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RE: Nearly impossible to get Class C Chassis serviced?

I've been seeing this more and more. My longtime shop made the decision not to work on motorhomes anymore about 2 years ago. They only had one lift that could handle them. They said it was insurance reasons. You can try a mobile mechanic for a lot of stuff. But for a fuel leak, I would try the above suggestions. And yes, many places who WILL work on a motorhome, won't work on an older one. My '75 is heck trying to find someone willing to work on it.
toedtoes 05/19/22 10:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Small trailer suggestions

— Why is “small” important? (They don’t tow more easily). — “Value” re money spent goes up in lineal feet increases. (There’s a minimum, basically, and also a sweet spot for length/money) For many, small means they can store it at home versus paying for storage. Small means using their existing vehicle to tow rather than having to buy a fullsize truck. Those affect the perceived "value". In addition, every RV will cost money to maintain. — Inconvenience can weigh heavily after awhile. (Constant hard use ups the wear rate of interior). This should be a consideration for any RV bought of any size. For many, the inconvenience of having to haul the trailer home from storage to stock it before a trip outweighs the "convenience" of having more space. — Small capacities reduce boondocking ability (Meaning increased energy use to go back/forth from the store; propane supplier, get water; dump tanks, etc). Many folks have no desire to boondock for weeks on end. Some, like me, dry camp and utilize a few water jugs and a grey tote during a stay. — Vast majority of its life it never moves. That IS the way to look at it. For many, travelling is a bigger part of RVing than staying in one spot. For them, towing a 28ft trailer and having to find places to park a 48+ft combination (and getting fuel) is far more inconvenient. The above is preparatory to asking: 1). How many years will you own it? 2). How many nights aboard annually? — The “price” of the RV is the total number of nights aboard over those years. Each night is worth = $$$ Shorter the period of ownership and lesser nights, the higher the cost of going camping. The typical RVer spends too much as he keeps it five years and spends maybe thirty nights aboard annually. Then trades for another stapled cardboard box. You’re say, age fifty and you plan to use this till you’re age 75? (That’s a MUCH better starting perspective). This is true with any RV. Everyone should determine if they will use it enough to justify buying it. Many 28ft trailers sit rotting while smaller trailers get used. And fiberglass trailers like the OP is considering will hold up far better than any other RV. For a couple (even a family of five) a 28’ is a great size when it’s also quality. The type which will outlast your ownership. And there’s no need to buy new, much less buy over & over. My parents 1975 TT is still on the road with the second owners 17-years after they bought it. My folks had it thirty years. “Used” (when you’re in earning years) just means an annual list of upgrades to tackle as time & budget allow. May not amount to much, or maybe you want to maintain the higher level of OEM quality. TTs continue to go downhill from their 1960s quality. There are next to no true improvements save ducted A/C and distributed water-radiator heat. Again, show me a 28ft trailer with a better build quality than a Casita, Scamp, Escape, etc. The molded fiberglass shells far outlast any 1970s aluminum siding trailer. The classic layout is rear full bath, beds going forward, and kitchen area with all appliances over the axles. The difference from there (length) was how big was the lounge area. (Dinettes separate are wasted space vs closets/cabinets). A full exterior awning package is what makes for camping versatility past “capacities”. One chases shirtsleeve weather (or, from 40F to 90F) to make the most of low thermal mass (all TT). Greater clarity about NOW and SOME DAY will be of help. (Don’t discount being trapped by weather, days of rain, or being sick/injured. Don’t be FORCED out of the TT). Awnings are not always practical. Most all of the campgrounds I've enjoyed have sites set up that are not conducive to awnings. In many cases, a simple shade canopy is far more useful as you can place it anywhere. I'm not sure how rain, illness, etc, would force you OUT of the trailer? Folks should definitely consider being stick INSIDE a trailer for days due to those things. One should definitely think before choosing and buying. But going big is not the answer for everyone. And what factors make the final choice will be different for everyone.
toedtoes 05/16/22 12:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: AGM Deep Cycle batteries

I have AGM batteries for my engines and house batteries. I have been quite pleased with them. For me, the lack of maintenance needs is worth it to me. They work with any converter. Your only consideration is battery size - make sure they will fit in your battery compartment.
toedtoes 05/14/22 03:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Email Issues - Just looking for ideas..

Rather than just deleting spam emails, report them as junk. It takes a while, but if you do that consistently, those emails will automatically go to your junk folder.I agree. Deleting is not enough. Report as spam. Reporting doesn't prevent the same spammers from targeting your email as it just blocks sender's specific address. Since they are aware of this, they create new email addresses knowing that a certain percent will always get through. To a point. I use Juno and if I keep reporting items as junk, their system identifies subject line and will filter emails with similar subject lines even if the sender email is different. For it to be effective though, I have to use Juno's online email system to identify emails as junk. If I do it through a third party like Thunderbird, it doesn't work.
toedtoes 05/14/22 01:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Solo fire pit

I don't have one, but their website would stop me buying from them. They provide no descriptions of their products - yet they have an entire Terms of Service regarding using the website (to the level that a forum like this or a social media website would have). That seems to suggest that they don't really care much about customer satisfaction.
toedtoes 05/14/22 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Email Issues - Just looking for ideas..

Rather than just deleting spam emails, report them as junk. It takes a while, but if you do that consistently, those emails will automatically go to your junk folder.
toedtoes 05/13/22 06:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Explain how emergency trailer brake gets power?

My trailer has both a house battery and a hitch battery (to power the hitch jack). The trailer brakes are connected to the hitch battery.
toedtoes 05/12/22 08:24pm Towing
RE: Covid in RV Parks

My thought is 100 years from now people will still be arguing about covid, where it came from, how many really died, and all the rest To me this is all small picture stuff, truth is people do die from it, others get horribly sick, others get nothing more than the sniffles. But end of the day, I hope people will keep their political and other beliefs out of their behavior, and just be cognizant their mild case, may cause death or significant health problems, to someone they infect. Kind of respect for your fellow man. Post of the year!!!!
toedtoes 05/12/22 04:40pm Full-time RVing
RE: Covid in RV Parks

If the park owner is going around saying "see that guy there, he has Covid", then he should be responsible (rather than fear mongering) and simply inform residents as follows: We currently have a case of Covid at this park. Please use established protocals to minimize the risk of spreading/getting Covid. If you have symptoms, please get yourself tested. Thank you, Management Doing this would allow people to take precautions as they see fit, self-isolate if they are at high risk, and not become a gossip.
toedtoes 05/12/22 11:08am Full-time RVing
RE: Covid in RV Parks

The vaccines do not prevent you from getting Covid, but they lessen the effects of it (just like a flu vaccine). Most people who get the vaccine also take other precautions (mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing, etc) and all that lessens the chance of getting sick. So, by practicing those precautions and getting vaccinated, the chance of getting seriously ill with Covid is greatly reduced - but not completely eliminated. People who don't get the vaccine (unless for medical reasons) are less likely to practice those other precautions so have a greater chance of catching the virus AND getting seriously sick with it. Yes, you can get vaccinated, take precautions, and still get sick. One interaction with an infected person can pass it to you. If you have other health issues, Covid can aggravate those. I had a friend who died after his diabetes went haywire. It had been under control for over a year before this happened. What changed? He got Covid. The covid virus caused his diabetes to go uncontrollable. He was vaccinated and had the booster shot. Which did he die of? Both. Just like my dad who had diabetes and CHF. The CHF caused his diabetes to go oncontrollable and that caused his death. This is why the CDC has been so vocal about protecting those with underlying health conditions - because Covid WILL affect those conditions. I still wear a mask when I am in shops, etc. I do so to reduce the chance that I will catch the virus. But it's more than that - if I have a simple flu or cold and expose someone else to that, I could unintentionally make them more succeptible to Covid. I do agree with the thought that "if it's my time to go", but that doesn't mean I am careless. I don't play Russian roulette with my life. I enjoy my life, but I don't take silly risks. OP - I think you have a good mindset. Take your journey, continue to use precautions, and if you see something that makes you uncomfortable, walk/drive away. Don't hide in fear, but don't ignore common sense and don't take silly chances.
toedtoes 05/11/22 11:52am Full-time RVing
RE: To slide or not to slide. That is the question.

I think you are looking for some sort of justification to argue that folks who haven't owned an RV with slides don't have sound reasons for not having slides. I'll reiterate what I said at the beginning: What does it matter? If you are happy with your slides, then enjoy them. If someone else doesn't like them, then they can enjoy life without them. People make decisions everyday about things they haven't tried. Sure, some may be making a decision based on "assumptions" rather than "personal experience" but that doesn't make it less accurate for them. Just because YOU have slides and like them doesn't mean everyone must agree with you. And just because someone else says "I don't want one because I don't want to have to deploy it to use the bathroom" doesn't mean they are wrong.
toedtoes 05/11/22 11:26am Truck Campers
RE: Covid in RV Parks

Wearing a mask does protect the wearer to an extent - how much depends on the type of mask.
toedtoes 05/10/22 09:56pm Full-time RVing
RE: Covid in RV Parks

This happens everywhere, not just RV parks. All you can do is keep up on your vaccinations, use masks if you have to be around unknown people, wash your hands frequently, and avoid those who refuse to take it seriously.
toedtoes 05/10/22 07:33pm Full-time RVing
RE: Practicality of non-propane Camper

I don't camp in extreme heat or cold. I only use the Mr Heater to take the chill off while I am awake. I admit though, my internal thermostat is wonky - I will be cold for about 5-10 minutes and bundle up in blankets, etc, then I am overheating horribly and start pulling blankets off.
toedtoes 05/10/22 07:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Practicality of non-propane Camper

Our current vehicle has 800Ah of lithium iron and 600w of solar. Of course, we also have a bigger, two door refrigerator. Historic data: We budget 30 wall clock minutes of power per meal; 15 minutes of microwave and 15 minutes of induction cooktop. At a guesstimated consumption of 150A, this works out to about 75Ah for a dinner. With a two door refrigerator, fans/heat, lights, etc., we are usually down about 125 - 135Ah overnight. Lithium iron allows a lot more power in less space/weight, but we did this for years with lead acid AGM. While I can apreaceate the ability to do this I am still amazed at how much power people use when there camping.. Maybe I am just the not normal one. in my truck camper with the furnace running most of the time my AH consumption is about 35AH a day. in my 40 foot 5th wheel it is only up around 85 at 28 degrees F so running the furnace, letting the kids watch 1 movie a night and using my kureg in the morning and after supper and the odd microwave use.. popcorn... so your supper alone is almost my entire days use , but I am using propane not power, and same for my fridge and furnace.. I reciently upgraded to LFP batteries in the camper, and I am still playing to see what I can do with it but my rough capacity is 9 to 10 times my daily use, as I use it a lot in the real early spring and late fall when there is or could be snow on the ground still and we get a lot of overcast days so I want to be able to go untill the sun comes back out and can charge everything up again. I plan on switching the 5th over also , just watching for screaming sales again.. I guess my thought process is that by leaving the furnace, fridge, and stove on Propane, I can focus my power on the lights, furnace fan, pumps etc which maximizes the length of time I can go.. with the solar set up in the summer water and take capacity are my limiting factors now as I can go a couple months on the propane and I'll never run out of power with the solar panels.. My electric use is even less. I don't run an onboard furnace - I use a Mr Heater and a small canister of propane to take off the chill the few times it's necessary. Electric only runs the water pump, a light or two for 30-60 minutes a day max, and recharging a phone/kindle when needed. I run out of fresh water long before I run out of battery (no solar) or propane.
toedtoes 05/09/22 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: How to get AOL mail through Windows Microsoft mail

Search on "link aol mail to windows mail". It will bring up a bunch of links with instructions.
toedtoes 05/08/22 05:46pm Technology Corner
RE: To slide or not to slide. That is the question.

What does it matter? If you are happy with your slides, then enjoy them. If someone else doesn't like them, then they can enjoy life without them. Isn't it great we all have the option to choose for ourselves.
toedtoes 05/08/22 11:25am Truck Campers
RE: Practicality of non-propane Camper

I know. It's sacrilegious... ??
toedtoes 05/07/22 04:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: For Sale stuff. (question)

We had one for a while but spammers took it over. Became everything from political to ladies of the night looking for partners. We tried to keep it under control but alas, not to be. Finally had to kill it. Admin Thanks for clarifying the reason behind it, instead of letting the rumors and conspiracy theories take over.
toedtoes 05/07/22 03:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Practicality of non-propane Camper

There are always idiots who say "never" to anything they don't personally like. Nothing you say or show will convince them otherwise. Personally, I camp with only propane and battery. No generator, no hookups, no solar. Many will argue that I am doing it all wrong and how I need to do this or that to improve my camping experience. I just ignore them, save my money, and enjoy my camping my way.
toedtoes 05/07/22 03:11pm General RVing Issues
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