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RE: Replacing gas regulator and hoses

how about turn the bottle 1/8 turn and see if regulator allows door to close than. the point from center to the corner of box is longer than from center to side of box.
towpro 10/07/20 08:18pm Truck Campers
RE: My New Flatbed Camper!!!

I would recommend these if your still looking for steps. yes the top loop can fold down out of the way :)
towpro 10/03/20 04:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Where do you put your levels?

to pricey for me, but it looks like a cool idea. LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling System
towpro 09/29/20 08:17am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Campers and Boating?

another thing you need to watch for is your total weight running down the road. plus depending on your bed and camper length, you might need to use an extended hitch and again, depending on your weight this can even more $ you need to spend.
towpro 09/22/20 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: 1977 Sunline Truck Camper FULL BUILD

I was hoping you didn't give up. good to see you back :)
towpro 09/21/20 07:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Why do I need a DC to DC charger?

I did not know that DC to Dc charges could RAISE the voltage? but anyway, as I did say in original post, I am hooking up a toad. it should be fully charged and I just don't want it to be dead after a days towing. so were not charging batteries, were maintaining. but by the way, it IS a Mercedes sprinter. Using the FACTORY 7 pin harness. The RV side of the fuse line is already fused. I will install a 20A inline on the Toad side for safety and see how it goes. Thanks everyone
towpro 09/18/20 06:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Honda 2200 on front hitch...possible overheating?

I used to run with a 36"w x 20"h box on my Ram 2015 or 2018 (aisn trans) front hitch rack. in heat of summer I could see a little temp gain on truck gauge in heavy traffic but not enough to worry about.
towpro 09/18/20 07:40am Truck Campers
Why do I need a DC to DC charger?

I came to this group because of the tendency for truck campers to be more off grid oriented with knowledge about coach batteries. Unless your using Lithium, why would you need a DC to DC charger between truck and coach? I know there will be some loss in the factory wiring (which gets smaller every year) but do I really need to limit current or voltage? On my Ram it was not switched, and I knew to unplug the cord when camping to not discharge the truck batteries. Is the DC to DC charger only to prevent the truck battery discharge? I was tempted to put a bluesea ACR on this line but they will conduct either direct either directions at a given voltage, IE my Camper solar would start to charge truck batteries which I don't need. Really this question comes from I am wiring a new Toad. My Jeep Liberty I have the 12V feed wire from RV connected (fused) direct to the battery. Now I am wiring a new toad, a Ford C-max and I am reading about everyone using these special DC to DC chargers. But why do I need it? The truck alternator is only going to put out a max voltage, by the time it goes through the thin wire to the toad, its going to be even lower, so why do I need to regulated it?
towpro 09/18/20 07:17am Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

Yes, I recall our 2016 990 was no where near what your saying. Truckcamper mag shows wet weight 4,781 pounds. my Ram 3500 2wd dually was just a couple lbs under 14,000 GVW with camper on headed to beach for a week, including a couple hundred lbs of tung weight, empty waist tanks and maybe 10-20 gallons of water between cold and hot.
towpro 09/16/20 06:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

it sounds like you must have over load springs, that work as the truck body drops the springs come into contact with the overload spring perches on the frame. Your not loaded enough to make them come into play full time so they BANG every time the springs hit them As you crank up the air bags they you are raising the back so they never hit again. on my Ram I replaced the rubber spring perch mounts with larger poly ones made by Energy Suspension. they are taller so they come into play sooner, but with those slots in them they need to crush as the weigh increases and it stopped the banging but did not affect the ride. Torklift Upper stable loads so the same thing, but they are harder and will not crush as they come into play. some have used hockey pucks mounted on spring perches as well. I sold my 2006 to my Brother and he still has the same pair on for 125,000 miles. I had them on my 2015 as well.
towpro 09/15/20 05:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Back order shocks

I put 9000's on the back and 5000's on the front of a 2015 Ram 4wd (with Rancho's engineers blessing). with camper on, even with socks on stiffest setting (I tried many settings) I would hit this dip in the road and the rear of the truck would start to oscillate and only way to stop it was to slow down. Rancho said the rear ones might be bad so they replaced them. Same problem with new next rear set. So I returned them all under that 90 day free ride program. I put the stock shocks back on and left it that way. I also noticed the 9000 did not extend themselves if you compressed them, you had to pull them to extend them (but the 5000's did). I seem to recall when I questioned this they said they were not gas charged. But now I see on the website that are gas charged so maybe they redesigned the 9000's. also many people said that to remove the adjuster and grease it as thy rust shut over time.
towpro 09/14/20 07:42am Truck Campers
RE: Resealing Compartment hatches, what do I use?

Butyl tape will appear as if its squeezing out as you tighten the screws (it is) That is how it seals. I have heard RV dealers say as long as it keeps squeezing out its doing its job. Now foam is just that, foam with some built in glue to hold it in place while tightening parts together. When I think of foam, I think of a sponge that soaks up water. I had an RV that all the external joints were sealed with foam and it had delamanation issues at most external joints. the manufacture was quick to say "you know you need to take that whole RV apart and replace that foam every 5 years?". I have also used a good TriPolymer like Geocel Proflex RV for a better seal after installs. My wolf creek the dealer sealed every joint with Proflex RV before I picked it up, so I had him do the same thing when i traded that on an Arctic Fox. If it was me, I would use Butyl tape. And I see there is white, gray and black and some putty tape not marked Butyl at all. I Keep a role in my cabinet at home. for some reason the black seems to be sticker to me (maybe because it reminds me of that stick stuff I used to seal windshields with back when I worked for Mopar) but the white looks better when it squeezes out. But than the Marine world seals underwater fittings with stuff like 3m marine adhesive.
towpro 09/14/20 07:30am Truck Campers
RE: Just bought Truck Camper- how do I move

doesn't the torque lift fast gun adjustment video say "when you close lever until you have pressure, and have 1/2 a hole exposed, this is the correct adjustment that will give you 200 lbs pressure when fast gun is locked close"? not hard to do 200 lbs pressure on a tie down strap. But the difference is the tie down strap will stretch further with increased load than the fastgun.
towpro 09/14/20 07:14am Truck Campers
RE: Back order shocks

I always had the problem on my Pickup camper trucks with needing shocks with more dampening to help with sway, but with camper off that same shock would be over hard and ride rough. I tried those adjustable ones but they had other problems (returned them) now that I have a motorhome I don't have the option of removing the camper, but had same problem, the stock Mercedes shocks were designed for a van body and were too weak. Than someone introduced me to Agile Offroad. This guy builds shocks for off road racers, but also happens to own a Mercedes Motorhome, so he went to work on re-valving a fox 2.0 shock for his motorhome. Best money I ever spend on rear shocks. solved my problem. Maybe call him and see if he has a valving solution for your truck that would work loaded or unloaded?
towpro 09/12/20 06:39am Truck Campers
RE: Campsite Squatters

when thousand trails and outdoor world resorts were separate companies People would own both memberships. $500 membership got you 2 weeks in system with 1 week out of the system. So you would have friends who are in outdoor world site for 2 weeks while your in TTN site. When its time to switch you send the wives ahead in the toads to hold site. When your friends wife shows up, you pull out in you RV and head to other campground and she pulls into site to hold it until XO shows up with the RV. You can full time your whole Winter in Florida for the price of 2 memberships. If you have enough of you doing this you could have other switching every other week and you could spend 1/2 the time with all your friends. Each membership ran $500 year so if you stay in FLA for 9 months it comes to $3.75 per day including electric. Than there was the couples that were not married, and each had Thousand trail memberships. you could use your membership in a campground for 2 weeks, than the XO could use here membership for 2 weeks, than back and forth, without even moving.
towpro 09/08/20 03:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help with Dometic Duo Therm Air Conditioner

the empty plug could be for an optional electric heat element.
towpro 08/12/20 06:01am Truck Campers
RE: solar project starting to come togeather.

I never use Dicor. I use commercial grade caulk, Sikaflex. What kind of truck camper do you have? I have a 1991 slumberqueen 100WS. it has a 1 piece alumium roof. Steve Aluminum I would use this.
towpro 08/07/20 11:49am Truck Campers
RE: solar project starting to come togeather.

I clean rubber roof where mount foot is going, put down eternabond, 2 screws in each mount and I never use Home type sealants on my roof, I use what commercial manufactures use on RV rubber roofs, Dicor to cover the screw heads and to bead the bracket edge down to eternabond.
towpro 08/06/20 06:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery Drain Help Please

When your camper is "turned on" there is drain from stuff like CO and Propane detectors. Maybe its only 1 amp but that will drain a 100aH battery in 100 hours. That is only 4 days and your battery is 100% dead (your not supposed to go below 50% charged) I don't know if your truck wire to camper is live all the time or not, I do know Ram stays hot and yes it will draw down the truck batteries if that line stays hot.(when camping, I use to always unplug that line as a safety feature so I was 100% sure the truck would start when it was time to go home). On our camper we added Solar charging system because we camp in the National Parks at beach with no electric, but a side affect is that kept the batteries charged in both camper and truck. I now have a new RV but I have to store it in a field that has no electric. This new RV has a 100w panel on the roof (have not added more power yet but that is in future). I store under a canape which prevents my builtin system from working, so I put a 100w panel on a cargo trailer that sits on my storage site behind my camper and is not covered. I wired 10G back to the rear bumper of the camper so I can plug this extra panel into the RV system when in Storage. (I can also plug this trailer in while camping) That 100W keeps my Coach charged (Two 27 series AGM) AND my chassis (one 30 series AGM)all the time. since I installed my Panel so I could tilt it, others see it and now I see many other panels popping up in the storage field. Most appear to be 50w which might be enough but I do know my 100W works for me.
towpro 08/01/20 08:05am Truck Campers
RE: 1977 Sunline Truck Camper FULL BUILD

I hope you can come back in a year and tell us how that paint on shower pan is holding? Even professional tubs restoration with specially made epoxy paints have very short lasting records. I have used that topside paint on an old fiberglass boat, held up fine for several years I owned the boat. Even with the flexing when walking on it.
towpro 07/31/20 06:23am Truck Campers
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