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RE: Are truck/trailer rims a weak link?

There's plenty of stuff I spend time worrying about. This isn't it. The wheels are much stronger than the tires around them.
twodownzero 09/17/20 08:48pm Towing
RE: TT Tire Recommendation

Goodyears or use truck tires that are made in USA. My choice is Goodyears.
twodownzero 08/20/20 08:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: 5th wheel hitch

An online search suggests this trailer weighs 9700 pounds, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what hitch you use for that.
twodownzero 08/18/20 12:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I need to find 6V batteries

Sams Club and Costco both carry GC2 AGM batteries ... Sams has the Duracell label made by East Penn DEKA ... Costco different label, same battery. Costco is Interstate, NOT the same. Interstate are now made in Mexico and are NOT what they used to be. Anything made by East Penn is top quality. Deka is one label and many others. East Penn batteries are trash. There are essentially three manufacturers of batteries: Exide, Johnson Controls, and East Penn. I've had the best luck with Johnson Controls batteries. Brand names are meaningless. Look at the shape of the battery case, not the colors or stickers. Interstate batteries are Johnson Controls.
twodownzero 06/08/20 08:00am Tech Issues
RE: 25ft Toy Hauler Suggestions

A 23 foot toy hauler is generally the smallest size. They all have the same basic configuration with the bathroom and kitchen in front and the garage behind that which is really just a large open area. Beds can be bunks above the door, the dinnette, or both. They're regularly available for $5k on Craigslist.
twodownzero 04/03/20 01:43pm Toy Haulers
RE: tow vehicle advice

You truck is rated for 13,000 pounds or less. Ignore the people that tell you everything will be fine. You need a newer truck or an older F-450. Personally I would not put a 15k bumper pull trailer behind single wheel 3/4 ton truck. I would look for at least a 3500 DRW truck and buy a Hensley Hitch. My Ford 2014, F350 srw Platinum is rated for 14,000 range conventional towing,as are most all cc sb 4wd srw of its era. The very newest, usually in hard to find configurations get max tow ratings over 15,000. Yes, if you order a new srw 350/3500 2020 truck you can get 1 that has 20,000lb max conventional tow ratings. My 2014 F350 2.5" hitch is rated for 1850lb tw and 18,000 tow. I try not to go over that tw rating, but sometimes slightly, always keeping under max awr... if the trailer is loaded correctly it tows great. Needs max tw or more to tow good. With these big 3 axle tag TH, TW is everything... Can't stress that enough, don't be scared of huge tw numbers as long as your truck can handle them. If it can't you'll need a new truck.... Also, the Hensley hitch recommend is rated to 14,000lbs max. and goes for $2000+ I just got a new WD anti sway Anderson hitch $650.00 that has a 20,000lb ball, 16,000lb tow, 2000TW. It just uses chains, no heavy bars, no sway bar. It controls sway better than any hitch I've ever used and tows the best I've ever used on a big TH. My last hitch was a husky 14,000 with bars and a sway bar. It worked ok, but not nearly as easy to use as the Anderson. Nor did it tow as well, and it could not control sway well when tw was not enough... The Anderson is a more forgiving in loading/tw... As suggested above, a drw will tow a big 3 axle much better for sure, but a newer srw 350 tows fine and optioned out correctly is not over its ratings. But get a newer drw if you can justify owning a more or less $50,000+ single purpose truck thats not really at home in urban daily driving... Been shopping for a new truck before this cv19 hit. Saw a beautiful drw F350 limited for $101,000 at my dealership... Who would have thought trucks could cost over a 100grand... jmo The only rating that usually matters on an SRW truck is GVWR. GCWR or "tow rating" are illusory as you'll never load the truck carefully enough to get near that without busting something else.
twodownzero 04/02/20 07:44am Toy Haulers
RE: trailer lift kit

I think you should be much more concerned that the manufacturer's claims of "1/2 ton tow-able" are nonsense and that you likely lack sufficient payload to pull any 5th wheel that big with your truck, especially if it has a 4 door cab, 4wd, and you plan on having passengers in the cab with. He’s not towing it with a half ton, just looking at “ half ton towable” models. OP has a Ram 2500 which is plenty of truck. I looked up the published weights on their website, and my common sense determined that to be a lie.
twodownzero 03/25/20 09:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Found my replacement engine!

Not to mention a twisted driveline or rear end scattered all over the road. If that's the case, my Ram is screwed. The Cummins has over 600 lb ft of torque AND it has a 6.29:1 first gear. No rear end would have a chcance.
twodownzero 03/22/20 02:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The danger of self-isolating from COVID-19 on public lands

Wish I had enough time at work to join them in Moab. Unlike many others, I have to go to work.
twodownzero 03/22/20 12:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: trailer lift kit

Many people raise their campers by "flipping the axles" to get the height they need. I've considered doing it myself but my trailer is high enough as it is. I did lower my pickup a little bit and that helped kinda split the baby and I left it alone after that. I think you should be much more concerned that the manufacturer's claims of "1/2 ton tow-able" are nonsense and that you likely lack sufficient payload to pull any 5th wheel that big with your truck, especially if it has a 4 door cab, 4wd, and you plan on having passengers in the cab with you. Larger rims are not going to raise the trailer at all unless they are combined with taller tires. Taller tires will likely not fit because the axle spacing is such that the taller tires will be too close to each other and could even touch when the suspension cycles. If taller tires were the solution, people wouldn't be making drastic suspension modifications to get the height they need.
twodownzero 03/22/20 12:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

Not to make light of the corona virus as I am sure more will die from it but.....this is for the United States in 2017 Number of deaths for leading causes of death: Heart disease: 647,457 Cancer: 599,108 Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936 Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201 Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383 Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404 Diabetes: 83,564 Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672 Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633 Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173 coronavirus: 298 so far So...try to stay away from crowds....but don,t panic...imo None of those have the ability to tank the economy like Covid-19 already has....none of those stand to tax the health care system to the max and overwhelm things to the point where health care professional will have to make a decision on who lives and who dies . People may not only loose their lives but the economic impact will also lose people their jobs, homes, savings, retirement savings, cars, trucks, rv' name it. Seems many folks are just too narrow minded and selfish to take it serious enough...........let's see you post again in 3 to 6 months and see if you've changed your attitude and perspective on things. The economic impact has already destroyed enough value that it is inevitable that people are going to lose their homes, commit suicide, and maybe not even have enough to eat here real soon. Just wait until you see the headlines tomorrow. Even if the virus is as bad as people say, the economic consequences are going to be dire.
twodownzero 03/22/20 10:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Truck overheating towing on long steep grades.

I would clean the outside of your radiator and start there. It may be all you need.
twodownzero 03/22/20 10:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel hitch lift

Not everyone has access to a hoist or cherry picker and any lifting equipment Anyone with a 5th wheel already has a lfting devcice....the 5vr front landing gear I pull the pins on hith bedrails...raise the front landing gear lifting the hitch up via king pin high enough to clear truck bed then drive out from underneath it. Repeat in reverse and set hitch back down onto bedrails... Hitch hangs from king pin w/o issue. This
twodownzero 03/22/20 10:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How did you you mount your CB antenna on your aluminum F150?

CB Antenna mount A fender mount like this is probably about as good as it gets. I took my CB antennas off years ago and replaced them with a 2 meter ham radio, but if I was going to run a CB again, I'd do this. Also, consider using an NMO mount in some of these fender brackets, because there are some lighter/lower wind load type antennas that work great for CB with an NMO. Some of them are super cheap. The one I'm using on my truck for 2 meters is $18 on Amazon and has been working perfectly for about 8 years.
twodownzero 03/16/20 07:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Thoughts on the 'need' factor of a main line surge protector

Folks who have them, have already convinced themselves that you must get one. Meanwhile, by my estimate the other 90% if us are getting along just fine without one. Put me in that category. This isn't something I've ever considered in nearly 30 years of RVing.
twodownzero 03/04/20 03:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: tow vehicle advice

What law prohibits you from pulling that trailer? This might be one of the rare instances where a 3/4 ton truck will handle a large trailer just fine.
twodownzero 03/04/20 03:36pm Toy Haulers
RE: Superduty Death Wobble

If manufacturers are going to continue to make solid axle trucks, which of course they should, the balljoints need to go away. Kingpin trucks do it, too, but it's much easier to freshen everything up. It took me forever to replace my balljoints and I hope I never have to do that job again.
twodownzero 03/04/20 09:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Any problems with Goodyear Endurance tires?

I have had nothing but great results from mine, they don't even seem to lose air when sitting for months at a time.
twodownzero 02/21/20 08:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Over weight? Does it bother you?

I run by DOT and axle weights is all I care about. I run at or over my "sticker GVWR" all the time, and have for decades now. I'm 1,000lbs under Ford's rating on my rear axle and 3,000lbs under the manufactures rating when fully loaded. Heck just my 4 rear tires are rated for over 12,000lbs combined. I still have 900lbs left on my front axle weight too. Red could care less about the 4,500lbs on her back, drops her 1.5 inches and still has a "rake". She is a pleasure to drive loaded, ride and handling is solid and predictable. I don't know whose "DOT" rules you're talking about, but they probably don't apply to your vehicle. Your truck is overloaded and you're trying to justify it, but if any rating is exceeded, you're overloaded.
twodownzero 02/21/20 08:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Flat Towing Lincoln Navigator with Driveshaft Disconnect

I think trading in for another Navigator with the 2-speed transfer case, will be FAR easier than trying to do the driveline disconnect. The problem with relying on 2WD with the disconnect, is you can't ensure the front hubs are actually freewheeling when you flat tow, unlike the 2-speed T-case which has a flat-tow mode. If the front hubs spin the transfer case, it might not lubricate properly since the rear output gears are likely what slings the oil around. FWIW - older F150s had a Neutral Tow Kit you would install to prevent the front hubs from engaging. You could probably add this to your rig if you are set on doing the driveline disconnect. But you won't may not have a matching knockout panel to install the switch into. There are no Lincoln Navigators with "freewheeling" front hubs, so if that is your concern, then you might as well not worry about that.
twodownzero 02/21/20 07:59am Dinghy Towing
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