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RE: New 2020 Ford HD gasser engine coming

Interesting point. I agree that it would seem strange to drop a relatively new motor from production. I wonder if details will emerge at the State Fair of TX as per the Ford norm...
taken 09/15/18 06:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New 2020 Ford HD gasser engine coming

P558 is Super Duty pickups. That would indicate KTP not OHAP.
taken 09/15/18 06:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New 2020 Ford HD gasser engine coming

My guess is the 6.2 will stick around, especially in the F-250/350 as it is only 8 years old, and was a new design in 2011. But will be interesting to see what the availability is of this new 7.3 V8. The 6.2 is thirsty as any large V8 will be, but has impressive power in my opinion. Don't bet on it.
taken 09/15/18 04:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Future newbie looking for quality toy hauler for retirement

DRV Full House makes a nice unit. Very expensive like all their lines but a step up in quality from the rest with a boxed frame as well as some residential fixtures and finishes. Stepping down from there, I really like a few floor plans from GD and they are known to be very helpfully after the sale with CS. My brand of XLR Thunderbolt is good in the service after the sale dept too but their 5th wheel hauler line has gotten very thin the last couple years and there really isn't one in their lineup that excites me currently. As to ramp door failures, yes the LCI units have a higher than acceptable failure rate. Many brands have gone to MorRyde's Zero Gravity ramp door in place of the Lippert unit. It's a much better system with a lower incidence of failure. A friend of mine with the same RV as I have recently had his LCI ramp fail. I happened to be there when his door was swapped out. When the old door was cut up to go in the dumpster, I was shocked at the construction. The entire center of the Lippert doors is strictly foam with 1/8" laminate over it. No center supports whatsoever either vertically or horizontally. I can't fathom how they get the weight rating they do out of foam, laminate, and fiberglass. It must be "structural foam".... :R
taken 09/12/18 05:09am Toy Haulers
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

Yep, I had 44.5 feet behind me at about 19k#. I may have had it to the floor when it happened and the bang was quite the shock! LOL
taken 08/27/18 05:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

There are a LOT more trucks out there that will never fail than do. However, after having it happen to me, I wasn't taking a chance of it going a second time. If you read my thread from FTE when it happened to me, you can see that I got lucky(ish) on when and where it happened. It was inconvenient for sure being in the middle of an 800 mile one day trip with a deadline to be somewhere first thing the next morning. But, having West Herr Ford deliver me a replacement while in a maintenance yard right off I90 and getting back on the road was very lucky. Being right at an exit when it happened was very lucky too. About 3 days later i was driving through Chicago on I90 in rush hour traffic and it kept going through my head... what would have happened if it blew here...
taken 08/27/18 04:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

You guys probably know, but it looks like the Ford Factory 2017 design is very similar to the H&S silicone tube design, except cheaper. The Ford part that clips to the throttle looks to be plastic, while the H&S is aluminum. The Ford tube is all rubber (like a radiator hose), while the H&S is silicone. Other than that they look very similar. Finally Ford simplified the design, but may have got overly cheap - but it still has to be better than 2011-2016 design. Actually, no. Ford redesigned the entire tube except for the one part that always fails. The plastic slip collar on the end of the tube, the one part Ford left unchanged, is the part that generally fails. So, the new 2017+ Ford OE tube is just as failure prone as the previous design....
taken 08/27/18 04:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

All 4 have a no tuning required kit. Don't forget too, H&S isn't the only one that sells H&S kits. So, just because they are out of stock doesn't mean all their vendors are. I bought my H&S kit from Rudy's and used a coupon code to save another 5 percent and got free shipping too. Coupon code is PSN. If you have an 11-16 truck, I'd get the H&S silicone version from whomever has it in stock. It's a 10 minutes TOPS install.
taken 08/27/18 03:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

Post a link to that H&S kit please because the link in the first post of this thread has this in it: "Note: This product MUST be used in conjunction with a tuning device that allows for removal of the throttle body and electronics, otherwise you WILL have a check engine light." I searched the H&S site and found their OEM kit which is just a silicone tube with and adapter. I'd rather buy the AFM kit which is stainless steel than spend $255 for a rubber tube. Why should we assume that would be any more enduring than the OEM tubing? A couple things. It's not a rubber tube like the OE one. It's silicone. Secondly, it's not the tube that fails. It's the plastic slip collar that goes over the intake. On the H&S, that collar is billet aluminum. Below are all OE style that don't delete the throttle body or require tuning. The older style kit for the 11-16 requires the PS res to be moved with a new bracket and is a multi section kit like the AFE. The new style is just like the 17+ kits. 11-16 Older Style Kit 11-16 New Style Kit 2017+ Kit
taken 08/27/18 03:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING Maybe this has been brought up before, I re-read the beginning of this thread and didn't see it mentioned. OK I guess I'm going to order one of these. BUT buyer beware! The H&S kit deletes the air intake valve and requires the use of an aftermarket tuner to compensate for that. Apparently the AFE kit uses the OEM connectors and maintains the valve. I've searched around and found a couple of other brands but except for the AFE they all seem to delete that valve. So read the fine print before buying. No, that's not the H&S kit we are talking about in this thread. The H&S kit that that is being referred to here is a direct OE replacement that doesn't delete the throttle body and requires no tuning. There is a version that deletes the throttle body and requires tuning but I don't know anyone running one or see the advantage. Here's a link to the H&S page with all their different CAC kits. You will find the stock replacement style in two styles for 11-16 and one for 17+ trucks. None require tuning. H&S CAC Tubes
taken 08/27/18 02:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

There is no upper clamp on the Ford 6.7 OE hose where the failure happens. It's a slip collar with a snap ring.
taken 08/27/18 08:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

Forgive my ignorance of all things turbo but is the CAC pipe the same as an intercooler pipe? I see what appears to be the H&S silcone pipe upgrade on Amazon and it looks like the OEM part referenced earlier. As RedRocket said, it is indeed the cold side intercooler tube. There have been a few threads about this issue on FTE. I think mine might have been the first. Cold Side Tube Thread Mishimoto, H&S, Rudy's, and AFE all make replacement tubes. On the 11-16 trucks, the difference between brands is some need the PS res spaced over and some don't require that. (I see H&S now offers two styles for this gen.) Either way, it's an easy install. I'm not sure if all 4 brands make them for the 17+ trucks yet but that one is an even easier install. Ford actually redesigned the pipe on the 17+ trucks but let the plastic collar that slips over the intake inlet untouched so the potential for blowing them on a 17+ is the same as the previous gen...
taken 08/27/18 06:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

mrw8i, it's a 10 minute swap. Run the H&S for 2 years and swap it out for each inspection to potentially save your turbo. I see H&S has two versions, an aluminum with two silicone connectors and 3 clamps and now an all silicone pipe with 2 clamps. Which are you using? I'm leaning towards the all silicone for ease of installation. For a while there was only the single one piece silicone kit for the 17+ and the 11-16 needed the old style kit. It would appear that they now have the 17+ style for the 11-16 too so yes, I would recommend going that route. It's even easier to install and doesn't appear to require the PS res relocate bracket like the older style kit did.
taken 08/27/18 06:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.7L CAC hose rupture..beware!

mrw8i, it's a 10 minute swap. Run the H&S for 2 years and swap it out for each inspection to potentially save your turbo.
taken 08/26/18 08:05pm Tow Vehicles
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