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RE: Murphy Bed Option

google 'josh the rv nerd murphey bed' for a good video of the ups and downs (get it??? the 'ups' and 'downs'???) of Murphey beds in travel trailers
trailernovice 12/29/20 05:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Murphy Bed Option

I'd consider a Murphy if just the two of us.. but have always gone bunkhouse because we have a young son
trailernovice 12/29/20 04:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Murphy Bed Option

I guess it'd depend on whether you plan to move it up and down much or instead just leave it in place and want the murphy option for a 'just in case' alternative if you have people join for a meal or something....kinda like what 'Josh the RV nerd' (salesman at a Michigan RV dealership) said about bunk beds...'they're not for the will sleep anywhere--on the floor, curled up in a dog bed, outside in the back of the pickup...the bunks are for the they don't have to convert a sofa or a dinette into a bed every night' Guessing small camper because either small tow vehicle or (like us) you'll use the trailer more as a way to be where you want to be (while as a bonus using your own bed, bathroom and kitchen instead of a hotel or a family member's house) rather than a 'place to be' in and of itself...we're outside of our trailer 'most all the time except for breakfast (lunch and/or dinner generally bbq) and to sleep...if you plan to use in that way, murphy makes sense to me...if instead you'll actually 'murphy' it up and down a lot, might get tired of that pretty quickly
trailernovice 12/29/20 03:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Building fence post sewer hose storage. Need 5.5" caps

Tired of losing bumper end caps, I just taped a 'sticky back' piece of velcro onto opposite sides of the bumper, then ran a strip between them that could be pulled off and put back my mind, the point was 'keep the sewer hose in', not 'impress the neighbors with my craftsmanship' Another idea, since you're using a plastic tube, could be to simply drill a hole in the top and drop a 5-inch-long bolt with a washer into it...wouldn't bounce out...and, if that's the worry, tap a hole on both top and bottom and get a bolt and nut long enough to actually thread the screw onto the bottom end...again, may not be the prettiest but should work
trailernovice 12/28/20 03:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Busted!

(see my pm)
trailernovice 12/28/20 01:04pm Travel Trailers
does a detached over-the-air television antenna help?

12/28/20 Our trailer has the new type of roof television antenna...stays in place, as opposed to the older 'crank it up and down / turn it to point toward wherever signal is best' type Even with that, sometimes beyond signal range for over-the-air broadcast channels Came across a tripod-mounted flying-saucer shaped antenna described as: KING OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional Over-The-Air HDTV Antenna, would sit on the ground, and connect through the 'cable in' outlet on the outside of the trailer Would this be any better at picking up signals that the factory roof-mounted antenna we already have does? (not interested in a satellite solution...we're occasional weekenders, and our trailer isn't the type for long-term television watching)
trailernovice 12/28/20 12:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Oklahoma State Parks

12/3/20 Can't speak to most of your questions....probably the whole state is tornado-prone, and quick google search should be able to locate information re. worst weather month Been to two OK state parks...Lake Thunderbird (just went last week) and Keystone Lake (twice)...all trips over a Thanksgiving weekend... Both are pretty standard state parks, with the expected atmosphere and shown by the names, both are on a lake...both also have marinas (although Thunderbird's seems to be accessible only to slip renters) Word of caution...the reservation system doesn't make it easy to tell what's on each site...we went with the Hog Creek loop at Thunrderbird, which we discovered upon arrival (to our disappointment) had water only every other site (a shared spigot) and our particular site was basically a blocked-off space at the edge of a parking lot...the other loops were traditional and have standard hookups
trailernovice 12/03/20 02:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: why aren't the frame rails of TT set evenly from the sides?

Maybe I haven't been clear....this is a design issue...not a 'manufacturing quality' issue...not a 'it got wrecked, and wasn't repaired properly' issue...not a 'he must have thrown the rig out of alignment' issue.. I was hoping there might be an engineer out there who could provide an looks and seems funny to me, but I'm sure there's sound reasoning behind the design
trailernovice 12/03/20 02:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: why aren't the frame rails of TT set evenly from the sides?

everything frame-wise is straight and true, just as it came from the collisions, no twists, no rust or weakness...right at two years old...tracks perfectly... it just puzzles me why it would be designed with the frame rails offset like that
trailernovice 12/03/20 01:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: why aren't the frame rails of TT set evenly from the sides?

actually, re. the coupler...looked at the very front of the trailer is a plate welded across the front of the frame rails...the rails themselves are not visible...the coupler is (as logic and physics dictate) mounted right in the middle, but it's mounting point is this plate in front of the frame rails... no way to tell how the rails themselves are configured...they're blocked by the plate at the front and the plastic sheeting under the unit
trailernovice 12/03/20 11:16am Travel Trailers
RE: why aren't the frame rails of TT set evenly from the sides?

ctying in with KMAC's thought...that COULD be....the way its designed: front bed--dead in the middle --kitchen, with stove and fridge...driver side --full-size bunks...driver side --bathroom and dinette...passenger side this is a no-slide trailer, so THAT can't be the reason...unless maybe just maybe this design is also used on a trailer WITH a slide??? Just thinking out loud sure wish I had a firm grip on the answer of why the frame rails are offset from center
trailernovice 12/03/20 10:16am Travel Trailers
why aren't the frame rails of TT set evenly from the sides?

I discussed need for replacing bumper in other threads... soooooo, the welder is here with the replacement, thicker bumper...and he measures to ensure it sticks out evenly from each frame rails....then a FLASH of recognition!!! The 'front to back' frame rails of the trailer (Jayco SLX 264BH) are not set evenly under the of the rails is about 4 inches closer to the outside of the trailer than the other...put another way, the driver side rail is set about 8 inches from the outside edge of the trailer, while the passenger side frame rail is set about 12 inches from the outside edge this is factory....nothing twisted or anything Any ideas why it's designed that way?
trailernovice 12/03/20 09:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Who uses a pop-up canopy?

It might depend on whether you'll have to hand-carry it, and how far/over what surface...we have a 10' x 10'...the times we use it is generally when we're camping at a beach park (we live on the gulf coast) and want to spend an afternoon at the can get bulky, heavy and awkward lugging it across the sand from a parking lot to the beach itself...putting it up right next to the trailer would be no issue at all
trailernovice 12/01/20 05:46pm General RVing Issues
My very own 'broken bumper' story...why didn't I listen?

First things first....I'm not posting this to antagonize the 'haters' but in hopes of bringing further light to the issue Despite the warnings all over this forum, I mounted a bike rack to the trailer 4"x4" square tube's the cheap 'two bicycle' rack that surrounds the spare tire...I've used this bike rack since 2010, on four different trailers, with no problems... I convinced myself that the real issue wasn't the weight itself, but the torqueing action of the bikes levering up and down independently of the movement of the alleviate this, I web-strapped the upper bar of the bike rack to the trailer itself...figured I had it licked You see where this story is going.... Rolling along the interstate last Sunday, I get startled people passing mean who are all pointing at me and mouthing the word 'BIKES' I pull over... What do I see? (drum roll please)..... The bumper has failed...however, not in the usual 'the welds snapped' way...instead, the metal of the bumper peeled open from the inside top at each side of each frame rail to about 2 inches down the back side...the bumper was still on the trailer, but now (because the back side tore open) at an angle where the bikes were on the ground... The whole bumper could have snapped off, sending bikes and steel tumbling down the highway...wreaking who knows how much carnage behind me for anyone who ran it over Clearly, the immediate cause was the bike rack....upon looking, however, the bumper was rusting from the inside out--undoubtedly from storing a wet, nasty sewer hose in it...weakened structure could have been partially to blame Takeways 1.) Despite my own inflated sense of smarts, turns out I DON'T know everything 2.) Should have heeded warnings of those with more knowledge and experience 3.) Even if convenient, better to find an alternative to the bumper for sewer-hose storage 4.) Just because you've got away with a dangerous practice for a long time doesn't mean it won't come up and bite at some point
trailernovice 12/01/20 02:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Am I making a mistake going with a heavier, thicker bumper?

Thx, gdetrailer....that's what I issue, not being a 'metal' person, was the way-out-there idea that the extra weight of a thicker bumper might in and of itself make it more prone to snapping off at the welds when the rig starts boucing at 65mph just because it weighs more that what was originally there
trailernovice 12/01/20 01:37pm Travel Trailers
Am I making a mistake going with a heavier, thicker bumper?

Need to replace the standard 4-inch-square steel tube bumper on our TT...plan to go with a replacement of thicker steel (3/16" v. the standard, original thin-wall 1/16")....the more I think about it, the more questions I have...would the heavier bumper create problems just by virtue of its weight, hanging off the end of the frame rails? thx
trailernovice 12/01/20 12:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: is there an easier-to-use sewer cap?

Thanks, everyone! that's not exactly how i viewed it (envisioned something with spokes justting out from the perimeter) but this IS exactly perfect as a solution....I KNEW there had to be something like that! issue is, you can close out this thread far as I'm concerned but feel free to leave it open if you think it'll help others
trailernovice 08/09/20 11:40am General RVing Issues
is there an easier-to-use sewer cap?

The sewer cap on our TT gets really tight...don't really want to wrap my hands (even in plastic gloves) around it to get a good enough grip to get enough torque to get it to come off...had an idea... Is there such a thing as a replacement sewer cap with outer 'spokes' or handles? Seems like that would be a lot easier to use...if there isn't one on the market, could I maybe super-glue some spoke-like handles to ours? Just thinkin'
trailernovice 08/09/20 11:22am General RVing Issues
Big Oak River Camp, Camp Wood, TX refused to return deposit

About thirty of us had a March 2020 group trip planned to Big Oak River Camp, in Camp Wood, Texas...we were forced to cancel because of the coronoavirus outbreak...owner refused to return deposit despite the unexpected and unforeseeable need to cancel in light of group-gathering prohibitions and government guidance re. travel
trailernovice 03/18/20 03:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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