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RE: Full hook up?

I had a case where someone bumped the faucet in the bathroom of the 990. We discovered it when we saw the water running out of the web bath, under the door and onto the floor. Luckily we were in AC season so we could get it to dry. The gray tanks was closed.
towpro 06/19/21 07:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Full hook up?

if on a site with sewer, we hook up and pull the gray tank so it drains all the time, but let black tank collect. than a day before I leave I will shut the gray valve so I have something to flush the hose after I drain the black before leaving.
towpro 06/18/21 06:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Carrying a Small Motorcycle?

be careful with the install. on my 2018 ram the hitch bolted through a hollow truck frame, and they had a torque spec of like 120 lbs. it will crush that solid frame with that torque.
towpro 06/16/21 05:16am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone know the payload range of a 1994 GMC?

search internet for what is payload of 1994 gmc 2500 extended cab 2084 lbs
towpro 06/16/21 05:14am Truck Campers
RE: About to leave, truck batteries are dead question

sounds like the alternator on truck failed. Failures always happens at worse time. as others said, charge truck batteries, start truck and recheck the voltage running. did it go up into the 13v or higher range?
towpro 06/04/21 10:31am Truck Campers
RE: Repo a Truck Camper???

in that part of the us, the truck camper probably don't have a title. it comes with an MSO, but titles are not needed, which means you might be able to sell it with just a sellers receipt according to nada guides that 2018 770 camper might have a resale value of $12K unless you have destroyed it. Any thought of listing it for sale? it might be easier to sell it now by providing a proof of purchase notarized to seller, than continue to pay on loan until its done. you know what a repo will do for you credit, for maybe 7 years or more. Don't forget stuff like car insurance also is related to credit rating, so its going to cost you to walk away. coming up with that couple grand to pay off loan might be cheaper than paying it to the car (and or home) insurance people.
towpro 06/02/21 01:13pm Truck Campers
RE: TCs, Ham Radio and Kids

WHAT -no morse code for a license???? gee wiz - what is next? Chinese walkie talkies on Amazon for UHF/VHF starting at around $30 bucks? (and they work well)
towpro 05/29/21 07:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Rancho shock question

worse junk I ever put installed on my 2015 Ram 3500. I actually returned them under the 30 day free test drive. The rear of the truck would start to osculate on frost heave bumps in the road and only to slow down would stop the osculation after it started. and I kept going over the bump to try every setting, nothing worked accept putting the brand new stock shocks back on. on my MBS MH I went with Fox 2.0 rear shocks that were valved by Agile Offroad (he also had a MBS motorhome and valved them for his MBS motorhome. he liked the results so well he started to sell them.) Best investment I ever made on shocks.
towpro 04/29/21 11:32am Truck Campers
RE: Confusion About 12V Disconnect

most installs the solar controller will charge the batteries even with the battery switch turned off. The battery switch being off will remove all the load from the batteries and allow the solar to keep them topped off. If you saw a spark, that is caused by load, so I bet you found your problem with the loose connection.
towpro 04/05/21 05:42am Truck Campers
RE: satellite radio and gps antenna

I went through this on a 2015 and 2018 ram. this year I realized how bad Sirius sounds when I started streaming HD audio. I have turned off 4 Sirius accounts in the last month. sure you can get into place with bad coverage so I have songs on my Phone I can stream to stereo as well. Hell, even after moving antenna to front of ram hood, it will would loose receptions some times i satellite was low in sky behind me.(about 10% of the time). DONE!
towpro 04/04/21 02:04pm Truck Campers
RE: DOT & State Nuances of a 4500-5500?.

when I was running my Dually pickup towing a generic white box trailer up and down the east coast as I moved myself I ran magnetic decals on the lower doors that said "not for hire"
towpro 03/15/21 02:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox

having owned both a Wolf Creek and an Arctic Fox, there is plenty of help right here. I recall I was also on a facebook group for Arctic Fox.
towpro 02/20/21 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: 1977 Sunline Truck Camper FULL BUILD

Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes I lose motivation with the build. But all of the positive comments help a ton! Thanks Again! Just keep the whole picture in mind. You still have to get it out of your garage :).
towpro 02/17/21 04:45pm Truck Campers
RE: 1977 Sunline Truck Camper FULL BUILD

Looks good. You probably don't need the fan to vent. Hydrogen is the gas produced. Its lighter than air so it will flow out the top vent through your hood and fresh air will come in the bottom :)
towpro 02/16/21 05:41pm Truck Campers
RE: New Palomino hard side 'solar ready'??

Call palomino, they are still a small enough company the they will actually answer the phone and talk you through it. We are taking delivery of our new AF and I have had questions much like yours.. a simple call and I hot right through to their engineers. I even told them that TC builders need to run a larger circuit up to the bed area for the growing number of Cpap users.. so if you see that idea coming into production you can thank me. I know with the AF its a PITA to run any new wire up through that wall. BUT if your not using the generator and your pre wired, there is several wires in that setup you can "borrow" that come from below the sink to above the divider in that side wall
towpro 02/15/21 05:20pm Truck Campers
RE: New Palomino hard side 'solar ready'??

Slymer, on my AF 990 the wire came from roof, went to that controller location in wall where it has some slack (but was not cut) than continued down to under sink areas. I used Bogart Engineering system including their solar controller. I put the solar controller under the sink. you can test that the wire is not cut by first checking continuity on roof looking for an "open", than find where the wire bundle ends under stink, twist ends together and check continuity of wires on roof again to see if its now shows a short.
towpro 02/14/21 07:29am Truck Campers
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

As others have talked about, worry about the low temps. Remember, a problem in those temps is no longer "just an inconvenience", it can quickly turn into matter of life and death. Problems to expect: Low battery capacity because of cold. maybe heat for one night on two 27 series batteries? no solar charging generators will not start. moisture in propane tank can freeze and block lines (I had this happen in 25 deg with a 6mo with us. it was not fun. propane might not convert from liquid to vapor and prevent heater from working
towpro 02/09/21 10:20am Truck Campers
RE: Advice to reduce truck camper sway (2018 Ram 2500)

there should be a piece of paper in your glove box with the perimeters for carrying a slide in camper. what does it say? This used to be posted on ram bodybuilders but I can't find it now. but from what I see, looking at 2500 diesel and no other perimeters your rated for a total cargo weight of around 2200-2600 lbs (including passengers) ram bodybuilders data Here is a nice link with more information.
towpro 02/09/21 10:03am Truck Campers
RE: 1977 Sunline Truck Camper FULL BUILD

that front compartment on a 5er is still not where you want to vent a battery. that box you show still seals shut pretty well around that edge. In fact you will probably find the top and bottom 1/2's are bolted together when in use. This box also has a vent sticking out the bottom that goes through a hole in RV floor so it vents to outside air. than that hose on top also goes to outside air so air can pass through box as battery causes heat and chimney affect.
towpro 01/21/21 12:33pm Truck Campers
RE: 1977 Sunline Truck Camper FULL BUILD

Here is all they use on a 5th wheel. This hose goes to the top of the box, and it has an equivalent size hole on the bottom, both vented outside so there is not negativity pressure on either opening. hydrogen is lighter than air so it rises up out the top vent.
towpro 01/20/21 02:00pm Truck Campers
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