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RE: Electric Chevy Silverado Debut

They say 400 miles range without a trailer, so 200, maybe only 150 if you want a little reserve with a trailer. Using the don't go below 80% discharge some suggest, even less. Oh well the 50 amp is waiting in the garage. Then the problem of charging in the park, but they are coming, baby steps at first. I know that most (almost all?) will be grocery gitters.
thomas201 01/06/22 07:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul

I posted the picture just for a chuckle. It was taken by my friend at a snow park in California. You can rent sleds and cabins for a weekend or a week riding trials in the woods. It is not unknown on "going home day" to start your genny and plug a diesel block heater and battery charger in while you make your last run of the trip. Get back about 10:00, knock the snow off the sleds and load up. The truck gets warm real quick, while your hands are cold and you are a little sweaty. Stop at the first good diner on the way home for lunch. Ditto for the Tesla guys. Exact same thinking. This is a really good idea, if the vehicles have been sitting in the cold and snow for a week.
thomas201 01/03/22 07:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul Better.
thomas201 01/02/22 05:06pm Tow Vehicles
Tesla with a generator on a hitch haul Photographed by a friend in Kali, you just gotta see these things to believe them. There is a charger a few miles away, but when he talked to another EV owner, the owner said that he would do the same thing just before leaving. It is for preheat and insurance. The EV in the picture has had the generator running for more than 24 hours. It tickles me as an old tick bitten Petroleum Engineer. Kinda, like a block heater on a diesel, but in reverse.
thomas201 01/02/22 05:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: back to gas v diesel

All of the cost comparisons are flawed. None take into account the time value of money. I think Internal Rate of Return (aka Discounted Cashflow Rate of Return) is best. Net Present Value, is OK. What you bought it for, what you sold it for, and every last cent you spent on the truck are needed, along with miles and duty cycle. This is the metric that companies use to determine gas or diesel for their fleets. And most light duty trucks are gas and heavy duty are diesel, with a gray area in the middle, for sound money reasons.
thomas201 12/21/21 11:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertuck - Can we take another thread?

We doing the whole thing backwards, instead of converting the cars, we should build Fischer-Tropsch plants to covert excess solar/wind to make liquid fuels that can be carbon neutral if atmospheric carbon dioxide is used as the carbon source. Germany ran WWII on these fuels and South Africa defied sanctions and still uses the process today. Granted these used coal for the carbon, but the US Navy is working on using seawater and air, along with the electricity from the nuclear teakettles,to make jet fuel. After all, what runs out first, when you are running max effort airstrikes? The jet fuel silly. The Germans are also running a pilot process, and jets have flown on these fuels. Fischer-Tropsch This solves three problems. 1. It can pull Carbon Dioxide from the air, so it is carbon neutral. 2. It stores wind and solar for future use, say in a combined cycle power plant. 3. It can provide fuel for cars and trucks, and it just blends into the existing infrastructure. No billions to spend on distribution everywhere. Just plants that make the products, crewed by chemical workers. Don't forget we have to replace 276 million cars and trucks with EVs in the USA alone. My way is quicker.
thomas201 12/13/21 10:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: towing with ev6

Read the thread Rivian Thread
thomas201 12/08/21 07:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gas Engine - Fill It Up

I am just old enough to remember when the truck islands had both diesel and gas pumps. However, I too am switching from a diesel to a gas. I am installing an in bed gasoline tank, with pump and filter. I should only need to fill once a day.
thomas201 12/02/21 05:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Quebec 389 (from labrador city to Baie Comeau

Another good planning site.
thomas201 11/29/21 06:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Best sliding hitch recommendation

With a modern 5er you don't need a slider. However, a slider does have one big advantage that most don't mention. It moves your pivot point back just a little bit. This gets your tail swinging just a little quicker, which can get you in a tighter spot. I have been backing into a wide driveway from a single lane road since 2012 and a slider sure helps. Gets the tail swinging quicker. Installing a culvert across the road with a neighbor's permission has now made it easy.
thomas201 11/16/21 05:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: EV's I know there are folks better versed than me in here

How will a self driving system handle that perfect snow covered road? No tracks, no lines, no plowed ridges? Can it feel the gravel on the right and steer just a hair left? Or keep it just one tire on the gravel berm? Real dense fog? A leaf covered road? The infamous lane and a half roads where I grew up? Aircraft, in a much tighter controlled environment, still need a pilot, or two.
thomas201 11/02/21 02:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Planning summer 2022 trip to Alaska Fly/Rent

Quick side note, the sales tax on your rental should be much cheaper in Fairbanks than Los Anchorage. In my case the airfare was also cheaper to Fairbanks, so we flew to Fairbanks and rented there. Pays to check both.
thomas201 11/01/21 07:51pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Planning summer 2022 trip to Alaska Fly/Rent

We did the fly rent this June. Get a copy of Churchs' book and determine your wish list first. Since we wanted to drive the dirt roads: McCarthy, Nabesna, Denali (not the park), and Dalton, we chose a 4X4 truck camper. Now with your wish list you will know the number of days and the type of camper. I think the bus for Denali park is hard to beat. You have 40 sets of eyes, a telescopic camera and an experienced guide with a radio talking to the other bus drivers. Plus you can spend all your time looking instead of driving. Don't miss for us: Denali Park, Kennicott mine, and beach camping on the Kenai. We used GoNorth for the rental. They were honest and the equipment performed well. We did have a fridge problem, they returned phone calls and tried to help. Just a burnt out 12 volt fuse, and they had a pack of fuses in the camper. I would shop based on price and availability. Churches' book has a list, plus the internet, of rental outfits. Go and enjoy.
thomas201 11/01/21 05:36pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border Crossing Headed To Alaska

Trackrig gave great advise. Research what you need. When you hit the border have your paperwork filled out: Neat, Complete and Accurate. This demonstrates that you have invested some time and effort, and you are not wasting the officer's time and you respect their rules. Extra copies of everything. Sign forms in front of the officer. Have correct change in the local currency (unless baksheesh is normal), or a CC in civilized areas that will go through on the first try. Don't be the ugly American. Never go though customs drunk, only made that mistake once. My favorite Canadian question: "Have you ever been fingerprinted?" Answer: "Yes, losta times for work, that's how they know that I am me." Don't want gun questions going into Canada? Bring one, I am a hunter, so have a good reason, and the advise on rules and paperwork above. The Canadians are professional and polite, just play by the rules. And have the proper attitude, no griping about the rules, their government, blah, blah. Talk to someone from another country about entering the US, if they are on the USA's fecal roster. Canadians on the whole are some of the nicer people on the planet.
thomas201 10/01/21 07:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Can anyone in Alberta Help???

As Bugs Bunny would say, ain't this "screwy in St. Louie". At the end of the day the same people with the same camper go to the same places in the USA. Then governments say "shame on you for gaming the system". That is of course the system that they created. However, I did a similar thing. I flew and rented a camper in Alaska, since I could not drive across Canada. It was cheaper than transporting my camper. Price the rental option before you pay the transporter, I mean it might be cheaper to rent something at your destination, or rent a car and stay in motels. Just saying.
thomas201 09/19/21 06:54am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Diesel exhaust fluid sensor failure

Think this one through, in a Ford 6.7, if the DEF heater fails it will also leave you walking, if not repaired in a reasonable (?) amount of time. So in a week that the daily temps were above 90, my truck had to be parked until the parts arrived. Not much chance of the DEF freezing a couple of weeks back. You would think that the truck could read the outside temperature and know that the DEF is not frozen and the emissions are working. Makes me want to slap my fellow engineers up the side of the head. Rant off.
thomas201 09/16/21 03:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel lube

I also came from the big truck world. The plastic plates are great on our 5ers, no so much on the big trucks. However, grease works great, but as you know it is messy.
thomas201 09/13/21 05:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New to RVs.....A Few Newbie Questions

Think of it all as a system. The parts have to fit together for the best experience. The towing is going to be more stable with duals. However, do you play in the mud? Drive the beaches on the outer banks? Drive in snow to ski or sled? Maybe then a single rear wheel. Any homeowner association rules? Do you drive the BWI parkway? Like to use the hammer lanes? Then maybe the dreaded 3/4 ton, or the horrible 1/2 ton. Answer "yes" to any of these and you really limit your camper choices. Answer "no" then pick the camper first and then second pick a truck rated under SAE J2807 (I think all of the big 3 comply) for the pin weight and tow capacity to fit. Chevy, Ford, Ram they are all good. Diesel or gas, under the ratings both have pluses and minuses. Hard to beat the puck systems, unless you use the rails to tie stuff down. Short bed if you need it for tight spaces, long bed for traveling. Sad to say, you may have to order well in advance. Wait times stink right now on our toys. Unless you already drive fifth wheels, a big empty lot, some cones and practice will help reduce stress in backing into the campground. Also work out a system of signals with your co-driver, and be prepared for the occasional discussion. Make sure you know how to jack up the camper (I use a wedge) and change a tire. Try it once at home and see what you forgot. Get an extra set of bearing, race (cone), seal and store them in a can of grease. Even if you cannot, or do not want to change them, it is nice to have on a Sunday afternoon in Nowhere USA. Parts can be a bear for campers. Now hit the road, see you round the campfire.
thomas201 08/31/21 07:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: ATI gasoline aux tank test pressure

One other tidbit to consider. It might not be necessary to close off the rollover vent on the deck tank, and make a closed system. Taking the weight of gasoline to be 6.3 pounds per gallon, you only need about 3 feet of head to equal 1 psi. Now, for the EVAP system the test pressure is 1 psi, so the operating pressure is lower. This explains why in the installation instructions, it is suggested that you may have to close up the system, not you must plug or plumb a return from the rollover valve. You still need a return line from the gas tank to the deck tank. ATI sells a fill line insert, that has two taps, one for fill the other for return. This would make a simple and safe system that does not set a check engine light. You are close on pressures, but I will try the safest/easy way first.
thomas201 08/20/21 12:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ATI gasoline aux tank test pressure

I have dug into it a little. For gasoline, if you want a deck tank and want to use it as an aux tank, then ATI is maybe the only one. You have to use a pump, return line, and probably close up the system to prevent a check engine light. (Does Titan make one yet? They are pricey.) I plan to wire it in with a timer, and pump gas from 1/2 to 3/4 of the truck tank in my travels. I have found that people make mistakes, so just like my work days, I run the math again. Even more so when it concerns my own health, safety and property. When you consider that the flash point of gas is about -40 degF and a pick up has plenty of ignition sources, then yea, I am going to look at the system, before installation. The cap on the aux tank still needs its own pressure/vacuum reliefs, I don't want to suck it in or pop it from a line kink. Three thoughts: Don't make anything you can't unmake. What have I forgotten? How can I make it better?
thomas201 08/20/21 06:48am Tow Vehicles
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