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RE: 2020 Chevy 2500/3500 trucks

This would only be starting with the 2020 3500HD models. Previous years the 2500HD, 3500HD, and the 3500HD DRW chassis, frame, etc on GM pickups 2500's thru 3500's were basically the same with very suttle changes which depended on the model built. The 3 OEM builds from the 2500 thru the 3500HD were mostlyjust bolt or purchasable enhansements which added to the truck's capcity, like higher capacity tires or 2 more added, higher capcity shocks, added spring capacity mosty on the rear, and had different badging. Rear axle diameter was the same on all 3 models but the 3500's had an and added cap on top of the rear axle housing on a some year's 3500 models. The rear end/ ring gear etc size was accoring the the selected engine size or type or 2DW or 4wd etc put in the selected truck. So many variations and options were available so can't really cover all the possibilities one could select from in the various size and model level combinations possible as it varied with year.
travelnutz 02/07/20 09:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Super Bowl Turf....

Naaa! The Patriots should be the team there and would win again as usual with Tom Brady. Some people are just jealous! Tom Brady knows how to win and sure does. Too bad that he had to play all year while injured and still came close to being there or he'd most assuredly be playing in Super Bowl LIV with the Patriots again and would win it again. Kansas City, however will most likely win LIV as it should unless they make some stupid mistakes and turnovers. That's why they actually play the game for real!
travelnutz 02/02/20 08:15am Around the Campfire
RE: RV lot OWNERSHIP - deeded lot ownership, live year round

We have them ourselves in Michigan (4) and also in Florida (2) recently. Nothing new as they have been around for many decades already. A few things to remember that involve costs etc that may be high or low at various locations. We own and have owned several such RV properties where you can spend/occupy zero to 365 days a year on or even rent them out to others. If we rent them out, we get the full rent paid but if the association rents them out for us, we may get 50% to 67% of the rent amount paid. A big difference. You usually are not there when it's rented out. May be very wonderful renters or may even be druggies etc. Cost to purchase (of course). Yearly dues or some have monthly dues or fees (not to be confused with property taxes). All owned and deeded propeerties have property taxes that must be paid. All require keeping the property in good upkeep conddition wheter you are on it or not. If not occupying your property, you still must keep it up which usually means paying ssomeone else to do it for you. All have rules or convenents or HOA's etc. You are responsible for all utilities, costs and bills accrued, maintenance/upkeep there of, liability etc insurance/insurances(can get real sticky if rented out), you bear the cost of repairs etc caused by you or your renters, whether you are on the property or someone else is renting it. You OWN it! Remember that the property is a fixed location and you can't move it but you can sell it if must you don't like your neighbors or the costs or rules become more than you are willing to deal with or shuck out for them. Costs will only increase with time and virtually never decrease and guess who will be paying them! What can you actually sell it for in a present at the time market condition? Over the years since the 1980's we have sold 4 such RV condo properties and done very well but it's certainly not guaranteed. Can be a very good venture or a very bad venture and of course, many ventures do fail, some quickly and some over a long time. Some also increase in value and resale $$$ so it's wise to research thoroughly and know what you are getting yourself into. Laws, codes, and rules vary greatly from state to state and counties/areas also.
travelnutz 01/27/20 08:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 11 1/2’ TC owners wish they had a 9 1/2’

Our Lance TC is a 1997 990 Lance Legend 11' 3" or 4" long. Ordered new and our brochure said the floor length is 11' 4" but later brochures stated 11' 3" floor length. One inch difference and it depends where from where you take the measurement. Crazy! We love TC's and have had one or more constantly for 55 years now. That said, Ours is on a 2004.5 Chevy Duramax LLY crew cab long box 4X4 diesel single rear wheel truck and has been for well over a decade now. Yes, it's a lot of overhang behind but unlike forum member Specta we do mot have a very long cabover issue we sure didn't like even when thesame TC was on our ext cab dually truck or want as it makes for more like looking out thru a tunnel when driving. Personal choice perhaps, not that either is the best for all TC owners driving the rig. Prior to using the 990 Lance Legend on the diesle we had a Lance 9.5 TC also we used on the same truck. Yes, the extra length and especially the added weight. ~700 lbs as the 990 has more length all behind the rear axle and has a 3400 watt heavy built in Propane generator in the back end with larger holding tanks too. However, the added floor length is so nice with the large extra storage and we love the large counter space it has next to the fridge. More storage means more weight carried too or why even have more storage available? Really maxes out the truck's capacity with enhanced tire size capacity, air bags, and 4 Rancho 9000X adjustable shocks when we pull the 2150 lb outboard boat on its trailer with it's 270 lb tomgue weight added about 4 feet behind the truck's rear bumper. Over 90K miles just with the 990 TC on and handles great but you sure know the big TC is on the back. Yes, we do notice the extra TC length a lot over the 9.5' Lance when trying to get in a parking spot as it requires a double length (2 parking spots) to park the over 26'long rig which includes the OEM TC rear bumper in even without my added 22" X 90" rear porch on the back. 28+ feet then. Wife is disabled and parking way out isn't a real option for us or so many older TC RV'ers either. Fine for open space or site parking many areas like out west but not in short sites with trees etc behind like are in most of the country. Been there, done that so many times and know all too well over our 55 years of owning TC's.
travelnutz 01/25/20 10:34am Truck Campers
RE: Used truck camper

BTW, not a 1172 model but our lance Legend, new in 1997, has been fabulous and bullet proof and we still love it or we'd buy a new TC. Very well insulated, never any leaked, and have only had one needed replaced item. A new circuit board for the fridge in 2018. Not bad for 23 years of lots of usage!!! Well over 1000 nights and still counting. Our 3rd new Lance TC owned since the 1970's and all have been great. An 8', a 9-1/2', and our present big one.
travelnutz 01/23/20 08:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Used truck camper

Was writinng my post when the OP replied as to being a dually. Please weigh your pontoon rig ready to launch to fish and revisit your capabilities. You are really pushing your limits.
travelnutz 01/23/20 08:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Used truck camper

Are you aware that the TC's you desire all will weigh 5,000 lbs or very close to it or maybe even more when you add water, propane, a battery or two, food, personal items, pots an pans, canned goods, liquid foods and beverages, etc. Don't forget the weight of the leveling items needed, hookup items, some tools, and you might want a couple folding chairs for at the fire when you get back to your campsite. Your 3500 truck would have to be a dually rear wheel truck with airbags or overload type suspension addons just to safely handle the ready to travel TC alone. Then, you want to tow a pontoon boat on a trailer with an outboard motor, Fuel, anchor etc and who knows what else. Likely the trailer/pontoon rig will weigh a min of 3,500 or 4,000 lbs with a tongue weight of 450 to 550 additional lbs on the rear and should have a class 5 - 2-1/2" receiver and a heavy 48" extension just to get the bumper ball hitch back behind the rear of the heavy TC. Honestly, you are adding another 650 to 750 lbs min on the back of your truck. The entire weight of these TC's is carried on the rear axle and the hitch setup and the tongue weight is then added on top of it. Will your truck handle that much weight? Haven't even added your occupants total weight yet or the dogs/food weight either. The rear of your truck weighs 3000+ lbs unloaded. You really have some serious research and thinking to do before you buy one of those big heavy multiple slide out TC's and want to pull a pontoon boat behind also. We personally have and use a lot our 2004 Chevy Duramax crew cab long box 4X4 with our 11'4" Lance Legend TC with NO slides on the single rear wheel truck and have since 2004. TC alone scale weighs 4,320 lbs total ready to go and it's maxed out on the truck as for weight. On the oversized E tire capacity too. Our Lance has a 3400 watt built in OEM generator and 3 group 31 deep cycle batteries and 60 lbs of propane.
travelnutz 01/23/20 08:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Cargo light replacement bulb

The OP is looking for ideas!
travelnutz 01/18/20 08:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cargo light replacement bulb

Kelvin to the light temperature of the light rays not the lumens of light output. 6000 kelvin is a blueish white appearing light and yes it appears somewhat very white but a single 921 LED has a quite low lumen level output. I have two LED 921'a in our range hood and it's just enough light to see clearly what's cooking 18" below. Perhaps a gang of 921's would broadcast enough light to actually see the black 5th wheel hitch 4 feet behind by using a shiny cone shaped reflector. Gobs of possibilities can be experimented with. Who knows, might come up with a real novel idea or even a patentable idea. Yankee ingenuity at work...
travelnutz 01/18/20 08:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cargo light replacement bulb

They do make some roughly 2.5" X about 6" interior overhead ceiling replacement light enclosures that seem to be sealed and possibly counld replace your cargo light fixture. I doubt if they would be UV protected plastic though. They are very bright and run very cool. Lots of LED's in them and draw so little amps. Could even use 2 or more of them mounted on nice looking light type bar using the OEM wiring. Of note: Not to be used when not towing a light blocking trailer behind as there are laws prohibiting the use of bright white lights on the rear of vehicles. The driver behind's vision is dangerously compromised.
travelnutz 01/18/20 08:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cargo light replacement bulb

Likely you'd have to go to an LED (if you can find one to derectly replace with higher lumens output} VS the incandescent OEM bulb. A brighter Incandescent bulb would put out more to a lot more heat than the OEM original. For instance: An OEM 1156 incandescent bulb will draw 30+ amps of 12V DC and get very hot, way too hot to touch, while an LED with the same lumen output will only draw about 5 amps and is only warm to the touch. The excessive heat produced inside by a higher lumen output bulb in the enclosure is your eenemy! Heat produces no lumens (lost energy consumption), but sure can produce a fire or the melting of the plastic enclosure. Not good! The cargo light bulb like most other vehicle bulbs are usually trapped inside a small enclosure and a higher heat output could mean a fire or at a min a very short use life before bulb failure. Burn out so much quicker. Especially in hotter climates or in a hot summer elsewhere. Lumens is the measure of light output. LED's even at double or triple the lumen output are so much cooler operating when on. Just a fraction of the heat produced by a same lumen output incandescent bulb and also last 10+ times as long before failure. If you are handy and able, it's possible to install a different socket inside the cargo light enclosure so a 12V required LED with a much higher lumen output could be used. I had done this myself in2 of our 5th wheel basements and more than doubled the lumens.
travelnutz 01/18/20 08:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Duallies in Tennessee

9.75% sales tax is extremely high and results in a lot higher total annual taxes paid in Tennessee than most other states with having the same yearly income. For instance: Michigan's sales tax is 6% total max by law and so much is tax exempt. Groceries, drugs, fuel, etc. The 4.2% income tax doesn't kick in until you annually earn way over the average income and even less after deductions are taken. We know as we have lived in Michigan for 78 years and how much would be paid for state income tax. 83% pay zero income tax in Michigan. Florida on the other hand not only has a higher state sales tax but the counties also add a tax percentage too on top of the state percentage. They also have a yearly personal property tax too. We won't even mention the extreme taxes people in many other states like California, New York, New Jersey, and several others are saddled with and then add in the very high cost of living there too. Makes Michigan, Tennessee, and Florida seem to be about tax free by comparison...
travelnutz 01/12/20 04:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RV parks North across bridge from Mackinaw City

Just with a quick look up. There are 13 CG's around St Ignace on the north side of the bridge and 11 CG's around Mackinaw City on the south side of the bridge. That's 24 CG's to choose from in just those 24 close CG's. Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground alone for instance has over 700 sites on more than 200 acres with over 1 mile of beach. Have fun choosing! Only the thread OP knows what type sites they want and with having what hoohups. So many to thousands to choose from.
travelnutz 01/08/20 07:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Heated Mattress Pad

Since the late 1980's we have been using either an electric mattress pad or a heated blanket in all our RV's when not on connected to shorepower. Makes zero difference to us or many others as we and most others also had/have a very capable inverter and an adequate number of batteries/amps to suppkly the DC power needed by the inverter. Never once have we drawn the batteries below 50% charge yet in any month of the year. If you have large enough wire size going from the vehicle to the RV batteries/converter charger, the alternator output will recharge the batteries fast. Too small of a wire size (gauge) acts as a choke and the recharge takes many to very many hours to recharge them. Can't stress that strong enough! Also having a 1000 watt + generator and a 25-40 amp battery charger will do the job well enough too. Some use solar but you still need enough amps output from adequate sunshine hours to be able to recharge adequately. Clouds blocking the sun and trees/leaves blocking the sun are a big issue in the eastern half of the USA as trees are almost everywhere and especially in popular CG's, state forests, national forests, national parks, etc. An electric mattress pad or blanket doesn't draw that much current and it only draws current when heat is actually called for. We usually see 25% to 30% of an hour.
travelnutz 12/28/19 03:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dual 6-volt battery box for TC wheel well

A simple reasons for using 12 volt deep cycle batteries is I can have odd numbers of batteries but you can't using 6 volt batteries. Amps are amps no matter if you have 1 battery or 10 batteries. I tried the two 6 volt GC battery back in the 1980's and it never lasted before needing recharging any longer than having two 12 volt batteries of the same amp size in our RV's. 54 years of RV'ing for us. It's BS to me that two 6's are better than two 12's as again, amps available are amps available no matter whether two 6s or two 12's having the same amp capacity, period! Next, if a 6 volt battery bites the dust, you will have no usable DC to use at all as 12 volts are required. 12 volt deep cycle batteries are off the shelf and available about anywhere but 6 volt GC batteries are much harder to find especially in low population areas as there is much less call for them. If one of the 12 volt battery fails, just simply unhook it's cable and you're stil good to go having 12 volts. Having either 6 volt or 12 volt flooded etc batteries you still follow the same rule of recharging when at 50% charge left. Who's kidding who??? I have repeadedly been getting 7 years + out of my 12 volt bvatteries. Why did I say +? Because my present 5th wheel 5 batteries were put in in 2010 and in just 3-1/2 months they will then have been in for 10 full years. Well, 4 of them will have been in for 10 years as one failed this summer so I took it out. Kind of became a game as I want to see if the other 4 will make it to 10 years. Then I will replace all 5 at the same time. Not stuck with no DC anyway as I have the 2 that are in the wheel well and I have two 6' long #2ga fine strand welder wire cables (1 for + and 1 for-) that attach to the truck bed under the top rai junction block brass bolts with stainless wingnuts that go back to the 500 amp Marine barrel switch mounted under the 5th wheel overhang which then is connected to the 5th wheel battery input system in the cargo storage area where the inverter, converter, 12 volt fuse box, and the 5th wheel DC system connects to. The 5th wheel shore power cord is on the drivers side rear with the 110 volt fuse panel in an compartment accessed from inside the 5th wheel.
travelnutz 12/25/19 09:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Parking in Jacksonville, FL Wal Mart

Cracker Barrel's are excellent places to stop, eat and stay overnight and also have very good breakfasts in the morning too. We have been using them for over 24 years now for overhighting, have a nice reasonable hot meal after a long day of drivimg. Yes, they do expect RV'ers to come into the restaurant to eat. We always do as we are not leeches. It's only fair or they will stop overnight RV parking. Most frown on opening any slides as they are parking spaces closer to the business and usually are at a nice angle parking for easy longer vehicle rig or buss entry and exit. They are not RV camping sites but are a goo safe paved place to park overnight. Most are decently or well lighted for pedestrian safety to and from the restaurant as during the day and evening many busses will stop for passenger eating. Remnember? That is if you are about under 50' long or less in most as the RV parking are made for busses and RV's that will fit. Usually are always pull thru parking with an inner road for vehicle traffic to pass by in front and behind and you can't block off the inner roadways parking traffic or you just may get kicked out! If you are too long, best you go to a Wally World or someplace else. Our 29' Carriage 5th wheel on tbe crew cab long box truck just fits in most of the Cracker Barrel's RV/buss parking section. Some Cracker Barrels do have a few areas around the outside of their parking lots/areas where a longer rig can park without impeding business clients traffic ways.
travelnutz 12/24/19 08:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dual 6-volt battery box for TC wheel well

I have had 2 Group 31 deep cycle 12 volt batteries ahead of the rear wheel well on 2 different Chevy 2500 long box truck since 1993 with 2 different Lance TC's on the truck. Do not have them in a box but do have a 5 sided (no bottom) cover I made myself to shield the battery top and sides from the weather. Works perfect! Why 3 Batteries for the TC? We have a 1500 watt inverter in the TC and for the 5th wheel, it has 5 same batteries inside the RV and the 2 bed batteries give us 7 group 31 batteries as the 5th wheel has a 2500 watt inverter. That's 875 amps of battery capability and 1575 minutes reserve. The bed batteries are connected to the diesel engine's dual alternators for fast recharging of all batteries with #2ga both + & - same welder cables in plastic sheathing running under the truck attached to the truck frame to the high capacity control engine inexpensive starter solenoid then to the alternators so it can't run the truck starting batteries down. Dead batteries are no fun! The + cable is fused at each end with a simple 80 amp replaceable blade marine HD fuse. Just a big sized blade fuse like all the other fuses in a vehicle! The cover has a chain over the top that goes between 2 glued and screwed on rails across the top of the Thompson's treated plywood battery cover for security when our 5th wheel is being used. Also is protection when the 5th wheel is in a CG and driving the truck to the stores etc. The battery cover is left off when the Lance TC is on the truck as the batteries are under the over the bed rails so no need to protect them from the weather and no one could possibly get to them as there's only about an inch between the top of the bed rail sides and the bottom of the TC and the 2 batteries are secure between the wheel well and the fron of the bed box. I use 2 group 31 batteries 12 volt batteries as the Lance battery space has another of the same batteries. This gives 3 large batteries having 125 amps woth 225 minites of reserve power from full charge capability. Total of 375 amps and 675 minutes for the 3 batteries. Using 12 volt batteries I can have 3 but if 6 volt batteries were used I could only have 2 batteries as I need to have 12 volts output. The 2 external batteries are coupled to the 1 Lance internal with #2ga fine strand welder wire (one for positive and one for negative) stainless wingnut screwed onto the two 3/8 brass bolt studs going thru the lower TC wall about an inch below the TC overhang and extending out about 1-1/2", For clarification: The 3/8 brass bolt has a brass washer on either side and a brass nut outside to squeeze caulk sealing and secure so no leaks. The roughly 1" of the threads sticking out is where the + & - heavy wire leads from the 3 batteries connect to with the wingnuts. Before lowering the TC down the final maybe 4", I connect all 3 batteries together with the wing nuts on the brass studs. Reverse the process when taking the TC off. Going on 27 years now without one single hitch and having gobs of 12 volt and 110 AC power anywhere/anytime... Also have a Honda EU 2000 on the rear of the 5th wheel with a 6 gal aux gasoline tank plus the one gallon internal the Honda has. The Lance has a 3400 watt propane built in generator. Yes, we are always very well prepared! The Lance and the 5th wheel both have 2 - 30lb PP tanks - 60lbs of propane total each.
travelnutz 12/22/19 08:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Heated Mattress Pad

A little more info for using a heated mattress pad on an air mattress. We have always put a standard cotton mattress pad on top of the air mattress and under the heated mattress pad and is probably why the AeroBed, Coleman, and Intek air mattresses have lasted so many years without developing leaks. 22 years and still no leaks in the TC's. I feel that putting the HOT heated mattress pad directly on top of the vinyl plastic mattress would shorten it's life or cause leaking far more quickly. All our RV's we've had since 1983 have had an inverter used in them starting with our first inverter owned which was an 1800 watt Heart Interface. The Heart Interface was actually purchased for use in our 30' Catalina sailboat and then the 34' Catalina but was very easy to disconnect and also use it in our RV's for 110 AC when off shorepower. It was heavy unlike the inverters of today but sure did work great as long as you had several deep cycle batteries. Had a built in 65 amp charger to recharge the batteries when the engine is running. Our AeroBed pump runs on 110AC and so does our heated mattress pads and having an inverter solves that when being off the grid. Sure wish AeroBed still made the 8" thick model with the dual sides inflation control internal pump and a wired remote pod as I'd buy another one for the 5th wheel in a heartbeat. I'm limited to 8" thick in the Lance TC cabover bed as if any thicker it would block the wardrobe cabinet door from opening. Even a 10" would work fine in the 5th wheel as nothing is in the way but we'd probably have to leave the 2" thick memory foam off that is on the present 8" Intek as it makes it too high to sit on the edge of the bed. Maybe we both just need 2" longer legs!!!
travelnutz 12/21/19 08:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Heated Mattress Pad

We use a mattress heated pad in both of our RV's and have for the last 31 years in our truck campers and 26 years in our Carriage 5th wheels. Both have air mattresses as we like them to sleep on. The Lance TC's have had a queen Arrow Bed with an internal pump and has a 4 ft wired remote control that has dual side control for inflation so inflation level can be adjusted anytime on either side with just a push of a button. Haven't had to make any ajustments during the night and the Aero Bed mattress on the TC bed was purchased in 1997 and never leaked and still works fine. Never had a problem with inflation level due to heat expansion. Certainly couldn't tell any difference in inflation. The Aero Bed mattress was $120 when we bought it in 1997 but so glad we did. We litterrally hate a cold bed at night and the air mattress with the heated mattress pad keeps the bed toasty warm. Remember that the mattress in a TC sits right on the cab over floor and has no air flow under it to warm it. The OEM mattress got so cold as we would use the TC in the winter in the U.P. of Michigan pulling our 2 Snowmobiles behind for many years hitting ther trails and the outside temps would be way below freezing and even had nights of -20F and one night of -29F. Imagine how cold that unheated OEM mattress would have been! Yup, I still have the 3 OEM mattresses out of our TC's and 2 out of our 5th wheels stored out in my finished unheated toy barn building yet. Basically unused... Maybe our grand kids might need one for one of their RV's and we have it and it's free for them. Aero Bed quiit making the air mattress that we have in the TC so for the 5th wheel I only have used Coleman and Intech air mattresses and they work fine too. They are real cheap and of course they don't last as long as the Aero Bed air mattress has. We usually only get around 5-6 years use out of them before they start losing air but that's OK as they are cheap to replace. We carry an extra new one under the bed storage area so we are prepared if a failure happens. No big deal! No way would we go back to a normal mattress in our RV's because we are spoiled now being pampered. We're both 78 yrs now and still RV'ing a lot!
travelnutz 12/21/19 12:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Getting cold {er} in southern Arizona...

Yes, with temps in the 30's it's sweatshirt or light jacket weather outside in West Michigan too. If the wind would happen to be blowing over 15mph, then cover the sweatshirt with a nylon shell pullover or a spring jacket to pervent the wind from going thru the sweatshirt. We never wear heavy coats up here as only thin layers so you can put on or remove as wanted. However, down in our Florida place we go to for about 2 months each winter as we visit family living in various locations in Florida. Also as my wife is disabled, making sure she doesn't slip and fall on any ice too. When the temp gets down to 50F or below, as it does so often, especially after sunset, the air feels much colder and/or bitter than even 30F back in Michigan and you just can't get warm. We hear the same thing from so many other people in the CG Resort etc constantly and most come from the Midwest - Lake Michigan area and east, and several are from the Northern East Coast of Maryland and north. Only thing that we don't get when in Florida is snow but we get a lot of rain and extremely humid air 24/7. Not much better than having some snow which melts and disappears. In Florida, the humidity overnight makes everything soggy wet in the morning. The bugs love it! Won't go west in winter as we really dislike deserts, dry, dusty, and dead bleak looking landscapes of nothingness and the mountains do not thrill us either anyway as they are just big bumps in the way when wanting to be going someplace or somewhere. there's Beginning our 55th year of RV'ing and not hardly anywhere we haven't been in the USA, including Alaska, or Canada.
travelnutz 12/17/19 12:40pm General RVing Issues
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