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RE: Tesla X Towing Videos

I also doubt that 75k payload. Gross maybe. Payload no. With an 80K gross on a normal truck, you are lucky to get 45k payload. A payload of 75k would leave you just 5k for the truck. Most cars weigh about 4k.
thomas201 09/03/19 07:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: wet bolt on suspension

Replace the zerk first.
thomas201 08/29/19 06:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Traveling through Canada with Dogs

The dog's vac record is next to my yellow card inside the passport. I used to travel to places where I had to prove I had my shots. We crossed from Lubec to Campobello 2 weeks ago, and the Canadian officer actually looked at the dog's paper. You should tell them you have a dog with you. Mine is silent, you never know she is there.
thomas201 08/23/19 06:44am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Hauling dirt/rock with bed rails?

1. Don't do it. Borrow a trailer or hire it. 2. Plywood cut to shape, tape the seams. 3. Conveyor belt, or bed mat, or horse stall mats cut to shape and taped.
thomas201 08/12/19 01:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Jay Leno predicts demise of vehicles running on gas.

There are about 1 billion cars (not counting trucks) in the world, we made just over 72 million cars in 2016 and there are about 3 million EV's as of 2018. So, if you are going to make an impact you better get EV production up to at least 50 million a year. So you need to get a move on to make much difference. Tesla's production heck is nothing compared the the hurdles you must overcome. However as a retired petroleum engineer, let me tell you why I like EVs and see the money to be made. First, a few start ups are taking oilfield brine and producing lithium. These fine folks are converting a cost center, into a profit center and the loot will fall through to the bottom line! Who owns the mineral rights? Who are you going to get to drill and produce the wells to get lithium brines? You will use multiple effect evaporators in the US to concentrate the brine, you will buy the gas from us, hopefully right at the well head, save you money and makes us more! All plastics in the cars will come from us, battery case, resins, carbon fibers, synthetic rubber, PVC insulation on the wires, epoxies to encapsulate the electronics, the list goes on and on. Ships, almost all freight railroads, and trucks run on fossil fuels to transport the parts to the assemble plants. Also, natural gas continues to increase market share in utility production, so we will charge the batteries for you. Get on the money train, woo, woo! It has never been about how you get there, it is about making money.
thomas201 08/11/19 03:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Jay Leno predicts demise of vehicles running on gas.

There is a common problem with prediction of any kind. You take a trend and project it into the future. This is of course not valid, since it ignores innovation. The problem is, how do you predict a new idea? I am a retired Petroleum Engineer, so I will pick on my old business. We were finding less oil per year, at one point we were finding less oil than we consumed each year. Boom, stretch that trend into the future and we got Peak Oil. We should be in dire straits right now, but we are not. In fact the US, which was a has been, will/is the biggest oil producer on earth again. How did this happen? People rejected what we had been taught in college, and the conventional wisdom of the time that we could not produce the oil in source rock (shale). Experts ignored this work and continued to teach and preach that it could not be done. Well, who was right? So good luck predicting the future. Don't forget the power of the human mind, and don't forget that most of Africa and Asia have yet to industrialize. They want a life just like ours, and they will do whatever it takes to get it. My prediction #1. #2, whatever we predict, it will be different.
thomas201 08/11/19 05:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: What do I need

Back to the OP. I love 5ers, I had a three month driving school with them, and never drove a bumper pull until I was over 40. I wouldn't have anything else. For the fifth wheel, if it is rated for your pin and trailer weight, they will all work. The head should articulate backy/fronty and left/right. I like a slider, because with the articulation it can help you in a tight spot. I like rails, but I have ratchet straps that fit the slots and I tie stuff down. I do not haul gravel or sand and I could care less about a flat bed. Slide bar verses jaws (dual or single). The bar has more movement, but it is less likely to fail than the kingpin, they should cost a lot less. Jaws have less movement, but have wear parts inside. Both get the job done. When you hook up do a pull test. Then when before you dolly up and hook up the emergency and plug, look to see if you have captured the pin. Use a flashlight if required. I then lock my fifth wheel so no joker can release my pin when I am using the bathroom. Don't overthink, you can change your mind later without it costing too much money. Checklists are a great idea, and do it the right way, the same way, each and every time. Do not let others distract you. I use an articulated slide bar, with a slider on rails. But that is just me, and I like simple. Having driven less than truck load tankers I am used to a lively ride, so I dismiss chucking issues and we have visited all of the states save HI and AK by land yacht. Have fun, don't worry.
thomas201 08/10/19 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Please help me identify 5th wheel towing issue.

Since it hurts nothing, just ignore it.
thomas201 08/07/19 04:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The ticking time bomb under the hood

Others on this forum set me to Flood Ford in RI. Just search on line for a while for the best price, it was Flood, when I bought mine. You do not need to buy from you local dealers.
thomas201 08/06/19 06:35am Truck Campers
RE: proper hook up procedure?

I will add, don't be afraid to dolly up or down to adjust your pin height. AND that the bump, or pull test is not enough. Get out of the truck and LOOK (flashlight if needed) to see that the jaws or bar have captured the pin. I once spent half a day jacking up a loaded tanker that some fool of a driver high hitched (submarined the pin). He made half a mile before it fell off the tractor!
thomas201 08/06/19 06:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Insurance?

Geico cheapest for us on a bundle that includes the house, camper, cars, etc. Of course Uncle Warren owes both Geico and Forrest River. We own a second home insured by Nationwide because they have insured it for over 50 years and I cannot beat their price. However they would be very expensive on our primary home and the rest. We have never made a claim, so whether they are good, or not, is an open question.
thomas201 07/26/19 07:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is the EV transformation of the market over hyped ?

There are about 1 billion cars (not counting trucks) in the world, we made just over 72 million cars in 2016 and there are about 3 million EV's as of 2018. What market penetration? Long way to go.
thomas201 06/29/19 09:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fords 5.0 vs 2.7EB vs 6.7PSD Drag Race

They mentioned one thing I have noticed. Between 30 and 80 mph, not much can get away from a bob tailed 6.7. You can watch eyeballs look back at the big blue football and wonder why they cannot walk away on on-ramps. Lotsa fun! I am sure the D'max and Cummings are the same. Come on admit it hanging onto the tails of Chargers and Vetts is fun, even though it is just for a few seconds.
thomas201 06/01/19 06:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Emergency Communications

To Tony's list add the Middle East. I will try southern Africa next year. I am using the Garmin Explorer, it is a great communication device, and a fair GPS mapper. I have used the same satellite system with transmissions from lease custody units on oil and gas wells in remote areas. Even in woods and deep "hollers" you should get at least a couple of direct passes overhead each day and the message will make it. Not perfect, but pretty good. You can also consider the various flavors of emergency beacons, but they are only for emergency.
thomas201 05/31/19 05:01am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 2018 Ram Integrated trailer brake problems

Take it to a Ram dealer, let their computer talk to your TBC. The TBC failed on my 2012 Ford, they replaced it and problem solved.
thomas201 05/27/19 06:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: CURT Q20 Slop and Noise

A lot of your problems can disappear with smooth as silk driving. Look ahead stop long and gentle. To take off, ease onto the pin with your brakes at an idle, and so on. I learned to dive this way with partial loads in tube trailers. Even with anti-slosh bulkheads they have a lively ride.
thomas201 05/27/19 06:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: single or dually

What are your reasons for figuring a SW is better in every way? Maneuverability, parking, off-road performance, driving on snow and ice in the winter, replacing 4 vs 6 tires at a time and looks (subjective but my opinion). DRW carries a heavy load better which is great if you need that, but if you don’t a SRW is a better choice. To which I add, prying rocks from between the DRW with fenders. A difficult job. This only applies if you leave the pavement.
thomas201 05/23/19 05:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing regulations

Notice the exceptions for Interstates and primaries. They were built and maintained with federal money. With this and the full faith and credit clause in the Constitution, on the main roads it is pretty much the same everywhere, except for doubles, which kinda makes sense on the old interstates with the 25 mph on/off ramps
thomas201 04/24/19 06:41am Towing
RE: Tired of your NYS Commercial Plates?

How about a second dose of insanity? My DW is from NJ, with a lot of family in the Garden State and a sister has a home on the finger lakes. We live in WV and constantly visit. So, I drive a 3/4 ton with passenger car/light truck plates. This has allowed hassle free use of the hammer lanes (MD), parkways (NJ and MD), parking in neighborhoods and so on. However, unlike other states the passenger car plate is $51.50 a year but a commercial plate for my truck starts at $34.50. Yep, commercial is cheaper in West by Gosh! My insurance carrier could care less, they only want to know how I use the truck (for fun only). So, I could save money, but not trouble since I known you can get a ticket for commercial plates in the wrong place in NJ. Crazy world. I just want to know the rules.
thomas201 04/21/19 06:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is there really a 1/2 ton towable fifth wheel?

Oldguy is right. I have the Wildcat version of the Cougar. I had a 2011 Silverado that was set up with the 5.3 and 3.73 gears, along with the towing package. It was a standard bed and rated for a 9600 pound trailer. Trailer was a new 2011 Wildcat. Over the Cat scales at Flying J exit 2 in Jersey with a full freshwater tank, and loaded for a long camping trip: Truck only: Front 3320 Rear 2360 Gross 5680 Truck & Trailer: Front 3180 Rear 3740 Trailer 8000 Gross 14920 Calculated: Truck 6920 Pin 1240 Trailer 9240 So, with the truck rated at 7000, and the combined at 15000 and the trailer at 9600, I ain’t no bricks shy of a full load. I had 80# to spare! It was OK by the book, but the towing experience was poor. I ran out of power, and overheated the engine with strong winds and 105 temperatures crossing the plains. New trucks rated under the SAE standard might tow at max just fine, but maybe not?? I bought a 3/4 ton and now love towing the 5er.
thomas201 03/13/19 06:48am Fifth-Wheels
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