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RE: What percent of the time do you leave your TC on your truck?

As for why the big Lance Legend TC is on the truck 100% of/during the extended summer 6 months? It's always kept fully stocked and ready to go always so basically can leave home within an hour just needing to load just perishable foods when any planned or un-planned desire hits. There's so much going on all 6 nice warm months where we live at on and and along the Lake Michigan Lakeshore N, E, and S and thus we always have our little totally self-containedvery comfortable home right with us on the truck and can stay as long as we want to at about any location or venue area. Have 60 lbs of propane, a built in 3400 watt PP generator, a 1500 watt inverter with three 120 AH deepcycle batteries and the diesel truck also has dual alternators, 46 gallons of fresh water, adequate B & G holding tanks, 6 cu ft 3 way fridge, all led lighting and TV. Never need A/C anyway during the summer on the shoreline area of our state and with the PP/AC/DC fridge, PP heat, DSL WH, range and oven. We don't even need a campsite if we don't want one. A TC rig is very compact and no one even notices if it's occupied or not for the night. A nice well equipped TC is so versatile and is fabulous plus and is why we have always owned at least one constantly since 1965!!!
travelnutz 10/31/19 08:50pm Truck Campers
RE: What percent of the time do you leave your TC on your truck?

On our fine diesel truck 100% from May thru October. Then it's off the truck and the 5th wheel hitch is on for our 5th wheel for the months only of (during Nov - April). Best of both halves of the year! Spend 2-1/2 months (2nd week of Jan - late Mar) at our winter snowbirding CG about 100 miles south into Florida as is needed for my disalbed wife and also have family members down there in Florida we visit.
travelnutz 10/31/19 10:56am Truck Campers
RE: What happened to

RuPaul's name or image on anything would only make my RV rig wheels turn faster to get more distance away from the "IT"!
travelnutz 10/31/19 10:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Why aren't Truck Campers popular in W. Pa.?

time2retire, Truck campers are very popular in Michigan and there's a lot of dealers with adequate inventory at their dealerships. See lots of TC's on the road, CG's and at homes. Both Lance TC's and Northwoods TC's (Arctic Fox etc) are made way over on the West Coast but only Lance is popular and sells well in the Midwest or east of the Mississippi.
travelnutz 10/19/19 10:21am Truck Campers
RE: Out of the blue....

We have met so many new friends which have become very long time personal friends met at campgrounds. Many dozens of them! Next week 2 of the friend couples (1 from Lubbock Texas and the other from Santa Fe New Mexico) will be staying at our home in West Michigan for several days. Each has a 25' TT and will be staying on our property as many of our various friends do and have FHU for them. Then we will all go together with our RV's (3) up north and to the U.P. of Michigan for RV travel and camping and the Fall color leaves peeping. Will be going to a couple National Parks too in Michigan. Stopping together at several venues and other sights along the way and plan to be gone for 2-3 weeks before they return home. Will be about mid-October then when they start south. We have for over 35 years now been RV'ing to various met new friends homes around the U.S. and Canada and they also have come to our home on the Lake Michigan Shoreline area. We always have so much fun together and it just keeps on going on and on and on! Our longest campground met friends happened in 1963 and ity's still going on today yet!
travelnutz 09/13/19 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best selling truck campers (by volume) ?

Rarely see Northwood/Arctic Fox TC's east of the Mississippi River but sure do see several Lance TC's every day on the road, in store parking lots etc, or in CG's. We look for TC's as we have always had a various brand TC's ourselves constantly since 1965. Do see some Cirrus and a few Palomino's maybe in a week's time. Very rare to see a Bigfoot, Eagle Cap, Adventurer, or Northern Lite in a weeks time on the road etc or in a CG either in the Midwest as TC's are quite popular here as we know.
travelnutz 09/08/19 04:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Best RV Resort or Campground

To the thread OP. How much per day are you willing to pay for your site? How much will you pay? A couple days, a week, a month stay??? Fancy resorts charge a lot more than for these ammenities that so very few campers even use. Have to remember that all ammenities expensives have to be covered every day whether they or you ever use them or maybe just one out of the many offered. Then there's location, location, location that factors into the daily price charged. The restrictions enter in it as to what they allow to camp there too. Less than 10 years lod RV's? Less than 10 year old motor homes only and must pass inspection for acceptible condition? Less that 10 year old 5th wheels and Travel trailers? so many of those criteria restrictions will not allow tent camping. Most state parks do allow any reasonable type of RV/tent campers to have a site and at far lower daily costs and most have multitudes of recreational ammenities and activities. You be the judge as it's your money and desires you are parting with your money for. Remember that you are not buying the CG or site and when you leave you can't take it with you but you can take the receipt. Whoopie! So many RV'ers start out wanting or thinking they will only seek or stay at the so called "very nice CG's and resorts" and most all soon realize they are paying for so much they don't ever use and soon wise up. That is unless the RV'er has so much money they don't give 2 hoots. Maybe you are in that boat? Note! We have been in depth RV'ing for 54 years and seen so much happenings go over the dam and conversing with many thousands of RV'ers in CG's traveling with our various TT's, 5th wells, class C's and large class A's. Been to every lower 48 US state, most of Canada, and to and around Alaska all multiple times. So many RV'ers had changed their tune as to CG's when they got smarter. Just giving you some food for thought. Maybe it will save you many many thousands of $$$...
travelnutz 09/02/19 12:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping in the Midwest

Sorry, I meant, Chain O Lakes
travelnutz 09/01/19 03:43pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping in the Midwest

Thom02099, Yes, there are so many other places/states to RV to that are not a day's driving time to get there from Elkhart. We know of many others too but those in the close states and also around in Indiana too. We have been to Brown County State Park several times and also around the area too. Lots to do or do nothing at all and just relax at your campsite. Chain of Lakes SP is another not over an hour from Elkhart south of Albion, IN.
travelnutz 09/01/19 03:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping in the Midwest

We have camped in all 12 months in Michigan and never been cold or without a place to camp. Usually snow on the ground in January but it's usually light fluffy snowfall, not ice or icy. also Been in Tennesee evry winter since 1965 with an RV and froze our but off a few times as it's a wet cold feel and have had ice storms so you'd stay put a couple times already if smart. Especially in eastern Tennessee I-75 when we used to go that way to Florida to visit family. You don't wisely go down to Florida in the summer with it's very humid and sticky sickening heat. Won't forget late December in the Nashville area on I-65 as it was like on greased roads even at 20 mph with inches of freezing sleet and snow on them and was even rutted so you didn't wander or else. Scary as heck!!! We had to overnught in a Mcdonalds truck/RV parking lot and the next day too as they don't really plow the roads like up north where they are kept plowed. Thus, we feel the true season for RV camping is quite bogus as to region stays.
travelnutz 08/31/19 10:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping in the Midwest

ken56, Only an issue getting reservations in the extremely popular Lake Michigan on the Lakeshore CG's like Grand Haven, Holland, Ludington, sometimes in Hoffmaster and Silver Lake State Parks. These CG's are usually booked full within a day or less when you are able to even reserve. Weekends are busier than weekdays like any where else. These Lake Michigan Beach CG's are of course extremely popular as is the area. However there are so many other good CG's near the Big lake in all these areas to also choose from and reservations are not that hard to get unless you wait until the week you leave home to reserve. In 55 years of RV'ing we have only gotten reservations 4 times total and never went without a place the camp yet. We live at Grand Haven and have for over 77 years so we know. You have to remember that there are more than a couple dozen summer festivals in the communities along the lakeshore so of course the CG's would all be full for them for the festival time. Grand Haven U.S. Coast Guard national Festival annually has well more than 350,000 attending during the 10 day long festival so all the couple dozen local regional CG's are packed full for it. Also on the 3 major holidays weekends too. Must be a real reason for having such a high attendance each year for 96 years now!? Usual camping season each year in Michigan is from late April until after Halloween but many CG's are open year around. Even Tahquamenon Falls State Park in the northern Upper Peninsula close to Lake Superior Lower falls CG is always open with kept plowed sites as are the snowmobiles staging parking areas for camping. Electric on all winter long at the open SP CG's. Some State Park CG's in the Lower Peninsula are too. Lots of snowmobilers, skiers, snowshoe, and just regular campers are in the CG's We have so many time in the past too before wife became disabled. Beautiful in the winter and RV's have furnaces, are insulated (some better than others), have fresh water tanks and holding tanks too. That's all it takes and is why RV's even have the liquid tanks! We always used our large 5 gal Thetford Porta Potti as they can be dumped about anywhere in toilets or pit toilets. Don't need to take a 10 minute long shower each in the RV in winter but rather a short shower etc and most tanks will last well over a week or even more. Would be a tad chilly camping in a tent though...
travelnutz 08/31/19 10:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping in the Midwest

51% of Michigan is forested and has several thousand CG's total, The state has more than 100 state parks and more than 11,000 inland lakes not including 4 of the 5 huge clean Great Lakes with over 3200 miles of Great Lake's shoreline and gobs of sugar sand golden beaches and 87,000 miles of rivers and streams in the state. West Michigan is beautiful and so much to do and see. Lots of very large high (up to 450 feet high) public sand dunes with beaches and CG's too in West Michigan. Elkhart is less than 10 miles south of the Nichigan border so it's really close and are so are vast numbers of state, county private owned, etc CG's for you. East side of the state and the west side of the state are apples to oranges diferent. The Upper peninsula is very different form the Lower Peninsula also. Camping, boating, and fishing for so many very big and small good eating fish is a way of life in Michigan. Walleye, laketrout, salmon, great eating mild tasting lake perch, bass, and so many others. So much to do and see in the state that you'll always have new places to camp and explore each long weekend for the rest of your life. Elkhart is 110 miles south of where we live and have for over 77 years on the Lake Michigan shoreline and have RV'd for 55 years so far and we also go down to northern Indiana a few times each year. Elkhart area is where 65-to 70% of all the RV's are made in North America and shipped all over. Indiana is largly a farming state but does have a lot of CG's spread out arond the state. Lots of very nice ones too. Your problem will be not finding a CG you desire but which one as there are so many. By count, there's more for you to chose from than all the CG's in SC, NC, TN, and GA combined and then some. Just our local less than 10 mile semi circle radius area has 12 CG's now and another big one is about ready to start building.
travelnutz 08/30/19 09:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Gulf states and hurricanes?

Yes, Louisiana roads are horrible at best. I great state to NOT have to drive thru on either the Interstates or side roads either. Good luck!
travelnutz 08/26/19 09:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How to make photo digital

Also, the OP may really be looking for a way to print the pics they had taken and thinking they may need to be scanned first rather than be up loaded to a printer and then be printed. Not everyone is puter/digital camera savvy today by far especially the aged. Math was originally done on an abbacus very many centuries ago and even today so many people can't even make change for a dollar or must use a calculator to do so. Thus, s hit in means s hit out and then just blame the calculator!!! BTW, the OP asked about how to make a photo digital! Scan it and save it to a file in a proper file extension so it's readily useable for printing.
travelnutz 08/26/19 05:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to make photo digital

There are still a lt of film cameras around and being used constntly. Yes, roll film is still available and so are developers for negatives. I have 3 roll film 35mm cameras myself. A Nikon, a Cannon, and a Pentax. Also 4 digital cameras. 2 Nikons, a Cannon, and my favorite the Olympus. My Dad had a total professional photo studio when I was a kid for about 12 years but his engineering profession didn't have the extra time available and finally sold the studio. I learned so much from him about photography, developing, and very fine printing. He had several Graflex's for weddings, portraits, etc. Most people today do not understand the real difference between film, negatives, and very long lasting printed photos. They are still in excellent condition 125+ years after they were taken on film, developed, and printed the "old fashioned" way. Today so many digital photo files etc are lost forever as different technology changes, file extensions come and go, electronic storage devices corroupt, compromised, or get wiped off with failures etc and virtually all electronic devices do and will fail over time as we all have experienced already. There goes the digital pic files forever instantly never to be available again. Just a plain flash in the pan for our throw away for about everything culture of today. Yes, the OP may well be a scammer but who are we to judge as a logical question was asked.
travelnutz 08/26/19 05:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to make photo digital

Walgreens etc may need to put them on a CD or DVD or a flash drive stick. Many newer laptops do not have a CD/DVD drive in them anymore. Which ever form of data file storage will work with your puter. Personally, we do have the pic data always on both a DVD and a stick or external hard drive as it gives a backup. Very important as it's a data file and when the stored data on a chip crashes or corrupts you lose the data for ever if not backed up multiply. Something to think about!
travelnutz 08/26/19 12:05am Around the Campfire
RE: How to make photo digital

About any All in One printer will scan it and save to a .JPG file. I personally prefer HP Printers as they do excellent scans. Prices go from a basic All in One Printer at under $40-$50 (even seen them for $30 on sale)all the way for home use to a Pro Printer in the $200. range. Of course, in general, the better level the printer is, the higher quality the scan and printed pics will be. I have 7 All in One HP Printers for various uses and projects. The basic All in One we take along when RV'ing as they are smaller and lighter but still give very decent color scans and printed pictures on just plain white paper stock (the whiter the paper is the better the printed pic will be) to our 3 Pro Printers we use to make presentation inkjet books, booklets, and pamphlets for various projects. Wife and I have made hundreds of 100+ page comb bound books projects. Like area Class Reunions etc various projects for the last over 20 years, all were for non-profit as we are long retired and just volunteer. Why? Because we can! The Pro Printers will do many other functions besides very high quality life like pictures and automatic 2 sided printing and collating pages in sequense ready to bind automatically. Something you might not need but it's very cool. Most printers will also be able to print on Photo Paper for even better printed pics. You have to decide which level All in One Printer meets your needs and wants.
travelnutz 08/25/19 11:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Duramax value

Just looked up on KBB the "Private Party" value of our 2004.5 Chevy 2500HD 6.6 Duramax/Allison crew cab LB 4X4 truck we had ordered and purchased with cash in March of 2004 and the value is $19,840 to $21,600. Truck is clean, bright shiny paint, no rust at all, mechanically in excellent condition, and the interior shows virtually no wear. GCWR of 22,000lbs so plenty capable for us. We paid $36,002 OTD total cash (NO TRADE) for it in March 2004 including the 6% state sales tax, delivery charge, title and registration, the full length extruded aluminum running boards (NOT TUBE BARS), the sprayed in entire bed liner all the way up and over the top of the side walls. Truely in excellent condition and everything works just like when it was new. Yes, they sure do hold their value!!! Ours is 15 years and 5 months old now and has only been used for RV'ing since new as that is what it was purchased for. It's been a great truck and "NO", we are not going to sell it... Why should we as it does and always has done everything we wanted it to do and still looks new inside and out and has NO exhaust garbage so the MPG's are very good?
travelnutz 08/18/19 03:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upper Peninsula

It would take you months of daily travel around the U.P. just to see most of the major attractions and venues it has to offer. Yes, there is so much to see and do up there and so few residents but plenty of tourists/vacationers, RV'ers, campers, fishing and sporting people, and families. The U.P. size is approx 350 X 160 miles in physical size and only has around a mere 300,000 population. The roads are good also and the towns are well stocked and have lots of restaurants, grocery stores, and fuel stations all over. Hundreds of CG's so not a problem either. We'll be up there form the last week of Sept and usually the first 2 weeks of Oct for the 58th year.
travelnutz 08/18/19 02:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ocala National Forest RV campgrounds and Jeep Trails

Salt Springs can handle a 40' MH well and have FHU. It's more like a big feild of site rows with having some trees but not that many. Juniper Springs is a much nicer pleasant and prettier well forested really nice CG but as said not FHU or any HU's at all but has a good Bathhouse centrally located. Has a dump station just outside the 2 loop entrances with potable water also. Roads are all paved as are the sites for an RV and vehicle. Most all use their blue lagoon to empty their holding tanks as it just a short distance to the dump sataion t pull them behind a vehicle on the paved roads. However, many of the sites may be a real squeeze for a 40'er with a toad. We stayed a month or so for 4 years at Juniper Springs CG and loved it. Just recharge your batteries each day with a QUIET generator but can't be run at night. Having adequate solar will sure help but doesn't recharge much if cloudy and zero charge at nightime. A QUIET around 2000 watt generator is more than adequate and some were using 1000 watt Honda's to recharge their batteries and it worked fine for them. Last time we were to Alexander Springs (about 6 years ago) the roads to get there were long, gravel and dirt, and quite dusty, and not very smooth at all. Don't know if they have paved them since. No Hookups like at Juniper. I assume the Ocala NF still has much of it restricted as it's used for a practice bombing range. They can be very loud and shakes the RV's in the CG's as they are not many miles south of highway 40 east of Ocala. Never had them bomb at night.
travelnutz 08/15/19 10:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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