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RE: Transmission cooler options

Know that 'power mode' has several levels and each has engine/tranny temps as the basis to either turn on power mode, or drop down into a lower power mode Right down to the various limp modes All of those decisions are made based on engine/tranny temps Not sure who you’re talking to. Are you referring to the tow mode feature? Also my transmission gets up to 180 all the time now that I’ve installed the bypass thermostat. Before I installed it, I’d be lucky to get up to 130, pulling the trailer. No trailer, maybe 105. As far as a minimum, I was always of the train of thought, it needs to get warm enough to work out the moisture.
tim1973 12/12/21 12:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

Not sure…I think it’ll be ok. But we don’t camp much in the summer. Seems like this is normal gm behavior…running warm, and they say it’s ok. Kinda like they say it’s normal for them to burn oil(every gm truck I’ve ever owned has). Back on topic though, I just figure I’d try and reengineer the cooling system a bit, try and get those temps more “normal” or what is normal in my mind.
tim1973 12/12/21 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

So, you run your transmission fluid at 140? During non towing driving? If I read that correct. Do you drive a gm? If so, what about engine cooling temp? Did separating the two bring down coolant temp when towing?
tim1973 11/20/21 07:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

So, did the drive today. About a 3 hr ride. For the most part I’m happy. Transmission was at 185-190, whole trip. Hills, stop&go highway. Engine, got up to 226, going over the Dames Point bridge, which is pretty steep. Other than that, ran about 219-222. I can live with that. Agree maybe should’ve gotten the two row radiator vs the thicker than OE single row. Also, transmission cooler, with a fan bypassing the oe radiator cooler sounds like a good idea. I assume it has a tstat for the fan and a bypass? I ask, because when I first hooked up my 40k without the bypass, in non towing driving, transmission wouldn’t warm up enough.
tim1973 11/19/21 05:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow capabilities

Replaced our mounts last year.
tim1973 11/17/21 08:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

Thanks for the replies guys. As far as the air flow, it’s got the factory grill guard. It only got warm..and it seems this is normal on gm type trucks…when at speed on the highway. Which led me to believe the cooling was inadequate. In fact both the transmission and the engine coolant were running too warm for my liking. I’m leaving Friday for a 130 mike trip. Am hoping it’s uneventful, and the upgraded cooling system works as it should.
tim1973 11/17/21 08:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Place your bets now!

I drive at 21 f150 5.0 with the 10 speed. It has some false/bumpy shifts quite often. Only 16k on it.
tim1973 11/10/21 04:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

Hooked camper up this evening. Went for a 40 mile ride. 4 lane 65mph the whole way. Engine temp, rock solid at 190, transmission temp 190-194. I’m pleased so far. Thanks alot guys. BTW…the oe radiator is a single row, and the one I bought was also a single row, albeit the row looks wider…wider fins/probably tubing too. They did offer a two row, which the sales rep didn’t recommend. But looking back I might’ve felt more comfortable with the two row. Going to run this for now..and I think hopefully be ok??
tim1973 11/10/21 03:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Transmission cooler options

Thanks for the reply. The transmission thermostat is set for 180. The new radiator I bought from radiator express. It’s a single row, however thicker than stock. The sales rep explained these provide considerably more cooling surface/capacity than oe. Instead of plastic coolers, all aluminum. Looking back I wonder if I should’ve opted for two row? Anyway, it Only gets warm when on freeway at speed. Cools down to 190-200 when in traffic. No fan clutch, has giant variable speed electric fan OE. Which works. I am still using the dexcool…and it was flushed very well, guess new ac delco tstat could be hanging up, won’t rule it out of course…but doubtful. So, yeah, I was not sure whether or not to plausible.
tim1973 11/09/21 02:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow capabilities

I had a 2011 Yukon Denali XL, and used it to tow a 7000 pound boat. Engine and transmission temps always ran high (would go over 240* in the mountains), and I never felt comfortable with the stability of the rig (read as the boat would push the SUV around). It was ok to tow at 65 MPH, but at 70, it would wander some. I never felt safe above 70 (which can make it tough to pass on a 2-lane road). If you don't have mountains, and are using a WDH, you will likely be ok, but not ideal. I currently run a 2011 Yukon Denali, pulling a 7200lb trailer. I live on the coast so no mountains. It does it, but it does tax the mechanics. Ive upgraded both the stock radiator and transmission cooler. Ive also installed a set of timbren helpers in the back, to give the air suspension some help. Ive been camping for a long time, had many different tow vehicles...both 3/4 and 1/2 ton. Guess it all boils down to risk vs reward, the 3/4 ton will always tow better sure. But in my case, its more than just a tow vehicle, its a DD. So the other 95% of my driving I have to deal with the 3/4 ton beast. Good Luck!
tim1973 11/09/21 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2002 silverado 1500

I'm pulling a 5800 dry weight TT with a 2000, 5.3 Suburban. The chassis does fine for my weight. The 5.3 is just OK. Nothing to brag about. For pulling hills remember to pull the transmission down a gear and get the RPMs up. Solid advice. In fact, I'd never let it hit OD and downshifts to 2nd would happen pretty quick on any grades. One of the biggest factors for the OP is not the weight of the camper or the rating of the truck, but the condition of a 20 year old vehicle. 150k miles, could mean trans fluid looks like gear oil and the rear brake rotors have rust holes in them, or it could mean a very nice, well maintained capable truck. This holds true for so many vehicles on the road today. More folks(Myself included) run older vehicles. But, and I have a very capable workshop to do all my own maintenance, a well maintained machine will run for a long time. That and the continued skyward prices of new vehicles? Who in their right mind would have ever imagined a truck topping $100k? Wouldnt have believed it till i saw it with my own eyes.
tim1973 11/09/21 09:25am Tow Vehicles
Transmission cooler options

Hi all, this is a good forum been following it for years as anonymous. This is a lil long, but hopefully yall dont mind. Anyway, looking for some thoughts from other RV'ers. I have a 2011 Denali Yukon 6.2, recently purchased a TT with 6400 dry weight and about 7200 loaded(checked weight on a scale) with about 650 tongue weight. When i first bought it, we brought it home which was about a 90 mile ride, some small hills etc. Noticed the engine temp got up to about 230ish and the transmission also got up to 225-230. I decided to update the cooling system and add a larger transmission cooler. Put the 40K cooler in place of the factory one, and replaced the water pump(AC delco), aluminum aftermarket radiator(With internal transmission and oil cooler, as the OE one had), new ac delco radiator hoses and tsat. Took TT on a 4 hr trip, pretty much flat ground, and ambient about 80F. This time, transmission got up to about 140F, engine though, still was getting up to about 230 at times..then going back down to 215ish. So, I didnt like the trans not getting up to proper operating temp(With no trailer, its barely getting over 110F), so I decided to install a transmission thermostat/bypass. Got the tru-cool one. Heres where i wasnt sure what to do. I decided on installing the tstat before both of the coolers, allowing bypass until up to proper temp. i decided to have the fluid go to the external cooler first, then on to the radiator internal cooler, then back to transmission. Vs going to the radiator first, as the OE had. Ideas? Thanks! My thinking is, this allows full advantage of the 40K external cooler, and will reduce the amount of heat being given to the radiator coolant...hopefully allowing engine to run a little cooler? So far ive driven vehicle about 45 minutes, with no trailer on it. Tranny fluid gets to 185 and so far stays perfect.
tim1973 11/09/21 07:59am Tow Vehicles
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