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RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

I really think you need to think.................... Hunker where you can. We are in northern Michigan leaving the Detroit area was a no brainer. We left Florida early this year as the handwriting was on the wall. We didn't need anyone to tell us to look out for our own safety. We stayed far from the people in our RV park for over a week before leaving. We studied the Inet and learned of the failing of our government and realized they were either in denial or were interested in other things than the American people. Bottom line it is your family and your neighbors this will not last forever so hunker down and stay hunkered till this leaves or is considered safe by the CDC not the current government
tomman58 03/28/20 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Coronavirus practical issues

Durn y'all. Live your life. Are you going to stop living because you might be one of the .0000001 percent that gets the virus? Are you going to stop driving because you might be one of the 3 out of 4 people involved in a car accident? No you are not. Why panic over something that you have VERY LITTLE chance of getting. And even if you do get it, Unless you are really old, and already have life threatening conditions. You will survive it. So if you are going to surrender with such a low probability of getting sick. Go sit in your house. But you will starve to death. Because if you are afraid to go get food. you have to be scared to have someone bring it to you. After all. They are outside where the germs are. and the food they bring, has them as well. Get a life y'all. Tell that to the people in Italy and we have not even begun to see what it does here. Oh and mister no flu shot... being in texas you can be on a ranch and see only a few people at any time..... try that in Houston. X2 How long has the flu been around? This doesn't look much different to me than the flu. It's caused by a virus. It's contagious. It kills a few people; usually those who are old or in poor health. I'm 63 and I never get a flu shot. Although I'm older, I am in good health. For years I have continued to live my life like the flu was no big deal. Can anyone tell me why this is any different?
tomman58 03/16/20 08:03am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Coronavirus practical issues

We are currently in an RV park in central Florida. We are heading home in a couple of days a month early. Our doctors are at home people that have treated us for years not to mention our stick house and family. Our park shut down all activity's till further notice. people are shutting down and preparing to leave. We were ahead of the pact and got many in the park to wash frequently and to use one of the many disinfection stations. Several still play cards and say there is no problem. We can only hope that they are right but sadly they most likely will just spread the virus to their friends. Ignorance is bliss as evident from our own government. sad so sad we are not on top of this for weeks to come.
tomman58 03/14/20 11:56am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Coronavirus practical issues

To think this virus isn't going to visit us all is not a proper outlook. Also to think is will not kill is not thinking right either. I believe it will come and it will pass so I think preparing for a 14 day window is a good idea but to load up for much more is not realistic. As an older RVer in Florida Michigan is looking better by the day. We are not in a soup bowl at home and our daily options are far better. Florida is to heavily populated and that is what is my thinking now. We will hide and watch for another week or so.
tomman58 03/09/20 07:50am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Possible Problems at US Border

Actually it is caused by the over hype of the media. The virus itself is not as dangerous as the flue (sic). .Again with the media. What I see on TV is health officials and doctors saying what is medically and scientifically true, that it's more deadly than the flu, and Trump underplaying it and offering his uneducated opinions. We can't even get through a disease without political discourse. So the Flu kills 30,000 a year and now we have another flu-like virus. So if this new threat kills just another 30,000 or so that;s okay???? The current administration did try to weaken the CDC and they DID say it was a Democratic hoax. He also said not to worry as he would get the vaccine in a few months, which of course was an uneducated statement. We are in an RV park down here in Florida and we now stand in a code 2 position with hand sanitizer everywhere. People doing elbow bumps as opposed to hand shakes and so on. Yes, we are concerned and frankly ,those of us with lung conditions, are even more cautionary. Do as you feel is justified but for us an ounce of prevention.................
tomman58 03/04/20 10:36am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Possible Problems at US Border

I guess we all know about this hysteria and why it is here. People left to their own devices normally don't do well. Think of all the hurricanes and how all the Home Depots are empty of plywood. It happens every year and they still have no water or food for an emergency and those are the ones that happen yearly. Wash you hands often, carry disinfectant wet sheets in your car and use them! Stay away from public anything as much as possible. Use common sense.
tomman58 03/04/20 07:22am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Best gadget buy in a long long long time

looks like a meal blade get a 10" wood blade.
tomman58 02/25/20 08:15am General RVing Issues
RE: TT television

go to walmart and get the cheapest one that fits. It will work for the next ten years... Last year I put a small Walmart TV in my 1975 Prowler. I think I bought a larger Walmart TV when the TV in our bedroom gave up the ghost. AND... I think I bought a Walmart TV when I had a Grey Wolf. No complaints... Don't skimp on your Coaxial cables, they really do make a difference in your picture. Thanks for the comments but I never have or will shop at Walmart. I will go to Best Buy though and will use you advice. It was odd at our RV park this winter as the Xfinity guy said he only hooks up tv to about 60% of their customers anymore............... spmething else I need to figure out.
tomman58 02/14/20 08:00am Travel Trailers
TT television

I am just wondering if there is anything special for an RV TV. (other than they are fairly cheap). There nothing special let temperature sable or whatever. Just wondering seeing as our TV just blew up and no longer works so will be looking to get another .
tomman58 02/12/20 07:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Florida trip

Thanks. Used to traffic (originally from Los Angeles) This trip will likely be when the kids break from school in spring. Disney is so overloaded on "kids days off" it is horrible. Xmas and spring break are the worst. best time might be mid feb or late nov. of course the miserable days mid simmer are in that group also.
tomman58 02/09/20 07:38am Roads and Routes
RE: When buying a new TT how do you negotiate

We have always dealt with a ma and pa Jayco dealer here in Mi. Their store is near our northern house. I was told by an experienced TT owner to never buy from a huge store or one that others have had problems with. I got the better deal and saved a couple thousand on the deal. I have bought 6 trailers from the same dealer and always got great service.
tomman58 02/05/20 07:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Check Me....I am OK with this set-up

Bottom line you will be fine. haul about the same load with a dmax but that's me.
tomman58 01/21/20 08:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: EPass Extra thoughts

I have a damaged windshield and want to replace it. What of the sun pass is it transferable to the new windshield as it is stuck to the old windshield.
tomman58 01/12/20 08:11am Roads and Routes
RE: HP Officejet 4622 Printer Problem

and you cleaned or purged the cartridges, Did you try to print in b/w? If you did the furutre looks dim for that printer
tomman58 01/10/20 07:49am Technology Corner
RE: Discount on fuel if paying with cash??

This certainly isn't new it has been going on for years.................
tomman58 01/09/20 08:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Discount on fuel if paying with cash??

In the grand scheme of things if it's that important to save a few dollars vs the convenience of stopping where you want, maybe you can't afford this trip. Just sayin. B.O. I agree if the small difference in cost for fuel is never a consideration. Not to say I look for a deal but if fuel is a major concern you may not want to travel as there are so many other costs that can make fuel look like a very small concern.
tomman58 01/07/20 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Discount on fuel if paying with cash??

Many credit cards give 5% saving on fuel so the difference for paying cash isn't even chump change. In fact many times you end up ahead by charging and not going around with a pocket full of cash while traveling.
tomman58 01/06/20 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: potty without the rv

As long as bears s**t in the wood so shall I when hunting. No burying or anything that the wildlife doesn't do or any hunting dog for that matter.
tomman58 12/27/19 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Sometimes we win... Newest National Park

I already posted the link, and without stupid political commentary about 20 messages ago. I really doubt that anyone is looking to create new coal mines since the existing ones are on life support. As for other mines unless you live in a cave and wear animal skins and eat what you catch or grow, you have no right to criticize what provides you with food, shelter, clothing and transportation. You are a hypocrite in other words Hardly, As I said "the coal industry to pollute rivers and streams again You choose the words you wanted to read.. The coal industry is dead but as the tRump put forth his "executive" mandate to allow polluting the rivers and streams for the dying coal industry show little care for us or the USA. This not a political message but fact, period. As for someones comment as to where the lands are kept for us, it is in places of lesser public disadvantage where possible. I have never been to the north shore of Alaska but still think it shouldn't be lessened from oil drilling. I am hardly a hypocrite but am an American interested in saving as much as possible for other future RVers and their kids.
tomman58 12/26/19 05:14pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Sometimes we win... Newest National Park

"Years in the crafting, the measure will designate 367 miles of new scenic rivers and 2,600 miles of new national trails. It protects nearly 500,000 acres in California alone, and enlarges both Death Valley and Joshua Tree national parks. And it reauthorizes a crucial funding mechanism for land and water conservation that had lapsed." So this was actually created and drawn up by other not tRump. I don't think it offsets all the public and protected lands from his pen as many now can have their resources harvested by big oil and mining. Also allows the coal industry to pollute rivers and streams again. While a good thing we still need to overcome the stealing of our precious park and lands by private group for profit. Article
tomman58 12/26/19 11:25am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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