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RE: Jack leg help - Happi jac

Still on a quest to fix this without buying a whole wireless kit. The used one from member was not correct, remote plug was too small. Anyone know if a Lipert 723914 will work with my older wired remote? a couple are on ebay and pic shows it has a remote plug in, and one place says wired remote compatible. I need plug in the size of a cat 5 ethernet cable, larger than a phone plug. If you remember what that is. Happi Jac told me the wireless control board will not work. But if it has a remote plug in, i question that.
tiptoptune 02/13/22 12:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack leg help - Happi jac

If the jack doesn’t work by itself or with the “all” buttons I’d say the issue is in the controller board and not with the keypad. The coiled phone cord sends codes down to the controller so very unlikely to just fail one jack. Also if the other 3 run when pressing the all up/down buttons that means the controller keypad is working and the issue is local to the controller board for that one jack output. If it were mine, I’d open the control box and see if it’s something cheap like the $8 relay on my fridge’s control board. Thanks wnjj. all function except left rear leg down with the all button. anyone any help how to test the board relays? i can hear relays click for other functions. Going to try to test some later today. happi Jac no longer makes parts for this vintage. $500 to convert to wireless which is only option they have. i tried and tried to get tech support on how to test the board to see if a single component could be replaced. they do not provide that info.
tiptoptune 11/27/21 08:21am Truck Campers
RE: Jack leg help - Happi jac

oops. wizards it is. sorry all. Board has two fuses, both good. Parts are expensive, or i getting cheap. maybe both. We may be selling this TC and truck this winter or spring once find a class c that fits us so not wanting to spend a lot. $500 or something for main board and hand control, $250 for board alone, $150 for control. Too much. So i am trying to determine which is bad. i did read to cycle the power to the board. going to try that and call happi jac to see if they can give me any testing specs. anyone want to by a three legged camper :-)
tiptoptune 11/07/21 09:09pm Truck Campers
Jack leg help - Happi jac

left rear leg on my 2000 Bigfoot TC with happi jacs will not go down. It does work if i switch the wires at the logic board controller to another location. So the wiring to the leg is good. Spiral cord ohms out. so has to be the hand push button control or the main logic board controller. Any ideas how to tell which is bad? Any electric geeks out there want to compare my test to theirs? measured volts at cord connector on the logic board controller with cord disconnected and connector facing me, starting from the left, first 4 pins had 0.9 volts, 5th pin has 5 volts, 6 & 7 have 0 volts, 8th pin has 5 volts. Have the same readings at the cord that plugs into the hand control. I used a back probe thin wire end on my test leads to touch one pin at a time. Thanks for any help.
tiptoptune 11/06/21 08:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Long Bed vs Bigger Overhang - off - roading

forgot to mention - quality brand name tires are worth the cost over cheaper brands.
tiptoptune 11/06/21 07:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Long Bed vs Bigger Overhang - off - roading

13 years experience with a 10'-11" bigfoot TC on 4 door dually used often on BLM and forest roads in colorado mountains and more that hangs 3 feet out the back of 8' box and has extended hitch and side boxes. Ground clearance is not an issue, height is (carry a pole saw) weight of 12,000#s is a lot. Rear diff on heavy duty trucks hangs low. Need taller tires which will reduce gear ratio. We drag ours occasionally. never been stuck, but it tips and leans a lot! Punctured one of the duals on a fairly steep rocky road once. It was a 8 ply michelin at 80% tread and the rock tore a hole right through the middle of the tread. Instantly flat. Had it been a steer it would have been a challenge. Not sure we could have changed it on the grade we were on. Was able to limp to a flatter section. Not sure the same could be said if on a steep hill with drop off like those pics. In which case one might not be able to go forward or reverse. A big camper is heavy. Make sure you have a decent jack that can lift any corner loaded and lug wrench and spare. The factory mechanical screw jacks have great lift power. More than many homeownner floor jacks. When we had the flat, a crew of atvs came out of nowhere and then went back and grabbed a 2 ton floor jack they had at their camp. It would not lift it. The factor screw jack did. A hydraulic bottle jack is next best with a wood block to keep it from sinking out of sight. I recommend carrying 1.5 foot long 2x6/2x8s and foot or so long 4x4 solid wood blocks. Works for wheel chocks, making a dip a bit less if need and can build ramp on to the 4x4 for leveling. Small shovel not a bad idea either. I agree with whom said get an older aluminum lighter lance and try it. Or just go big - Bigfoot. we love
tiptoptune 11/06/21 07:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Taking B+/C Offroad Experiences

Thanks Everyone. Still like to hear from one that has had a TC and C and takes on uneven terrain.
tiptoptune 11/06/21 07:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Taking B+/C Offroad Experiences

Thanks you guys. i am not talking full on off roading. LOL. Rather getting in on a dirt/forest road that is rutted and has dips or even just into a pullout along a dirt road with a bit of a ditch. Not a lot of rock either - been there with the TC and slow going. Test driving the ones we have, they are 6 inches narrower and 20 inches shorter height than our Bigfoot and it seemed they would be better for dirt roads, at least tree wise. Worse for tanks and plbg. We are challenged with trees in so many places with being so wide and tall. And ours really tips and leans side to side with being so tall and i thinking the fact that it is just sitting in a pickup box and not securely bolted to the frame of vehicle. I wonder if not being bolted solid helps it not get tweaked where it can move a bit. From what i see, most any RV chassis regardless if an E or F is they are not the high end level and shocks on most any are not great and are shot at 50k or less on a rv. Love to hear from someone that has had TC and a B+/small C on dirt roads/dips as to which seems to get more stress.
tiptoptune 10/31/21 07:34pm Class C Motorhomes
Taking B+/C Offroad Experiences

Anyone have experience you could share taking a B+/C on rutted trails with dips and some steeper inclines? We are considering replacing our dually 3500 4x4 Bigfoot TC with a 24 foot Born Free. Has you body developed stress cracks? Does it sound like body/chassis damage could be occurring? How you deal with long rear overhang clearance for tanks/plumbing? Doors/Windows still open easy? Dual pane windows not fogged year later - seal damaged? if we do get a BF, may lift an inch to help clearance. build some sort of guard for plumbing. If find it stalls on inclines/soft soils, may add rear locker and either underdrive unit or a t case for low range not installing a front axle.
tiptoptune 10/31/21 03:49pm Class C Motorhomes
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