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RE: Outside Plugs

Wrong answer....An internet search reveals that the ground pin should be up.... That's really a commercial code requirement and has nothing to do with strain on the cord. It's so nothing can fall across the hot and neutral blades of the plug. Been there, done that with a steel tape measure. For whatever reason residential receptacles don't have that requirement and are installed with the ground pins down. With regard to the original post, and as others have said, my guess is that the horizontal arrangement has to do with manufacturing convenience than anything else. Mine has a standard 15 amp receptacle, mounted sideways, with standard spring-loaded flip-up type covers. It wouldn't matter which way it was installed from a weather protection perspective. I don't see how it would add extra strain to the plug or cord.
turbojimmy 09/27/19 03:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pioneer radio installt

I don't know the answer, but what does that have to do with installing a Pioneer radio? Anyway, backup light wiring is going to be manufacturer-specific. If you post the year and make of the chassis you have a better shot of getting an answer. That being said, the backup lights on my Chevy-based Allegro have never worked. I'd like them to, but never really investigated. It's pretty far down on the to-do list.
turbojimmy 09/19/19 01:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Full timers warning

Don't believe that story for a second. The IRS doesn't make phone calls asking for information.This is an absolute FACT. The IRS only initiates communications via Certified US mail or in person if you don't answer numerous mail requests. They don't phone you and don't contact you via E-mail. It sure wasn't the IRS. ^this As someone who unfortunately has had a lot of contact with the IRS, I can tell you they have never called or e-mailed me once. Everything is in writing via snail mail.
turbojimmy 09/02/19 12:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Keeping mice out what do you do?

Another alternative is to go camping more! It's hard for mice to hitch a ride when the camper is moving! Yes - I've found starting and running the engine and generator more regularly keeps them away.
turbojimmy 08/26/19 12:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Keeping mice out what do you do?

I use fresh cab. It works, but you have to keep it fresh (replace it every 30 days). I've tried D-Con and the like, but have found dead mice around the property. I don't want the fox eating poisoned mouse carcasses so I don't use it anymore.
turbojimmy 08/26/19 12:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan 5500 fuel pump not priming

I had a similar problem with my '84. Fuel pump would prime, generator would run for a while, fuel pump would start to clatter (as it ran out of fuel). Run times varied - it was frustrating. Turns out it was a loose hose clamp at the fuel pickup at the tank. A dry rotted line would behave the same way. Disconnect the fuel line and run it right from a gas can. If it runs without any trouble, there's your answer.
turbojimmy 08/18/19 05:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Camping on my lot against zoning law

Zoning laws are specific to towns and cities. The only way to get a sure answer is to check with your local officials. It sounds like you suspect what you're doing is against zoning laws. If it were me, I'd see if I could get the camper out of sight to whatever extent possible and not draw attention to yourself. If/when you're contacted by the authorities, deal with it then.
turbojimmy 08/18/19 05:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1976 Dodge Sportsman Motorhome

I can't figure out how to post or upload pics. Yeah this forum is kind of special in that regard. See here:
turbojimmy 07/12/19 01:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1976 Dodge Sportsman Motorhome

That was our first motorhome when I was a kid. Fond memories. Pics would be cool.
turbojimmy 07/12/19 12:07pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Air conditioner shroud

Both mine are brittle and cracked. Eternabond tape has held them together for years without any issues.
turbojimmy 07/10/19 09:20am Tech Issues
RE: Water leak through Air Conditioner...

If you had been running the a/c I'd guess a clogged drain tube at the catch pan. But if you haven't been running the a/c, the leak is probably elsewhere and finding its way to the opening for the a/c. You can try snugging down the bolts that hold the a/c to the roof but even if they're loose the weight of the a/c usually keeps the gasket compressed enough to prevent leaks.
turbojimmy 05/13/19 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: More Dometic RM2652 ???

Google your fridge model along with "amish" and you'll get some hits on good, replacement cooling units. I don't know if there are core charges on rebuilt ones. I bought mine from eBay. The seller was someone that liquidated the inventory of failed businesses (in this case an RV repair shop). He knew nothing about the cooling unit but I did so I got it cheap. I see no reason to involve a dealer who is just going to mark up the cost of the cooling unit. If you can't or don't want to install it yourself you can get the cooling unit shipped to you cheaper than the dealer and find someone to install it. It's a tedious job but not terribly difficult. There are lots of videos out there. I did mine in a few hours and popped it back in. It's worked great ever since (going on 5 years now). EDIT: I googled it for you :)
turbojimmy 05/07/19 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Critters - Just a Rant

That stinks, but hey you got nice new floor! 3 words. Get a cat! Thanks! That's the nice new floor I had to tear up to get at the access hole and now have to re-install :( I have to admit that it does come up easy - gotta love snap-together laminate flooring. What kills me is that there's a decent-sized feral cat population around here as well as foxes that live on my property. The squirrels have them outnumbered like 100 to 1, though.
turbojimmy 05/06/19 02:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Critters - Just a Rant

So here's the results of the squirrel infestation. They were indeed nesting in between the top of the gas tank and the floor. They chewed up the air pump wiring harness (9 conductor cable), the air supply line for the Jet Ride system, the air supply line for my air horns and air pressure gauge, the gas line for the engine, generator and a vent line. I had to tear up the floors and reopen an access hole I had cut into the floor 5 years ago. Believe it or not, it's much easier than dropping the tank.
turbojimmy 05/06/19 01:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: What will be your towing powerplant in 10-15 years ?

10-15 years? Internal combustion engines aren't going anywhere. The oil industry is too big and the longevity of electric cars (both in terms of the vehicles themselves and the business model) is yet to be proven. I predict in 10 years I'll be driving something that runs on gasoline just like I have now, albeit perhaps a bit more fuel efficient.
turbojimmy 05/03/19 04:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2013 F-150 5.0 running rough

UUGGHHH... The dark negative thoughts in the back of your mind that you repress, hoping they don't come true.....came true. Took truck into the dealership. Have a misfire on #4 & #7 with 8% low compression on cyl #7. They are recommending replacing the motor to a tune of almost $11K. That ain't gonna happen. So... #1 go to independent and have them replace with crate engine or one from a junk yard and just keep chugging along hoping that the problem won't reappear again in 125K miles #2, take to independent and have them do a valve job, hoping that's the only source of the low compression and it will solve the issue. If anyone knows a reputable mechanic in the Ft Worth Texas area, I'm all ears. #3 trade it off I don't really see a good way of getting out from under this problem best case for under about 5K, the truck is paid off. Should I take whatever equity I have, plus the money to fix the repairs and get something new? The local Ram dealership has some smoking hot deals on the remaining '18's 2500's & 3500's Fire away An 8% variation on cyl 7? Without further diagnosis I am not sure that is enough to through the engine out yet. Yeah an 8% variation isn't enough to worry about. 10% is a good rule of thumb but I've seen worse variations in good running engines. My money is still on fuel delivery. Just sayin...
turbojimmy 05/01/19 03:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Running the generator while driving

Tried running both the house AC off the generator and the AC truck at the same time. After about an hour the truck battery trouble light came on and stayed that way until I turned off the house AC and turned off the house generator. Trouble light immediately went off. Any ideas?? That's odd - they're isolated systems, or should be anyway. All I can figure is that the trouble light might have been due to too much voltage rather than low battery. Might have been charging from the house and the truck alternator (a properly functioning isolator Would prevent this). Just a wild guess tho.
turbojimmy 04/30/19 01:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Running the generator while driving

I know this is a redundant reply but yes - I do it all the time without issue. It's made to be run while in motion - or at any time for that matter. Perfect! Thanks! I should have mentioned that my rig is "vintage" and does not have dash A/C, so running the generator is a must while traveling in the summer. It also has 30A service, so the only way to run both A/Cs is with the generator. Even with all the glass in the cab, with both A/Cs running it gets COLD in there.
turbojimmy 04/29/19 12:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: Running the generator while driving

I know this is a redundant reply but yes - I do it all the time without issue. It's made to be run while in motion - or at any time for that matter.
turbojimmy 04/29/19 11:44am Beginning RVing
RE: 2013 F-150 5.0 running rough

My money is on a bad fuel injector. I had the same problem on my Avalanche. I replaced the coil pack, wires and plug. Still misfired. On the Chevy 5.3, misfires on the back cylinders are notorious because sediment in the fuel rail plugs the injectors. I put a new injector in it and it ran like a new truck - misfire code cleared on its own. EDIT: I realize this is not a Chevy, but the same sediment issue could occur.
turbojimmy 04/28/19 01:26pm Tow Vehicles
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