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RE: Dogs

We've also noticed how many people must always have dogs with them. It was especially annoying a couple years ago on Goat Island at the Falls. It seemed that everyone had a dog - sometimes 2. It was hard to stand at the overlooks without getting dogs and leashes tangled around our legs. Do dogs enjoy attractions like the Falls? Don't want them to miss out on the scenery. ;) My dogs love to smell new smells. I don't think they care about seeing the Falls, but they would love to smell everything on Goat Island. My parrot does love to see the scenery. He is very happy to see new places.
toedtoes 07/20/19 02:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dogs

Most national parks do not allow dogs on the trails. Many do not allow dogs to be left alone in the campgrounds. I like both rules and would like to see them in use everywhere. I think there is a good mix right now. I like to be able to walk trails with my dogs. I also get that not everone does. So I pick and choose my campgrounds accordingly - I don't think it's unreasonable for others to do so. National forests allow dogs on the trails. So do most COE, BOR, and BLM campgrounds. Those are the places I go with my dogs. California state parks and National parks do not. So I leave those for the folks who prefer not to see my dogs on the trails.
toedtoes 07/20/19 02:19pm General RVing Issues

I guess I am stupid but what is the difference in paying the tow co. upfront or re-imbursing me for paying for the tow out of my pocket. If I am paying and expecting re-imbursement, why would I worry about the cost factor? :h For standard tows, the tow company can only charge you the contracted rate IF you obtain them through AAA. If you get them outside of AAA and request reimbursement, the tow company can charge you whatever they want, but AAA will only reimburse you for the contracted rate - so you may not get reimbursed for the entire tow charge. My class C requires a medium duty wrecker to tow it. The rate for this truck is more than for a standard tow truck. So, even though I have the premium plan and get "up to 300 miles towing", AAA has a cap on the hourly rate. So, with the increased hourly rate, I only get about 110 miles before I have to start paying out of pocket. There are lots of little caveats like this with all the plans.
toedtoes 07/17/19 01:05pm General RVing Issues

From what I've found, this happens because of the tow company. They may have orders from management to tell AAA they don't have the equipment because of the contracted rates. But they are happy to come out outside of AAA because they can charge whatever they want for that equipment. Doesn't happen often with a car tow, but seems to happen fairly frequently with other vehicle tows.
toedtoes 07/16/19 08:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dogs

I have found that dogs on tie outs are more likely to be barking non-stop and at the end of their tether than dogs who are actually on a proper leash. It's easier for the owner to ignore the barking when the dog is 15 feet away than when it's less than 6 feet away. My dogs will bark if someone comes within their identified "home range". I will stop them. More than once, I have had a fellow camper tell me "they are bothering you more than they are bothering others". I still stop them - because it DOES annoy me. They only bark if there is someone coming nearby. They don't bark while playing, or bark at shadows, etc.
toedtoes 07/15/19 12:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sequoia Can't Really Tow Anything (Family of 6). Am I Right?

I would look at the popups. You should be able to find one to fit your specs. Since you are already tent camping, you can continue to use a lot of your current gear to extend the camping space beyond the trailer itself.
toedtoes 07/03/19 10:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Traveling with the roof vent open

I see vent covers on the side of the freeway all the time Better vent covers than vent lids.
toedtoes 07/03/19 09:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Traveling with the roof vent open

Per the photo you posted, those are vent covers not vent lids. vent cover vent with lid
toedtoes 07/03/19 08:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Topic Closed - Are you joking ???????

In this day and age that doesn't work. If someone comments on government action, then the thread devolves into political bashing. Every time. Then that calls for post zapping -- not the entire thread. That requires a heck of a lot of time to go through each and every post. Moderators are volunteers and do have lives outside of this forum. And once a thread is derailed, even if offending posts are individually deleted, people continue with the derailment. I don't blame moderators for closing down a thread rather than spending hours trying to clean it up only to have to spend another couple hours cleaning it up again.
toedtoes 07/03/19 08:00pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Topic Closed - Are you joking ???????

In this day and age that doesn't work. If someone comments on government action, then the thread devolves into political bashing. Every time.
toedtoes 07/03/19 03:21pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Out the window

Putting a solid band around a neck and tying it off to a moving vehicle WILL result in major neck injury if there is a sudden stop. The dog loose in a camper shell MAY just result in the dog falling down off its feet with little impact if there is a sudden stop. I have seen too many dogs tied to the bed of a truck and having their neck be the best focus of every stop or slow down. Imagine how uncomfortable that must feel - at the very least. Personally with extra, king, crew, etc., cabs these days, there is really no reason for a dog to be in the bed of a truck. (Not discussing working dogs in the performance of their duties.)
toedtoes 07/03/19 01:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Topic Closed - Are you joking ???????

Unfortunately, in this day and age, too many subjects fall into "politics". It's not the moderator's fault - they are just trying to keep to the "no politics" rule. Once upon a time, discussing politics meant discussing candidates or discussing foreign policies, etc. Now discussing politics means discussing religion, morals, medical care, sexual preference, sexual orientation, where you shop, where you live, where you visit, what flavor ice cream you eat, if it's raining, if there is a drought, what animals you see in the wild, what is in the wild, where you can park, and on and on and on. Someone posts a thread about no potable water in a campground and it turns into a political war about climate change. Someone posts a thread about storing their RV and someone makes a rant on local governments. Then the thread gets twisted into a political fight and the moderators have to deal with it. So for them, it's easier to close it up once the first or second sideways posts shows it's headed down the thread-destroying path. As a society, we are ALL too focused on politics. It ruins it for forums like this because these forums are built on the idea of conversation not validation. If we can't talk about things without turning them into political warfare, then we have only ourselves to blame.
toedtoes 07/03/19 01:26pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Out the window

It is thankfully, unlawful to have any animal riding in the open bed of a truck on CA highways without a tether than is short enough to prevent the animal's body from exiting the bed and hanging itself. Even that law is dumb. If there is an accident or a quick stop, the dog can have major damage to its neck by tethering it to the truck. If a dog must ride in the back of a truck, the best choices are a camper shell or a dog crate (with minimal side openings) bolted to the truck bed.
toedtoes 07/03/19 10:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: Out the window

Don't forget the ear damage that can happen with the dog's head hanging out the window also. I use the "car window pet gates" in the clipper so I can have the airflow without the dogs being able to stick their heads out.
toedtoes 07/03/19 10:29am RV Pet Stop
RE: Traveling with the roof vent open

Leaving them open without vent covers can result in their being torn off, stripping the crank post, cracking them, etc. My front vent cover no longer stays closed. The crank post is stripped, so just driving down the road will cause it to open up. Too big for a vent cover since it's an escape hatch. Have to replace it before the rains. A vent cover provides the ability to leave a vent open without damaging it.
toedtoes 07/03/19 10:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Topic Closed - Are you joking ???????

From the OP's own words, he was not looking for assistance/corrective action but only to share his story. He did. There was nothing a rep could say or do at this point that would change the outcome for this customer. Sometimes, the best response is no response. And it looks like the post had already started to have "blame the customer" comments that would have further upset the OP or at least turned the thread into an argument between regular posters which would do the OP no favors.
toedtoes 07/03/19 10:00am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Overnight at Wally's

I love the argument that "it's convenient to shop there" as a reason to overnight there. Well, yeah, that's why it's called a STORE. And I suspect that those shopping at Walmart will continue to do so even if they stay at an RV Park for the night. I'm planning a road trip for next summer and it was pretty simple to find a couple dry campgrounds where I could sleep for the night at a reasonable cost. No need to have to choose the $40+ RV Park.
toedtoes 06/23/19 04:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Paying for public campgrounds

I don't full time and I don't have checks and I usually don't carry cash. So, if I didn't makereservations ahead of time, I get enough cash to cover the fees plus a bit extra and use that.
toedtoes 06/23/19 04:08pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Flowjet Waste Pump Blessing or Curse...?

I have the portable one. I love it. My clean out at home is positioned just right so I cannot use a stinky slinky practically. The flojet sends everything down the clean out quick and easy. To set up, I attach it to the dump valve just like I would a stinky slinky, attach a dedicated garden hose to it (have the hose on a reel), then use jumper cables to attach to the house batery. Setup takes less than 3 minutes. Dumping takes about 5 minutes while just stand there, and it's about 3 minutes to clean and put away. When I used the stinky slinky at home, it took a good hour having to "carry" the contents of the slinky out to the drain. Connections always leaked. At dump stations, the stinky slinky works fine.
toedtoes 06/22/19 10:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Feds open 1.4 million acres to hunters and fishermen

This is a very very very sad thread.
toedtoes 06/18/19 07:11pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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