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RE: How many of you own an EV?

I tryed to get the Cadillac but they sold out to employees before going to their list of potential buyers. They sent me emails asking if I wanted a 2024. At 75 I don't order cars 2 years in advance. I will try for the Blazer. I don't want a little car they are to hard to get in and out of for us older folks. Bu7ild it and I'll buy it. I did lease a Volt once that was a great little car gas over electric. but rarely needed the gas in the city and free charging at the casino.
tomman58 09/11/22 08:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars by 2035

We had a Volt once, loved it. I tried to buy the Cadillac but the earliest I could get in line is 2024. I have always had American cars and trucks but looks like I may go to VW for electric, time will tell.
tomman58 08/25/22 07:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV wind deflectors do they work we will see

Most trailers today that are in the 30+ footage and are not 5ers are sloped in the front and do well with head winds and winds in general. As for mileage going west always has less mpgs most always a headwind. Fro checking mpg do it going east for a feel good moment.
tomman58 08/02/22 08:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Diesel fuel prices … how is that affecting your RV travel ?

when I retired 15 years ago I did a retirement cost analysis. One of the costs I took into my driving and traveling costs was diesel fuel. I allotted $5.00 a gallon. Looks like the chickens have come to roost, no big deal. I must've driven hundreds of thousand miles by now. Planning Prevents Panic.......................
tomman58 06/12/22 08:00am RV Lifestyle
RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

I always believed in the 3 "Ps" PLANNING PREVENTS PANIC. Case closed
tomman58 04/13/22 07:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

temporarily unhook the trailer. Extra work is good for the Not worthy of even a thought
tomman58 04/07/22 07:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

think every flying J has a set of gas pumps separate from the normal gas ones for RVs and such. I always had a problem with their pricing even though we got diesel . I've seen motorhomes having to disconnect their toads to do pumps. Good luck
tomman58 04/07/22 07:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

Love the extra mileage
tomman58 04/01/22 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

Left the TT in Florida, went from 9 mpg to 22. 68mph to 80 mph. Now I can yell at the other folks and their TT, Mh, fivers for going slow and forcing the Truckers into my high speed lane so they can pass the TT etc....... Have a good trip home folks and hope the pesky virus goes away .
tomman58 04/01/22 05:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Butt splice connector to join 10 gauge to 12 gauge wire?

Looks like they lost or tossed my last note so I'll try again. After 55 years as an electrician, making thousands of joints from 12 volts to 13,800 volts I can say I never soldered a joint or termination. I am reasonably sure all those plants, commercial buildings and homes are still there and likely have had zero issues in my joints and terms.
tomman58 03/29/22 07:15am Tech Issues
RE: Butt splice connector to join 10 gauge to 12 gauge wire?

Do it right....solder them together, then use the heat shrink. Solder is good but a good crimp is just as reliable. How can I say for certain? I have yet to see a building I wired the past 40 years using crimps burn down. How often do you drive those buildings down a pothole mired freeway at 55mph? LOL. (42 years as a general Yea, I get the push-in outlet thing contractor),, but moving vehicles are not the same as a stationary building. Those are just garbage. No good Union electrician would ever rely on that type of connection. But the point was a crimp connection is just as good and even better than solder when solder is done wrong. IE to much heat not enough heat, wrong flux, wrong solder. at one time our company (high tech electronics equipment) looking at field failures started looking at connector failures. What we found was that even with a great deal of training, proper equipment, inspection the failure rate of soldered connectors was higher than crimped connectors. Problem with solder is it is a very hard process to control and train. to much solder= solder wicking up wire, causing failures from flex in the wire, on and on. Field failures went down with crimped connectors. Now 1) there are LOTS of crappy crimp tools around, use them and your failure prone. And good crimp tools are not inexpensive and you need a set of jaws for every type of connector. I've probably spent $400 or more on crimp tools and jaws. 2) if you have been trained in soldering, know the connector and don't have a good crimp tool, solder is a way to go. So, look at your skills, your tools see what you have. If you DON'T have the tools or the skill, look for some help. Actually in some cases Crimp is better... As I recall aircraft service solder is not approved crimp is. On Stranded wire I've had excellent luck with crimped connections.. as I said I have a pro-grade crimper small ire crimper (Up to 10 ga) larger wires I've seen some even better crimpers (Hydraulic type). But for SOLID wire.. I like solder better or but splice and solder over it. Why is Solder not approved for aircraft? The soldered connection is "hard" and does not flex. the crimped one (Save for the actual crimp) can flex rather than break or at least that's what I was told. Still I'll take solder over a wire nut. (Solid to stranded connection) It makes a difference what is being connected to what. Solid to solid or stranded/stranded wire nuts work fine.. Solid to Stranded not so much. There is no way to think how many solid to stranded connections are out there, I thinking billions in the housing markets as most fixtures are stranded and romex is solid. The list goes on. I cannot think of how many thousands of terminal are crimped. My 55 years in industrial, commercial and residential electrical connections I never soldered any connection other than some electronic boards.
tomman58 03/28/22 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: Butt splice connector to join 10 gauge to 12 gauge wire?

Do it right....solder them together, then use the heat shrink. be the last one on the planet to do that, LOl
tomman58 03/27/22 12:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Do you always have to pay inside at Truck stops?

I would add that in many cases a regular gas station with truck pumps are often in the area of the flying j's at those station you can save a lot more than using the truck stops places. Also if you do need DEF than a truck stop can save you a lot as opposed to buying it in a jug from their stores.
tomman58 03/19/22 07:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

We can now have our lawmakers amke an even larger credit to go to electric. Heck we are going there relatively soon anyways and now we have even more reasons.
tomman58 02/24/22 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Dodge all in on electric too 500 mile range Ram

I remember with our Volt (leased for 2 years, 30+ mile range before going to gas over electric) We rarely had to rely on gas. We did all our city stuff from casinos to shopping and visiting friends on electric then at night recharged for the next day. I am waiting to get home and research the new electrics. I think all the unneeded fears on this site will work out in the next few years all the cars and trucks built then will be electric so get used to it. The almighty dollar will rule the day.
tomman58 02/21/22 07:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge all in on electric too 500 mile range Ram

Really curious how KOA will do it. I wonder if they’ll bring in a third party like chargepoint to look after the billing. That way it’s just an app. Swipe the phone, done. Charge away. My bet is they don't promote them at all. If someone does want to use the system, just charge a really high price to discourage use. They are already kinda promoting them. But why would they discourage use? Wouldn’t that just turn away revenue? What is with using KOA as a benchmark? I wouldn't stay there if any other choice was available as they rip you for everything now. There will be options from most campgrounds time will tell.
tomman58 02/17/22 08:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge all in on electric too 500 mile range Ram

Everyone seems to wonder how the RV parks are going to do this and if they can and what will they charge..................... They will do it for the bucks simple as that and you will pay more and they will do it as needed.... case closed. Seems like a lot of folks are worried that the RV parks are going to lose .... not happening, don't worry yourself.
tomman58 02/16/22 05:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge all in on electric too 500 mile range Ram

This is another if you snooze you lose moment for the industry as the auto makers have already drawn the line in the sand for electric and the gas dinosaurs will need to get ready to die off. I am sure the baby steps on the next several tears will become leaps to reinvest in far more than just campgrounds.
tomman58 02/13/22 08:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge all in on electric too 500 mile range Ram

It has been beaten around endlessly, but the vast majority of RV parks are wired in such a way that they are incapable of supplying electricity to RVs and support the charging of EVs. Even if the local power provider could provide the additional capacity to the park, the park would need to be completely required. That would likely cost multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. People with EVs can often make RV Parks work today because an EV in a park is an anomaly. Meh. Parks will adapt. People want and are willing to pay for services. Parks want revenue. Parks that adapt will thrive. Parks that don’t will fade away. Jmho. Amen to that cash is king and the parks will do this for extra cash. They don't need to rewire the whole park tomorrow or even in the next several years.
tomman58 02/12/22 08:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge all in on electric too 500 mile range Ram

" Most RV parks have a pedistle for electric and a 30 mp feed so you are good to go with your own cord connection." So you feel you should be able to plug in without any additional charge? FROM OUR DAYS YEARS AGO WITH THE VOLT WE CHARGED FOR JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS. We got enough charge to last for several miles. I have believe these new batteries have come a long ways. Also ask yourself why ALL the car guys are going electric. Lastly all these players do stuff for money it is the big driver. Finally electric costs 1/3 of the price of gas..... you gotta love it.
tomman58 02/12/22 04:28pm Tow Vehicles
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