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RE: Honda 2000i tips and tricks for changing oil.

more expensive, but more useful for other things Form-a-funnel
theoldwizard1 01/16/21 02:10pm Beginning RVing
RE: Converting to 12v fridge Canada question

FYI, based on some comments. There IS such a thing as a compressor refrigerator. It uses a compressor that looks a lot like a standard refrigerator compressor. The real question is, do you go 12VDC or 120VAC with a pure sine wave inverter ?
theoldwizard1 01/16/21 02:06pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

Also, a major wiring upgrade will be needed. This is how I did it I VEHEMNTLY DISAGREE ! The whole point of a DC-DC charger is to NOT require oversized charging cables ! It boost the voltage at the RV battery to the correct voltage to charge the battery using the standard vehicle/trailer wiring ! Even with your large gauge wire, you should check the voltage at your campers battery after about 10 minutes of driving and at high idle. If the battery is say 80% SOC, the voltage at the camper battery should be >14.0V.
theoldwizard1 01/12/21 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

Hi, Does anyone know if the V-10 has Battery Charge Protect? From my research, Battery Charge Protect was only offered for a couple of years (pre 2012 ?) and only on F-Series SuperDuty. This should not be confused with the "High Idle" option, which I think is still available, and used primarily with vehicles that have a PTO for things like hydraulic pumps. My guess is that Ford dropped the option because the "smart charging" system actually did the job at no additional cost.
theoldwizard1 01/12/21 12:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Using a Cellular Tablet?

I concur for older people, you really need a 10" tablet (kind of hoping that Amazon come out with a Fire 12 or 13). I would not pay extra for built in cellular capability. Either use your existing phone for a hot spot OR, better yet, put the money into buying a cell phone to wifi adapter/router that has external antennas. You can use smaller antennas inside the vehicle or larger ones outside the vehicle when parked. Many to choose from. Some, like the WiFiRanger mount the router inside and external housing, so do not. You will have to spend some time looking at various models. This 4G LTE Router WiFi mounts inside. The two "paddle" antennas can be replaced with cables going to external antennas for better long distance reception.
theoldwizard1 01/12/21 11:46am Technology Corner
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

Don't believe our Ram has anything equivalent to Ford's BCP. The quick way to verify if you do or do not have that functionality built in, connect a voltmeter to the battery and start the engine. Leave the A/C and lights turned off. Check the voltage at the battery. It will probably be >14.0V. Let your vehicle idle for 5-10 minutes. Check the voltage. It will be close to 13.2V. Now, turn on the A/C, fan on high and lights. The voltage at the battery will probably be higher and so will the idle speed. Our plan is to accept whatever current we can safely and reliably get at an idle from our 220a alternator. Nothing wrong with that as long as you do not need a partially discharge RV battery to be fully recharged by the time you reach your destination. Without a DC-DC charger, that just will not hgappen.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 06:40pm Tech Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

On Ford superduties, there’s a feature called “Battery Charge Protect” that enables the ECM to monitor the battery voltage when the parking brake is set, and the transmission is in Park, and it will vary the engine RPM from 600-1200 while large power loads are on the charging system. This is for using inverters, DC-DC chargers, etc while idling the engine. The ECM also monitors the engine temperature while in this mode, and won’t let the engine overheat. Admittedly, I am not intimately familiar with with the exact functionality of battery charging on all Ford products as I have been retired for over 10 years. However, what you described is the basic functionality of all "smart charging" system. That is, to maintain a minimum battery voltage at about 13.2V. If this requires increased idles speed, then it will be increased.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 06:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailer hitch pin

When you insert a hitch into the receiver, you secure it with the hitch pin. Considering receivers and and balls are rated for different weights, has anyone ever seen a rating on a hitch pin? I can't answer your question, but I can tell you the hitch pin is in "double shear". This is absolute the strongest type of connection that can be made. More than double "single shear".
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 05:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Skylight/roof repair

I am a believer! Come back in a year and tell us how well it held up.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 05:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trion V10

The biggest complaints are : • Loud, because it has to use lower gear/higher RPM to climb hills • Not the best fuel economy.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 05:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

Alternator IS NOT going to "call" for more "engine speed", alternator is extremely tiny "load", so small it is insignificant. I am sorry but you are incorrect. Most (I always hesitate to say ALL) vehicle built after about 2000, have some type of "smart" charging system. The alternator DOES IN FACT "TALK" TO THE PCM and will ask for higher speed If a 300HP engine cannot stand a 3.5 HP (1%) alternator load without the need to alter the RPM it is time to scrap that engine design, it is junk. Your numbers are correct, except you have not accounted for losses (Second Law of Thermodynamics). At max output, it would not surprise me if a 220A alternator could consume around 20 hp ! Manufacturers do not even do that for the A/C compressor (RPMs DO drop when the A/C compressor turns on at idle, typically a 50 RPM drop in idle speed). Hmmm ... seems to me that I ACTUALLY WROTE THE SOFTWARE that increased the idle speed of the engine at idle sometime back in the early 1980s ! Experience counts : 31 years of Powertrain Control System hardware and software.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 05:18pm Tech Issues
RE: features for dc to DC chargers

Primary feature is amp rating. JMHO. Bigger is not always better and watch the input amps. The rating is output. For any kind of trailer, you need to remember that the input limiting factor is the fuse on the battery wire in the 7 way connector. Watch the video I linked before ! The first thing that happened when he started his test was that he blew the fuse !!
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Snow loads for Trailer

My biggest concern would be snow melt that re-freezes to ice at the bottom of the snow load. Ice is much heavier than snow.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 05:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: T-Mobile Coverage

T-Mobile is merged with Sprint for several months now. I have had Sprint for many many years (remember the red "candy bar" Nikia phone ?) and have never had a coverage problem, but then again, I don't go "far off the beaten track". Older T-Mobile phones won't work with Sprint towers and vice versa.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 04:58pm Technology Corner
RE: features for dc to DC chargers

Interesting video ! "It is possible to damage your AGM or LiFePO4 batteries charging them from an engine alternator." Renogy DC-DC Battery Charger Review: "Smart" Alternator Charging
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 01:20pm Tech Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

I remember yrs ago, there used to be an outfit that sold "upgrade" windings for 1950's-1980's alternators which would take a 35A alternator and get you 45A-60A. Quick Start High Output Alternators More current also means that they will have to add several extra diodes in the output of the alternator or use higher current diodes, both of these outcomes requires more internal space in the alternator and additional cooling. The same place sells external rectifiers (diodes). IMHO, they are not required. Higher current diodes are the same size (obviously up to some limit) Now days, things have gotten a lot more complicated, most manufacturers have now put the body control computer in charge of the charging system and the body control computer now regulates what the alternator can and can't do. Actually, my experience has been the powertrain control computer talks to the alternator, primarily because the alternator may request more engine speed. While you can add in a heavy 12V load for short bursts, I would not really recommend do that for long periods of time like heavy charging of your RV battery under idle conditions. Define "heavy" ? If the typical vehicle load, at idle, is 40 A and you have an alternator capable of 100A, the alternator will just call for more engine speed. (Alternator don't reach max capacity until about 2000 engine RPM.) Most trailer tow packages include a heavy duty alternator. If not, that is a good upgrade.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

60 amps is probably higher than the designed add-on accessory load for the vehicle. Assuming it is a diesel the grid heater or glow plugs may also add significant 12v load. You could reduce the issue by not immediately turning on the A/C and running lights etc. The opening statement is probably true. The good news is that the modern "smart charging" systems will increase the engine speed to get the most out of your alternator. I don't know how DC-DC chargers control the current draw. As the input voltage goes down, the input current (amps) goes up. I am sure there is some smarts in the charger to prevent "bad things" from happening. The fuse in the charge line to your RV is the limiting factor. Typically 50A ? Not running the A/C or turning on vehicle lights say for the first 10-15 minutes will help.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 01:05pm Tech Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

Thinking about installing a 60a dc-to-dc charger in our truck camper. Have plans to power it with the 220a alternator in our truck. How big is your current alternator ? It is probably sufficient to power a 60A DC-DC charger. Also have a question about how most DC-to-DC chargers operate. Without getting into too many gory detail: • Incoming DC is converted to AC by switching it on and off. This is done much faster than the 60Hz that we get from the power company so that they can uses smaller transformers. • The transformer boosts this AC voltage to something higher than required to charge batteries (18VAC-24VAC ?) • This AC voltage is converted back to DC • Some kind of "smarts" controls the output DC voltage to the appropriate amount.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Do any hotels/chains offer RV spots with electric or hookups

Hotel/motel chain offering RV electric hookup seem illogical ! I would be more interested in places where I could spend a night "dry" camping, like most Walmart and most Cracker Barrel restaurants. Verbal permission should always be obtained. Beside larger truck stops, are there any other establishments that allow overnight parking ?
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 12:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: features for dc to DC chargers

My main concern was amperage. Enough to run my slides. The power to run your slides is going to come from the RV batteries. If you do not have a RV battery, I doubt that these chargers would be able to run the slides. If the batteries are heavily discharged, you will have to run the vehicle engine for some time (15-30 minutes ?) to charge those batteries and operate the slides.
theoldwizard1 01/11/21 12:40pm Tech Issues
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