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RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

Cillean? You could call him Kill for short. Kill, get it boy! :)
toedtoes 05/28/21 03:36pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

Yeah, Murphy is overused. Bodiccius? You could call him Body for short Means "great victor". Boddica was a great female celtic warrior.
toedtoes 05/28/21 03:33pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

Sorry Crowe didn't mean to hijack the thread. No worries-looks like if he stays upstairs we'll put vinyl down. As far as doggie doors and possible break-ins I agree about the material stuff but there's no guarantee that's all that will happen. I still have nightmares from when our rental car got broken into in Seattle a few years back. Think I'd freak completely if someone got into my house. It gives you a feeling of inner peace if that makes any sense. Get this 100%. Jesse was that kind of dog. Miss him so much. Now comes more fun. Names. Thinking of Angus, Tavish, Digby and Barclay to name a few. Need to see him/them before we decide. It's really weird, but I never felt that sense of "invasion" and trauma until they recovered my clipper. When I walked inside the MH and saw that someone had been hanging out watching videos in it, I felt that chill in my bones.
toedtoes 05/28/21 01:43pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

Names are fun. I like your choices so far Crowe. I always try to stay away from the popular names. If I hear one more Luna, I'm gonna cry.
toedtoes 05/28/21 01:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

It sounds like Tornado-dog has some of those traits. He will sit in front of the dog bowls when he and Cat-dog want to eat. He will sit at the back door for me to towel dry him after playing in the water. At night, he will run into the bedroom, stand at the first nightstand and stare at the dog cookie jar. As soon as I take out the cookies, he runs to the other side of the bed and looks over the bed at me. When I get in bed, he sits for his cookie. He is a quick learner, but has the JRT tenacity so "redirection" is not a given. He has learned two new commands, "touch noses" - my head has to be within 6-12 inches of his, but when I say it, he will touch his nose to mine. Occasionally he adds a lick. The other is "show me your face". He will go to the stair landing and paw at the baby gate to open it. I'll tell him to leave it and he'll get real quiet (not a good thing). So I say "show me your face" and he looks around the wall at me. Once he does that, I can call him and he'll come to me.
toedtoes 05/27/21 07:48pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

You need ro share more of your collies' exploits. I'm sure there are collie behaviors in Tornado-dog somewhere, I just haven't been around a lot of collies to identify them.
toedtoes 05/27/21 04:08pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

Me too. At the sentencing hearing, one of the defendant's attorney had the gall to reply with "please make it reasonable Your Honor, my client is disabled and on a fixed income" when the judge mentioned restitution for court costs. I'm thinking "she stole everything I own, trashed my house, tossed my deceased animals' ashes all over the floor, and we shouldn't put forth restitution for court costs because she's disabled and on a fixed income!?!?!" I put in my restitution request. Since they couldn't connect her to the actual stolen stuff directly, I left that out. But I still put in for several thousand dollars. The hearing is taking place any day. Hopefully I'll get a couple dollars when all is said and done. She could stop having her hair bleached to save a few bucks.
toedtoes 05/27/21 04:06pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

I never had a problem in over 20 years, but all it takes is once and you just can't ignore the risk anymore. Right now I'm debating the storm door just because I'm afraid The Twooney (cats) will sneak out with the dogs. They already try to sneak out as the dogs come in through the door. Years ago, my sibling came up with a friend to drop off some furniture. I had gone out to visit my dad at a show not knowing when they'd arrive. I came home and saw my front door wide open. I walked in and my sibling and her friend were sitting watching tv. She said she remembered I had a dog door so climbed through it. I asked "where's my dog? She said "with you". I said "no, she was home". I searched in the garage and barn and no dog. I asked again where my dog was. My sibling swore they never saw the dog. I went around the house looking everywhere. In the bedroom, between the bed and the wall was my shepherd. My sibling made rude comments about my great guarddog. I just said "I'd rather come home to a live dog and no tv, than a dead dog and no tv.". When I was home, she was right there protecting me. But the tv wasn't worth risking her life. I agreed.
toedtoes 05/27/21 01:40am RV Pet Stop
RE: 83 30' Southwind parked on hill now won't start

When you try to start it do you see fuel shooting into the carb? If not, then you have a fuel issue (clogged filter, not enough fuel, etc). Did you check to make sure you're getting a spark? If not, check the coil and ignition module. Did you check the battery? Been there with my clipper. Have had all the above as the cause.
toedtoes 05/26/21 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

I had adopted a nice golden. She was 13-1/2 and her owners had died. One day I came home to find the gate open and the dog nowhere in sight. I hopped in the car and started driving the neighborhood to find her. About 5 houses down, I saw a bunch of little kids playing in their front yard. In the middle of them was a golden. I stopped and called for her. The mom came out and asked if that was my dog. She was. Apparently she had seen the kids and decided to watch them. She had been there for several hours just enjoying being around the kids. My dogs are indoor dogs. I used to have a dog door, but that's how the burglars got into my house, so I have eliminated it. I am planning on installing a storm door with a dog door so I can open the main door and let the dogs come and go when I am home. Tornado-dog does believe I am the doorman... but he comes and praises me every night after I feed them. Sometimes, I wonder who is training who.
toedtoes 05/26/21 07:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

My foster husky/shepherd at her new home would escape her kennel. She also would jump up to the top of the wood fence and stand on the top rail watching the kids nextdoor playing. Why? Because she could. So far all my dogs have been good about staying in their yard (except the sh!t). With a couple dogs, if they got out an open gate at home, they hung out on the front porch waiting for me to come home. At my parents, my dad was notorious for putting my dog(s) out back as soon as my mom and I went out. My neurotic psychotic shepherd would open the gate and get out. She'd go straight to my car or my mom's and wait for me to come back and take her home. If my dad's dog was outside at the time, he'd take off running. My dad blamed my dog for his dog running. He never did get that if he just left my dog in the house she'd be fine until I got back. Moose-dog was the only dog of mine he didn't do that with. He tried when I first got him (at 8 weeks) -made me put him in a crate when I had to go out. But it backfired on him. He got tired of the whining and decided to let my puppy "sink or swim" with his adult akita. Moose-dog LOVED that overgrown bear. Because of that, he was the first and only dog of mine that my dad never said a mean word about or sent outside.
toedtoes 05/26/21 05:13pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

I had a small poodle-terrier who could and would scale the 6ft wood fence in seconds. She was a little sh!t. I could have handled four baby Moose-dogs. He was so easy and good and never made it feel like work. Tornado-dog, on the other hand... Two of him for one day would kill me. Even on his best behavior, he saps your energy.
toedtoes 05/26/21 02:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cost of RVing

Funny thing was somebody recently asked what kind of mpg I was getting, I laughed and told them I never calculated in 3 decades of RVing. It would be simple enough since our tow vehicles and motorized RVs all have that feature available in addition to what our scangauge can report. I don't want to base my travels on mpg, rv park costs, or fuel prices, what's the use of having an RV if those factors weigh heavily on your mind. That's why we enjoy being fully self-contained, wherever we park we can utilized every amenity available as if connected to shorepower. I guess overall we are lucky as we do the majority of our RVing in the four corner states where a few hours in any direction gets us where we are going, plus our NM state parks are just $14, so roomy with shelters and concrete or metal tables they are easily our top destinations. There are many private RV parks along I-40 in our neck of the woods that are under $30, mostly because Casinos charge $20 or less for their RV parks so they have to keep prices down to compete. I travel extensively for business and we do occasionally stay at hotels, speaking for my DW and I, we much prefer the comforts our coach provides without worrying if it is more economical to do so. I calculated my fuel mileage at first so I could better plan out necessary stops, etc. I like to camp in forests. Some campgrounds require me to think ahead in regards to fueling. If the campground I'm headed to is 60 miles from the nearest station and I get 10 mpg with a 30 gallon tank and the campground is 250 miles away, I know I will need to stop and fill up BEFORE I get to camp. If I don't stop before camp, then I won't have enough fuel to get to the closest station when I leave camp. On the otherhand, if the round trip is 175 miles, I know I won't have to stop for fuel at all for that trip. So determining fuel mileage isn't always about costs. Now for me, I do budget my trips and keep track of what goes where. My first trip, I went to Hawaii and had spent all my cash halfway through the trip with no clue where it all went. I hated that feeling, so now I budget for the entire trip and keep track as I go. I overbudget on some things (calculate total fuel costs at a higher fuel cost than current, a lower mpg than expected, and a greater distance than planned for). As I travel and the overbudgeting starts showing, I will use that excess for splurges or unplanned activities.
toedtoes 05/25/21 03:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: domicile confused

I agree. If you really spend most of your time in your original state, you are just trying to scam the system. The state may be greedy in their general tax structure but not as it relates to challenging your domicile. 1 month is a poor example as you can still visit your old state while moving your domicile. 8-10 months in the example makes it clear cut that you are really domiciling in your original state. I was using the "1 month" to show how different the statement is when you lessen the time stated. Spending 1 month in New York versus 8-10 months is more like a vacation. It's pretty obvious you aren't living there, so if the state tries to challenge your domicile, they can be considered being greedy. Everything inbetween becomes more subjective and will depend on many other factors (vehicle registrations, licensing, work, medical care, and so on).
toedtoes 05/25/21 03:14pm Full-time RVing
RE: Cost of RVing

Of course they also forgot to account for the additional costs of buying that RV, a tow vehicle or toad, additional registrations and insurance, new tires every 5-7 years, fuel costs, and so on. Just another article that is selling an idea with no clue what it really entails.
toedtoes 05/24/21 03:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: domicile confused

If you move away from NY, California, Illinois on the other hand, they have substantial income taxes and if you leave, they lose that money. If you are really spending 8-10month each year in NY and you have NY drivers license and NY doctors, there is a good chance, NY comes back and challenges your assertion that you have changed your domicile because they want their proverbial "pound of flesh" come tax time. If you are spending 8-10 months per year in New York, using New York resources, roads, etc., then are they really trying to get their "pound of flesh" or are you really domiciled in New York... I agree with everything else you said, but using "8-10 months each year" rather than say "1 month per year" as the time frame doesn't make New York out to be a greedy state - you are being expected to pay for the resources you are utilizing for the majority of the year.
toedtoes 05/24/21 02:56pm Full-time RVing
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

Bloodhounds are far more active than most people think. The "hound" in their name should be a clue, but I think folks think of Beauregard the Wonder Dog of Hee Haw and think bloodhouds just lay around all day. I think the main thing with raising two puppies at the same time is having a household where you can split the duties. If one puppy pees, the other one is likely about to do the same, so you need one person to deal with each puppy. Likewise, trying to consistently train each one is better done if you aren't trying to focus on both all the time. As a single person, I don't have that household, so I would be doing it all by myself - scary.
toedtoes 05/22/21 07:59am RV Pet Stop
RE: Most Desired Accessories

I say wait and take your rig out for a few trips before you start buying. There are so many things you'll hear are "needed" but until you know how you'll RV, you don't know if YOU will need them. A basic tool kit and a #2 square screwdriver are the exception to the above. As with an emergency kit and first aid kit.
toedtoes 05/21/21 11:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

Congrats! Can't wait for photos. For me, I prefer not to do two dogs the same age. It just means everything is doubled in a short time. I like having 2-4 years between them. That way one has been potty trained and obedience trained before trying to start on the next one. I think they better establish a pecking order that way. Even though Tornado-dog is very self-assured and a bit pushy, he doesn't question Cat-dog's seniority.
toedtoes 05/21/21 11:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Benefit of extra fuel tank.

On Edit, it occurs to me that the great thing about it is that no one is forced to add an auxiliary tank, so they really have no need to defend their decision not to add one. It's a free country: dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks. Which has been thenpoint that many have been trying to make. If you want an auxilliary tank, get one. If you don't, don't. It is not something that everyone has to want or need. The reasons for it are personal. What one person values as 'important', another person sees as 'no big deal'.
toedtoes 05/20/21 08:37pm Tow Vehicles
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