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RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

this is off the 2020 ford f150 site. Maximum payload 3270 lbs with the 5.oh further down in doc it showed the f150 with a truck camper loaded. further down in doc it 4x4 reg cab 141" WB can carry 2735lb camper if you have the optional HD payload package F-150 Heavy-Duty Payload Package (Option Code 627)Increases GVWR to 7,850 lbs. on XL and XLT LT275/65R18C OWL A/T tires (5)18" silver aluminum heavy-duty wheels Upgraded springs9.75" gear set with 3.73 electronic- locking rear axle 36-gallon fuel tank Available on XL, XLT Base, and XLT Mid. Requires 5.0L V8 or 3.5L V6 EcoBoost gas engine. Trailer Tow Package (53A) required when ordered with 5.0L engine. Max Trailer Tow Package click here
towpro 12/04/19 05:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

I know you guys enjoy doing this, but FYI the OP never came back, I suppose he was scared away after first couple replies.
towpro 12/02/19 01:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

there should have been a letter in your glove box with the manufactures recommendations. you can find a copy of that same recommendation Here
towpro 12/01/19 05:23pm Truck Campers
RE: dumping tanks

on the Lot my brother and I built in Mountains of Central PA I ended up installing a "penn state privy" basically a 1000 square holding tank with an box with toilet seat mounted over a hole on one end that is vented to outside. We covered the whole tank with a 68" x 98" shed so we store stuff in it. I installed a 4" chimney to vent the tank to outside, than added a 120v radon van to this vent stack. first time I used it you set on the seat with fan running and the wind would just about suck you down and seal you to the seat, so I put a high current dimmer on the radon fan to slow it down :). at the final inspection the the inspector said "I don't want to see you bury a pipe from that RV to the holding tank". so we use a blue tote instead :). with 3 or more RV's using this we can go 2 years before the tank gets full enough. We know its time to pump out the tank if you get hit by "splash back" when using the inside seat :( at new home I live uphill from street so I can use a masarator pump, but its just as easy to drive a couple miles down the street to use the local campground (that charges $20.00) my RV storage area has a what looks like a sewer clean out right next to this building that is on the property. the building has a toilet so this clean out drain must work. I know the water there comes on. I keep forgetting to ask the guy that run the RV storage committee about that.
towpro 11/29/19 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: NEWS STORY: Ford/Lance guardrail bridge

My 2015 4wd Ram Diesel dually with aisin trans and 4:10's came with a slip of paper in glove box that said "this truck is not recommended for use with slide in camper". I met a couple others that had the same notice in the glove box and we compared build sheets: we all had "Snow plow prep group" which consisted of a transfer case skid plate and a bigger altinator. I guess Ram did not want us snow plowing with truck campers loaded :)
towpro 11/29/19 04:53pm Truck Campers
RE: NEWS STORY: Ford/Lance guardrail bridge

The news truck has a flux capacitor in it. Did anyone else catch that? I saw that, thinking "where can I get one, for my motorcycle"
towpro 11/28/19 06:11pm Truck Campers
RE: corsair truck camper - sewer valves - near front of camper

If it really is hidden you could probably switch to electric dump valves and a 12v masorator pump with a remote switch to drain them.
towpro 11/25/19 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: corsair truck camper - sewer valves - near front of camper

love to see a picture of this setup and location of valves
towpro 11/25/19 06:44am Truck Campers
RE: Any 1st time pickup TC out there to give their thoughts

We had an Artic Fox 990 and an Open range 30' 5th wheel and a Ram 3500 dually to move either. the 5er stayed on a lot my brother and I own full time in the mountains of PA and our arctic fox 990 was our "traveling camper". we spend a lot of weekends in the 5er but the real vacation trips (outerbanks) was in the truck camper. on a long trip trip this year we relieved that the truck camper is better for young people. Are you ready to climb up around 36" than pull yourself into a shelf with 36" clearance to go to bed? (or to get stuff out of the forward cabinets, or to try to make the bed?) than when you roll over at night if you extend your arms they will bang into the ceiling and wake up the wife? (the getting out of bed in middle of night to use bathroom was a problem as well) Than there is the going up around 48" of steps to get into the rig (if you have a model with basement). Don't get me wrong, we loved our Arctic Fox but it was getting harder to use. We were the type that never unloaded the camper, we either towed a Jeep Liberty (toad) so we could take the jeep out onto the beach at Ocracoke OBX, or I towed a trailer with a Motoguzzi motorcycle in it for transportation. in fact the camper stayed loaded from March through November than I unloaded to put truck in garage for winter. (so its not like I really had a truck, I had a nice vehicle with a camper loaded on it) than in late 2018 we moved 1000 miles south so we can't use the 5er anymore and needed to get rid of it (and its payments) but its hell to sell a camper you owe more than its worth, plus its age made it so banks don't want to finance it for new owners. this fall we were looking at different campers and fell in love with, and purchased a sprinter Class C. I traded in the Arctic Fox, the Open range Plus the Ram 3500. This sprinter has the 2 slides including a bed that sticks out in back so it has more living space than the truck camper. Plus its easier to get in and out of bed, it has a built in generator (but I will not give up my inverter generators for boondocking) and the V6 diesel gets 2 more MPG than my ram truck was getting with camper loaded. I can still tow either my little box trailer with my Motoguzzi, or my Jeep liberty. having spend several years with a truck camper we already are weight conscious and don't have a problem with the sprinter limited carrying capacity. since my truck camper was always loaded in the truck, I don't miss having a truck because I really couldn't use my truck to haul anything with camper loaded. I just tow my motorcycle box trailer to store and can load anything that would have fit in bed of truck. but there is those that live in areas where a truck camper lets them go camping off road, and you can never do that with the sprinter. Here on East coast there is nothing like that at least where we go. so having owned a really nice truck and Arctic Fox 990, this is one couple that went another direction. we enjoyed the truck camper, but are looking forward to camping more in our new 24' Motor Home.
towpro 11/23/19 08:03pm Truck Campers
RE: New owner to a early 80's slide in

maybe some 10 gauge (30a) to a connector on roof for future solar panels?
towpro 11/19/19 09:41am Truck Campers
RE: Bringing extra fresh water.

Tractor Supply 35 gallon water tank with standard hose bib fitting. fits on the rack I carry on back of my Toad. 1/10th 120V AC harbor freight water pump Than I use what ever generator I brought with me to run the pump. since filling water is a daytime activity why waist battery power on it, fire up the generator. I would put water tank inside back of my Jeep liberty toad, and blue tank on the rear carrier. Carry sewer to station, and come back with fresh water (did not fill fresh water from sewer station)
towpro 11/14/19 03:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Propane Usage 2500 Watt Onan

I have a 3600 onan in my new Motorhome. I run it while driving around for AC (15000 BTU). We will take the rig out out to dinner some times to exercise the engine and generator. I let generator run the whole time we are out, etc. The number that sticks in my head is 1 gallon per hour. Its really about .8 gal per hour but I can remember 16 gallons - 16 hours. If I was to head to a boondock place I would still drag out my Predator 3500w inverter. Running my last truck camper with 9000btu I would burn around .2 gallons per hour (I can remember 2 gallon tank would last a 10-11 hour night in a hot truck stop) another thing I never thought about is the cost of propane. if you find a good dealer take care of them. one place charges $2.50 per gallon, but everyone else is from $3.79 - $3.99. that swing is $24.00 different per 16 gallons. 1 gallon propane = 91500 BTU 1 gallon gasoline = 114000 BTU = gasoline has 25% more BTU per gallon
towpro 11/13/19 06:38am Truck Campers
RE: True Truck Payload

to the original poster. The published payload also takes into consideration 1 person in every seat (don't know the formula for what weight per person) plus anything else you could carry. PLUS tong weight if towing anything. But if you were to get weighed by DOT, they use your GVWR as your max weight loaded (also including tong weight on your truck, but not trailer weight)
towpro 10/28/19 05:58am Truck Campers
RE: Camping @ The Big E 2019??

That link is for the Big E in W Springfield Mass. and is no where near Long Island. 3 hours from Long island to Springfield is local for camping in my book.
towpro 10/23/19 05:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Recommendations for quiet portable generator

removed post
towpro 10/22/19 03:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Recommendations for quiet portable generator

I first went with a honda 2000 when I got my Wolf Creek, than I bought an AF with the 9600 AC and kept using the 2000. the 2000 would run the AC with no problems, I could run the generator on Eco mode (as long refreg and HW were on gas mode) but starting the AC the overload light would flash on. That 2000 would pull some RPM but it would run the AC. Than I bought a Predator (harborfreight) 3500 invertor. The 3500 runs the same loads but barely comes off idle, much quitter than the Honda. I used to have to run a Boat tank on the honda to make it through the night, the Predator does 11 hours on a tank of fuel. Now I have a small motorhome with a 15000 BTU AC/Heatpump and the Predator runs it no problems (but the Honda will not) the Predator comes with a 90 day warranty, for around $150 I bought 2 additional year warranty (total 27 months). This is a "no questions asked" warranty, just bring it back dry and exchange it. than you can buy an additional warranty on the new generator. I also kept the honda. Between the 2 I have 5500W peak that I can run my home on using extension cords.
towpro 10/22/19 07:39am Truck Campers
RE: Camping @ The Big E 2019??

I vote for TheBigE it's local to people in Long Island NY, and it was just in the news since it was 9/18-10/4 and now they are talking about next year Here is some info I found in web about camping there, it might be old info.
towpro 10/16/19 06:10am Truck Campers
RE: Onan Cummins Propane Generator

I read Amsoil only uses molybdenum in off road grease, not in the oil.
towpro 10/14/19 12:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help understanding Truck Capabilities

Truck Camper Magazine has a buyers guide that includes true weights. its been pretty accurate for the 2 truck campers I bought in recant years. Does Capri advertise there? If not, they probably aren’t listed. yes they 7 Capri campers listed.
towpro 10/12/19 05:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help understanding Truck Capabilities

Truck Camper Magazine has a buyers guide that includes true weights. its been pretty accurate for the 2 truck campers I bought in recant years.
towpro 10/12/19 09:24am Truck Campers
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