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RE: campground reservations

If you for certain know your destination I would book them sooner than later. A few stops on the way I would probably just wing it.
time2roll 03/01/21 11:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Some Towing Math and Questions

Truck towing capacity 10,000 Trailer GVWR 7,700 Get a good hitch and go have some fun. Just don't expect to fill the bed with motorcycles, large grill and a bonfire of wood.
time2roll 03/01/21 09:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Honda 2000i Runs but no Power

Since it is out of warranty I would pull it apart. You will not find anything by kicking it. Otherwise dealer time.
time2roll 03/01/21 08:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

For those of you that want to pull a trailer with your EV, Some trailer maker will outfit a toyhauler type trailer with a generator for when you are camping, that will also have an umbilical to charge the truck while going down the road, And those small engines, and industrial units don't have to meet all the enviro-whacko rules that auto's and light trucks do, so you will likely see the pollution actually get worse in some cases, although they will be a small percentage of the total number of vehicles out there, and you can still pat yourself on the back for saving the world.Or go with a battery in the trailer to supplement power and recapture braking effort. Battery of course would extend your range assuming you can plug it in to start with a full charge.
time2roll 03/01/21 08:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Calling on Solar Techies

Need a trip report ;)
time2roll 03/01/21 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

I'm afraid of the latter. It'll be a while before an affordable battery pack can replace fossil fuel for towing / constant power applications. A Model 3 may take 10hp (7.46 kW) doing a slow 55 mph cruise, which is why EVs will quickly replace all commuters. But an 18k toy hauler probably requires an average 100kw at freeway speeds. Even with 200 kWh pack, we're talking 2 hours before recharging. Then factor in the fact that commutes are nearly always less than a hour, while annual camping trips are almost always further than 2 hrs. HD pickups may be a niche where EVs application doesn't work so well.affordable probably depends on how much it is used. Tesla Semi rolling every day is supposed to be very low cost compared to diesel. MH for a few weekends a year and two weeks in the summer may not be practical. Full time with lots of miles could start to make economic sense. Might make better sense as a rental that gets more miles. Hard to tell until we hear comments on the Semi after it rolls for a year and see what is said.
time2roll 03/01/21 04:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Resuming Rving... ideas dealing with Covid.

Wide open spaces in DVNP. Just spent a week out there. Met a NY couple that was going to move on but decided to stay a full two weeks as they felt it was a great place to chill until they could fly back for their second shot. You can drive and explore the back roads for hours and not see a single person. Plenty of remote camping.
time2roll 03/01/21 02:59pm Family Camping
RE: Jump box for dual battery 7.3 diesel

I have jumped my own vehicle with house batteries and a good pair of jumper cables. No issues.I believe most motorhomes have button to push to boost the start battery with the house. Common, ordinary and normal.
time2roll 03/01/21 02:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Jump box for dual battery 7.3 diesel

I carry the NOCO GB70. Have not used it. I would have no issue using my trailer deep cycle batteries to jump start a vehicle. Except pulling and re-installing 4 batteries twice is at best an inconvenience. At worst impossible either due to ability or battery fitment. And depends on conditions. Cold weather, may take both batteries (especially in a 7.3 Powerstroke. Those things are cold blooded). Warm weather, 1 good battery will light off a diesel pickup no problem. Using camper batteries imo is a last resort type of thing, if they even work. For the “I bought _____ booster. It should start my rig, haven’t tried it though” folks. If you’re actually concerned about getting your vehicle started at an in opportune moment, unhooking the battery(s) and testing the jump pack is super easy.For using my trailer batteries it would be with jump cables not a battery swap. The booster is not just for my use but anyone else that shows a need. Might be a buddy at work or a motorist at the grocery.
time2roll 03/01/21 08:12am Truck Campers
RE: Solar Battery Charge Issue

Looks like Absorb voltage is fixed (and so is Float), but Absorb timer is adjustable from 2 to 4 hours, and Absorb stage will end regardless of the timer if current drops to 0.75/1A. And then it says "if current <0.2A the stage will end". Confusing but this doesn't give a reason to blame the controller. I think before replacing the controller with another one, you should check SG and try to equalize batteries after fully charging it. Preferably at home when you're not using them, or - better yet - if you have 12V supply. I would agree with BLF that they are in a bad shape.Unless the setting was somehow reset to 4 hours from 2 hours. What is the default?
time2roll 02/28/21 08:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

It's amazing how someone can think their way of life needs to imposed on everyone else even though they don't understand other people's way of life. Yes, the whole world must comply with our way of life, no matter if our grandkids have no clean air or water The 1970’s called. They want their clean air and water argument back.It was miserable here in SoCal in the '70s and still lots of room for improvement. Pick your poison.
time2roll 02/28/21 07:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Roadside Assistance

No overlapping service plan needed. Worst case add some towing reimbursement coverage to your vehicle insurance policy at a very reasonable cost.
time2roll 02/28/21 06:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Jump box for dual battery 7.3 diesel

I carry the NOCO GB70. Have not used it. I would have no issue using my trailer deep cycle batteries to jump start a vehicle.
time2roll 02/28/21 06:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Off Roading with the 2021 Bronco

Too bad nothing difficult was shown. Probably did not even need 4WD for what was presented. Does it tow 4 down?
time2roll 02/28/21 05:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: questions about summer heat southeast tx & full timing

+1 for some type of cover. At least avoid the sun hitting you broadside in the hot afternoon as the sun goes down.
time2roll 02/28/21 05:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Battery Charge Issue

Could separate and equalize the batteries one at a time.
time2roll 02/28/21 02:52pm Tech Issues
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

I have no doubt LT will hold up better than an ST at respective max load. At the same time I also believe an 87 mph rated ST is better than a 65 mph ST. Even if DOT runs the test at 55 mph. I don't think the DOT test is intended to be a failure test as much as a test to measure heat etc. to predict it meets the minimum standard to be on the road.
time2roll 02/28/21 02:26pm Towing
RE: Keeping a charge on AGM batteries

Post the brand of battery or if you have the charging specs post those. Also get out your voltmeter and check the actual voltage on these batteries direct on the terminals. Post the results.
time2roll 02/28/21 02:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Battery Charge Issue

Are you certain you are getting the same amps out of the panels? May improve some by mid June. Otherwise just use it until the system no longer provides what you need.
time2roll 02/28/21 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Battery Charge Issue

Give us some actual numbers. What is the absorption voltage measured on the battery? And how are you measuring absorption time that has increased? What is the time? What controller (make and model) do you have? I rate the batteries fine as long as they meet your needs. When you are getting to 11.5 volts or lower while in use then you can call them shot but 12.3+ is just fine.
time2roll 02/27/21 11:34pm Tech Issues
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