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RE: Purchasing a Jackery or something similar....need help....

If your batteries are not too old, and you don't plan to make more than one pot of coffee per day and watch a few hours of TV, you don't need one. More solar panels, yes ! When it comes time to replace them, get a pair of 6V golf cart batteries. Probably cheaper and they will store a bit more power. Do you have an inverter ? If not you want a pure sine wave, inverter/charger/automatic transfer switch and you can get rid of your old converter. I would buy a 2000W generator before I would buy one of those "solar generators". Nice but OVER PRICED !
theoldwizard1 08/31/22 12:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Why shouldn't I go this route? (AC Roof Delete)

If planning to run on solar-battery.... I would be looking at a 240v mini-split heat pump with 2x or 3x the SEER. Small mini-splits run on 120VAC.
theoldwizard1 08/29/22 07:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Why shouldn't I go this route? (AC Roof Delete)

It is a AC / Heater unit designed to fit under a bed or in my case the dinette seating in place of the current furnace. Granted, this is for the European market so it is setup for 240v but that is fust a flip of a switch on an inverter so not a big deal in my opinion. I have never seen an inverter that can change from 120VAC/60Hz to 230VAC/50Hz with a flip of the switch. I am all for heat pumps, but I would go with a known "name brand" that you can get service for before going with this one.
theoldwizard1 08/29/22 07:27pm Truck Campers
RE: DIY electrical system

Any vehicle charging system will not fully charge your auxiliary battery unless you you are using a DC-DC charger.
theoldwizard1 08/29/22 07:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Onan marquis 7000 shutting off after like 15 min/overheat

Exhaust leak.
theoldwizard1 08/29/22 07:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New to the TT world

All of the brands I suggested use molded fiberglass construction. There is virtually no wood used in them, other than interior cabinetry and a wood floor inside another fiberglass shell. I think "eggshell campers" (that is what they call 100% fiberglass models) are great ! Two downsides. Most are small. The larger ones are EXPENSIVE !! Regarding appliances. I would seriously consider going 100% electric, no propane. Few people camp in cold weather some you really don't need a furnace. Take a small electric space heater to "take the chill off". Solar is nice, but first put your money into a good set of batteries and an inverter/charger/automatic transfer switch. A portable generator is a must ! If you really want to get radicle, skip the black water tank. Use a cassette or composting toilet.
theoldwizard1 08/27/22 06:09am Travel Trailers
RE: New to the TT world

If you have never camped before, I suggest renting something for a weekend or two. Fall is a wonderful time to camp ! Take some extra blankets and an electric heater. Second step, buy a lightly used 2 or 3 year old rig. Don't be too picky about the model. The point is to get experience with the layout/floorplan. After a year or so, you will have a better idea what you want. Last, fall is a good time to shop for "last year" models or those lightly used ones. No one wants to store them for winter.
theoldwizard1 08/27/22 05:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Leveling Blocks

I made my own out of pressure treated 2x6. Cut to length. Run one edge through a table saw so that it is reasonably square to the face. Use a speed square an make 2 or 3 lines across one board. Us the lines as guide and drill a 1/2" hole about half way across the board. Apply construction adhesive and 4" long screws to connect the two edge faces. Make sure the growth rings are going in opposite directions. By making your 2x12 this way, it is a lot less likely to crack ! You can do the same with PT 2x4 but you will need 3 pieces. I have found that they might seem heavy at first, but leave them exposed to the weather and they will be a lot lighter the next year.
theoldwizard1 08/27/22 05:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Holes in Fiberglass Roof

This second picture shows an area some distance away where I discovered a brownish spot similar in color to those in the first picture, but there were no cracks. I began to scratch at it with my fingernail, and after discovering the surface felt soft, it came off with very little effort, resulting in this hole. The rest of the surface of the roof seems to be quite solid. I can put an indent into the fiberglass with my fingernail, but nowhere does it feel soft like it did at this spot. Is this an indication the whole roof is beginning to fail, or something else? If this is truly fiberglass, then it is built like a boat, probably like the deck/roof; resin and 'glass over plywood or foam core. My guess is that those spots are "dry spots" where the 'glass was not thoroughly wetted. It should be repaired using the same steps you would for boat repair. It dies seem odd that a fingernail can dent it as fiberglass cures very hard. DO NOT COAT YOUR ROOF ! Take it to somewhere that does 'glass boat repair. Worst case, part of the substrate/ core material will have to be replaced then layers of resin and 'glass applied.
theoldwizard1 08/26/22 12:50am Tech Issues
RE: Unbraked trailer, towing limitations

I wonder if putting an axle with brakes , or adding brakes to existing axles would be cheaper/better than buying a new tow truck ! This gets my vote ! Surge brakes at a minimum, electric are better. About 30 years ago, I had a pop up that I towed with a Taurus station wagon. The camper was 2500#+ loaded. While it did have electric brakes, I did NOT add the controller to the car. Cross winds caught the trailer a couple of time and I had a white knuckle ride until I could slow my rig down ! A quick application of the trailer brakes would have snapped that back inline immediately. (Of course, towing with a FWD vehicle was not the best idea either !)
theoldwizard1 08/24/22 06:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need help with name of item for main tv

My newer TVs let me plug in everything and I select which source the TV displays on the TV screen. No "box" or equipment. When HDTV first came out, 4 HDMI inputs were common. Now you are lucky to get 2 !
theoldwizard1 08/24/22 02:21am Tech Issues
RE: hot spots

There are many to choose from but obviously you want one that works with your plan ! Don't spend extra for 5G. It will be sometime before 5G is going to be available outside of cities. Last, shop for one that has inputs for 2 antennas. If you get inspired you can mount a pair on a pole and raise it up. It will improve your reception a lot.
theoldwizard1 08/24/22 02:19am Technology Corner
RE: ALWAYS something!

My daughter's family Jayco TT is like that ! They have given up trying to get many items fixed (water heater won't re-light, you have to cycle the switch; broken interior light fixtures; awning arms bent/mangled)
theoldwizard1 08/23/22 07:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: residential fridge

To answer the inverter question, we wired our 3kw inverter direct to the breaker panel and the inverter never gets shut off. So how does your shore power cable connect to the AC breaker panel ? If you have a combination inverter/charger/automatic transfer switch it would connect directly to the inverter. But we could always shut off the fridge breaker if it was ever necessary to conserve a few amp hours. Our fridge uses 15ah. I am guessing you mean that the fridge has its own 15A breaker.
theoldwizard1 08/23/22 07:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: residential fridge

I've found my residential fridge stays cool enough during travel days without the Inverter on. I'll bet your ice cream gets soft ! If you plan on running the fridge for more than a day or two without AC hookups, you're probably going to also need to see about installing a larger RV battery bank. Lots of variable ! How big is the refrigerator ? What is the ambient temp ? How efficient is the inverter (sine wave only!) ? How long might you go without shore power ? A pair of 6V golf cart batteries would probably get you through 8-10 hours of driving if you DON'T OPEN THE DOOR ! Anything more, like making lunch or getting cold beverage out while on the road, and you had better have FOUR 6V golf cart batteries. You should be able to go overnight with that !
theoldwizard1 08/23/22 11:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help with name of item for main tv

RV video switch box. MAYBE ! if you have OLD equipment that has screw type F-connectors, then this is likely what you want. Even a compatible connector is not a guarantee as depending on the vintage of the equipment you have it may or may not "play well together" More modern televisions (anything built after 2009) do have a screw type connector, but will NOT accept a signal from old VCRs or old DVD players. Older televisions will NOT accept a signal from "over the air" (OTA) TV broadcasts or modern DVD/Blu-Ray players. The current universal input for televisions (except for OTA and cable) is called HDMI. It looks and works completely different. OTA and cable still come in on coax cable with a screw connector, but they use a different/incompatible signal. Getting old equipment to work with new equipment is frustrating, expensive and will give poor results. I bought a spare DVD/Blu-Ray player last year for under $100.
theoldwizard1 08/23/22 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: New 12 volt compressor refrigerators

From what I've been seeing, as the 12V compressor fridges proliferate, so do the numbers of people with issues with them. 12V refrigeration has been available for 5-10 years now. Unfortunately, not one brand has shown to be "head and shoulders" above the rest in quality. Worse, the cheap ones are hitting the market. If you have the space, a good residential refrigerator and an inverter is a REASONABLE ALTERNATIVE!
theoldwizard1 08/21/22 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: no noise generators

Remember your post title…power stations don’t “generate” anything. It’s a trick marketing word. Boy am I glad someone said this !
theoldwizard1 08/21/22 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: no noise generators

If I felt I needed to have backup power, I'd spend the money on Lithium batteries installed in the trailer, and solar cells. A whole big bunch cheaper than one of those things. Those are just big battery backups, with built-in inverter, which will have to be recharged somehow. AGREED ! Those pre-packaged systems are vastly OVERPRICED! Find Will Prowse's channel on YouTube. Be has dozens of video DIY equivalents at a fraction of the price. No, they are not as "pretty", but they function just as well !
theoldwizard1 08/21/22 04:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Video Transfer.. Help

theoldwizard1 08/18/22 06:48pm Technology Corner
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