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RE: Evolving Canines, de-evoloving people?

This thread is NOT about behaviors when camping. It is pure and simply a "let's bash California" thread. Yes. Every state should pass laws against doing anything to help the homeless. Just like a raccoon, if you feed him, he will come back. And he might bring friends. Pass laws, don't let them sleep in parks, under bridges, or any public place. When you catch one, take him to court, charge him a big fine. Can't pay the fine? Put him in jail! That's a simplistic answer to a difficult problem. You don't really think the homeless are going to pay a fine and change their behavior, so If you jail all the homeless you better have a large tax base to take care of them.
timjet 11/16/19 05:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Evolving Canines, de-evoloving people?

I read with interest the OP's link to the article about the newly elected DA ignoring the laws concerning prostitution, defecating and urinating in public. If I read the article correctly it seems that S.F. has laws on the books criminalizing this behavior but the DA has chose to ignore them. So this new DA has taken it upon himself to interpret laws and ignore them as he sees fit. Did no one else catch this? I believe is was mayor Rudy Giulian that cleaned up N.Y. city by changing city law banning sex peep shows and related activity in Times Square. He also enforced the ban against public urination. His reasoning was if you enforce the laws concerning little crimes you'll have less big crime. I don't know if that panned out but as a frequent visitor to the city I did notice Time's Sq became a more clean and enjoyable place to visit. My career took me many times to both S.F. and Seattle. In the early 2010's I did not notice the issues we're discussing in S.F. so it must have gotten worse since them. However Seattle is another story. I would avoid downtown Seattle then and it's probably gotten worse.
timjet 11/16/19 04:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Onan Generator Fault Code 2- Low oil pressure

The original poster here; I went to the coach yesterday and started the generator, it started up normally. It ran normally and sounded normal for about 15 minutes until I shut it down. I don't think I have an oil pressure issue, I think it is an electrical issue. I'm going to investigate the electrical control on the unit paying close attention to the connectors.
timjet 11/13/19 03:35am Tech Issues
RE: Onan Generator Fault Code 2- Low oil pressure

It may be over filled slightly but that's not the problem. It initially started a year ago when it was slightly below the fill mark on the dip stick. I changed the oil and filled to the top of the dip stick and that seemed to fix it for about 6 months then started again. Also note that this only happens on start up, it has never shut down once it has started successfully until I purposely shut it down.
timjet 11/11/19 10:45am Tech Issues
RE: Onan Generator Fault Code 2- Low oil pressure

One wire to the low oil pressure switch, it is white. Engine sounds and runs normally.
timjet 11/11/19 08:57am Tech Issues
Onan Generator Fault Code 2- Low oil pressure

Starting about a year ago my 7.5 KW diesel generator on about every 3rd start attempt would start and run for about 5 seconds and then auto shutdown flashing a low oil pressure code. This only happened about a third of the time and only on start up. Once started if it didn't shutdown after 5 seconds it ran normally. It never shut down after a successful start. I changed the oil and filter and topped the oil right up to the top of the oil dip stick. This worked for about 6 months and then started again. I over filled the oil by about half a quart and again that seemed to fix it for about a month or about 10 start attempts before it happened again. Now it happens about half the time. It starts and runs for about 5 sec and displays 2 flashes on the start switch indicating a low oil pressure issue. But again when it does start successfully it never auto shuts down, ie it runs until I manually shut it down. So it is an intermittent issue. It is impossible to get to the oil pressure sending unit without virtually taking the entire engine apart. I would like to verify the engine is getting oil pressure. I can get to the white wire leading to the pressure switch and am wondering if I can verify oil pressure in some way by testing the wire to the oil pressure switch. Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been chasing this problem for almost a year.
timjet 11/11/19 05:28am Tech Issues
RE: Fleetwood ratings

I think you get what you pay for. Comparing a similarly priced Tiffin or Winnie will probably get you the same quality. I have an American Coach made by Fleetwood and couldn't be happier. It is little higher end than a Discovery which leads me back to the statement you get what you pay for.
timjet 07/20/19 11:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TSD Diesel Fuel Discount Program

I talked to a member of our caravan who is a member of this program. He gave me all the info including a copy of the daily list sent to members each day. He likes the program and feels it saves him some money. For me after looking at the daily list I found too few fuelers are part of the program. In my area there were none within 100 miles. When you travel and seek out fuelers that are part of the program it would save some money.
timjet 07/20/19 11:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2019

In Wisconsin on way back home. Traveled over 11400 miles so far. Steer clear of Tok cut off between Tok and Glennallen. Use rt 4 between Delta Junction and Glennallen. Tok cut off is in bad shape (frost heaves) and construction. Broke a spring and shackle there. Saw another guy who broke an axle. Long delays there also. Unfortunately our caravan is scheduled to take the TOK cutoff in early August, will go slow. Top of the World Highway is not in good shape either, probably not different that it's always been. Avg speed on the Canadian side is 25-45 and 15-25 on the American side. 90% gravel between Dawson City and Chicken, but mostly paved between Chicken and TOK. If you take this route your rig will get dusted like you've never seen before. Personally I would avoid this route if given a chance. Though a pretty view there are other highway views in the lower 48 than are as good or better. Just my opinion.
timjet 07/16/19 11:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Streaming movies and jet packs and phones

Verizon's prepaid unlimited plan is really unlimited. But there's a catch. You will always be on a lower priority when accessing a cell tower. According to Mobile Internet Resource Center, unless you are accessing in a urban area with few cell towers you may/probably won't notice. If I were looking for a mobile internet provider I would go with this plan.
timjet 05/01/19 04:42am Technology Corner
Cell phones in Canada

Going to AK this summer. I have Verizon's call text and 4gig of data plan, cost's about $40/mo. It does not include call or data in Canada. However if I switch to Verizon's go-unlimited (also $40/mo)plan I get .5 gig of data per day in Canada at their prevailing speed (probably 3G) then it switches to 2G speed. Unlimited call and text, but if you use more than 50% of call data or text in any 60 day period in Canada, they may cut you off. Checking Verizon's coverage map and comparing our caravan route going up thru Calgary, Edmonton, Dawson Creek, Ft Nelson, coverage is good. After Ft Nelson coverage is limited to only within the cities of Watson Lake, Whitehorse, Carmacks, & Dawson City. I don't think the 60 day period will effect us as we will be almost a month in AK before returning into Canada. Anybody have comments or a better plan?
timjet 03/28/19 06:18am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Can't bring TT home because of neighbors parking in street?

Snip I would strongly suggest going to the President of the Association and speaking with him or her about your problem. They can most likely explain why the rule is not enforced. Finally after 10 pages of discussion the right answer appears!
timjet 03/12/19 10:41am General RVing Issues
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