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RE: Can't overcome the fear of buying a Truck and TC.......

Intellectually I know I can afford it, it's the emotional part that has held me back. I believe in trusting my gut feelings. They have been a good judge for me over the years. So, you need to decide if your "emotional part" is just nervous nellies or it's your gut telling you there is something off. And only you know if your gut has good sense or not.
toedtoes 05/08/21 03:38pm Truck Campers
RE: RV window seal/glazing

I got mine for my 1975 clipper at They have a lot of styles. Is that for real? $1200.00 for an RV entry door? $650.00 for an acrylic skylight bubble?, $64.00 fo a 16oz can of spray adhesive? The prices sure don't appear to be all-rite lol I haven't looked at other items there. But I do know they will custom make doors and windows so that may be what you are seeing. They had my window trim and at a good price so that is why I mentioned them on this post.
toedtoes 05/08/21 03:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Convict Lake, CA questions??

Using jugs to supplement your onboard water is fine. Attaching the hose to the spigot to fill your tank is not.
toedtoes 05/08/21 12:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV window seal/glazing

I got mine for my 1975 clipper at They have a lot of styles.
toedtoes 05/07/21 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Convict Lake, CA questions??

Yes, there are spigots available. Usually you are not to do washing at the spigot. Instead, you fill a bucket or dish pan at the spigot and then take it to your campsite to wash up. You should not use the spigots to fill your RV fresh water tank. In regards to the trike, I would contact the concessionnaire at [email protected] or 760-924-5500 and ask them about non-mountain biking options. From what I can see, there are not any bike trails around the lake - just hiking trails.
toedtoes 05/07/21 05:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Convict Lake, CA questions??

"so it should be a quiet and calm lake"... if the wind isn't howling Hind howling is still way nicer than drunks screaming and speeding in boats. :)
toedtoes 05/07/21 02:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Convict Lake, CA questions??

Water levels are low throughout California. I would not travel with an empty tank in the hopes that water will be available at my destination. Fill up before you leave home and don't worry about hauling "that extra weight" - your mileage sucks regardless. As the Convict Lake campground is run by the USFS, I do not believe there is a potable water hookup available. They tend to only have a few spigots around the campground for filling dish pans, etc, not for filling RV water tanks. Again, with this being a USFS campground and not a state campground, things are a bit more basic. If you have a reservation, there will be a tag on a pole at your campsite. There likely won't be a formal checkin process or kiosk - if there is a host, they might stop by to say hello. If no reservations, first come first sites will be paid for using an iron ranger. According to one website, there are "challenging moutain bike trails" nearby at Rock Creek. It looks like otherwise bikes are limited to the roads and campground. There are a lot of hiking trails. It sounds like kayaking would be good. The "no-wake" lake has a 6hp and 10mph speed limit. This is more of a fishing lake than a water sport lake - so it will be a quiet and calm lake.
toedtoes 05/07/21 12:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dealing with campground reservations

Can't give much advice on the reservation front (I've always been a planner) but I'd make a list of places you feel you didn't spend enough time at and plan another visit. I know some people don't like to go back to places they've already been but I've found it may take multiple trips to fully appreciate locations. I like this idea. A second visit can open up a new appreciation for a place. And if it's not really up to a lot of "sightseeing", then it's a great excuse to just kick back and relax for a few days.
toedtoes 05/07/21 11:43am Roads and Routes
RE: Would you switch from Class A to Travel Trailer

Some of these "A is better than TT" arguments are getting pretty weak. I have a class C and a folding trailer and these are my thoughts: 1. If you already have a tow vehicle OR a toad, go that way. The money you save by not having to buy the other will get you more trips. 2. Being able to use the restroom while stopped in road construction is priceless. If you buy a TT make sure you have easy access. 3. If the trip allows, you can take the A without a toad, but you can't take the trailer without the tow vehicle. 4. Having the other person willing/able to drive the combination can be a lifesaver. If they refuse to drive one, go with the other. 5. If you like to stop for lunch, neither combo is inconvenient. If you like to eat and drive, then the A is more convenient. 6. The A will be more difficult to find a shop for engine work than a tow vehicle will be due to size. 7. If the A engine fails, you lose your home but still have a car to get around. If the tow vehicle engine fails, you still have your home but no way to get around. 8. If the A house portion or the trailer fails, you lose your home but still have a vehicle to get around.
toedtoes 05/06/21 03:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for feedback on restricted workamper options

I doubt many would choose option 2. The whole idea of RVs is that you can up and move. If you have to remove the axles and have a foundation, you might as well stick with the manufactured home. A 90-day limit isn't bad.
toedtoes 05/03/21 04:34pm Workamping Forum
RE: For sale ads?

For the suggestion box: Most of the spam are bots that register on the forum and immediately post multiple classified ads. One way to effectively control that is to add user rules that don't allow postings in the classified section until the user has 1) been a member >x# of days, and 2) posted >x# of non-classified posts. This weeds out 99% of the spammers and creates a useful resource for the membership. Good suggestion BurbMan! Just a requirement to post items for sale, could be a 30 day membership, but having to be a full member of 50 posts or more. The forum seems less busy, than when I became a member in 2012, so may be a good time to consider a sales section. May even generate more member activity? Jerry It doesn't work. There are many not bot advwrtisers who will post on 70 dead threads just to reach the point where they can post in the classifieds. And that ends up even more work for the moderators to clean up. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There aee plenty of places to sell stuff, why bog down another forum with it.
toedtoes 05/03/21 12:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Camping Buddies

Tornado-dog almost looks collie in this pic... And his sister Cat-dog looking beautiful as usual: While processing these, I came across a couple shots of Moose-dog and Bat-dog. I still cry...
toedtoes 05/01/21 04:02pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Lassen Nat. Park?

Per the link: From the northwest, the road is open 10 miles to the Devastated Area. From the southwest, the road is open 2 miles to Sulphur Works. The 18 miles connecting those areas are closed to vehicles. There is no estimate date for entire road opening. It also says: Highway is closed to through traffic. View the Spring Road Clearing webpage to learn more. In years with similar snow depth, the highway opened to through traffic in late May or June. Vehicle access may involve winter conditions driving and is limited to one mile from the northwest and southwest entrances.
toedtoes 05/01/21 09:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pets are sensitive and caring

Yesterday I received my second covid shot. From lack of sleep and arm being sore I went back to bed and slept to 3:30 this afternoon. Sawyer (my smooth Collie) laid beside me instead of going outside to play with Sasha. I hope my Tornado-dog develops some strong collie traits. He's got the smooth collie coat and is getting the size. I had a sore arm for several days with the 1st shot. For the 2nd, the nurse did it higher up - almost to the shoulder - and I barely had any soreness. Hope Sawyer made it all better. ;)
toedtoes 04/30/21 05:53pm RV Pet Stop
RE: New Camping Buddies

I met someone who has working JRTs (go into animal dens); he came to hunt groundhogs on our farm. He raised 2 working JRT pups at the same time. We have several times raised 2 BC pups but I wouldn’t want to raise 2 JRTs. Here is his website: Terrierman Cool. I'll be checking that out. I really didn't expect to get a JRT. I always loved them but preferred not to be in the middle of all that hyperness. I was looking for a shepherd mix puppy when this litter was brought to my attention. They said they were border collie mixes and I didn't know otherwise until they posted the photos the night before my adoption appt. There were 8 puppies in that litter and Tornado-dog was the biggest and calmest of the bunch. Never would I raise two at once. That's one of the "brain & size" issues I worry about. Tornado-dog really doesn't get that he isn't a 10-20lb JRT. I just know he's gonna go into some hole and get stuck because he's so much bigger than his brain thinks he is.
toedtoes 04/30/21 11:58am RV Pet Stop
RE: New Camping Buddies

BCSnob - I like the toy searching. I am considering doing some tracking with him once he's older. Just want to stay away from him having to "get through" things to get the object as a JRT is bred to dig. Speaking of finding toys, one time I was sitting in the living room on the phone and Looney2 (cat) came down the stairs dragging a throw blanket behind him. He dragged it off the bed, into the hall, down the stairs, through the living room and into the dining room before abandoning it. He was about 6 months at the time. A few days later, he tried to drag the winter comforter off the bed. I couldn't figure out why until I discovered that at night while I slept, he would bring one of his worms (elastic hair bands) onto the bed for me to throw for him and it would get caught up in the blankets. He was trying to get the worms out of the blankets. Now, he corrals his worms in the bathtubs.
toedtoes 04/30/21 11:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: New Camping Buddies

The issue most people have with pet Border Collies is that they only focus on their physical exercise needs and ignore their mental exercise needs. Running a Border Collie only makes them more fit and able to run longer and needing to run longer. Making them work their brains tires them out much faster and the effects last longer. The key to getting a calm Border Collie, work their brains. RE Jobs for Border Collies I retired my Nell (15yo in July) from sheep work when she was about 12, since then I haven't given her a job (I suspect she makes up jobs for herself). Recently I've started taking her on a walk to the mailbox (1/4mile from house) so that she gets more exercise (she no longer runs with the other dogs in the yard). During one of these I discovered a new job for her that she's enjoying: carrying the junk mail back to the house. One day I rolled up a newspaper flyer in a tube and play hit her with it; she loved snapping at the tube and then grabbed it and ran off (well fast trot) back to the house carrying the tube. Now it's her job. RE first time swimming Our first Border Collie was Duncan; he loved water (swimming, soaking, splashing and snapping at the splashes, snapping at water jets, etc) and with his long thick coat often had a mildew odor. Our second Border Collie was Starr; as a pup she was buds with Duncan. We took both to a county park for a hike to a stream where there was a pool of waist deep water in the stream. When we got there Duncan immediately ran to the water and swam across the pool. Starr followed her bud and also swam across the pool (first time swimming). When they got to the other side of the pool Duncan started swimming back and Starr realized she didn't know how to swim. When she started back from the other side of the pool she disappeared under the water. I ran to the other side of the pool expecting to need to jump in to save a drowning Starr. Instead I found Starr on the bottom of the pool walking around exploring the bottom. She came up on her own and then decided she really couldn't swim (at least for a few more times). She did eventually decide she liked swimming. I grew up with, and then fostered, Siberian Huskies, so I learned about mental stimulation vs exercise. A bored Husky is major trouble. Not only are they smarter than people (like border collies), but they take a perverse pleasure in proving it over and over - and in a manner that makes man (and woman) look like a bumbling idiot. The JRT is more on par with the husky in that they don't want to show you how smart they are, they want to prove that you are nowhere near as smart as they are. Tornado-dog is actually part smooth collie not border collie. His coat is looking very smooth collie-ish now. We're looking at him being anywhere from 60 to 85lbs grown. I have been telling him he can stop growing now - but I don't know if he's actually listening to me. He was 32.6lbs at 19 weeks and growing 2lbs per week. Tornado-dog wears us all out - his sister, Cat-dog; his cats, The Twooney; me; even his Bird. At the end of the day we are all curled up in our corners and he is running around the place like a crazed ax-murderer.
toedtoes 04/30/21 11:15am RV Pet Stop
RE: New Camping Buddies

Re: refocusing: the collie side wants to work. To "help" you. They need jobs - even if those jobs are silly. Jimmy (R.I.P.) was dedicated to carrying my socks downstairs so I could put them on. Augie picks up things I might drop (pen, cars keys, spoon, etc) and carry them to me. He's extended that job, to picking up the house: a scrap of paper or toy lost under the couch? "Here, I found this". His alltime favorite chore is popping those air pillows that come with an Amazon package. The delivery guy thinks Augie LOVES him because he jumps happily every time a package is delivered - while Augie is crazy-friendly (very un-Aussie) he knows what those boxes contain....>LOL! How to refocus a JRT? No clue.....LOL! Yeah, if he had more collie, it would be easier. I'm used to shepherds who want to please and can work with that. The JRT is far less interested in making me happy and very focused on making himself happy. I do keep a big happy belly "rawhide" bone in the bedroom (and extras in the nightstand). He will settle down with one of those at bedtime thank goodness. He really is amazingly smart... NEWSFLASH - NEWSFLASH - NEWSFLASH He has just discovered he can get on the bed without help. My last refuge is gone...
toedtoes 04/30/21 10:53am RV Pet Stop
RE: This should help with future GM EV tow vehicles.

I know right. Lol. :). I can’t believe they did that. Are they holding the hose so the electrons don’t leak out? They might want to review their PR department staff qualifications. Lol. :). Can someone steal electricity from EV's like like people would steal gas from cars years ago? What do you mean "like years ago?" - they are still stealing gas from cars. .. We had EVs at work. Other than stealing the battery, there isn't a way to move the electricity from one vehicle to another vehicle quickly and easily. But I'm sure that will change once EVs come down in price and are commonplace enough that the average riffraff will buy them instead of a 1989 buick or such.
toedtoes 04/29/21 01:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EZ Pass with and without trailer

I found this article online: towing and ez pass For a standard hitch trailer, it appears that you can use the standard pass and the system will account for the proper number of axles and height as you go through. If you have a 5th wheel or motorhome, you want to get the towing pass because you get a toll discount. If you use the standard pass, you will not get that toll discount.
toedtoes 04/29/21 09:35am Roads and Routes
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