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RE: Ocala National Forest RV campgrounds and Jeep Trails

Salt Springs can handle a 40' MH well and have FHU. It's more like a big feild of site rows with having some trees but not that many. Juniper Springs is a much nicer pleasant and prettier well forested really nice CG but as said not FHU or any HU's at all but has a good Bathhouse centrally located. Has a dump station just outside the 2 loop entrances with potable water also. Roads are all paved as are the sites for an RV and vehicle. Most all use their blue lagoon to empty their holding tanks as it just a short distance to the dump sataion t pull them behind a vehicle on the paved roads. However, many of the sites may be a real squeeze for a 40'er with a toad. We stayed a month or so for 4 years at Juniper Springs CG and loved it. Just recharge your batteries each day with a QUIET generator but can't be run at night. Having adequate solar will sure help but doesn't recharge much if cloudy and zero charge at nightime. A QUIET around 2000 watt generator is more than adequate and some were using 1000 watt Honda's to recharge their batteries and it worked fine for them. Last time we were to Alexander Springs (about 6 years ago) the roads to get there were long, gravel and dirt, and quite dusty, and not very smooth at all. Don't know if they have paved them since. No Hookups like at Juniper. I assume the Ocala NF still has much of it restricted as it's used for a practice bombing range. They can be very loud and shakes the RV's in the CG's as they are not many miles south of highway 40 east of Ocala. Never had them bomb at night.
travelnutz 08/15/19 10:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Upper Peninsula

3rd week of july will be fine plus. CG's: ots of them both State Parks etc and private owned all over the U.P. and the L.P. We live in West Michigan on Lake Michigan in the L.P. and go up to the U.P. a lot in all seasons. Every year one or more times in our 57years of marriage and the black flies issues are so overblown. Yes they can be a problem for 2-3 weeks in June but that's about it. Our Favorite CG's are Tahquamenon State Park Lower Falls CG (Portage CG) as so much to see and do in the area. Close the the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point. Very popular. A little north of Tahquamenon Falls there's Muskallonge Lake State Park on Lake Superior and Muskallonge Lake. Aune-Osborn at the Soo Locks (the worlds bussiest locks with even 1000' ships going thru and they go 100-300 yards away from you either at the locks or the CG). Fayette Historic State Park on the Garden Peninsula, Has the gorgeous Snail Shell Harbor and the restored iron works many building. Indian Lake State Park CG and Kitch-iti-kipi Palms Book State Park is close by but has no camping right there. Very interesting huge spring you human power the ferry across the crystal clear deep spring. 10,000 gallons every minute flow and lots of large fish always in view in the super clear water which is a constant 45 degrees year around. Munising Tourist Park CG with lots views. Remember that Lake Superior is always cold even in summer as it's so huge and deep and far north. A quick dip is about all one can take in the very clear clean waters. These are our favorites up there among many others. Michigan has over a hundred State Parks and thousands of campgrounds. More than 11,000 inland lakes alone and more than 3,200 miles of Great Lake's shorelines on 4 of the 5 vast Great Lakes. No place you can stand in the entire state and be more than 6 miles from a lake. Lots of Privately owned CG all over the U.P. Far too many to list. Not too many CG's have full hookups in the U.P. but have electric, water, and dump stations at most all and have good clean bath houses/restrooms. That's why/what RV's have holding tanks for.
travelnutz 08/13/19 09:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Poor mods

bucky, send a cashiers check for $1000 to yourfavorite mod for your subscription and he will reconnect you to the forum within 30 days. haha
travelnutz 08/10/19 06:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Is it too much to ask...

After being downwind of many of the people or in crowds who simply STINK, I'll take scented deordorants etc on people any hour and/or day of the week over the putrid disgusting BO (body odors)! Some can and sure use a very liberal over application amount of the "powder or bottle bath" and sure can be bad smelling too. A reasonable amount applied is a positive so the rest of us can breathe without gaging. Some females mainly certainly do overuse scents or powders and that can be just as bad of strong air permeation. Not much better than having an open sewer BO smell.
travelnutz 08/02/19 10:58am Around the Campfire
RE: RV park rates

We are past long time (we done very well) business owners so we know that to stay in business you have to make a reasonable profit or will or be shut down. That said, we are not penny pinchers by any means but also not stupid and be overcharged for a CG site or overnight site either. Have seen many CG's that were always busy and fairly priced for what they offered their customers selling out to mew owners big or small and then raising their prices higher than the rate of inflation and soon become half full even at peak times or well less than half full or gone out of business as most RV'ers are NOT stupid! They can make some well needed improvements to the CG and raise the price slightly but most seem to think a $30,000 or $60,000 needed upgrade done must be paid back in just one or two years and smart RV'ers refuse to be fleeced with big rate increases and there goes the bulk of their customer base. Word travels so fast and there goes the long time repeat customers including us and we are big on spreading the truth and factual details both positive and negative on such CG places. A dressed up to the nines pig is still a pig in actuality and almost nothing more! It's your money and only you have the right to decide if you are getting what you want for the cost paid. Your RV has wheels under it and rolls so easily to a more desirable in terms of needs and price worthiness CG's. You get nothing more than a receipt for the monies spent at any CG whether you paid $10/night or $70/night+ for your stay. How gullible are you???
travelnutz 07/29/19 10:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for White Christmas RV parks

sayoung Bull of being -40 at Lake Gogebic in Michigan's Upper Peninsula at Christmas time. Average temp in Gogebic County in December is 24.2 degrees for the high and 9.1 for the low at night. January is the coldest month and the high is 20.3 with the low being 2.9 Degrees. Look it up! We live in West Michigan and have for 77+ years and have gone up to the U.P. so many times in mid winter (Tahquamenon Falls, Drummond Island, and various other locations) both by vehicle and with one of our RV's for several days and nights at a time and it's not even cold feeling. You dress for the weather no matter where you are at on the Planet Earth! BTW, there are CG's open in the winter up there and yes the electric is on too. Toilet facilities open but not showers at many or dump stations at most locations. Simply sponge bathe in your RV if no showers open, works fine! We certainly had lots of fun at Tahquamenon Falls CG in Jan and Feb every time and always were lots of other RV'ers there too. All is kept plowed. Gobs of snowmobilers, skiers, and snowshoeing enthusiasts too. Restaurants are open and so are motels and cabins as the U.P. is a beautiful winter wonderland. Even been to Copper Harbor (Northern tip of the U.P.) and all around Lake Superior going thru Ontario Canada in the deep winter and never got cold.
travelnutz 07/25/19 08:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campspreading

Fortunately, We haven't ever in our 54 years of camping/RV'ing experienced any "campspreading". However, have had very loud party'ers or drunks a few times and a couple times with unruly undisciplined kids next door to our sight a few times. We do approach the neighbor and politely explain and ask them to cool it and only once did they not stifle it. I reported them to the management and they stopped by to observe and the people were made to pack up and leave. Problem solved! We always scour our site for any trash or dog droppings even if they were not from our dog and then most always take out the collapsible rake always carried and rake the site earth into a small pile next to the CG road for easy pickup and leave the site cleaner than when we had arrived. We have been thanked so many times by the management or workers and it has paid us back so many times over. When we call for a site often they made sure we got a really good site and we so appreciate it as it's a 2 way street of respect. They knew we were very responsible campers and they wanted us there! What's not to like???
travelnutz 07/13/19 09:02am General RVing Issues
RE: I hate dinettes

Having had 2 RV's with table and chairs sure told us we'd not buy another with table and chairs! All our other RV's had dinettes as will all our future RV's also. Our 54th year of lots of RV'ing so we have lots of experience. The dinette is so much more comfortable hands down. We do not buy cheapie RV's as they cut corners like cushions/foam due to low selling price. We use the storage below the seat as we always have doors on the end for access. We keep many of our canned/bottled food items in a long plastic Tupperware box under one seat. Store our electrical accessories for laptops, the laptops, flashlights, AAA/AA/C/D batteries, items like soldering iron and solder, ink for the printer, and other various items in smaller Tupperware container boxes all inside a larger Tupperware box under the other seat. The floor under the dinette seats always has carpet so the about 16" wide X 40'long 8" deep Tupperware main boxes slide our so easy for full access to everything stored. Then just slide them back in and close the door. Try that with a table and chair setup! Beside, the straight hard backs on chairs are so uncomfortable after a few minutes and the seats are hard too. Plus all chairs have to be strapped etc down for traveling but do nothing with a dinette. The nice thick foam seat and back cushion are so much more comfortable even after hours of sitting there. Added is that you can turn sideways when desired on a dinette seat and it's like having a true same height footstool. Keeps your legs up and sis o relaxing!
travelnutz 07/04/19 10:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hats Off to Marcus Lemonis

I am ashamed of those who don't show their patriotism and display with true respect as emphatically as they can by their own desired choice. No pole is too high or flag too big either for displaying the "American Flag". Love and respect your country, or leave it! You sure won't be missed at all! Shame also on ANY municipality, state, county, or defined area who puts restrictions on the display of the "American Flag" on the property they own and made to pay taxes on as long as if falls or should be knocked down it would still be on the owners property. Their property, their choice!!! P E R I O D !!!
travelnutz 07/02/19 12:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Welcome tips/input on trip to Lake Gogebic State Park

Yes, Dodge and Island Lakes (connected by a short smaller boat-able channel) has a good public launching ramp too on the south shore of Dodge Lake.
travelnutz 06/19/19 07:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Welcome tips/input on trip to Lake Gogebic State Park

YES, the U.P. is a lot bigger than most realize and very spread out places with only around 300,000 population compared to the L.P. which has 9,650,000 population with 90+% of them living in the southern half of the L.P. Michigan has thousands of campgrounds with a total of over 300,000 campsites per the DNR and has more than 11,000 inland lakes larger than 5 acres in size and over 3,200 miles of Great Lakes shorelines on 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. Bet you can't guess why we won't ever move away and have lived here on the Lake Michigan Lakeshore so happily for all of our 77+ years.
travelnutz 06/18/19 09:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Welcome tips/input on trip to Lake Gogebic State Park

Some other possibilities: Did you check Indian Lake SP a couple miles west of Manistique. Nice place. Lots to do in the area and see, like Kitch-iti-kipi Spring SP about ~12 miles away and lots of fishing lakes in the area with having a canoe type boat too. Drive down the Garden Peninsula for a day trip to Fayette Historic SP and Snail Shell Harbor. A restored iron smelting large park that also has a SP CG within walking distance of the historic part. The CG is adequate but not prime like the fancy LP CG's but it has electric and restroom/showers. Could even stay a couple days there if desired. Lots to see there. We have been there many times with an RV or our large sailboat or our cabin cruiser by water from Grand Haven, MI. We are "travelnutz" and for over 55 years now whether by RV/land, Water or Cruise ship 16 times, or even by air when a must like for Hawaii or across the Atlantic. Yes, drove to Alaska a few time too and also flew and cruised there 4 times too. So many places yet or again to go but so little time because we are old farts now but that's not going to stops us, just slow us down a little.
travelnutz 06/18/19 09:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Welcome tips/input on trip to Lake Gogebic State Park

OP, we go up to Tahquamenon Falls State Park for the last 57 years starting from home usually by October 1st for the brilliant colored leaf peeping and usually to Muskallonge State Park for a couple days too as we RV. Gorgeous trip every year. Tahquamenon Falls State Park and the Upper CG (Hemlock) at the lower falls is open and kept plowed with electric on for RV's year around. The Lower CG (Portage - our favorite), Rivermouth and Muskallonge CG's closes down on October 11th to the 14th each year. The falls and the parking lots, both Upper and lower, with some of the amenities are open for use year around. We have been there with an RV in Jan and Feb a few times in the past.
travelnutz 06/17/19 10:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Welcome tips/input on trip to Lake Gogebic State Park

Distance from Gogebic State Park to Ontonagon is 44 miles and takes 50 minutes of travel each way at the speed limits. Heck, going all the way west to Ironwood on US-2 would be closer and 7 minutes less each way than going to Ontonagon and Ironwood is a lot larger city than Ontonagon.
travelnutz 06/17/19 09:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Welcome tips/input on trip to Lake Gogebic State Park

Quite desolate around Lake Gogebic and when we were there, basically no commercial businesses within maybe 15 miles. Nearest laundromat either Watersmeet or Wakefield both over 30 miles drive in opposite directions. A real grocery store is at Wakefield and a very small one at Wattersmeet. Didn't see one on M-28 north side of Lake Gogebic when there as from there it's closer to Wakefield but a farther drive from the stat park than via US-2. Lots of smaller lakes for fishing or canoe type boat south of US-2 a little southwest of Wattersmeet. Lake Gogebic is very large and can get way to rough for canoe fishing real quick. All depends on wind direction and wind speed.
travelnutz 06/17/19 08:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Spend 400 bucks for dual alternators on new Ram build?

The thread OP is from/living in the Midwest where solar is very iffy at best and there's trees everywhere too which virtually block out the sun's rays anyway. Note that the promotors of solar are from the desert/bleak/virtually treeless areas of North America. We know the difference as that's where we live in the Midwest also and very smartly opted for dual alternators on our ordered diesel truck and been so happy we did. Remember that the alternator works equally fast in recharging in any area/location you might be in unlike with iffy solar. Alternators are not affected by cold, altitude, clouds or trees, rain or snow, and is very fast and dependable. It's not only the fact that the dual alternators will quickly when at engine idle recharge all the batteries (2 in the truck and 3 group 31 batteries for the Lance TC with its 1500 watt inverter or our Carriage 5th wheel with 5 same batteries in it and 2 more in the bed of the truck for powering the 5th wheel with its 2500 watt inverter). Even if in direct sun for 12 ours a day everyday, solar would be about like using a candle to heat a home in zero degree weather. Basically useless! The additional plus is that having dual alternators and buying the extra serpentine single alternator belt stored under the seat means even if an alternator fails, you simply change belts and are good to go with the other alternator. A real game changer! $400 seems a very high price for a second alternator as ours was well less than half of that cost.
travelnutz 06/13/19 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: lost my co pilot

So sorry to hear that! Much very deep sympathy from us. Cancer is certainly not a friend at all as I'm a cancer survivor myself for 9+ years now and maybe I'm just lucky. We are both over 77 now and we do cherish every day together and all the wonderful memories. We are and have been a married fine tuned team for nearly 58 wonderful years together now and don't want it to end ever! The happy memories together are so important and will last forever...
travelnutz 06/11/19 11:42am Around the Campfire
RE: OH Happy Day... for now..... only 2 cents apart

Gas and diesel has been see-sawing with each other for many months here in on the West Michigan Lakeshore where we live. Lowest price we've seen for gas was $2.57 and diesel was $2.61. Both were in the $2.80's this morning. Seems the price changes everyday either up or down a few cents. When the price of each is the same, Diesel has a big advantage in cost/mile of driving as diesel has 12% more energy in it per gallon etc and that alone with the diesel price at $2.80/gal equates to the price of gas needing to be $3.14/galt o drive the same distance (miles) with both comparable vehicles. Then the fact that a diesel engine runs at a much lower RPM's than a comparable size gas engine, we experience an honest roughly 30% to 35% less fuel consumed in our diesel engine vs our gas engine truck. Especially when towing or hauling heavy. Had the very same heavy Lance truck camper on both our gas truck and our diesel truck and we seen the difference constantly on the many trips driven. Until last year when we finally stopped keeping a log book, The diesel truck consistently got between 1.36 to 1.55 higher MPG than the gas trucks whether towing our 5th wheel or with the Lance on over a total of more than 470,000 miles driven with the trucks.
travelnutz 06/04/19 09:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Midwest flooding andinto Michigan

down home, You are the thread's OP. We owned 4 side by side parcels high and dry with a total of 4.3 acres since 1987 with 2 being on a lake between Pentwater and Ludington inland from Lake Michigan approx 9 miles in the 532,000 acre Manistee National Forest. Just 2 years ago sold 2 of them and are completing the sale of the 3rd next week, (the closing). One is left to keep as we are over 77 years old and maintaining 4 was getting to be too much for us. 2 are bare land with RV pads, one with electric and the other 2 of the 4 have a joint deep well, full approved septic in, and 100 amp split (220 v) electric service on each with a finished pad for our one 5th wheel and the other for family to use with an RV. One lot has an Amish built "storage barn" 10 X 20 foot with a 3/4" pressure treated plywood floor on a 4 X 6 pressure treated framing and pressure treated sidewalls and shingled roof. Kept our snowmobiles and motorcycle dirt bikes in it plus whatever. Property taxes total per year were $422 for all 4 parcels. Total yearly property taxes we pay and we don't get the homestead exemption there either. I sure don't think that is high taxes! Yes, we live in West Michigan on the lakeshore just outside of Grand Haven city limits and have a very nice 2800 sq ft walkout ranch home here we built years ago with an oversized 2 stall attached garage on a very large high and dry sand soil lot. Have my 32 X 36 foot finished off to match the home "toy Barn" with full electric behind on our property. Has a 6" thick concrete floor with a 6 foot wide apron across the front and has a 14" wide X 12' 6" high front door with 12' 6" high ceiling inside the building. Our total yearly property taxes taxes sure are not high at all here either for what we have and the great location. Yes, we do get the homestead exemption ammount just like everyone else does. I'm confused by why your taxes are so high in Michigan? However, I don't know much about Coldwater area and only been thru there maybe 6 times on US-12 but didn't stop. We have owned 4 other additional properties in West Michigan also and the property taxes were not high including on our condo property owned for 21 years with a 35' dock on the Grand River for our 34' Catalina sailboat we had.
travelnutz 05/31/19 08:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Midwest flooding andinto Michigan

That's one of and a big reason we have lived for 77+ years and will always live in West Michigan on the lakeshore. It's simply wonderful!!!
travelnutz 05/30/19 12:58pm Around the Campfire
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