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RE: Perils of RVing

Hooked up fifth wheel and was backing off the leveling blocks. Heard a HUGE bang, and truck jumped. Didn't realize the fifth wheel hitch wasn't set to automatically lock. I check it every time now!!!
trailerbikecamper 10/07/19 07:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Having trouble locating short circuit

OP here. Jacks work, everything else seems to work except the one fantastic fan, the cover raises but the fan doesn't run. All the lights, the jacks work fine, the other fan works. There is a connection for a powered awning, that was never used. I may have gotten water in the exterior connection? I haven't tried the furnace. I will give it a good shakedown this weekend.
trailerbikecamper 05/16/19 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Having trouble locating short circuit

I think I may have had multiple issues. Both a tripped circuit breaker and a short. The black wire I am trying to trace has an inline 25A fuse. This fuse blows as soon as a new fuse is put in.
trailerbikecamper 05/15/19 03:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Having trouble locating short circuit

If you expect consistent wire color codes in an RV you are doomed to disappointment. So don't be surprised that there is no black wire obvious inside the fan housing. Use the ohmmeter function on the DMM to find out which of those wires is connected to the black one. I was thinking this on the way home. I'll try this tomorrow. I was also thinking that the purple and white are for the raise/lower function and not for the fan itself.
trailerbikecamper 05/14/19 05:24pm Tech Issues
Having trouble locating short circuit

I have a 2004 Carriage Compass 30 RLS. Yesterday when I was leveling the camper, I blew a fuse, and all 12V power went off in the camper. The fuse is a 25A on a #10AWG black wire. I went back to the camper today with my multi-meter to find out what happened. Today, I found that everything that runs on 12V works, except one fantastic fan. The odd part is that, when I opened the fan it had two #14AWG wires. One was purple, the other white. The powered cover for the fan is fine, but the fan doesn't run. Should I open the fan itself? Or look elsewhere to find the short. There is a 4A glass fuse in the fan, but this fuse is fine. I have a second fantastic fan which works perfectly. The 120V power is not plugged in
trailerbikecamper 05/14/19 05:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Stinky cat problem

We had a similar problem when we lived out west. We planted a herb called Lemon Balm. It has a fresh lemon scent that isn't over powering. We put one at each end of our flower beds, about 20ft apart and never had any cat problems after. It is an annual, so has to be re-planted each year, but worked well for us. Cats don't like citrus, so they stayed away. Plus, it can be used like any other herb. Cut, dried used for cooking etc.
trailerbikecamper 04/14/19 07:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Odd home plumbing question

We had something similar. When DW did laundry, the floor drain would back up during rinse cycle. The water would rise slowly and would also drain slowly. We eventually had a specialty company come in to clean the drain. They found a few things. The first was a small plate from a children's tea set. The plate was acting like a butterfly valve, the plate was held in place by small, fine tree roots, similar to what downtheroad posted, but more so. Once the drain was cleaned, a camera was used. It found that our drain was shifted from the city main sewer by almost half the diameter of our sewer line, effectively restricting our sewer line where it met the city's main. Call in a company that is capable of steaming, augering your sewer line. Also check to see if they have a camera with recording capability. The recording will give you back up in case your line is off, due to poor installation or problem s with your council.
trailerbikecamper 02/11/19 03:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Critters - Just a Rant

You said that you're not home enough to look after a dog. What about a cat. Our neighbor has a farm cat. Between that and another neighborhood cat, our squirrel population is kept in check. I suggested a cat since they require less maintenance than a dog.
trailerbikecamper 02/09/19 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quebec City Attractions

Also look into the Catholic Basilica. If you like architecture, you will enjoy it. Take trip on the St. Lawrence. There is an old ferry boat converted to a dinner cruise You will get a great view of the Fairmont Le Ch√Ęteau Frontenac, it also has unique architecture. For a once in lifetime experience visit L'Amour restaurant( if it still exists). It is pricey at about $150/plate, but it is an entire evening, best enjoyed with a a few friends.
trailerbikecamper 01/30/19 05:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How cold was it?

Been there, done that. Used to live in Northern Alberta. We used to get that cold and colder for a few weeks every winter. The coldest I ever really worked in was -52C. I had to troubleshoot a lube hoist that wasn't working. Turns out, that it was so cold that the grease in the hoist was frozen.
trailerbikecamper 01/22/19 05:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: Possible leak from propane gauge

BIL had a leak last year. It was the control valve that allowed you to switch between the 2 tanks. He just unscrewed the hoses, bought a new valve and installed it himself. At my S&B I had a leak on the outdoor kitchen. Turned out to be the hoses themselves. Using soapy water, I found numerous leaks between the fittings. Went to a local dealer that fabricated hoses and had new ones made. A few minutes with a couple of wrenches and done, leak fixed. Checked for other leaks after repair with more soapy water. None found. Both systems still working fine. Many propane lines have swivels at the end to allow you to unthread them without having to twist the whole line.
trailerbikecamper 01/14/19 04:56pm Tech Issues
RE: disney world

When we go, we usually spend a day at the parks, then a day relaxing at the resort. This gives the kids a chance decompress and relax. While down in Orlando, check out Discovery Cove. It's literally a day at the beach. You also get a free pass to Sea World.
trailerbikecamper 01/11/19 12:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Am I the only one who gets in trouble ?

Kind of a funny story from my BIL that was an attendant. One day a lady pulled into the station, during winter. Asked him to fill the oil and check tire pressure. Filled the tank, and gently explained that his station only had summer air. Putting summer air into tires during winter could be dangerous, as it might lead to tire failure. But if she was to go down the road a short ways, they have winter air. The lady thanked him for the valuable information and went on her way. A few minutes later his buddy at the other station called asking, "What the hell is winter and summer air?!" BTW the temp was close to -30C at the time.
trailerbikecamper 01/01/19 05:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Motorcycle Auctions, Las Vegas

Have yet to see a motorcycle that fits the definition of an RV. Leave our Forum to RVers please! I happen to know quite a few RV'ers that do both. Isn't that part of the reason toy haulers were developed? To take your toys with you?
trailerbikecamper 01/01/19 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ham Bone? Make Soup!

When DW makes pea soup she uses salt beef, instead of ham. The salt beef ( aka cured navel beef) gives it a different flavour from the ham. She also puts in diced turnip, and makes " dough- b'ys" or dumplings.
trailerbikecamper 12/30/18 08:14pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Ham Bone? Make Soup!

I do something similar with the left over turkey and salt beef. Minus the potatoes. But I also add just a pinch of garlic, and some pepper.
trailerbikecamper 12/29/18 08:41pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Wife making cookies...RV oven keeps going out...

Well, I am still here.. Those are some very good tips and comments. Thank you. A lot of heat seems to escape from the unit. Maybe from the back. You can put your hand there and feel it. I was thinking it needs some fiberglass stuffed in there. Like maybe they forgot to insulate it. I wouldn't use fiberglass to insulate. Try to to find a mineral wool. It has much higher heat resistance. Some of it is up around the 1200F area for resistance to heat/flame. You won't need much, RV ovens aren't very big.
trailerbikecamper 12/20/18 05:49pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile Electric Truck that Tesla should Watch out for

The 400 mile range is great, but I'm going to use a typical winter work day for me as an example. I leave home at about 5:40 in the dark. Many times it is either raining or wet snow. So I need headlights, wipers and heater. I then drive about 70km on a twin highway to work. The truck will then sit for about 10-1\2hrs with out the benefit of being plugged in, since there is no plugs available, for any vehicles. I then drive home in the dark, also requiring heater, headlights and many times wipers. My question is how do the additional loads affect the range? If I get left even once on the side of the highway, I would be done with EV's.
trailerbikecamper 12/20/18 04:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wife making cookies...RV oven keeps going out...

On our gas oven at home we had the exact same issue. It was a relay that senses the oven temp. Ours would do exactly what you described. When first starting it would come up to the temp called for, but the burner would not come back on without turning the oven completely off. Went to the local RV parts place, bought a new sensor and replaced it. The sensor/relay on our was under the oven where the burner sits. Once I had the part it took about 30-40 minutes to replace and get the oven working again. The part itself wasn't expensive, maybe about $15CDN.
trailerbikecamper 12/20/18 04:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Favorite Christmas recipes?

On Christmas Eve DW makes pea soup, made with Cured Navel Beef (salt beef). Of course the soup has dough b'ys in it. For those outside Newfoundland, dough b'ys are better known as dumplings. With that she also makes fish cakes with salt cod. Makes for a hearty evening meal, to give let you stay up late putting together the little kiddie's toys.
trailerbikecamper 12/03/18 04:20pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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