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RE: Length and Height

I think you might be right, TxGearhead. I'm so grateful to everyone who's contributed to this thread. I'm finding that I'm lacking in the art of asking the right questions, and some of you have helped me with that. I'm grateful. I'll let go of the dream for now and see if time changes the picture. Cheers.
tem3000 10/26/19 07:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

I have to confess, I've been on the fence about a test trip, but my logic may be faulty. Since we don't have a truck yet (admitted, towing experience is limited so there's a learning curve there), we'd likely be in a motor home. I haven't been in newer ones but my memory is that the bowling alley factor may be a bit too high for him. I know it would be testing the lifestyle, not the vehicle, but I'd hate for him to decide the whole thing's not for him on the basis of a trip in something that feels cramped to him. Feels risky. On the other hand, the potential is for him to get used to the size quickly, and enjoy being on the road. It' fall here in New England, and it's beautiful, as always. Lyle, that's a great suggestion. I think he's just intrigued enough to be good with that exercise. I'll propose it. Stay tuned. This is so helpful. You all rock. If this is what the rv community is like, I have a lot to look forward to.
tem3000 10/24/19 07:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. Everyone's contributions have been so, so helpful. While we haven't been for RV marital counseling (very good point, TxGearhead.), figuring out what we both want to do is turning out to be more useful than me finding some compromise that would make him grudgingly go along. That said, I have managed to bring him to see different rv's. We haven't hit a mega one like Camper's World yet because I think it would overwhelm him and have the opposite effect from what I want. But for some reason, somehow, he's become intrigued by 5th wheels. If I talk about *actually* spending time long-term, or *actually* making a purchase, he closes down the conversation. But then he'll start calling out things he might theoretically like as we simultaneously surf on the sofa. He's become fascinated with ultralites, for example, and what the pros and cons are to different layouts. A large part is that I have some understanding and vocabulary to keep the conversation going, and I thank you all for that. Learning about profiles, for example, and so much else. This has me thinking about how, if two people decide to buy a 5th wheel or rv of any sort, inevitably one person will be more hesitant than the other. Or very often, at least. So I'm sure a lot of convincing goes on to make the other person more likely to go along. And it may be that the good or bad expectations don't match the reality of long-term traveling, and either one or both spouses unexpectedly falls in or out of love with the whole adventure. (Wife feeling claustrophobic and sleeping on the sofa isn't a perfect example, but it illustrates how the phenomenon can happen.) So nothing is a guarantee when two people start out on something like this. I don't mean to switch the topic of the thread, but I'd love to hear how or if others have experienced coaxing a reluctant spouse to get in the 5th wheel/trailer world with or without final success. If so, what did the trick? Or what failed to work? (Good Lord, this is a long post. It may break the internet. Thank you for reading this far.)
tem3000 10/23/19 03:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

Sorry so slow to respond. Learning about the language of profiles helps a lot. I'll be checking out Bighorns, more Alfas, etc. I didn't know about the 10 year age rule. I'm actually less worried about the age per se but more about modifications I want to make, like adding a pop-up kinda sorta roof over the bedroom area. And I'm hoping to add a long fold-down porch, door side, with poles holding up an awning. I'm worried these things would look peculiar going in and raise some RV part managers' alarm bells. Worse still, what if they let you in, then you popped up the roof and folded out the porch, and *then* were asked to leave!
tem3000 06/23/19 11:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

Wow, thank you, that's sooooo helpful. I've been looking for something like a PDI list but didn't know what to call it. That's incredibly comprehensive and helps newbies like me who can't trust instinct on anything and don't even know what to look for. Good point about having a trial run. I'll look into it. The ceilings of the TT's we visited were were way too low for my husband, flat or not. Based on your responses, I feel like I'm making an issue out of a non-issue.I'm guessing that I just need to keep looking and step inside more until one feels just right. Thank you all for your help and perspectives.
tem3000 06/18/19 04:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

Excellent, I'll look at those, thank you. And since I'm looking at oldies, I'll check out the Forest Rivers and see which ones might have the flat lines. Thanks again.
tem3000 06/15/19 08:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

I agree! I'm not noticing when we're inside of one already. You and I know that. But in order to clinch (cinch?) the mobile retirement deal, I have to break down every barrier he tosses out. And convincing him that we're getting a 5th wheel with the undeniably, most consistently high ceilings on the market (!) will be the last one! That's why I'm paying so much attention to that aspect.
tem3000 06/15/19 04:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Length and Height

I'm afraid I used shorthand. It's my husband who is worried about it feeling spacious enough. I've come very close to convincing him that our retirement shall be on the road. However. We first went down the tiny house path and went to a show, touring all kinds of houses. His response was something like, "No way. It feels like a bowling alley in here. The bigger ones feel like a longer bowling alley." Fair enough. So I started looking at TT's then eventually 5th wheels, largely because of the (generally) higher ceilings. And of course the slides counter the bowling alley effect. I persuaded him to go to an RV show. We toured all kinds of TT's and 5ers. The 5ers where the only things that came close. He said he just wished the ceilings didn't taper so much at the back. I thought this was all waaaaaay too much for an initial post, hence the shorthand. So, essentially, I'm looking for something I can show him and say, "See? The ceilings look pretty high, and they remain that way until (just before?) the very end." He's actually come around to the travelling retirement, he's just holding out for something he has more confidence in that he won't feel confined. Second Chance, from what you and others have written, I'm absolutely convinced he'd feel at home easily. I know I sure am. It's just getting him in the darn thing. Thank you both for responding. BTW, I'm looking in the 28'-34' area.
tem3000 06/15/19 12:21pm Fifth-Wheels
Length and Height

Hi all, first post here. I'm looking to buy a used 5er, gussy it up, and hit the road later this year. I've been lurking here and elsewhere for ages to be as prepared as I can, but there's one question I still have. I'm a relatively short guy so I'm not worried about the height in the bedroom, but I am concerned about having as much sense of space as possible in the rig since I'll be travelling for extended periods. My question then is what manufacturers tend to have not just high interiors but the most level roof lines. So far, I've been looking at Alfa's from 2000-2008 or so because they seem to have the highest ceilings, the tallest slides, and a roof line that looks straight/flat all the way from the front of the bedroom to the very back. Anyone out there have or know of an Alfa that can confirm this? Since that seems consistent across all Alfa's - at least during that period - I thought I'd check in here to see if people know of particular manufacturers that have a reputation for the same sort of things, high ceilings and level roof lines. I'm guessing not all manufacturers are as consistent as Alfa seems to be, but I thought I'd take a stab anyway! I did a search for this topic on the forum and didn't find anything other than a thread about tall people and bedroom heights. If this is a duplicate, apologies and please point me to the thread!
tem3000 06/15/19 08:52am Fifth-Wheels
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