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RE: Water heater Anode

I don't understand what is so difficult with performing normal maintenance. As a fulltimer I replace the anode while flushing the tank each spring just before we head North. If your winterizing I see no difference and don't see how you can do a good job of flushing with a ball valve installed.
stickdog 05/31/23 06:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ideas on selling Thousand Trails membership

Google resale of rv timeshares
stickdog 05/25/23 07:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: MGVWR and problems titling trailer

Hello! We just took our trailer through local Delaware inspection and the trailer weight is 10,851 lbs. The MGVWR is 9905 and they are refusing to title it because the weights don't match. The trailer was purchased in PA. Brand new just purchased and we did not stick 2200 lbs worth of stuff in it. A few TV's and some beach chairs and regular trailer stuff but certainly not much of anything. Tanks are empty. Their scale could be off but they wouldn't even consider that. Anyone ever face this problem?? We have no idea what to do. The current tags expired from PA while the trailer was in getting some service done. Thanks, Kelly 10851-MGVWR of 9905 does not equal 2200lbs? Could it be the wife brought her shoe collection onboard?
stickdog 05/25/23 05:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Should be simple WiFi question, but???

I just a retired carpenter but what I understand if your tablet does have 5G your not going to get it.
stickdog 05/23/23 07:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Optilite LED - DELI

They sold them. You want CW to call their purchasing dept I'm sure they have a list of their venders.
stickdog 05/22/23 08:06pm Camping World Accessories
RE: '21 RAM Big Horn 3500 DRW CC/LB 4x4 with NEXEN Tire WOES!

.. I have ZERO trust/faith in these NEXEN tires. Therefore, I am going to remove/replace these crappy tires this week. My problem is finding a Michelin Defender LTX M/S or Michelin LTX M/S2 in my OEM size tires (LT235/80R17E). Only Michelin tires I can find in my size are the LTX A/T2, Energy Saver, and Agillis???, none of which I really want to pay $2K for. I NEVER had so much as a flat tire in the the 20+ years I rode on Michelin Defender LT tires hauling RVs around the USA! Is there another SIZE TIRE that will fit on my 17" wheels so I can try and find a Michelin Defender LTX or LTX M/S set of tires? If not, looks like I will be buying new wheels also... Thanks in advance. Jack in North Florida, Retired River Life on the beautiful Suwannee River 2021 RAM Big Horn 3500 DRW CC/LB 4x4 2021 Keystone Cougar Half-Ton 29RKS Have you been to the Michelin website could it be they don't make them anymore.
stickdog 05/22/23 06:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: '21 RAM Big Horn 3500 DRW CC/LB 4x4 with NEXEN Tire WOES!

Not an uncommon size Google the size and 20 different tire styles and price range pop up.
stickdog 05/21/23 08:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New to Travel trailers

Sounds like your looking for a storage type of trailer with a furnace. I've seen several in campgrounds by DIY types. Of course that might be illegal in Canada.
stickdog 05/21/23 07:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: No DC Power after shutting down generator

If the battery was as low as you said, 45 minutes on the charger you got no more then a surface charge.
stickdog 05/20/23 11:04pm Tech Issues
RE: New RV Park, Idaho Falls, ID.

I'm a simple man no need for luxury, the wife does like things that sparkle so you know where the money goes.
stickdog 05/20/23 10:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Safe route from Mesa Arizona to Rochester NY

Just drive and don't worry, "que sera sera".
stickdog 05/14/23 05:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: Backwards buttons

I've learned pictures are better than my memory.
stickdog 05/12/23 04:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

FYI Average voter turnout the last four presidential elections 56.925 percent. Why aren't you voting or maybe you thought you could skip it cause your guy was a shoe in or you didn't bother cause you knew your guy wouldn't win. I got the right to vote when I turned 21 the same year the gave 18 year old's the vote. The same year my 18yr old brother got the vote. I felt a little cheated I had been paying income tax for three years and been denied that right. Yes I know the change in age was in response to 18 year old drafted and sent to Viet Nam. Unlike many folks, I have made my support of our democratic republic my duty and haven't missed an election in 52 years.
stickdog 05/09/23 03:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

Strange so many against democracy and the right to vote. Hell, Walaby wants only land owners to be able to vote. Do I see any hands for a poll tax? Hey we tried that allowing women to vote how is that working? Glad this bunch isn't writing the voting laws. Lots of hyperbole but ethically, should you be voting in a location where you don't reside (reside in reality not by legal technicality). Certainly not for local elections and even national elections are questionable since it dilutes the votes of actual residents for federal representation. This is particularly an issue in lower population states where a few thousand out of state voters can sway statewide elections. I don't have to follow your imagined ethics on my voting preference the state cannot take my vote away. I'm surprised not a single response has consulted the constitution. I know it's an old document and many would like to tear it up and I am totally surprised so many have views on this site want to shred it. Who knew?
stickdog 05/09/23 02:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: installing a residential fridge

Don't forget you'll need to have some way to run the fridge if the 120V power drops out for some reason. Unless you're plugged in all the time, and/or have a generator. Or you do looooong travel days, but a few hours with the doors closed shouldn't create any problems. I haven't heard of any issues with people traveling with residential fridges, and having them fail prematurely. We do have a inverter but seldom use it as we rarely travel more than 5 hrs. If the weather is very warm I'll turn it on but most of our travel is spring North so that's early April and the South in the Fall.
stickdog 05/09/23 12:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: installing a residential fridge

Sounds like the hardest part will be getting the dometic out and the new fridge in. We have an Icemaker but I shut off the water we wouldn't use it. Now I read in our manual that the water line was flexible enough that even if it froze it wouldn't burst if frozen. On our 5er the icemaker line comes out of the basement floor and connects to the swing arm that carries the electric cord and flexible gas line and they all enter the slide out floor at the same location as the other utilities. The line is in a foam covering like used as pipe wrap mor to protect it from damage than cold temps. I suggest you take a look at a friends setup or take a look at a trailer similar to yours but with the residential fridge.
stickdog 05/08/23 02:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: T-Mobile Gripes

I've been buying my cell phones since 1993 except when one was stolen Of course when I reported that to the carrier they were more than happy to supply me with a new one for just extending my contract. Back then there weren't the choices as today often only had one carrier or none and talk about dead zones. Yall can thank us oldtimers for paying for the buildout of all the towers and great coverage now available to you. I was paying $49 a month for 50 minutes of service in '93' now get unlimited talk, text and data for $45. as far as talk and text 97.99% of that is spam. Like insurance companies you got to move every few years to get the best rate. Same way with phone companies.
stickdog 05/07/23 09:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Gen Y Hitch

For one I believe they are cheaper. I'm sure someone will jump in with other reasons.
stickdog 05/06/23 06:45pm Towing
RE: 12v rv freezer difficult to open,,,suction

We have a separate small freezer. It does the same thing. Better get what you want out of it or plan on waiting 5 minutes or so to reopen it
stickdog 05/04/23 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: 2003 National Islander

It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it ??. It is twenty years old.
stickdog 04/28/23 01:41pm Class A Motorhomes
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