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RE: Battery Charging Problem

It is a Ford E350 chassis. It may or may not have a smart charging system. Ford phased it in over a period of years.
theoldwizard1 03/29/20 04:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery Charging Problem

That is why a DC to DC voltage boosting device works better. You will still need a solenoid so that the starter battery is isolated from the house batteries when the engine is not running. I have NEVER seen a DC-DC charger that will allow the house battery bank to send power back to the chassis battery without some kind of "bypass" being applied. (FYI - A DC-DC charger actually first converts the incoming DC voltage to AC, runs it into a transformer (or some kind of inductor). The resultant AC is then converted back into DC. Current can not flow "backward" because DC current can not flow through a transformer/inductor.)
theoldwizard1 03/29/20 04:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery Charging Problem

If you want to charge your house batteries while driving, you need a DC-DC battery charger. This technology is all new to me. I didn't realize that I could add a DC to DC charger to the BIM (Battery Isolation Manager). I thought the BIM was doing that job. Your BIM is a fairly simple device. It allow the vehicle charging system to send whatever voltage is available from the alternator/chassis battery to the house batteries when there is "adequate" voltage available (ie. the engine is running). It does not allow the house bank to send voltage to the starting battery unless you press the "emergency start switch". With modern "smart" charging systems ADEQUATE IS NOT SUFFICIENT ! You will NEVER restore a proper, full charge to a house bank without a DC-DC battery charger. A DC-DC charger takes the voltage available from the vehicle system (somewhere between about 11.5V and about 15V) and raises or lowers that voltage to the appropriate amount for the "stat of charge" of the house bank.
theoldwizard1 03/29/20 04:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery: AGM vs. Flooded Cell

So for these AGMs the charging voltage is the same as for Trojan 6s and for some other 6s too. Trojan recommends 2.47V/cell on flooded batteries ans 2.45V/cell on their AGM batteries. EDIT--here is an interesting review of that above battery, comparing it with some others for deep cycle usage. Trojan does make a 12V deep cycle AGM, the T1275-AGM. It is rated at 140 Ah vs 100 Ah UB121000. Also 81 lb vs 63 lbs. More lead, more weight, more better !
theoldwizard1 03/28/20 09:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery: AGM vs. Flooded Cell

Make sure your battery charging system(s) can handle AGMs. Slightly different charging voltages compared to flooded lead acid. I wish that people that recommend twin 6V Golf Cart batteries would also caution that the buyer should make sure their charging system will be compatible. AGMs do just fine with 14.4V chargers. Isn't it common for GC batteries to require 14.8V? And what about the GC equalization charge that can need over 15V? Never heard of any special requirement for charging voltage of two flooded 6V batteries vs one flooded 12V battery. * Every good battery charger has a special setting/switch for AGM. (* The exception to my statement on flooded battery charging are Trojan batteries. For flood batteries, regardless if they are 6V or 12V, their recommended charging voltage per cell is slightly higher (2.47V/cell) than other manufacturers.)
theoldwizard1 03/28/20 09:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Charging Problem

This is a 2002 RV. The existing system used to charge the house batteries. Until it failed, there was no problem. Driving down the highway keep us charged up. Now, no charge with the engine running. What chassis ? Ford stated installing smart charging on some vehicles before 2002. Humor me. Check the voltage at the starting battery in the manner I recommended.
theoldwizard1 03/28/20 05:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery Charging Problem

I actually like the old way, it seems more simple without these sensitive digital electronic parts to breakdown. KISS is what I prefer and probably what I should have done, but I had to satisfy my curiosity. The whole purpose for smart charging is to improve fuel economy AND IT DOES ! Not by much, but some. Charging is controlled by algorithms (programs/strategies) inside the engine control computer. Some of these algorithms look at battery temperature or other special sensors. All of them are based on an assumption of the the size of the starting battery and the amount of energy used by the starter motor plus other information. The voltage regulator inside of the alternator does the "heavy work" of controlling power to the field coil which is what controls the output voltage of the alternator. Connecting your house batteries to a smart charging system will NOT TOP OFF YOUR HOUSE BATTERIES, but it will prevent them from going dead if you have DC loads turned on in back. If you want to charge your house batteries while driving, you need a DC-DC battery charger.
theoldwizard1 03/28/20 05:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery: AGM vs. Flooded Cell

Make sure your battery charging system(s) can handle AGMs. Slightly different charging voltages compared to flooded lead acid.
theoldwizard1 03/28/20 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: It's time for a replacement truck

You really owe it to yourself to test drive a new Ford with their new gasoline engine and 10 speed transmission. Plenty of power and with that transmission, hills will not be an issue.
theoldwizard1 03/28/20 02:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery Charging Problem

Before you start doing anything, you need to find out if you have a "smart" charging system ! With the house batteries disconnected and the engine NOT running, turn on the headlights and leave them on for 5 minutes. Now start the engine. Check the voltage at the battery. It should be 14.0V-14.5V. Drive for at least 10 minutes. With the engine still idling, check the voltage at the battery. If the voltage is below 13.8V at the engine starting battery, you have a smart charging system. A smart charging system WILL NEVER FULLY CHARGE A "HOUSE BATTERY BANK" ! If that is what you have, the best bet is to purchase a DC-DC battery charger. Not only does it does it provide isolation, but it boosts the supplied voltage to properly charge your house battery bank. Likely your house battery bank is dead. Replace those dual Group 24 batteries (in parallel) with two 6V golf cart batteries (in series). They will provide a lot more power.
theoldwizard1 03/28/20 02:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cummins Onan P2500I Inverter Portable Generator

Doubt very much it's designed and built by Onan. Another Chinese knock off. If you look at the spec sheet, it clearly states Engine Brand Ducar That same model is sold in other parts of the world as the Ducar D2500iS
theoldwizard1 03/28/20 07:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Cummins Onan P2500I Inverter Portable Generator

Don't get fooled ! I highly doubt it was "Designed and Engineered in Indianapolis, In. by Cummins/Onan." It is a Westinghouse iGen2500 with different color plastic and labels and slightly different controls. The iGen2500 sells for $599 at HomeDepot. height=500 width=500
theoldwizard1 03/27/20 06:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Small Window AC vs Roof Top Air

There are many different small window A/C units available. Some use significantly LESS power than others ! Buyer beware !! Shop and compare before you buy (unless you are always on shore power and there is no charge for electricity)
theoldwizard1 03/27/20 06:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Flexible PEX hose.

The flex hoses may have been special made for the RV maker. Highly unlikely ! Do not use plain vinyl (un-reinforced). Hot weather and mild pressure will make it swell and fail !
theoldwizard1 03/27/20 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: ? L E D taillights

I have seen a number of times that the bulbs should be replaced with red LED bulbs because they show up better. the original bulbs should be adequate, but if you want to throw money away, have at it. I think I have replaced a dozen at most old style bulbs over the years. bumpy 22 yo vehicle. I have replaced ONE bulb.
theoldwizard1 03/27/20 05:55pm Tech Issues
RE: ? L E D taillights

The turn signals bulbs are usually the only problem since they flash really quickly with a normal flasher. They have specific flashers or you can add in a resister, or they may come with resisters built-in. Adding the resistor completely defeats the primary reason for switching to LED taillights, reduction in power.
theoldwizard1 03/27/20 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: ? L E D taillights

If you have regular tail, stop, turm taillights, can they be changed over to plug & play lights Not on all vehicles ! Some very new vehicles will "sense" that there is a very low "load" and then report that you have a burned out light bulb !
theoldwizard1 03/27/20 05:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter and Battery Question

If you have not bought your inverter yet, buy on that is a combination inverter/charger/transfer switch. Much easier to install and use ! Basically, you remove/bypass your existing converter charger. Heavy loads (such as your new inverter/charger) should have their positive and negative (ground) connection directly. If there is a ground bus bar inside of your DC fuse panel, you should run a heavy gauge wire from that to the battery negative post. Small loads (lights, typical 12VDC outlets) can use the frame ground.
theoldwizard1 03/26/20 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Chromebook questions

Biggest strike against Chromebooks, in general, is they tend to have smaller screens (11"-13") and lower resolution (not as good for watching videos). Also they have cheaper speakers. HP has some good pries on their Pavilion 15z and 17z. Lots of upgrades available, but the best upgrade (IMHO) is the Full HD IPS screen (IPS is the same technology used in by Apple in their Retina displays).
theoldwizard1 03/26/20 06:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Would solar be effective in the midwest?

Snow will be the biggest problem.
theoldwizard1 03/26/20 07:17am Tech Issues
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