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RE: Ok what truck to buy ?

Bionic gave good advice. Buy first on the seat, then price. You really cannot lose with any of the the big 3.
thomas201 06/11/20 05:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will Your Next Tow Vehicle be Electric?

Do any of you actually tow with an EV? How do you jockey the camper into the charger? Almost (all so far) seem to be built as a pull in back out affair, so the 100-150 mile days make sense, because you charge only at the campground. The alternative would to be drop, then go charge. My takeaway from the OP, is that towing cuts your range for EV or ICE by about 40 to 50 percent. Sounds like the real world to me, so the EV problem is still the battery, just like 1900. By the way, I don't hate EVs, I drove a shuttle car in an underground coal mine in the late 1970's to pay for college. It had both battery and a self recovering shore power line. I believe in matching a tool to a job, and for cross country towing EVs are not there yet. EVs need a battery breakthrough like horizontal drilling, with slick water fracturing for the oilfield, or the jet engine for airplanes, or the smallpox vaccination. Predicting these types of breakthroughs is not possible. Until then we have to wait.
thomas201 05/25/20 05:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tool box in a long bed?

No law says that you cannot use a slider in a long bed to gain the clearance you need. It also puts the pivot point back a little to get the swing going sooner and quicker. Probably cheaper and more useful than getting a new toolbox.
thomas201 05/20/20 06:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: BIL with Superglide drops his trailer

X3 Get out, bend over and look with a flashlight. Check that the pin is captured by the fifth wheel. You may be high hitched, or maybe submarined the pin (pin rode up and over, dropped in front of the fifth wheel). Do it the same way every time. Don't let people or events distract you. Checklists are good, if you use them.
thomas201 04/27/20 03:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slider hitch - How to Question

Another good reason to use a slider. It moves your pivot point back a little and gets the rear of the trailer swinging just a bit sooner. Sometimes, every little bit counts.
thomas201 04/21/20 06:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel Crushes Truck Follow Up

Latch, pull, get out and look to make sure the pin is captured before you dolly up. You can high hitch, or worse submarine the pin, where the pin misses the slot, rides up and over, dropping in front of the fifth wheel. You can pass a pull test with this, in fact I had one driver make it 1/2 mile before he dropped a loaded tanker. The bright edge on the fifth wheel gives this away. I also use a flashlight. I have also heard of jaws failing, but not seen it. Simple is best for safety, but a drawbar hitch has more slop. When you hitch, do it the same way every time. Do not let anything interfere with your routine. Using a checklist is best.
thomas201 04/17/20 04:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2500 HD or 3500 HD?

The 2500 is a "rules" truck. Commercial, Homeowners Assoc., lane control, parkways, parking, insurance and so on. If these rules apply to you, buy a 2500, if not 3500. I have and will buy a rules truck. However since I am a Ford truck guy, the camper/snowplow package gives me a 350 with 250 on the side. However, the 10k option on the 350 gives me a 250 under the rules. Somebody is crazy.
thomas201 04/14/20 06:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

Another vote for rails. I don't haul dirt and rocks, but I do haul stuff. Last week I hauled a new boiler for a house I own. The rails matched with straps that fit the slots give a rock solid anchor system, not like those dinky little anchors in the bed sheet metal. I have a very tight driveway where I park the 5er. I don't need a slider since the nose is notched, I do use a slider. Why? Because it moves the pivot back past the rear axle. Gets the old 5er swinging a little faster like a bumper pull.
thomas201 03/27/20 07:32am Fifth-Wheels
5th wheel on chassis body

We may switch to a BIG truck camper. But, until then and maybe after we will still have the 5th wheel. So, does anybody know of a mounting kit for a 2020 Ford F-450 chassis cab for a fifth wheel hitch? Otherwise it looks like a universal kit and some drilling.
thomas201 03/12/20 05:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gasoline vs Battery Energy Density Explained

Sigh! I wish to point out that many organizations have put a lot of research into batteries over the years: NASA, Submarines, and my favorite, coal miners. My first all electric vehicle was in about 1976. It was a shuttle car used to haul coal from the mine face to the closest conveyor belt. I could run on battery or shore power on a recovering cord. We also switched batteries every shift so the new guy had a good fresh set. Took 2 guys about 15 or 20 minutes. Some old coal miners have more time in all electric (try 5 shifts a week for 40 years) than anyone else. Lots of money has been spent to make a good battery, car builders are just late to the game. Probably even more has been spent in gas and diesel. Roll your memory back to the late 1960's. Remember the mileage? Shoot most big trucks still had big block gasoline engines. We are living in the promised land for ICE right now. Do society a favor. Don't pick a winning technology, lets fight it out and see what truly is the best. ICE, electric, or something else? Who really knows. Let Darwin rule, winner takes all.
thomas201 03/11/20 08:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought another truck, being overweight no longer a problem.

Solves my problem.
thomas201 02/23/20 05:57pm Truck Campers
Hauling a heavy camper and towing

We are working on leaving the 5th wheel business and entering the truck camper side. We have hit the lower 48 and parts of Canada. We are looking to spend the next 10 years, more in the boonies, plus bringing the 48 CJ2. So the camper first, the floor plan that hits the high spot is the Eagle Cap 1165. This is not open for debate, unless the boss changes her mind. She likes the kitchen. It is a heavy son of a gun; I make it loaded with our stuff at about 6000 pounds. By using the 2020 Ford towing guide, and following their description that the camper payload, is minus 6 people at 150 pounds each sitting in the seats. So for crew cabs, with us and our usual cab junk, I can add back about 400 pounds. We then have in the F350 4X4 dully with the 6.2, 6108 pounds; the 7.3, 6112 pounds; and the 6.7, 5367 pounds. The F450 is even lower, since it and the F350 are both 14,000 pound gross vehicles. I will also need an additional 450 pounds when we bring the jeep on its trailer. So, how do you folks haul those heavy campers, let alone pull a boat or a trailer? My solution would be a F450 chassis cab, with a 16,000 pound gross. I and a welder nephew would fab a minimum bed, or really a platform, just above frame rail height, box in the wheel wells, and add a few tool boxes in empty areas. The price, using MSRP, looks to be very similar. However, one more question. Some say that the F450 pickup and chassis cab are really the same creature and the 14,000 pound limit on the pickup is just a paper function. In other words the F450 would be fine with the weight. So is the 2,000 pound difference between the trucks just paper?
thomas201 02/23/20 05:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Best *mid priced* Kinetic Recovery Rope?

I missed this one first time around. All of you have forgotten a very important piece of off road equipment. A good comfortable pair of boots. You will walk out some day. Experience from a lifetime of coal mine and oil field lease roads.
thomas201 02/21/20 08:51am Truck Campers
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank?

I have the same size tank on my F250, it works fine. Since, even when towing, the truck can go farther than I can, without a stop.
thomas201 02/17/20 05:34am Tow Vehicles

When you drop your trailer, do you play in the mud? DRW are no darn good in the mud. You cannot drop into the ruts from SRW vehicles, and if you climb out then most likely you will bump the trees because of the distance you have to offset. Then when you get back to the hard roads, you need to check for rocks between the duals. Ever see fenders with holes from the inside? Prying rocks out of dual wheels, with fenders, is a dirty job with plenty of cussing. Just a thought for those of us who play in the mud. Now if the wife would go for a truck camper, I could bring the 48 CJ2A and the truck could sport dual wheels.
thomas201 02/10/20 07:12am Tow Vehicles
F350, 10k GVWR differences

So I will give you the reason first, my Home Owners Association limits us to 10K gross weight vehicles outside of the garage. No rules on what is in the bed. Now for the question, if all the trucks have the diesel engine, other than rims and tires, mainly 17" to 18" or 20": What are the differences if any, in the various Ford F-350s? It appears that the only change (other than wheels and tires) is just the door sticker. So the GVWR is just a function of the carrying capacity of the tires? Does anyone have more information? Thanks, and please do not knock it off the rails with a discussion of HOA rules.
thomas201 01/31/20 05:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Plug in truck bed or use plug in bumper for 5th wheel

On a 2012 Ford I found a slick way to get an in bed plug without drilling a hole. Buy a whip, plug it into the bumper outlet, remove the drivers side taillight and route it neatly up through an existing hole in the bed. Then install the plug on the end of the whip. Mount it snugly, with just enough room to open the plug cover, with an "L" bracket under the bed rail. Then test, and put the taillight back. Works well, you don't bash up the plug, keeps everything dry and is easy to reach flat footed from the ground. Hand finds hand when you plug it in.
thomas201 01/13/20 07:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Essential tools to carry; pole saw.

I'll knock it off the rails. Long ago, when I had hair, and it was brown. I worked for an Uncle that was a shooter on a coal mine. I greased his wagon drill and carried "stuff" and in general did as I was told. He had a fast way to clear a tree off the road, that involved prima cord and a blasting cap. Just make sure you have solid cover for you and the pickup. A stick stuck through the windshield was a "tell". I learned to use some unusual tools from him. All the old guys, that taught me so much, are gone now.
thomas201 12/31/19 03:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Overland camper

To the OP, Jim: I think you have a fine rig right now. So when the time comes drop me a private message. We can cuss and discuss. I have a 48 CJ2 and have no interest in the explorer, but the rest sounds interesting. Not making an offer, but just saying. We have visited all the states but Alaska, so we are looking for a little change from the 4WD pickup and 5er. Arnold Thomas
thomas201 12/31/19 02:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Single Rear Wheel vs Dually - Whats the Best for You

I'll help stretch out the thread. For towing on the road, there is no argument. Those duallys with the big wide hips are the winners. But, drop the camper and hit the woods, those duals are a big pain in the mud, you cannot stay in the tracks or climb out and run the edges. Then, when you get back to a paved road, you have to check for rocks between the duals. Ever pry rocks out of a dually with fenders? What a muddy mess. This can be avoided with triple dual chains, but then you have to chain and unchain, another muddy mess with fenders. So, how do you use your tool (truck)? What is your compromise?
thomas201 12/15/19 07:58pm Tow Vehicles
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