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RE: few places to start RVing Panhandle,FL

Charles in GA there hasn't been a mom pop type hotel on the bayside for over 22 years there not ever coming back that I know of. there is a demand for marinas more so apartments w/ boat slips. anyway I was forced out of necessity to buildup a pockect cruiser as a weekender, most of the time 95% I love it the 5% is getting used to nap time exspecially w/ that mouse crunching on chips. having a landing on 4 day trips would probably extend each expedition. AL is more rural than FL. these folks that have vacation home rentals should be willing to rent a spot off to the side for RV time to rub elbows w/ these folks. up in Orchard Park NY where the Buffalo Bills play the home owners adjacent to stadium rent the front & back yard for parking this is a good source of revenue so I advocate for a private RV spots what to you Guy's think
thebrain 10/22/20 06:17am Class C Motorhomes
few places to start RVing Panhandle,FL

A few places to start RVing Panhandle,FL- Ft.Morgan, AL Objective find a decently priced RV place w/ at minium boat ramp/ and allow the trailer on porperpty, prefer a marina. I live in centrel Alabama and mainly go boating in the Gulf. I camp on vessel it’s basicely a enclosed express cabin cruiser. The deep sea fishing regulations have gone crazy however I still love catching a giant fish. I’d like a State park type RV place. Apprehensive about length of intire rig 23’RV+30’vessel I’m sure the florida parks driving around area is seriously reduced for maneuvering 60’ of stuff. I believe Orange bch.AL has a RV place however there’s no gulf acces for this park. There’s a RV place heading toward Ft.Morgan stopping in there a few times ad the place is always full this place has a bayside ramp which makes it the only real place to park a RV, that I know of. I believe panama city bch. FL has st.andrews state park not sure about gulf acess either. After hurriacane opel so 20 years ago there hasn’t been any gulf bayside hotels w/ marines. Ft.Walton bch Okaloosa island has a RV place where the 2 old hotels where pior to opel ($120. per night.was sticker stock for parking a RV) On the bayside no marinea /slip. the old buchaneer hotel doe'snt have a pier or ramp but is on the bayside any home owners in the area willing to rent a spot in you're back yard yet me know.
thebrain 10/19/20 04:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: towing w/ camper few ?s

yes this sounds like are gobberment protecting us in fairness there are protecting porteriey values like. edit: this campinping w/ the truck camper on my own wet lands, I'm thinking way back in the wetland much less regulated. the squatting I write of is tempuary while erecting a camping shack. after crunching the tow capacity # comparing my gtm360 SUV to a 1500 either silverado or a convention express the G360 is twice for the better. current short plan emphasize on camperizing the vessel w/ completeing the full canvas behind cabin enclosure. this will like double the inside area of the vessel. allready have the top of canvas essential for shade, roll down sides would be easy. I think my plan to reuse some camping equipment on both the TV and the vessel should be considered unrealistic, except for the generater. so next I makes canvas sides, what type inzsee glass do you Guys recommend last time I ordered some cheaper chinese stuff I think ordering from them is on hold for a while. plan on mounting my coleman gasoline 2 burner to the bow next to escape hatch this is as far away from any fuel fumes located in rear /side of vessel.
thebrain 04/12/20 05:43am Truck Campers
RE: towing w/ camper few ?s

The van I’ve been towing w/ for last three years has been replaced w/ a gtm360 trailblazer type SUV it is a midsized w/ 5.3AWD L33 all aluminum’s called the Saab97xxi5.3 303 horse power 330FT LBs weights 4650LB towes 6500 w/ 600LB Tongue.weight. this is the finest trailblazer made for nice denial intera 13” rotors on front and rear brakes 18” rims. I know I a little about the LS1 modding up horse power. I’ve kindof picked out a stroked 6liter 403ci proballey 650HP normalley. w/ a 4L80E. w/ upgraded transfer case & diff.s I believe the turbo desils have serious torque. Upwards of 900FT LB w/ little tweeks on turboing.
thebrain 03/10/20 04:10pm Truck Campers
RE: towing w/ camper few ?s

yes fro what I understand the GMs don't have the death wooble like the fords and dodges. why don't I ever see camper trucks towing anything. still waiting on responses to ?s 1,2,3 especially the squatting ? kayteg this is my first camper remember I'm progressing from a conversion van so I would like a basic camper that doesn't hang way past the rear bumper interfering w/ launching/retrieving the vessel. most of the smaller C/B class RV are extended way past the rear bumper, main reason of considering a TC. just a basic camper yes shower/stovetop/dinette remember this is just a weekender because of lack of hotels. however I forsee extended trips for more time and farrer from home.thanks
thebrain 03/09/20 07:25am Truck Campers
towing w/ camper few ?s

Hello all fellow road gypsies I’ve worked nationwide on the road for over 22 years always in hotels so I’m a gypsie. I’m Steve reside in Alabama I’m at 220’ above sea level. Been using a 02 chevy express 1500 hightop conversion van for towing my 24’ cabin cruiser On 220 mile one way trips to the gulf of Mexico for extended weekends. My cruising area is Ft.Morgan, AL to Destin, FL. I have family in Destin however it’s gated community HOA controlled no boats in driveway this a million $ home 100’ from bay (not water front) go figure. I camp on the vessel unless extreme wind even in protected waters, yes there has been times over the years where even me was scared of Mother nature. Way back in the good old days pre hurricane opel there where two hotels 1 mom pop Mom liked me 2nd a marina type 2 starish this was so easy for me, I’d launch 3 blocks away at the public boat ramp. Drive over to either hotel which was usually Moms Tie vessel up to the tourist observation pier. Walk back move both van & trailer to moms hotel shove the trailer off to the side, dune fun beginnes. Moms had big ice machine and a convenience store next door resturants/night clubs in walking distance again way to easy. For the last 15 years there’s no hotels on bayside or intercoastal water way in my area. There are a few w/ docks first come deal I could moore but relucltant, Hence upgrading from open vessel to a cabin so there you have it I’m forced to livaboard my vessel which I love. Over these years I’ve rarely sleep in the van it’s nice and has a sofa bed but cramped and it’s no RV w/ home livable stuff just a bed. There are expensive hotels w/ boat slips couple w/ paid ramps most ramps are some disstanse, all these hotels don’t allow trailers you have to rent a place for the trailer no thanks way to much crape. ?1.I’m considering purchasing a small lot where I can pull up w/ a truck camper and stay at like a campsite not sure if the local residents allow even a land owner w/ a power pole to squat for a week at a time. were talking underdeveloped wet lands in Perdido bay area this area is very ritzie. ?2.what type truck is required to firstly tow and stop my 4K LB vessel w/ a decent camper. ?3. I like the wetlands idea so the truck would probably be all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive probably gasoline engine not liking the noise of desil or extra cost of fuel. Concerned about chances of the death wooble being increased w/ both 450LB tongue weight and a camper? ?4.there are a couple RV camps that could be a possibility same $ as hotel go figure. The one I stopped and asked about told me if I was to expect to stay here you’re RV Would need to meet certain requirements like good appearance and less than 10 years old Sounded like a HOA are TC scrutinized? Thanks Steve
thebrain 03/08/20 10:20am Truck Campers
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

I've already passed on the musicians van to many miles and very worn on I say I should've hung up the phone when the he said he bought from an old white guy. now I'm considering the next prospect a 04 explorer.w/168K miles but appears much better condition especially underneath rust which is minimal. I'm basicelly anti truck but maybe one day I'd like a overland type f250 camperized truck I have alot to learn about payloads and towing at the same time.I rarely see a truck w/ camperized shell towing anything so this may not be a good idea. yes I'm currently towing w/ a awd midsized suv 5.3 V8 gtm360 (303HP 330torque weight is 1K LBs litter than a tahoe tows& stops great just small on the inside) good and camping in main vessel cabin cruiser on water & land.I should probablly emphasize on makeing the cabin cruiser more comfortable and just keep the suv. I'd like to take a few quickie trips w/ my dingy no trailer wanted so I'd prefer a van w/ dingy on roof or vertically on a cargo carrier. check the created threads on each subject. would you happen to know where the options lable is on express vans. thanks TB
thebrain 02/29/20 01:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

considering a 04 express conversion it's priced kindof high however the seller hasn't sold in a 5 week period he's finding out the PITA of selling anything. anyway I requested the options code marty says it's in the glove box my saab has a sticker in it's gl9ve box my trans am has it on the door w/ the tire lable. the seller claims there isn't a lable in the glove box which is really the dog house's engines storage. did get the tire lable but there aren't codes. could the code lable be located some other place? thanks
thebrain 02/29/20 08:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

I’m glad someone mentioned not all vans came w/ g80 I have a thread at the chevy forum titlted help me choose my new express. Stan a owner of a newer 3500 extended admitted he wished he checked his van came w/the g80 LSD (it's one wheel wonder) or is G80 allways locked to both wheels like a detriot locker.
thebrain 02/29/20 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

yeah G80 is a must don't want a one wheel wonder. the preferred AWD mite be hard to find down south I do see the AWDs up north on icei slippy roads. I thought all express's came w/ g80 and the option is gear ratio. I'd like the biggest strongest hitch like a class 4 at 1K tongue weight & 10K for load even thou I'm only towing less than 1/2 that weight. so are the 1500 hitches same physical size making a 3500 4 class will fit a 1500? thanks
thebrain 02/28/20 09:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

yes I knew the 3500 has bigger frame there much taller than the 1500 and think there all extended wheel base vehicles I believe the 3500 are used for the 9 passenger conversion. I thought the 2500 was the goldie locks the inbetween middle size. thanks for explaining this. so what's differnt on the 2500 compared to the 1500 maybe engine size I'd prefer the 6.0 if all I can find is rear wheel drive. the actuel desired van is a 1500 all wheel drive which I believe only comes w/ a 5.3, these AWDs are usually northern saltbelt vans. thanks again for explaining the differences. I see the extra wheel lug nut 6 in all on the 2500 compared to 5 on my old 02 express. not sure the other differnces if any. I think I'm passing on the 240K mile van Guy is just too hard to deal w/ won't answer repeated ?s just seams like he wants to hide stuff like the trashed front seats plus other stuff. the search continues. edit are the trailer hitches interchangable from a 3500 to a 1500 like the next prospect doesn't have a hitch, I'd like the strongest hitch I can get off a junk yard van. and what are the ratings for each hitch. I beleive my gmt360 has 600LB tongue can't remember it's weight load.
thebrain 02/28/20 05:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

I should have hung up the phone when I heard he bought it from a old white man
thebrain 02/27/20 01:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

update finelly recieved a few images either this guy can't take images or like to hide stuff. sean the dash w/ engine running I observe good oil presaure,alt charging and temp at 200 so engine seams fine. the outside body appears decent shape most importantly the rust under body appears just surface rust not a northern van. the engine is a 5.3 according to the image I see on air filter the engine area appears kindof clean and the exposed grill front end bolts aren't rusted. the wheels are 16"s have 6 lug nuts so this is actuelly a 2500 correct (I will reread all the excellent advice I think someone mentioned the series differnces) the bad the lower section of both front seats is shot.all the door handles are snapped off and it's very dirty inside. still could worth a look remember it's tow vehicle left at a public boat lauch for 4 days (there are bums in this area.) at a time so I don't want a $50K van being unattended. Gary the trailblazor is actuelly a saab97x 5.3 litre most folks don't know what a saab 97x is so I wrote trailblazor gtm-360 this saab was built by GM they owned saab for a few years has 6 lug nuts curious if I could swap the wheels to the van the saab has 13" brake rotors so a 16" maynot fit the saab? Thanks
thebrain 02/27/20 07:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

Yeh the seller is a bit difficult his add is a joke of a discription conversion van ready to sell period. He did check a few of the category titles. Initially I email piliminary ?s and requesting images of underneath body for rust,engine/sticker of air filter for engine size and door panels storage some vans had storage others had a useless zipper. his Posted images where a joke.van in shade not the usele front to back images, basically crummie images. Called the guy the other day he said he bought it from I quote “ a old white Guy from N GA” didn’t interrupt as racist because he claims to be a musician. I’m curious what the van was used for he say’s transporting instruments and clients to and from gigs. No towing of another vehicle. Learyness starts here: I ask what type of oil have you been using he says unknown he pays for oil changes so I assume jiffy lube conventional oil which I believe recycled used oil correct?isn’t a deal breaker like the 5.3 doe’snt require a synthetic like my car doe’s. Anyone purchasing tires at walmart must need there head examined but he says fairly new. I always order decent tire online like Goodrich or compreable. I ask about him transporting people he did admit they did smoke cigaretts however he states there is no order of smoke, I think you smoke one cig in a car it lasts forever musicians are usually smoking weed which stinks worst than cigs or cigars , he also states no animales where ever in the van like smelly cat or dog piss. He claims there are no leaks and he will run engine for a while then inspect. I have been on the lookout for a decent LS style 03+ conversion for over 4 years that’s reasonably close unbelievable that they are this hard to find. I did receive images of the regular GM surface rust (I’ve been burned on a previous vehicle that was used in upstate new york which had major rust underneath. Either this Guy is egnorant or he knows how to flip cars. Yes the one way rentel is a good suggestion, a bus ride is around $25. to airport from there I can navigate the city w/ public transit. The other van I’m considering is in norther Missippie in the middle of nowhere much harder to get around mite have to offer up some fuel $ for this purchase however his purchase price is kindof high. Remember this is a tow vehicle for my main boating vessel exposed to salt water & parked at a public boat launch for 3-4 days at a time so I treat either of these vans as a disposable body for a few years then get another.
thebrain 02/26/20 01:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

all you Guys make excellent points especially hooking up a trailer w/ a unknow van. the other one trip option is to show up in my 99 pontiac trans am then place it on the flatbed. trailer weight 3K + 3550LB for the car which is only 50Lbs over max tow capcity of the van. what do Guy's think. I'd prefer to only make one trip to bring new van home. last plan 2 trips cruise up from Montgomery,AL to atlanta purchase then bus ride back to pickup the new van. the only person that I could bother w/ this driving it back is a smoker and I don't want smoke in the new van.
thebrain 02/26/20 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: do cargo carriers have legal rules on hauling stuff

in my net search i'm surprised I didn't see a single dinghy on the cargo carriers I did see a few vertical kayacs on back of RVs. here's my dinghy Overall length 8' 6" / 2,60m Overall Beam 5' 6" / 1,68m I never mearsured the last express conversion van it was around 9' because the main vessel is like 11.5' tall. bumpy using a trailer would make the trip a none quickie. because every time I hook the big boats trailer up the lights don't work so I spend a couple hours straightening out the if I choice to stay in a hotel in Florida they don't allow trailers. as for the dinghy being vertical above the top of roof isn't that the same amount of wind resistance if the dinghy was on the roof? on land I wish I had the none fiberglass ribbed hull like the boat in the bag.on water you need a solid floor. is it possible to upload images from my PC here?
thebrain 02/25/20 09:18am Toy Haulers
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

I didn't know a AWD can be towed on a dolly how is the the transfer case switched to neutral. this traiblazor is my first AWD vehicle so I need to learn this stuff.are you saying I can switch the Transfer case to a neutral gear. and tow the blazer on a dolley. not sure what a toad is Thanks
thebrain 02/24/20 06:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

I'm waiting to hear back from the seller non engine size. I'm waiting on a image of the air intake sticker it revelves engine size, I'd like to verify engine size remember this is a 03 express I'm considering for my new tow vehicle so far it's being advertised as a 2500 which is high mileage at over 250K miles. if this is actuelly a 6.0 the 250K miles is less of a concern compared to the 5.3. or4.8 what about explaining to U haul what I'm towing Like do I legalley have to tell them what I'm towing to be covered by scumbag insurance co.
thebrain 02/24/20 01:52pm Tow Vehicles
do cargo carriers have legal rules on hauling stuff

Transporting a dinghy vertically on cargo hitch. I’m planning a few quickie trips to the Gulf/Lake ect. No trailer wanted for the ribbed (fiberglass hull) 8’dinghy weight 90LBs. For my desired vehicle on these trips would be a chevy express high top conversion van which is to tall to realistically load and transport on the roof plus there’s no rack on high top conversions. Curious if I could get away w/ a hitch cargo carrier w/ dinghy baicelly vertical to ground Yes the taillights & rear windows would be blocked not worried about the view. I uselly have spare taillights I could attach to the dinghy. So do cargo carriers have legal rules on hauling stuff?
thebrain 02/24/20 10:20am Toy Haulers
Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer

Chevy express Towing U-haul flatbed w/ 4650LB trailblazer The 04 chevy express 2500 has 6500LB tow capacity weird that it’s the same as the 1500 express of same era. Or maybe I misread these specs. on the net. Also weird conversion vans don’t lower this rating even w/ the increased payload of extra seats compared to the cargos. Anyway I’m planning a few road trips to look one trip is a major city where I could easily get around w/out my own ride. This current #1prospretect of a new express van is 5 hours away in the country, so I’d probably have to drive to look in the trailblazer. Then expect to use the express w/ Uhaul flatbed to transport the AWD trailblazor. Not sure what a UH flatbed weights?like you have to tell UH what youre towing right? I’ve been informed in previous threads the express is to wide (even w/ GM dounut spare tires) to fit on a UH tow dolly. Another option is to purchase either vehicle w/ stipulation of assistance in transporting then I take the person home after dropping off the van at my home. What do you Guys think. and thanks for advice.
thebrain 02/24/20 08:50am Tow Vehicles
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