've had 4 Pfizer shots and 2 shots of evushed, monoclonal antibodies.
steveh27 04/19/22 05:47am Around the Campfire
RE: No more photo posting... huh?

At the risk of being redundant, yep, it works here too. Is that Midway campground near the everglades? I was there for 3 days a few years ago.
steveh27 04/17/22 04:20am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Living Space?

My 1997 Xplorer 230XL has a 25 gallon freshwater tank. I've spent 4 winters in FLA for up to 2 months with over half of that boondocking. But I am alone in the rv. I've had this since 2000 and really use it and love it, putting 170,000 more miles on it.
steveh27 04/08/22 03:53am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: White crusty stuff.

Petroleum Jelly
steveh27 04/04/22 04:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Prostate problems

I have an enlarged prostate but fortunately not prostate cancer. I had a Prostate Artery Embolization. It was a simple procedure. I laid on a Xray table, they shot some die into my prostate to track the arteries feeding it, then they put some kind of tiny particles into the arteries to reduce the blood flow & kill off parts of the prostate reducing the pressure. I got immediate relief.
steveh27 03/09/22 04:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Books on disk

I have a 1997 Xplorer Class B with a cassette deck which no longer works. No USB or Aux port, but I do have a portable sat radio. I also have a 2010 Toyota Yaris which has a CD and an Aux port. I rarely use the CD and the Aux port can connect the sat radio. In the RV I have to find an unused FM number to use it. I do not have a smart phone, (or MP3 player) only a cheap Tracfone for emergency use. I am not being obstinate.
steveh27 03/08/22 05:17am Technology Corner
RE: Best Class A fire extinguisher

I have the Kidde fire extinguishers with 3.2 lbs of 'stuff' and the dial showing if it is still good. While pulling into a gas station towing my boat with my Class B I saw a car pull into the lot, not near the pumps, with smoke coming our from the engine. The guy and girl hopped out and opened the hood and flames were building. I got one of my extinguishers and ran over and put out the fire using the whole thing. I told him to go talk to the station attendants in case it restarted as they may have bigger extinguishers. I have 2 extinguishers in my small RV, 1 on the boat and i in my kitchen. I've also given them as gifts to my siblings.
steveh27 03/08/22 05:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Doing without propane

Im going to attempt to refurbish the tank and in the process will discover how deep that rust is. First I am going to have my Onan taken it out as it is not cost effective to repair it. Doug Have you figured out how to remove the tank for refurbishment? On my Class B it is underneath and I have not yet determined where the mounts are. I will take it to a Cummins Truck service place for them to look at once all the snow and salt are gone. They may be able to figure out how to remove it and if they can get a replacement tank. I will do my best to wire brush the rust and apply coats of rustoleum, thinking that will help it last until it is replaced..
steveh27 03/03/22 03:32am General RVing Issues
RE: New propane tank

I scrape, sand, and repaint with rustoleum my tank every 3-4 years, but inside the protection bar it is hard to reach and it has rusted badly. I cannot reach the top either. Before following this thread, I didn't realize propane tanks were so much trouble. My DP is 21 years old and my tank is pristine. However, it is mounted inside a basement compartment, which is why it never needed maintenance. It's a shame that RV manufacturers mount such a device open to the elements where it will rust away. Amazing. Does anyone with an exposed tank do regular maintenance on their tank? I am ignorant of such a process, but it seems like a periodic brushing, maybe sanding, and then touch up paint would go a long way to preserving the exposed tank. As an aside, we heat our home with propane and have a 1000 gal tank outside in the elements. It is 40 years old and still looks good, but I brush it, and sand it and paint it from time to time. What am I missing?
steveh27 02/23/22 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: New propane tank

Doug, I have spent some time trying to get the ASME tank mounted below my Class B replaced. Around me I have found only one place who said they 'may' be able to do it if they can get a tank. They need to inspect it. Getting a new tank is another matter. I spoke to Manchester Tank who makes these and they have a 14 month backlog.
steveh27 02/21/22 03:30am General RVing Issues
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