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RE: Interstate rest area stops

OP here... This post was not about truckers or their rest times. This is about an RV parking. This is an RV forum.
swimmer_spe 03/08/22 04:03pm Roads and Routes
RE: Interstate rest area stops

Not CAMP but rest for 8 to 10 hours OK. However we like Walmart or some of the other free camping because they have less noise. Check out Free Camping So, if I park for 8-10 hours, and leave the trailer hooked up to the truck, and am in the trailer, is that considered camping?
swimmer_spe 03/07/22 05:24pm Roads and Routes
Interstate rest area stops

Is it legal to camp overnight at a rest area connected to an interstate? Most likely in Kentucky along I 75.
swimmer_spe 03/07/22 05:11pm Roads and Routes
Propane fridge ticking when turned off

Walking by my RV today, I heard a ticking coming from the back of the fridge. The propane has been turned off, as well as the knob inside has been turned to off for a few weeks. The fridge is a Dometic Americana 2 way fridge. Why is it clicking if it is in the off position? How do I fix it?
swimmer_spe 10/07/21 10:18pm Tech Issues
RE: I think I have a bad battery.

The problem may be because deionized water was used in place of distilled water. They are not the same. As a professional who actually deals with deionized and distilled water.... I would really like to discuss this. Distilled water is water that is reconstituted from boiling water to remove everything but water. Deionizing water is several mechanical and chemical processes which removes all but the water atoms. They are virtually the same water in the end, just a different process to get it.
swimmer_spe 08/10/21 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: I think I have a bad battery.

Likely it is a doorstop. Here is what might be tried. 1. measure the voltage. If it is below 10 volts. Stop and use it for a core exchange. 2. if the voltage is ok, then barely cover the plates, and attempt to charge the battery at a low amp rate. 3. after the battery has charged for quite some time (24 hours), let it rest for 24 hours and check the voltage. If it is 12.5 or higher, then check the plates to make sure they are covered, and do an equalization charge. But very likely #1 will be the path to follow. It is old and a starting deep cell battery. No love loss on it.
swimmer_spe 08/09/21 11:04pm Tech Issues
RE: I think I have a bad battery.

Careful with that axe Eugene!! You likely overfilled the water. Then charged the battery indoors. No mention of voltage. No mention of charge amps. For real man be careful or take a few minutes to read up on charging wet cell batteries. You probably sat in the garage inhaling some nasty fumes. I have one of those smart chargers that go between 2/4/6 amps. I did not fill it to the brim; about 1/4 inch down. I also wasn't in the garage any longer than enough to figure out the smell was the battery.
swimmer_spe 08/09/21 11:03pm Tech Issues
I think I have a bad battery.

I think I have a bad battery. I topped up the battery with deionzed water, set it up to charge in my garage on a wooden bench. The next day, I noticed a rotten egg smell and the case of the battery was warm. I stopped charging it. Would I be correct in thinking the battery is bad? Am I right there is no reasonable way to bring it back? Good thing I have an extra one.
swimmer_spe 08/09/21 08:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Tongue jack clicking

Could be the slipper clutch let go. It limits the power of the motor by slipping, while you are the limiting factor with the hand crank. If I weren't using it within a week from now, I'm guessing it's fixable.
swimmer_spe 07/18/21 08:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Tongue jack clicking

Wouldn’t the motor still spin? It is still spinning, but the jack isn't going down. You said clicking. The motor is spinning, but the jack does not go down. When I press the button, the motor sounds normal, but there is a clicking noise like I have hit the end of the jack.
swimmer_spe 07/18/21 08:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Tongue jack clicking

Wouldn’t the motor still spin? It is still spinning, but the jack isn't going down.
swimmer_spe 07/18/21 07:32pm Tech Issues
Tongue jack clicking

I am not sure what kind I have, but it looks like a lippet. Going up or down, it only clicks. I was able to crank it by hand. On Monday, I will be going in search of a new one. The jack is at least 5 years old, as that is a long as I have owned the trailer. Any idea why it would just click with power, but by hand, it would still go down? No bolts are loose, and the battery is good.
swimmer_spe 07/18/21 05:48pm Tech Issues
Chasing the green monster away

I swapped out a battery for a new one. The old one is fine, but I needed an extra Deep Cell battery, so I figure I'd put the new one on my trailer. For some reason, it would not work. Then I saw the Green Monster - corrosion. The +ve connectors were covered in corrosion under it, so out of view. I ave cleaned them and now it works well. So, now I am wondering whether I should replace those connectors, or if there is something else I can do to keep the Green Monster away.
swimmer_spe 07/15/21 08:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Armoured extension cord

I’m confused…but good luck in your solution. Is this a statement of current condition or an ongoing problem? ;) Little of both! Lol But now mostly confused that the OP appears to have power at the ready, or almost at the ready right where he wants it… Pic is worth 1000 words, literally, for this query. OP here. I didn't want it permanent. However, it seems that putting in an outlet is the cheaper option.
swimmer_spe 07/05/21 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Armoured extension cord

Oh perfect!! You already have wire run in conduit over there. You should be able to get a standard 15a receptacle on that. Depending on conduit size he might be able to pull thicker wire and give you a 30a setup. If you ever wanted to run heaters and stuff come winter 30a would be awesome. If you post a picture of your service panel people here might be able to give advice on what to do. It could be really easy to put that outside junction box on its own 15 or 20a breaker. So its not sharing power with the house. I had to do that back home. We plug the trailer into the garage outlets. But it kept tripping the breaker. So i gave 1 outlet its own dedicated 20a breaker. The breaker was already there. Just had to swap wires around. Ideally that outside junction box is already on its own circuit. Like you said it will be cheap to add an outlet right there. Have you pulled the cover and taken a peek? Hopefully its not low voltage wire for outdoor lighting. If it looks like speaker wire then he will have to pull new wire. The junction box does not seem to have a 3rd pop out spot. I may need a new one. The power is on it's on breaker at the panel. There is also a power shut off in line, so isolating it is easy enough. It has been opened, and it is 120v heavy gauge wire.
swimmer_spe 07/04/21 08:20pm Tech Issues
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